The Step-sister Pt. 02


Lorraine’s car is parked in front of the house when I return, but she’s not in the house, so, after making a coffee, I wander out into the back garden.

She’s sitting at the table at the end of the garden.

I wave and walk over. As I get closer I realise that she’s had her hair done, it’s slightly shorter and much glossier than this morning, more full as well. And she’s wearing glossy pink lipstick: I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her wearing make-up.

I sit down beside her. ‘It looks like you’ve had a good day,’ I said.

She smiled. ‘I’ve had a lovely day. And you?’

‘Good thanks. Great walk, saw a stag way over on the other side, we’ll have a look over there tomorrow if you want, see if he’s still around. Like the hair by the way.’

‘Ooh yes please, I’d love to see him. And thank you.’ She starts tapping her fingernails on the table.

I look down at her long, slender fingers. Her nails have been manicured and are now the same glossy pink as her lips.

‘And you’ve had your nails done.’ I laugh.

She chuckles. ‘Oh well spotted David.’

I looked back up and it’s obvious that she’s also had her eyebrows shaped. She really has had a bit of me-time.

‘Looks like you’ve had a bit of a pampering, good for you.’

She smiled again but didn’t say anything.

‘I’ve been thinking about you. On my walk.’

She looked at me. ‘Oh really? And what have you been thinking?’

I look back at her. ‘Well actually, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do with you.’

She doesn’t reply to that either, but her eyes narrow and her tongue flicks across her bottom lip.

Putting my mug on the ground, I stand and move round to the opposite side of the table to her. Reaching out, I take her manicured hand in mine and pull it towards me, she has no option but to get up and stretch over the table, and even when her thighs come up against the table edge I keep pulling. Until she’s stretched face down over the scrolled ironwork.

Trailing a hand down her back I retrace my steps until I’m standing behind her.

‘You seem to have a thing about tables David.’ I hear her say.

Pressing up against her bum I stretch along her back, whisper in her ear, ‘useful pieces of furniture, tables, you can do all sorts of things on them.’

She giggles.

Standing back upright I squeeze her bum then swat it, just once, but hard enough to shift the table half an inch.

Finding the zipper on her hip I pull it down, then tug her slacks out from under her hips and let them drop to her ankles.

Running my hands up the backs of her legs onto the cheeks of her arse I pull her knickers off her bum and down to her bunched up slacks. Lifting her feet I slip them both off and put them on her chair.

I then ease her ankles apart with my foot, wider than I really needed to, but it means that she can’t stand and has to put her weight on the table.

Her arse is perfectly placed; her walking toned legs pale and smooth, the thick, rounded peach of her pussy on full view, her bum, equally pale, is stretched tight, the cheeks very slightly parted, the darker ring of her arse just peeking out.

I squeeze both cheeks.

‘Still got a nice bum step-sister,’ I mutter.

I’m not interested in her pussy, well, I am, of course I am, but not this minute, I’m much more interested in something else.

I push a finger between her buttocks and rub across her puckered ring then press against the tight resistance of her sphincter.

I don’t try to enter her, she’s far too tight for my dry finger, I just keep rubbing and teasing around the circle of muscle until I feel that she’s ready for more.

Then I move my hand.

And dive in.

Straight in. Spearing my tongue straight into her.

‘Mmhh!’ She squeals and jumps in surprise.

Prising her cheeks apart I burrow in; push my squirming tongue against her ring as hard as I can.

And now I do try and get through her body’s resistance to my intrusion. But she really is very tight.

So we’ll have to work on it, extensively, starting right now.

‘Oooh fuck David,’ she groans and, reaching back, she grips her bum cheeks and pulls them as far apart as she can.

It would seem that she’s recovered from her surprise.

So I spend the next ten minutes eating her arse.

Very slowly it begins to give, the Sex Hikayeleri tip of my tongue eases through her tight ring.

Little by little I burrow into her. She doesn’t resist but neither does she give easily.

Push and relax, push and relax, twisting and humping, my tongue continually assaulting her defences. Until I’m through. Through her sphincter into her rectum beyond.

But my tongue aches, aches to the point of pain.

I pull out, start chewing on her: nibbling around the tender flesh. Nipping and biting, pressing my teeth into her.

Sucking against her, pulling her against my face, sucking her bum into my mouth, pushing my slightly rested tongue back through the tenderised ring of her anus, burrowing deeper still.

Sucking, chewing, biting, stabbing her for all I’m worth.

And always, Lorraine is pulling herself apart, trying to get her ring open for the taking.

A leg twitches and kicks out as her groans get louder.

And I pull harder, my fingers digging into her flesh, imprisoning her against my face.

Then I feel her leg quiver and she whimpers at my continuous rampage.

And my tongue goes deeper still, her sphincter stretching ever wider.

Her leg quivers again, then again.

Suck harder: a final, almost frenzied, attack that has her shaking and jumping and her cum dripping off my chin.

Then, and only then, do I pull my tongue out and ease my aching face away from her, let her go and sit back, take a breath.


She’s slumped across the table, her breathing ragged, her legs hanging, arms draped over the edges.

I stroke her bum. Her anus is red and swollen, smeared with my saliva and her juices. I twist my middle finger into her, this time there’s no resistance and she doesn’t seem to notice as it easily slides in to its full length.

