A Weekend At Sam’s

Group Sex

After weeks of waiting, the day had finally come! John and Beth were on their way to the ski resort for the 19th Annual Winter Wife Swap weekend. This would be the seventeenth AWWS event that they had attended. It was a really big event, and every year they had something new and exciting to offer participants. Last year, they had added an adult toy seminar where people could learn about and try out sex toys before actually purchasing them. They had tried all kinds of dildoes and vibrators and ended up purchasing a few new toys to add to their collection. John had a penchant for trying to fit the biggest objects he could find into Beth’s pussy. So, he was thrilled to have found a simulated big black cock that Beth had actually agreed to let him try. It was too big, but every once in a while, they would get a little high and he’d give it a go anyway.This weekend was nothing short of amazing every year. Couples would come from everywhere to enjoy a variety of outdoor winter sports during the day. Then at night, they would enjoy fucking someone else’s spouse. Usually each night was a different partner, but occasionally people hooked up for the weekend.There were also opportunities to take part in a gang bang, watch the latest porn vids, and/or observe a BDSM session with couples who lived that lifestyle 24/7. There were also the occasional threesomes and foursomes, which Beth really enjoyed! John preferred one on one, but he never minded being a good sport if his wife wanted him involved with a group. It was always a great time, and they were beyond excited to be headed there for some hot fun!They were into the third hour of driving through a relatively heavy snowstorm, when the driver’s side front tire blew. John did his best to maintain control of the car, but they ended up sliding into a ditch anyway. Fortunately, his defensive driving skills had prevented a crash and they were not hurt, but they were out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service.“We can’t just sit here waiting for someone to come along,” John said, concerned. “We haven’t seen another car in the past hour and we are another two hours out from the ski lodge.”Beth shivered, “What are we going to do?”“Well, we have our ski pants, jackets, and boots. Let’s suit up and see if we can trudge through the snow for a bit until we find either a human being or a cell signal,” he suggested.They opened their suitcases and changed quickly, before heading out into the storm.After walking in the bitter cold for about 45 minutes, Beth spotted some smoke in the air that was likely coming from a chimney.“Look, John, escort izmit we may have found someone after all!” Beth said, excited at the thought of finally finding help.“Thank goodness!” John replied. He certainly wasn’t old, having turned 47 recently, but he definitely felt every one of those years trudging through deep snow and frozen temps. His muscles ached and the chimney smoke was a sight for sore eyes!As they approached the cabin, they saw a man peering through the window. Beth prayed silently, please be friendly. There wasn’t another cabin anywhere in sight, so there wasn’t much choice but to knock on the door, fingers crossed.The door creaked as the man opened it. He looked to be a bit older than they were, Beth thought, yet he was quite handsome, in a rugged sort of way.“Hi there!” Beth smiled, “Our tire blew out and our car ended up in the ditch back on the main road about 45 minutes from here. We were wondering if you had a phone that we could use to call for some road assistance?”The man just stood there for a moment and said nothing. Then he seemed to realize how cold it was and said, “I’m sorry, where are my manners? Y’all must be freezing having walked all that way in this weather! Please, come in and get warm. I can start the kettle and make us all some tea.”John and Beth looked at each other and nodded. The man seemed harmless enough and was offering warmth. They entered the cabin and tried to stay just inside the door so that they wouldn’t track snow inside everywhere.“My name’s Sam,” the man said in a bit of a southern drawl, starting the stove to get the kettle going.“I’m John, and this is my wife Beth,” John replied. We were headed to Allister’s Ski Lodge when our tire blew. I did my best to keep control of the car, but it was so icy, we ended up in the ditch. It looks like the car is fine, and we weren’t hurt, but there is no way that car is moving without the help of a tow-truck.”Sam placed a tea bag in each of three cups and waited for the water to boil. He smiled and said, “Allister’s? Aren’t they having that Annual Winter Wife Swap this weekend?”Beth blushed, while John said, “Uh, yeah, they are. We go almost every year. It’s a great time. Have you ever been? I don’t recall seeing you, but it’s a pretty big event.”Sam smiled a bit wickedly. “I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never been. I don’t have a wife to swap,” he chuckled.“So, about that phone?” John asked, suddenly feeling a little awkward.“I’m really sorry, but my phone has no signal at the moment. The storm hit the closest cell tower this past week, so what signal I have been izmit escort getting is weak, and hit or miss at best,” Sam answered.