A to Z and In Between Ch. 02


Alex, Zane and I had been “dating” for a couple months now; everything was really going great between us. Alex and I had also been discussing letting Zane move into one of our spare rooms, he’d been staying over most nights anyway. Besides his one bedroom apartment was on the other side of town and he was paying a lot more for the place than it was worth.

I left work early today completely bummed out; one of my favorite, used to be local, then went big but didn’t last, bands was playing at a club downtown tonight. By the time I found out about it tickets were already sold out. I’d been listening to the local rock station for the past week straight trying to win tickets; Yeah, right. The DJ gave away the last pair less than an hour ago. So I finished up what I was working on and left for the weekend. Alex had to leave this morning on a business trip so I’d planned on spending the whole weekend alone, wallowing in self pity, when my cell phone rang. I glanced down and the screen said “Zane”; smiling, I flipped it open.


“Hey Honey, what are you doing?”

“Driving” I said flatly.

“You sound down, what’s the matter Hun?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing really, just feeling a little disappointed.”

“Is it because Alex is out of town? I told you that I’d stay over to keep you company.”

“Well, yeah that’s part of what’s got me down, and Hullabaloo is playing at the Pit tonight and I can’t go see them.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“They’ve been sold out since the tickets went on sale. I’ve tried winning tickets, but that didn’t work out either.”

“Come by my place on your way home, maybe I can make you feel better.”

I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Yeah, OK, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“Don’t sound so thrilled Honey, damn.”

“I’m sorry Zane, I’m being petty.”

“S’okay, see you in a few.”

I hung up the phone and made my way to Zane’s apartment. If he was planning on having sex with me to make me feel better, it was so not going to work.

Pulling up at Zane’s place, his almost cute downstairs neighbor was outside. Two weeks ago she’s come up and asked us to come to her birthday party, that night. We had some time to kill so we went. I felt so sorry for the kid, myself, Zane and Alex were the only ones there; her mom was a drunk who was never home, her dad, she said had left about six years ago. Thea was a senior in High School, blonde hair, blue eyes, a little too pale, but she was the kind of girl most people never really notice. At 18 years old she didn’t have the curves most 16 year olds have. Her hair was about mid-back, and straight, very blonde, but also plain, no highlights, just a solid pale blonde. With a little help, it could look like spun gold and pure silk. On her face, she wore a pair of really thick framed glasses that would have been more at home on the face of an old man; her clothes all looked borrowed, nothing fit her.

The night of her eskort görükle party I’d asked her what her plans for after graduation were. She stared at me like I’d grown a second head. A couple days later I talked to my boss and Monday morning I would start training Thea as my personal assistant. Thea was running up to me as I walked up the walkway.

“Honey, thank you so much for getting me this job.”

I smiled, “Wait till you’ve been there a couple weeks; I should be thanking you, you’ll be taking a great deal of stress off my shoulders.”

“Are you going up to see Zane?” she asked.

‘Why else would I be here?’ I though, but said, “Yeah.”

“Wow, he is so cute! Honey, I wish I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend like that, I mean, you’ve got Alex, and he’s great, but Zane is so adorable.”

“You’re young kid; you’ll find a great guy.”

Thea blushed, “I know, but how can I get a guy like that to notice me?”

I laughed a little, “We’ll work on that another day, I’ve gotta get going okay?”

“Sure, see you later” she said.

Halfway up the stairs Zane opened the door, “You better hurry up girl, we’re gonna be late.” He said.

“Late for what?” I asked, hurrying up the stairs. I stepped through the door and I didn’t see him. “Zane?” I called; no answer. I tried again, walking further into the apartment, “Zane?”

All of the sudden the door slammed behind me; I spun around but I was too late, Zane caught me, wrapping his arms around me, pressing his mouth to mine.

I put my hands on his nice, firm chest and pushed a little.

“Zane, I didn’t come over here for sex. It won’t cheer me up today, sorry.”

“OK, fine, but I have a big surprise for you, and it’s somewhere on my body,” he wriggled his eyebrows at me, “Guess you’ll have to give me a thorough inspection.”

“Damnit Zane, I just told you, I do not want to have sex right now, and FYI, it is not that big.”

“Well Honey, thanks for ruining my surprise, cutting me down, and being a real bitch.” Zane lifted his shirt and pulled an envelope off his chest that had been taped there.

“Honey, I worked my fucking ass off to get you something I knew you’d love and I wanted nothing more than to surprise you this weekend.” He threw the envelope at me, and stormed past me to his bedroom. I stood there for a minute feeling stupid, twirling the envelope before opening it; inside were two tickets with backstage passes to the concert, for tonight. OK, not stupid, now I feel like a complete fucking idiot. I set my purse on the table and walked into Zane’s room holding the tickets. Zane was laying on the bed looking at the ceiling with a big wrapped box on his rock hard tummy.

“Zane, look, I’m really sorry.” I sat on the bed, “I was in a bad mood and I took it out on you, and I am so sorry.”

He didn’t say anything, or look at me.

“I understand if you don’t want to take me to the concert.” I reached over to kestel escort lay the tickets on the box; he grabbed my hand.

