A Trip to the Mall


I love sex and I’ve never been in a committed relationship.  Slut is a label I wear with pride and I have the credentials to back it up.  But that day I just felt a little extra wild.As bold as I can be, I’ve never just approached a stranger for sex.  I usually meet people in gay bars or on dating apps. Some just approach me.  I felt like I needed to put some bait on the hook to make it known I might be open for business.  I looked at the clothing I had hanging in the closet. Most of my outfits are classy and not trashy.  I love the way I look in sharp professional attire. But I knew I could put something together.I put on my black pin-striped pencil skirt with a thin silk blouse that I typically wear under a sweater.  Under I wore a lacy black bra that easily showed through the blouse. I left half the buttons open so anyone could look down my top if I leaned forward.  I applied my brightest red lipstick and took the elevator down from my skyrise apartment and got an Uber to a local mall in an upscale area. The driver was undressing me with his kumköy escort bayan eyes for the entirety of the ride.I got a lot of looks strolling confidently through the corridors with my heels clicking loudly and my blouse fluttering open.  But nobody approached. Rather than wait around I had a plan in mind. I went to a high-end men’s wear store. It was pretty sleepy on a weeknight.  There was one guy working the register and another around the merchandise, but only one customer in the shop. She was obviously tie shopping for someone special.I went to the back and started looking at the fitted shirts.  The employee who approached was shorter than me in my heels, but he was extremely fit and looked good in a suit and tie.  His hair was cut short and he had brown eyes and looked partially Hispanic.  “Shopping for someone special?” he asked.”No,” I said.  “Just killing time really.””Ok.  If there is anything I can do to help, my name is Lee.””Do you have a changing room, Lee?””Yes.  Of course.  But we don’t kumköy escort sell women’s clothes.”“Well, I’m not really woman,” I said with a wink.  “Not all the time.”I gave him a wink.  It was clear he got the picture.“You look like a woman to me,” he said.  “Let me rephrase the question,” I said.  “Do you have a place we can go where nobody will walk in on us while I suck your cock?”The look on his face almost caused me to laugh.  I’m not sure how I kept a straight face. It was the boldest offer I’d ever made to a man without some banter or flirting.  “We can’t really.  I mean…we aren’t allowed,” he stuttered.  “Maybe we can meet after my shift.””This is a limited time offer,” I said. “Now or never.”He contemplated it for about ten seconds before directing me to a hidden hallway a few shops up that led to the employee parking garage for the mall.  He told me to wait for him and he’d make an excuse to get out. He was confident we wouldn’t be discovered since it was too early in the evening for people to be leaving.A escort kumköy few minutes later we were alone in the hall.  He kept asking why I was doing this and if I wanted to go out later.  “I just love sucking cock and I think you’re hot,” I said.  He unzipped his slacks and nervously got his cock out.  He was already semi-hard. I took him in my hand and licked the shaft.  I teased the head with my tongue. His cock was short, but not embarrassingly so.  He groaned a lot.I gave him the porn star treatment.  I was a little nervous about getting caught.  I tugged from the base while I rapidly bobbed up and down the shaft.  I kept my eyes on his. I moaned and groaned and only stopped to tell him over and over what a great cock he had and how I wanted his cum.The whole interaction blow job lasted less than five minutes.  He put his load in my mouth. Then he awkwardly asked for my number and I gave him a fake before he went back to work.  Still wanting more, I found a bench in a different part of the mall and fired up Tinder for a one-mile radius. I knew anyone it found would be in the mall or one of the shops just outside.  And, counter-intuitively, I always have more success looking for Right Now on Tinder in the south. Maybe the people are less cynical than in northern cities. Or more repressed and looking to break some rules.

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