A Tradition of Incest


Tears streaked Jackie’s face as she watched, Erin, the girl she loved, drive away after Jackie’s mother had confronted them over Erin’s colour. Jackie slumped against the wall visualising the first time she had met Erin.

She had been sat huddled on the beach, her knees drawn up to her chin. Jackie was cold and as she watched her boyfriend surf the mid winter waves at Bells Beach, she noticed a woman, she guessed in her early twenties, fight her way out of the surf, she held what was left of her surfboard under her arm, it had snapped in two. Jackie watched as the coloured girl slowly made her way up the beach, she was wet and windblown, but that just seemed to enhance her savage beauty, her muscular body looked like a fine artist had sculpted it from steel. The woman threw her broken board down in disgust and she fell to her knees onto her towel not six feet away from Jackie.

“Fuck!” Jackie heard the woman say. Jackie smiled and called, “I can see it has been a very bad day.”

The woman stared at Jackie, Jackie smiled but the woman’s expressionless stare soon unnerved her. Although Jackie was transfix, and could not drag her eyes away from the woman’s penetrating gaze, she felt immature and at eighteen very young and vulnerable in comparison to the Amazon who was now staring at her.

The woman gracefully sprang to her feet and walked towards Jackie, she knelt down facing Jackie, her knees resting on Jackie’s toes. She leant forward folding her arms on top of Jackie’s knees and rested her chin on her arms. Jackie inwardly recoiled, the woman’s lips were close enough to kiss her but the woman’s deep brown eyes seemed to be hypnotic and Jackie, sat immobilised, just gazing into their depths.

The woman sensuously whispered, “I am Erin and you are?”

Nervously she had replied, “Jackie”.

Erin smiled and said, “Well Jackie I am going to take you as my lesbian lover, I am going to use you as my fuck buddy!”

Jackie gasped, she wanted to tell Erin to “Get Fucked!” but she could not say the words. She sat looking into Erin’s eyes, she knew she was staring at a life of lesbian sex, but still the words simply would not come. Jackie jumped as she felt Erin’s hand gliding down the inside of her thigh and as Erin gently stroked her vagina through her jeans Jackie realised that it was actually an incredible turn on.

Erin smiled at Jackie, as she stroked her vagina and said, “Finger your cunt for me, stick your fucking fingers inside your knickers and bring yourself off!” Although Jackie’s mind was screaming ‘No’, her libido was directing her hand towards her waist, under her jeans, under the elastic of her knickers and past her pubic hair landing strip until with a gasp of pleasure she touched her own clit. Jackie shook in disbelief as she peered into Erin’s eyes, rubbing her own clit vigorously.

Erin knelt up and slowly unzipped her wetsuit. She pulled the zipper down further and further until Jackie could see the large brown globes of her breasts half hidden beneath the rubber wet suit. As Jackie stared at Erin’s cleavage, Erin took Jackie’s hand and guided it under her wetsuit, slowly; ever so slowly, she manoeuvred Jackie’s fingers to her nipple. Jackie was mesmerized as she played with the swollen dark brown nipple while she energetically masturbated.

Erin smiled and said, “That’s it my pet, you will make a first class lover! You may suck my nipple.” Jackie knew it was not a request but a command. As she leant forward, she noticed her boyfriend leaving the surf and she sat up quickly, embarrassed as she reluctantly pulled her hand from her knickers. She whispered, “My boyfriend is coming!”

Erin laughed as she replied, “Would you not like to get caught? Would a bit of lesbian action not turn your boyfriend on?” Jackie was shaking her head furiously as Erin added, “OK, if being seen by your boyfriend frigging your own cunt worries you, you will have to cum for me before he reaches us!”

Erin smiled sensually, saying, “Remember, you really want to show me how your cunt can saturate your fingers, show me now, beautiful little girl!”

Jackie’s hand had returned to her cunt and soon she was lost in orgasmic pleasure. Seconds before her boyfriend, George, slumped beside’s her, Jackie’s cunt erupted in orgasm and through her carnal haze she heard Erin whisper, “Suck your fingers for your Mistress.”

Erin smiled at Jackie as she licked and sucked her fingers before she turned to look at the boyfriend. George could not take his eyes off the plunging neckline created by Erin’s unzipped wetsuit, while Erin viewed with disgust the flabby body of what was obviously a pampered rich boy.

Ignoring George, Erin turned back to Jackie and asked, “Are you going to the surf club dance tonight?”

George immediately said, “No I don’t think we will, I am really stuffed, I have been surfing for an hour.”

