A Trip to the Mall


Stepping into the dept. store we quickly choose different outfits for me to try on.   Before I enter the changing room my Prince removes my leash placing it in his pocket. I walk over I’m such a tease.   By now the Prince’ s cock is Üsküdar Escort starting to push against his pants begging to jump out. One more outfit to try on as my audience grows in the distant. Pulling the curtain Üsküdar Escort Bayan back there I stand with a red see through teddy. Every part of my hot body is now exposed to the world. From my rock Escort Üsküdar hard nipples to my wet pussy. Immediately Master rushes me into the dressing room. “You naughty little kitten” he says while tightening handcuffs around my wrists.   Next he hangs the cuffs on the hook above my head. “You’ve been very very naughty showing my property to all those guys. Now I must punish my kitty.” Punishment here oh no! With the curtain still open my Prince slips the teddy off then begins roaming his fingers over my body.

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