“There isn’t anyone I’d rather go with Honey; you and Alex have been so good to me. I wanted to do something really nice for you. Not to mention it would be like a first real date for us, just you and me.”

I moved the box off of him and leaned in to hug him, “So you wanna come with me to my house so I can take a shower and get dressed? I’ll buy dinner?”

Zane picked up the box and handed it to me, “I got you another gift,” he smiled, “Go on, open it Honey.”

I tore into that package like a kid on Christmas morning. Inside was a black leather skirt that flared at the bottom, a sheer black and silver blouse with a spider web design on it, black lace bra and matching thong underwear; underneath the clothes were a lace up pair of mid-thigh high soft leather, almost suede feeling boots, they had only a two inch clunky heel.

“Oh, Zane! It’s simply perfect! But, how did you know all my sizes?” I asked.

“Honey, you sleep very soundly.” He laughed.

I set everything back in the box and climbed over to him and gave him a very hard, deep kiss.

“MMMM Honey, go take a shower, fix your hair, wait on your make up so we can have dinner okay?”

I climbed off of him and went to the bathroom, leaving the box on the bed.

In the shower I washed my long curly brown hair, put conditioner in it, and started shaving my legs. Just as I finished shaving I put my head under the spray to get out all the conditioner, I heard the door open and Zane pad barefoot into the room.

“Is dinner ready so soon?” I asked.

“Uhm, no, it’s gonna be about 45 minutes.”

“You ordered take out didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, and I done it all by myself.” Zane beamed proudly.

“So what have you got planned for the next 44 minutes, Oh Great One.” I asked mockingly.

“Ha, ha, you’re so funny, actually I was thinking since you’re in such a good mood now, that maybe I could join you in the shower and make passionate love to you.”

I stood there looking at him like I was really thinking hard about it. “Only 43 minutes?” I asked.


“Then you better get in here and make it a quickie.”

“What e’er m’lady wishes.” Zane said bowing, then stepping into the shower behind me.

I leaned back into him, he nibbled along my neck, squeezing my breasts between his hands; pressing his erection between the globes of my ass, sliding it up and down, letting me know he was happy to be there. Zane spun us around pushing my shoulders down, bending me at my waist, holding my hips tightly he buried himself quickly and a little painfully into my pussy. After just a couple teasing stokes he started running his thumb over my asshole, pushing into it softly, until he was pumping his thumb in and out at the same speed as his cock. I was getting close to cumming when Zane bursa sınırsız escort pulled out, repositioning himself, he was going to fuck me in the ass.

“Be gentle Zane.”

“Why,” he smirked, “it’s not that big, remember?”

I knew he was going to make me eat those words; he didn’t though, he slid himself slowly inch by inch, until I was begging him for more. Gripping my hips tighter he pulled me back as hard as he could on the last couple inches of cock. It hurt so good, I was seeing stars but I needed to be fucked hard. After giving me a few seconds to get used to the feeling of him being inside my ass, Zane started pumping with slow, lazy strokes, increasing the pace every couple of strokes until he was slamming into me and all I could do was brace my hands against the wall and make a whimpering, grunting sound. Zane pulled out leaving me feeling so empty inside; he turned me around, I put my feet on either side of the tub and with his forearms under my knees he lifted me the last couple of inches to make this position comfortable for both of us. He shoved himself back into my pussy making my whole body convulse. I moaned loudly, “MMM, Zane, yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me!”

My feet were swinging, my heels banging into the walls with each thrust. We were really getting into it when the neighbor started banging on the wall screaming at us.

“Hey, hey, you two kids knock it off over there, you hear me? The suns still up for cripes sake!”

I looked at Zane and smiled, hitting the wall a little harder with my feet, raising my voice to almost a yell, “Oh God baby, fuck my pussy, oh yeah, harder, harder, fuck my pussy with your big dick, MMM HMMM give it to me daddy!”

Zane pulled out and shifted my hips forward getting more of his body underneath me; I felt his cock-head pushing at my asshole again.

“Oh God yes, shove that big dick up my ass daddy, fuck me hard with your big, fat, fuck stick!” I screamed.

Zane was pumping wildly and then, one last thrust and we came together. I don’t know if it was the neighbor listening or the talk, but Zane came so much it was already running out of me in a thick stream before he pulled out. I too had cum really hard, for the second time in my life I had actually ejaculated, spraying cum onto Zane’s chiseled stomach..

We got ourselves cleaned up and I was putting gel in my hair when there was a knock at the door.

“Must be the food, hurry up Honey.”

“Or it might be the cops!” I called back to him, but within the space of a few minutes the smell of honey-glazed chicken was calling to me. I didn’t even both getting dressed; I walked out into the living room buck naked to get some food. I was almost to the coffee table when Zane and the delivery guy came out of the kitchen. “Fuck!” I thought, but I’d already been seen, so I just sat down on the couch and started digging through the bags. The delivery guy finally left and Zane sat down next to me.

“Embarrassed?” he asked.

“Totally.” I said.

Neither of us said anything else, we just ate. When we were finally done, Zane suggested that I go get dressed, the show would be starting in a couple of hours and if we wanted to sit down we were going to need to leave, soon.

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