Erin raised her eyebrows and then stared at Jackie. Jackie osmaniye escort was confused by her newly discovered feelings, but she knew she was fed-up with her boyfriend’s inept sexual performance and extremely bored of sitting on a cold beach in mid winter, even in Australia. Jackie said quickly, “I think I’ll go”.

George looked angrily at Jackie and yelled, “Well I’m not driving you! I’m fucked!”

Erin smiled and said, “That’s settled then, I’ll pick you up about eight. Where from?”

Jackie smiled as she remembered opening the door to Erin, she had gasped. She was stunned by Erin’s sensuality. Suddenly she realised the enormous difference between her as an eighteen year old, just learning to be a woman and the beautiful, fully developed woman standing before her, who was just dripping with sophisticated sexual potency.

Erin had smiled at her and Jackie had felt her temperature rise several degrees.

Jackie forced herself back to reality; she had lost Erin after just six short weeks, because of her mother’s racism. Jackie stormed into the house, her mother, Helen, was stood in the lounge, her arms folded and Jackie mistakenly assumed her mother was preparing herself to lecture her on the do’s and don’ts of the household. Jackie walked purposefully up to her mother and drawing her arm back, she slapped her mother across the face as hard as she could. Helen toppled backwards, her arms and leg flailing as she hit the floor.

Shocked, Helen yelled, “But you’re… you’re… you’re a lesbian?”

Jackie, who had never known such anger, yelled back, “Yes, I am a lesbian and proud of it!” She sprang onto her mother and sitting on her tits, she held her down, immobilised. Jackie stared at her mother and in her anger, she yelled, “You should try it, this is what we do!” As the words echoed around the room, Jackie viciously rammed her fingers into her mother’s cunt, and using her thumb she started to attack her mother’s clit.

Helen’s eyes were wide as her daughter mauled her vagina, but she did not struggled to free herself from her daughter’s humiliating attack. It would have been a fruitless struggle in any case; Jackie was an accomplished track and field athlete, her body lithe and strong, while her mother was the epitome of a divorced wife of a rich man. Almost immediately, Jackie screamed with malicious laughter and bending down to her mother’s ear she whispered, “You are enjoying this aren’t you? Your wet cunt tells me you are a mommy slut!”

Jackie slid forward pulling her panties to one side; she positioned her cunt on her mother’s mouth, while her hand buried in her mother’s vagina began to move in and out of her mother’s rapidly moistening cunt.

Jackie yelled, “Suck my cunt, you slut! You destroyed my relationship with Erin, now I will never see her again and you will pay!” With that, Jackie clamped her fingers on her mother’s nose and, Helen opened her mouth.

Jackie laughed and said, “No, on second thoughts, I think you can have a drink!” As she started to piss into her mother’s mouth, her mother began to gulp the golden fluid eagerly. To Jackie’s amazement, her mother’s cunt began to run with her cunt juice.

“This” Jackie thought, “is really turning my mother on! What is happening?”

As Jackie’s piss ended, she felt the lightest of touches, as her mother’s tongue tasted her cunt. Soon Helen was licking her daughter’s cunt frantically, but apart from the remnants of her piss and her mother’s saliva, Jackie knew her cunt was dry, sexually inert.

Frustrated, Jackie stood up and walked away from her mother, but her mother began to beg her to continue the ‘fingering’ of her cunt and to be allowed to bring her daughter to orgasm with her tongue. As Helen rolled over onto her hands and knees, she crawled after her daughter; Jackie did not stop to think, she did not understand and her anger was building inexorably. As she walked towards her bedroom away from her mother, her mind was screaming, “Why should my mother have the pleasure of sex with me after she destroyed my happiness with Erin!”

As the beautiful eighteen-year-old blonde slumped down on her bed, still wearing her high heels and mini dress she closed her eyes. Her anger began to subside and was replaced by a deep sadness. Punishing her mother could never alleviate the cold empty feeling in the pit of her stomach and she began to cry. Jackie lay there in the dark thinking of Erin, tears slowly trickling down her cheeks.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and her mother entered the room. The light from the hallway illuminated her mother’s now naked body as her mother fell to her knees besides Jackie’s bed. Jackie was shocked; her mother was holding an enormous dildo to her large breasts. Looking at the floor, Helen said, “At last I can now be honest about my own sexuality, I have hidden it so long from you. Will you take me, use me as your slave and permit me escort osmaniye to satisfy my daughter, my mistress?”