“Oh, well that’s disappointing! Looks like we are going to miss out on the Friday night activities,” Beth pouted.The kettle started to whistle as Sam suggested they get out of their wet things and sit by the fire to get warm. Beth felt a little ashamed of herself for whining, when they were so fortunate to have found someone kind enough to take them in out of the cold.“We really appreciate your hospitality,” Beth said, trying to sound more gracious.“It’s my pleasure!” Sam said, “I rarely get visitors out here. It’s the least I can do. Not too many other choices out here in this neck of the woods.”Sam poured the hot water into each cup and handed one each to the John and Beth.“Why don’t we all sit by the fire?” he asked, trying to be a good host. “You can tell me all about these Friday night festivities you’ll be missing while you warm up.”Beth was a little stunned by Sam’s conversation suggestion, but John thought, why not?“Well, Beth and I like to go to the welcome party that kicks off the weekend. It’s clothing optional, so we usually go nude. We didn’t the first couple of years, but Beth has such a rocking body, that it seemed silly not to show her off,” John explained.Beth felt like she was turning six shades of red, listening to her husband explain their wife swap weekend activities to a total stranger as if it was the most normal thing in the world. They might have been discussing cruise ship excursions, he was so calm about it.Sam sensed Beth’s discomfort and said, “We can talk about something else, if you’d rather. It’s just that I don’t get out much, so I often find myself living vicariously through the very few visitors I get each year.”Beth relaxed a bit and said, “No, it’s fine. I mean we certainly aren’t shy once we get there. At least not after being regulars to the event for all these years.”She continued, “So, on Friday nights, we attend the kickoff party nude, as John mentioned, and then we get our booklets that list all of the activities that will be available for the weekend. After that, there is usually a bonus activity offered before the choosing of the partners. Last year, the bonus activity was a little out there, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and led to some pretty hot sex.”Sam raised an eyebrow, “Oh? Tell me about it, Beth.”Seeing Beth looking a little shy about explaining last year’s snow games, John chimed in instead, “All the women, who wished to participate, laid down in the izmit kendi evi olan escort snow while the men who wished to join in used the snow to tease/torture these women. I chose to just watch, but Beth laid down in the snow while a couple of different men filled her pussy and her ass with snow. Then they took turns eating her and making her cum a half dozen times. Talk about making my cock hard! She chose one of the men who was playing with her for her fuck buddy for the night and I ended up choosing his wife, who had been played with as well. It was something different than any of us had experienced. We actually started with a foursome before breaking off to separate rooms. Beth’s fuck buddy was hung like a horse and fucked all of her holes a couple of times before the night was over.”Sam felt his cock twitch and saw that Beth’s eyes had noticed. He saw no point in pretending to be modest. He smiled at Beth and chuckled to himself when he saw her shiver. Score one for me, Sam thought.Then he turned his attention back to John and said, “So do you spend the entire night with the fuck buddy? Or do you return to sleep with your own spouse?”“It depends,” John answered. “We’ve done it both ways.”Beth’s eyes had wandered back to Sam’s crotch, and this time John noticed. He smiled to himself as he, too, saw the impressive bulge in Sam’s pants. Maybe they could salvage this night after all. He leaned over and whispered in Beth’s ear. “Do you want to see that bulge minus the pants, baby? Do you want to play with that cock? Feel it in your hands? Maybe even in your mouth or your pussy? Do you want him to fuck your tight ass with that monster cock?”Beth felt the heat of his suggestion wash over her entire body. “Yes!” she answered out loud.“Yes, what?” Sam asked, looking a tad confused.John chuckled and said, “We were wondering if you’d be so kind as to help us create our own private version of Friday night festivities here in your cozy cabin.”Now it was Sam’s turn to blush. “I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d love a go with your wife,” he said slowly, “but I don’t think I’d be nearly exciting enough for your taste. I’m mighty flattered, though.”Beth smiled and said, “We need to find some way to repay your kindness for taking us in. We don’t have to do anything more than what you are comfortable with, Sam. But I’m willing to bet it gets pretty lonely in this cabin all by yourself. At least let me give you a blow job. I’ve been told I am amazing at sucking cock.”Sam hesitated a little, “I’d be an idiot to pass up a chance like this, and I’m no fool. But I gotta ask, John, what do you get out of all of this? I’m pretty sure I can make your wife happy; I still have some moves, even at 65, but I don’t think I can service a man. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but I don’t have the natural inclination to touch you and I’d hate to disappoint you there.”

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