A Wet Walk in the Forest


Summer. Hot and heavy, like the air was thick with moisture and tension. There was a smell of burnt leaves in the forest.

Nina was walking barefoot along the cool footpath, her sandals swinging in her left hand. She had black hair, shiny and long, hanging down her back and floating across her face. Ray thought she was beautiful. He walked next to her, stealing occasional glances at her staggeringly elegant cheek bones and dark, soft eyes. He had a cheeky, shy smile on his face and she thought he was impossibly cute. She had to stop walking and kiss his smile, running her hands through his sandy blonde hair. He had hazel eyes, wide and open. They stood still, gazing at each other for a few moments.

The trees were tall and green, their branches touching at the top, forming a canopy, like a jungle. There were purple flowers dotted among the blades of grass. Ray knelt down and gently plucked a few of the flowers, holding them in his hand, a tiny bouquet. He looked up and smiled at Nina, handing them to her. She blushed and laughed, and bent to kiss him.

It was quiet in the forest. They were alone. Her white shirt was sticking to her back with sweat.

“I’ve got to take this off,” she said, undoing the buttons, with a seductive smile at Ray. He felt an energy burning within him, in the base of his abdomen. He reached out to gently pull the blouse from her shoulders. She blushed and the energy grew as he saw the red patches blossom on her cheeks. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts kuşadası escort were more perfect than he’d ever seen. They were not too small and not too round, and impossibly soft. He reached out and caressed one of them in his hands. The roughness of his fingers made her shiver. Her nipples were a deep, beautiful pink, like heavy rose petals. He bent to kiss them, tasting the rich metallic scent.

Before he knew it, she’d pulled his shirt off his shoulders and was rubbing his biceps with her dainty, shapely hands. She felt the bulge of muscles and veins under the warm skin. She felt a twitch between her legs, a contraction, an awakening. He felt a stiffness, a heaviness, a growing tension.

They walked along, topless, a little further, off the main footpath and through the soft grass.

“You know my thighs are getting a little hot too,” Nina said, biting her bottom lip in a teasing fashion. Ray felt the bulge in his shorts harden and stiffen almost uncontrollably. He wondered if she had noticed. Of course she had, she was unzipping her tiny denim shorts. No bra, no knickers either. She wasn’t waxed and he was thrilled. All the other women he’d slept with had been shaved and smooth. This would be an adventure. Her thighs were long and muscular and tanned. She skipped a couple of paces ahead of him and he saw how perfect, how pert her buttocks were.

“I think I’m gonna have to take my shorts off,” he said and she laughed, running back to help him. He was amazed at her hunger, her boldness. She was wild and powerful. She pulled his shorts down, running her hands down his legs like she’d done with his biceps. She smiled when she saw the bulge of his cock. She pulled away his pants and his cock sprang free, bouncing slightly. She was on her knees, looking up at him with her wild, beautiful eyes and puffy lips.

There was no one around, and even if there had been, he wouldn’t have cared. He had her, finally, to himself. And she had him, finally, to play with and to pleasure her. She took his cock in her lips and poked her tongue against the end of it. He shuddered at the shocking brilliance of it. His cock felt heavy and energized, as though it were ready to burst at any moment. He let out a groan and reached down to touch her hair.

“Oh, Nina,” he whispered as she ran her tongue up the length of his cock, feeling the veins and heat. She started to suck, taking the cock in her mouth, and moving her lips up and down, up and down. The pleasure grew and rose, his cock throbbing with heat. He felt her hands on his balls, cupping them and rolling them in her fingers. It was too much, he pulled out and knelt down to kiss her. He had to save himself.

She opened her legs and lent against a tree, knees spread apart. He got down on his elbows to take a good look at her dripping pussy. He reached out his rough, warm fingers and touched her folds. He skimmed over the clit and she took a sharp breath. He pushed a finger inside her, relishing the warmth and smoothness. She felt electric, full of tension, full of moisture. He massaged her clit and she began to moan. The pleasure was intense, burning pleasure shooting up her spine. He pressed the clit, like a button and she felt her vagina twitch and throb. He sat back on his knees and pumped his cock for a few seconds.

She lay on her back and he knelt over her. His cock was painfully full. He pressed against her pussy and slid inside her. It was perfect, joyous even. He started to growl and moan, like a wild animal. His pelvis jammed in and out like a rock star and the feeling of her tight lips gripping his cock was incredible. She felt an intense pleasure every time he slid out and in, out and in. He put his fingers on her clit and rubbed it. With each rub and grind she moaned and wailed. She could feel her orgasm building, feel her juices slipping out, feel her pussy tightening and squeezing Ray’s cock. She started to pant, in time with his pulsing. It was perfect, she was climbing, her pussy was sizzling. Her clit throbbed and she squirmed as he rubbed it. She felt her pussy close around his cock and she came loudly and gushingly. He laughed as he pulled his cock out and it was soaking wet. She was out of breath.

“Keep going, I want you to cum in me,” she said, panting. He slid inside and he didn’t need much. With a few quick thrusts he could feel his orgasm flooding him. He groaned as he felt his balls tighten and his cock release its milky seed.

“Oh,” he said, pulling out. Her pussy was still pulsing, after-shocks.

They stood up and walked on naked, their clothes under their arms.

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