Sex on the Rebound


(Disclaimer: This is my first story so let me know if you like it! Or not. Also note that I support and would never have anything other than safe sex. This is a fantasy though, and condoms just didn’t seem to fit into it.)

I never did really well with girls in High School and through most of university I had a steady girlfriend. It was a good relationship, but largely boring and uneventful. Often I wished I’d met her after I’d fucked more women, partied myself out and was ready to settle into a relationship. But it didn’t happen that way. She took my virginity and now, several years later I’d broken my heart and hers when I told her I couldn’t be with her anymore.

Rather bummed out I sought out a friend known for his wild antics and tried to drown myself in booze and pot. And as such it was something of a surprise to find myself with this chick (I never knew her name, and I wonder if she even remembered me the next day) slightly tipsy in an upstairs room at a small party. That she was drunk and high was pretty obvious. She kept stumbling and giggling as she tried to undo the zipper on my pants while whispering in my ear that she wanted to taste my cock (she must’ve had too much to drink). Looking at her nice full 5’10” body, I’d long since risen to the occasion that I was so desperately hoping would occur.

Having given up on my recalcitrant zipper, she started to my utter astonishment to pull off her own clothes. The tight bikini top that showed off her beautiful tits flew off and was shortly followed by a short skirt that concealed a panty-less mound of nicely trimmed light reddish hair. I’d always wanted to fuck a redhead.

By this time there was no doubt who was in control. Drunk and high though she was, she exuded an sexual aggressiveness that I’d never observed in a woman (outside of porn movies). Before I realized what was happening she’d stumbled to her knees in front of me and managed to extricate acıbadem escort my cock from my pants and shove it in her mouth. Then she deep-throated me easily (I guess she’d done larger than my 6 ¼ inches) and I had to fight with all I had not to blow it down her throat as I was practically writhing in pleasure and utterly under her dominion. But like me she wanted something else. No sooner it seemed had she started than she turned around and leaned over, exposing her plump pussy lips pressed tightly together between the mounds of her wet-dream inducing ass. She started moaning “Fuck my hole goddamnit get that cock in there Jesus Christ fuck me”, the words all slurred together and her ass swaying seductively.

All thoughts of trying to return the favour of oral sex flew out of my head at that sight and I was down on my knees inserting my cock in her cunt in a flash. She was wet enough that I slid in one stroke and held it there, ecstasy flashing through my mind as I penetrated her depths. She started screaming and thrashing around so hard though that it was hard for me to stay inside her. Quickly though we settled into a rhythm where I’d pull almost all the way out, and then slam my cock back inside, and she would yelp with each jackhammering of my cock in her pussy. As this went on I became more thankful for the orgasm-inhibiting effects of the anti-depressant I was on. Because she was tight. And hot. And watching that red hair of hers streaming down her pale back, her D tits bouncing forward with every thrust of my dick in her hole I could feel a definite orgasm forming deep inside me, like a well of energy and cum which was on it’s way to bursting into me and out of my dick. And her cries of “Shit! Shit! Fuck me! You’re fucking me so hard and long damnit I’ve never been fucked this long oh god keep fucking my cunt!” were like an extra stimulation akbatı escort to my low self-esteem which started my balls on a slow boil towards coming.

Then she pulled herself forward and my rod popped out of her box with a loud slurping noise just as I was almost about to blow my load.

“What the hell…” I was interrupted as she fished in her purse and finally pulled out a bottle of lube. She squirted a generous dollop in her hand and began massaging my still stiff schlong with it while she pushed me back and started tongue fucking my mouth. Then she pulled back and moaned in my ear “I want you to fuck my ass! Fuck it like you fuck my pussy and blow your jizz in there.”

At this I nearly spoiled the whole thing by coming right that instant. Her hand on my cock and her body squirming atop mine were almost too much to bear. It took all my strength to hold back orgasm and I thanked all those seemingly pointless (at the time) exercises I’d done to my PC muscle to make it possible.

Picking up her lube I reached around and squirted some on her ass cheeks. I then ran my hands through that and started rubbing it on her puckered hole and down her slit. On impulse I slid a finger past her sphincter and was rewarded with a gasp and a “Shit! Get your dick in there now!”

She hopped up and bent over doggy-style again (fine by me, my favourite position) but this time it was her ass she offered up for my rock hard penis. Slowly I leaned forward and placed my engorged head against her anal entrance. Slowly I applied pressure and I could tell by her breathing that she was trying to relax. Suddenly the head was in and she yelped. Pressing slowly forward I gradually sank the entire thing in there and FUCK! If I thought her pussy was hot, then her ass was a goddamn furnace. Slowly I retreated and pulled my rod all the way out, watching her ass pop shut aksaray escort after my exit. And more forcefully I shoved myself in. Again and again I kept up these ever quickening strokes and again and again she let out yelps of “FUCK! FUCK!” that soon became outright screams. Not of pain but of pleasure. I was ready to stop on an instant if she indicated pain, but if her cries attracted the fucking police they’d have to pull me physically out of her ass!

I knew though that I had almost no time left. Her mouth, her pussy, her hand and now her ass were simply beyond what I could possibly hope to ever stand. Reaching around I inserted a finger in her hole and with another diddled her clit. Barely had I done so when she started to come. Her screams of “SHIT SHIT SHIT I’M COMING SHIT COME IN MY ASS!!!” and her sphincter’s repeated attempts to tear my dick off gave evidence enough.

Slamming my sperm filled member once more into the depths of her bowels I let go with a shout and filled her with sperm. I came so hard it hurt but the pleasure exploding through my body was like I’d never imagined. I came what felt like rivers of cum as I pulled her hips back onto my dick as hard as I could before collapsing on top of her, totally, utterly spent.

She started to rise and I knelt up, pulling my rapidly shrinking cock out of her ass as I did so. Changing to a sitting position I watched in astonishment as she sat up and started inserting her own fingers into her ass, spreading her hole and watching the semen pour out. Grinning wickedly at me she continued her bizarre ritual until it seemed all the jizz had drained from her. There was I thought, a lot of jizz, and it started to puddle on the ground. Her obscene show was having a rather obvious effect on me as well.

She laughed and shook her finger at me in an admonishing gesture saying “That’s enough for you. I just like to watch it pour out so I can masturbate about it later!” And I watched with some wistfulness as she dressed and fixed her hair. Dressing myself I watched her as she smiled at me and slipped out of the room. I soon followed and though I looked around the house she was nowhere to be found. Seeing most everyone was passed out I said my goodbyes to my friend and walked on home, smiling all the way.

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