Jackie was stunned, her thoughts racing, her mother wanted an incestuous relationship, she wanted her daughter to be her dominatrix and she wanted to be her daughter’s pet! Suddenly she realised everything that had happened that night was because of her mother’s incestuous desire to have Jackie as her mistress; she was jealous of Erin!

“Fuck” Jackie said as she thought of her mother yelling at the woman she loved, “Why is that nigger in my house?” Her anger exploded again and she looked down at her mother, her mind searching for the ultimate humiliation. Jackie jumped up and switched on the light and screamed, “Sit on that chair and stick that dildo in your cunt and play with yourself until you squirt all over the floor!” As Helen happily moved to the chair, Jackie wrenched open a cupboard and took out a video camera and tripod. Quickly she set the camera up and started to film her mother frigging her own cunt.

Helen slowly pushed the dildo in to her cunt as Jackie said, “Tell the people watching what you feel!”

Helen mumbled a few unintelligible words, but Jackie screamed, “The ladies in your church group want details of how it feels to be a submissive lesbian, ramming a dildo into their own cunt, on the orders of their own daughter! Now tell them in a loud clear voice.”

Jackie took hold of her mother’s breasts. She squeezed them as hard as she could and as Helen screamed, Jackie wrenched the tits backwards and forwards for the camera. Jackie smiled at the camera and said, “This woman is a model of incestuous motherhood, and she is going to describe in detail what she is feeling as she fucks herself with a dildo in front of her own daughter!”

As dark red welts began to appear on Helen’s breasts, Helen said, rather technically, “I can feel the vibrations of my dildo on my clit and cervix. The vibrations are very nice and they are stimulating fluid flow.”

After a short pause, Helen continued, “God that feels good, I am so wet, my cunt juices are just running out of me!” As Helen started to move the dildo in and out of her cunt, she moaned loudly, “Oh, this is better than most pricks!” Suddenly she yelled, “This is fantastic almost as good as when ‘Jeff the Pool Man’ fucked my cunt and then my arse and much, much better than my husband!”

Jackie smiled and said, “Tell the internet all about the pool man!”

Helen was lost in her own depraved world, and said, “Oh his body was like Adonis, his muscles were like iron and I was full of lust for his enormous prick. One day, I sat by the pool in a brief bikini and he seemed to know I wanted to be fucked. He looked at me, walked over and picked me up as if I was a rag doll. He carried me inside the house and pushed me over the back of the lounge. Without saying a word, he ripped my bikini panties off; my wet cunt was his for the taking. I will never forget him pushing his prick in to me, stretching my cunt lips wide. It was like nothing I had ever experience, his prick was so big it hit my vagina wall as he slowly pushed his prick further into me. My cunt stretched to take the entirety of his enormous prick as he slowly pumped my cunt. Fuck!” she screamed, then continued her monolog, “He started to pump faster and my cunt exploded, I begged him to stop, but he did not stop he just kept on pounding and I came again and again. My fuck seemed to go on and on until his prick exploded shooting jism into my womb and I lost control and squirted my juices all over… Ah, I’m coming…”

As Helen pounded the dildo in and out of her cunt while silently fantasizing about her orgasm on the prick of the pool man, she began to squirt on to the floor in front of her, the camera capturing every delirious moment.

Helen sat panting as Jackie said, “Stick that dildo up your anus and tell us how the pool man fucked your arse!”

As Helen slowly forced the dildo up her arse, Jackie could not help it, her thoughts returned to Erin and the disastrous events earlier in the night. It had all began as they left their motel room, Jackie had asked if there was somewhere they could talk, she knew she had to explain, to tell Erin. Erin had smiled, she thought this was Jackie trying to set the rules of their relationship and drove to the local lover’s parking spot. As they stopped, Erin had pulled Jackie towards her and they passionately kissed. Erin’s hand moved to Jackie’s breasts and expertly stroked her tits and tweaked her enlarged nipples. Jackie surrendered herself to her lover. She was gasping for breath as Erin let her hand fall onto her thigh. Slowly she pushed her hand between Jackie’s legs and moved her hand towards Jackie’s cunt. As Erin’s hand reached Jackie’s cunt lips, Jackie screamed “No!” Her only thought was, “I must tell her!” and she reached for the car door handle; almost falling from the car in her haste to get out. osmaniye escort bayan

