A Thousand Kisses


His hand gripped my cock tightly. There was a slight element of pain there, but this was countered quickly with pleasure. When he held me this way my knees felt like they had gone liquid. I was powerless when he held me this way but, honestly, I was powerless whenever I was around him. I gave myself to him fully.I would have had trouble standing had I not been lashed to the cross, my arms and legs akimbo. The leather cuffs held me fast to the wooden cross. He moved his hand from my cock back to my nipples, pinching them firmly. My cock jumped each time he squeezed on them. Making my body move always made him smile. I was his puppet, his puppy, his plaything.He went to his tool chest and returns with what looks like a flat piece of leather covered in tiny silver spikes. It bends in his hands. He wraps it around my erection and a hundred tiny stings bite into my flesh from the purple head all the way down to the freshly shaved root. I began to shrink from the pain but he was having none of that. He began pinching my nipples again, causing me to swell and bring fresh hell to my cock; a confusing mixture of pleasure and pain.He grabbed my chin, lifting it, and locked his eyes with mine. “Giving Ümraniye Escort you pain brings me pleasure,” he said, a wry smile on his face. “Understood?””Yes, Sir,” I managed to squeak out. I felt a fresh wave of pain shoot through me as I got harder. He leaned into me, kissing me. I felt his tongue push into my mouth, the growth of stubble on his chin rubbing against mine. He kissed me roughly, deeply. I felt like I was going to combust, he’s sending out waves of heat just as my own internal furnace is stoked by his passion. Two years ago I never could have seen myself being in such an awkward position, especially with a man. I had never even contemplated what it would have been like to be with another man, much less to be his sexual submissive. But that was before I met Frank.I was dating a woman, Julie, and she gingerly introduced me to Frank after a few months of dates. Frank was her ex but he was still a big part of her life. I could instantly see why. He was the most charismatic person I’d ever met. He was charming, well-spoken, and anyone’s idea of handsome with his killer smile and dark good looks. Though I should have been threatened by him — still Ümraniye Escort Bayan being such a presence in my girlfriend’s life — it was she that should have been on the look out.What I initially thought of as a gesture of friendship, Frank taking me out to a concert, could be seen now as our first date. Frank wowed me, and then he wooed me. Before I knew it, I was spending nearly every free hour with him. Our friendship was different than anything I’d ever had with another guy but I couldn’t say why. I just knew I was a bit obsessed with him and didn’t care a whit.Frank was seductive but he didn’t seduce me. Instead, I was the one to make the first move that would change our relationship forever. It was a summer camping trip last summer, a year after Frank and I first met, after we came back from a swim. Frank and I were changing from our wet swimsuits in the little trailer at our campsite. I caught a glimpse of him in his full naked glory. I don’t know what possessed me; I’d never done anything like it before, but I moved closer to him as he was drying his back. I laid my hands on his shoulders, feeling the cold dampness over the warmth of Escort Ümraniye his body. His smooth skin was of a different texture than any woman I had been with.I don’t know what kind of reaction I was expecting. Luckily, Frank gave me just the reaction I needed. He turned his head and smiled, as if he had been expecting this for quite some time. Throwing his towel down on his bunk, he turned fully, allowing me to see his sculpted chest, well-muscled legs, and quickly-hardening cock. I put my hand on his sex and was reminded of when I had accidentally touched an electric fence when I was a kid. I was paralyzed while electricity flowed through me. It felt like time stopped.Frank didn’t say a word. He let me make my own decisions. This was something I wanted on some level — one that I had refused to acknowledge. As if it were second nature, I knelt before him and began kissing his cock, feeling the heat and hardness of it that strangely contrasted the inherent softness of his skin. He smelled like the lake; a raw earthy scent. I can never smell fresh water without being taken back to that day and feeling Frank’ s cock moving between my lips.Though I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, I tried to imitate the girls that had blown me as I now did the same to Frank. The appeal of sucking his cock was immediate; he reacted with each touch of my tongue. His breathing changed and his cock twitched as I wrapped my lips around him. I just took his head in my mouth at first. I loved the velvety softness of it.

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