A Week At Papaw’s chap 1


The Beginnings – An Unexpected Request They arrived on Friday night, my granddaughter Tina and a handful of her girlfriends from school. I am just a stopping off point on the way to a Florida spring break adventure. There was Tina, her roommate Laura, Rita, a small blond cheerleader type, Ruby, a brunette bookworm and Leah a rather shy quiet girl with shoulder length red hair. After my heartiest hellos I told Tina to take their bags into the upstairs bedrooms and that dinner would be in about an hour. We ate and I listen to them go on and on about the trip they were looking forward to, different guys from school and the things that they were doing, I was a little shocked at the way these very young ladies talked about sex. I know it sounds as silly as it always did when I heard it from my parents, but my generation was a little more… covert about sex.When the questions started coming my way, I held my own, but very quickly the questions took a turn down a road that I wasn’t ready to travel, being the old man of the group. Now in my day, but that’s a different story. These very sexy young women knew the effect they were having on me and before I got somewhere I couldn’t return from, I said goodnight.The next day was a errand day for me and the girls were going to go to the town about 25 miles east. I didn’t know about it, but Leah hadn’t gone to town with the others, nor did I know she was in the house when I returned.I found out later, she had told the other girls she was sick and going to stay in bed, so she would be ok for the trip to the beach. Instead, she had spent the day looking around the cabin, just being nosy I guess, she never said why she decided to stay and search through the house.She found some journals and photo albums that I thought had been hidden pretty well. Long story short, it was a life from my past, and I wasn’t to keen on letting almanbahis it out. She read my journals and notes, about sessions, training techniques, and playmates, she looked through the pictures, she knew more than I wanted anyone to know, but I had no idea she was now aware of the old me. In the past I had been a Professional Dominant, a trainer, actually well paid for some of the training that I was asked to provide.But I had left the life, due to a heart problem. You see, I lost my heart to a wonderful woman that wanted nothing to do with my past life and I choose to live the life she wanted. I was truly happy. Til I lost her two years ago.  I was feeling a little grungy and decided while I was alone might be the best time for me to shower and such. So in I go and crank up the hot steamy water and just let it run down my head and back. I love the feel of the hot water, I tend to get a little lost in a shower. Then, I hear the door, just cracked open, and a little voice says, “Mr. S, this is Leah, I really need to go to the bathroom, can I come in? I promise not to look.”This made me laugh a little, I would have thought she would be more concerned that I would be the one peeking, so I told her, “It’s ok, I hate waiting too.”I hear her enter and sit, very quiet, the water still running but my mind was elsewhere. She suddenly finds the courage and says, “Mr. S, can I ask you a question?”“Uhm, sure, anything,” feeling a little weird, but so curious.“My boyfriend at school wanted to do some …. uhh …. kinky stuff, you know like tying me up and spanking and such as that, I really got excited, but when it came down to it, it was kinda clumsy and awkward…” her pause seemed like an hour, “is it always like that?”I was struck dumb, couldn’t speak, didn’t now what to say, finally, ”Well, not sure I’m the one to ask, I don’t know much about those things, I was married almanbahis yeni giriş to the same woman for 35 years, we didn’t get to wild…” my voice trailing off. Wondering if it would stop her, this was killing me.“Well, to be honest, I have a confession to make,” her soft voice cutting off the silence. “I was bored today and did a little snooping, I found your diaries and pictures. Please don’t be upset, I wanted to know more about you, last night you intrigued me so.”Still I was unable to speak, wishing I had put in those sliding doors to open the shower to the deck, the window being to small to climb through. “Don’t judge me on those, it was a long time ago, I was a different person.”“Judge you, I wish I knew you then,” she sounded like she was getting out of breath, with a touch of shyness. “I wish you knew me… How do you know if you are a submissive?” She was almost at a whisper as she asks.I clear my throat and tell her, “It is all about desire, the desire to please, to put aside your needs for those of another, to be willing to please that person no matter what. To submit, is to give yourself to another, mind, body, soul. That is a submissive.”Waiting for her response, nervousness makes me continue, “There are as many reasons for these desires as there are people with them. But it is a need to serve, some need the pain aspect, some just the structure. That is something that is determined by the relationship each seeks.”Thinking I am sounding like some old lecture film I again wait, no response, I open the curtain slightly, she isn’t on the pot, but her clothes are neatly folded there, I open more and see her on her knees, head down, arms behind, naked facing the shower, “I wish to serve You Sir, please will you train me,” was all she said. Looking up at me, her head still bowed, her eyes seem to beg. How could I resist.I stand starring almanbahis giriş and not knowing what to do. My mind races and runs through the reasons, you know, to or not to, right or wrong, now or never, then deciding I had nothing to lose. I reach down and wrap my hand around the wrists she placed on her back and my other hand grabs her ponytail and pulls her to her feet on the edge of the tub, this puts her at eye level with me.I get my first chance to look at her, to see what she has been hiding under those clothes. She is tiny, soft red hair and hazel eyes, thin lips and very soft skin. Her small b cups heaving with each breath, nipples already like new pencil erasers. My eyes trail down her belly and to her pussy, shaved and puffy as though no one visits often.I tighten my grip, looking into her eyes, deeply, asking, “Do you know what you are asking me to do, what you will be in for? It isn’t a college party, and I am the only one that gets to have fun.” Tugging her hair to let her know I expected an answer now.She drops her gaze and whispers, “Oh God Sir, please… I want this… I NEED this…. use me… make me your toy!” I force my hand into her crotch sliding along her lips, wet and hot, flicking my nail along her clit as I reach the small throbbing button. Then letting her pussy go and grabbing her face, wiping off my hand on her cheeks, meeting her gaze I feel her need, and know I have found a true slave.With this realization another part of me seemed to set up and take control. I pulled her into the tub and push her against the wall with a thud. Still a tight grip on her wrist and grabbing her ponytail, I hold her against the wall and keep her feet dangling into the tub.Twisting the wrist hold to put pressure on her arm muscles, my body holding her off her feet and against the wall, I side my hand into her cunt from behind pumping into her and forcing them against her spot. She could not move, her arms held, her pussy attacked and toyed with, and I feel the release begin to build in her.I step away from her and let her drop, she catches, drops to her knees, turns and bows.

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