Erin slowly got out of the car and walked around to face Jackie. Jackie was leant against the car panting, her hands subconsciously moving from caressing her own breasts to touching her thighs and groin, her sexual exhilaration inescapable, overriding all her senses. Erin moved in front of her and took Jackie in her arms. They kissed and as Erin’s tongue flash across her lips, Jackie succumbed to the passion within her. Erin held Jackie against the car as they passionately kissed, slowly; very slowly, Erin’s hand moved across Jackie’s breast, over her belly and onto her thigh and Jackie, instinctively, opened her legs. Erin gently at first stroked Jackie’s pubic mound, but slowly her fingers curled around to feel Jackie’s vaginal lips. Jackie started to moan with pleasure and as her breathing became erratic, Erin pressed her hand hard onto Jackie’s vagina. Erin slowly traced her fingers up Jackie’s pubic mound and finding the top of Jackie’s tights, her hand moved beneath them. Erin’s hand slowly moved toward Jackie’s vagina and as a finger penetrated Jackie’s cunt, she started to play with her clit.

Jackie bent forward, she was in ecstasy, and Erin’s expert manipulation of her cunt was rapidly inducing a massive orgasm. Jackie’s cunt squirted into her thong and vaginal fluid forced its way through her tights and ran down her legs. Jackie collapsed to the floor, shaking from her massive orgasm, but suddenly she was crying and begging to be taken home. Erin was confused and tried to comfort Jackie, but Jackie kept pushing her away, finally Erin conceded defeat and took Jackie home. That was when my mother…

As Jackie’s mother screamed in ecstasy, Jackie’s mind was reluctantly dragged back to the present. Her mother had orgasmed but she was talking to Jackie. Jackie listened as her mother spoke of her desires, her fantasies for her future depraved life as Jackie’s sex toy.

The dildo was moving smoothly in and out of her mother’s arse, her anus was just a huge gaping hole as her mother said, “Jackie we can have such great times together. I lust for you every minute. I am a bisexual like you, but I am a submissive slut. I will enjoy anything that turns you on.” As Jackie stared at her mother in disbelief, Helen said, “For fuck sake girl, I am saying you can whip, cane and paddle me, it turns me on, and I have multiple orgasms from the pain.” Helen paused, looking at Jackie’s appalled expression, but she continued, “You can let your friends, boys and girls, even their parents, grandparents fuck me in my cunt or arse. I love being tied up, you can whip me as I suck your cunt, their cunts, their pricks. I am yours to do whatever turns you on.” Helen continued to plead with her daughter as she whispered, “It will be great I promise you. I love you as no one else can, and I can come with you to London, I will pay. I obviously love drinking piss, and you enjoyed that too, I would love you and your friends to piss and shit on me, in my mouth, anywhere. In public would be the greatest turn on, don’t you think, I just love everything about perverted sex!”

As Helen slowly withdrew the dildo from her arse, Jackie knew that all of her mother’s words and fantasies were revolting to her. She steeled herself to lambast her mother’s depravity. The naked Helen stood up smiling at her daughter and walked towards her, her smiling eyes full of lust as she sucked the dildo.

As Jackie took a deep breath to begin her tirade, there was a loud knock on the front door. Helen smiled and said, “It will be the pool man, I invited him over, his prick is unbelievable, trust me you will love it fucking you!” As Helen walked to the front door Jackie panicked, she locked her bedroom door and started to drag her bed behind the door. However as Helen unlocked the front door, the door flew open and Erin stepped inside. She looked at Jackie’s mother with contempt and snarled, “Stay out of my fucking way!”

Jackie who was still busily barricading her bedroom immediately recognised Erin’s voice, panicking even more, she dragged the bed out of the way and fumbling she unlocked her door. She ran out onto the landing, Erin was smiling up at her and she beamed back. Erin beamed as she said, “Get packed, we are leaving.” Jackie did not say a word but disappeared into her bedroom.

Erin stared at the vacant landing, her heart pounding in her throat. As Erin asked herself, “Will she come with me?” Jackie reappeared holding a backpack and dragging a large suitcase and pulled them to Erin’s side. They looked at each other and kissed passionately. Jackie was euphoric, and with a curt, “See you”, to her mother she left the house with Erin.

As Jackie and Erin loaded the suitcase and got into the car, Erin wondered how Jackie had packed so quickly. However, before she could ask, Helen appeared at the front door, and yelled, “Don’t leave me. We can have great sex with whoever you like!” Jackie ignored her and her mother yelled, “Look at my daughter the lesbian prostitute of niggers! Go, you do not love me, I never want to see you again and do not expect me to support you! ”

Tears of anger and frustration filled Jackie’s eyes as Erin asked, “What’s happened?”

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