I pull it out, suck it.

Walking past her I look down, her eyes are open but unfocused, her gaze vacant, her mouth open, a pool of spit drips through the ironwork.

Leaning down to her ear I say, ‘I think you’d better come inside.’ and walk off towards the house, leaving her sprawled across the table.

She stops on the landing and looks at me sitting naked against the bed head. She’s fully dressed again, she looks a moment longer then turns and goes into her own bedroom. Minutes later she reappears, naked but for a pair of black stilettos.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I imagine that these are a product of today’s excursion, but you never know, perhaps they accompany Minnie on all of her travels.

She walks in and stops at the end of the bed.

I don’t know if she’d seen the two leather cuffs hanging from the crossbeam of the four-poster before she’d walked in, but she’s certainly seen them now, her eyes are fixed on them.

I watch her as she takes them in.

She’s not athletic or gym fit: she’s told me on many occasions that she hates going to gyms, but she looks after herself, and it shows.

Those loose fitting clothes have been hiding a lot. Her skin is smooth, her curves where they should be. She has narrow hips, a slight waist but quite wide, almost bony, shoulders. Her stomach has a slight curve to it, her pubic hair a neat black triangle, her boobs nicely shaped; not large, but not small, rounded and just touching to give her a deep cleavage, with very small, dark areola and nipples.

She looks damn good.

She looks at me, then her eyes flick down to the things I’ve placed on the end of the bed. Definitely the first time she’s seen those.

She licks her lips again. There’s a hint of nervousness this time.

Standing, I take the few steps across the bed towards her.

This time her eyes are locked on the bouncing head of my cock as it advances towards her. It had wilted since my reaming of her, but, as I’d hung the cuffs and then sat thinking about what we were going to do with them, it had fully recovered to this throbbing bar of steel.

It stops an inch in front of her face.

I hold out a hand to catch her attention, she looks at it then up at me, I look back but don’t say anything. She lifts her hand and places it in mine.

Lifting it to one of the cuffs I secure the buckle around her wrist. She’s still looking at me, mild curiosity now in her eyes, she gives me her other hand without any prompting and I wrap the other cuff around the Erotik Hikayeler wrist and fasten the buckle.

The obvious thing to do right now would be to fuck her face. But that’s not what I want, partly because I don’t think I’ll last long but mostly because I want something else.

Hopping down off the bed I walk behind her and take the blindfold off the bed; it’s black leather, padded, and shaped like a pair of wide sunglasses: it really does block out everything. I settle it carefully over her eyes and fasten the small buckle.

The next item off the bed is perhaps the one Lorraine had been most curious about. A gag.

It’s a thick rubber tube, perhaps an inch in diameter and four inches long, again black, with a narrow leather strap running through its centre.

I touch the tube to her lips: having seen it on the bed, and probably expecting it after the blindfold, she opens her mouth without hesitation and I slip it between her teeth then fasten the buckle at the back of her neck.

And lastly I pull a spreader bar from beneath the bed and, attaching a cuff to each of her ankles, spread her feet wide.

I look up at her. She seems to tower over me, completely helpless to whatever I want to do. She has offered no resistance or uttered the slightest of sounds as I’ve restrained her; her arms stretched wide above her head, her ankles spread far apart.

I touch my face to one of her shoes. They’re new, the smell of leather strong.

I brush my lips across her ankle, rub up and down her leg.

Nuzzle the soft spot at the back of her knee.

Keep moving up the back of her thigh, reach the crease under her bum, push my tongue into it. Then across to her other cheek, stroke my face up and down her other leg.

Then back to her bum.

I stand and my rampant cock goes straight between her thighs.

She twitches in her shackles.

I press myself against her, wrap my arms around her. Push my face into her hair and softly bite her neck.

Run my hands over her, trail my fingers over all the flowing bumps and curves.

Her face is all angles and flat planes, my fingertips follow each one; from her chin to her lips, the tip of her nose to her ears.

Then down the sides of her neck into her satin soft armpits.

Up her arms to her cuffed wrists then back down to her boobs.

They may have lost that tautness but they now have a lustrous, slightly looser feel: they’re not so big that they’re beginning to drop and their warm pliability feels delicious in my hands, her small nipples hard under my fingers. I scratch them, tug at them, knead and squeeze them, roll them under my palms; they’re like tiny jelly beans with a stone hard centre.

But once she starts to squirm I move on, down across her fluttering tummy onto her hips. Then down the outsides of her thighs as far as I can reach before stroking back up to brush my thumbs across her trimmed pubic hair.

Brush up and down, not quite touching her skin, but teasing her, my fingertips flicking across the stiff hair.

Little by little my fingers get closer until I’m combing through the stiff brush, one hand down between her thighs the other’s fingers rubbing across her clit.

Sink a finger into her, stroke her insides as I begin to move my hips, a slow back and forth that drags my cock along the underside of her pussy.

Her hips move in response, her bum softly bumping into my hips.

Then I stop, reach around her and take the last item off the bed.

I squeeze a bead of lube onto my finger and, pushing my hand down between us, rub it around her anus.

Her breathing starts to hiss, she moans around the gag.

More lube on my finger and I press against the resistance. Her ring, already punished, gives, and my fingertip slips into her.

She groans and her sphincter grips at me.

I slide in and out, deeper and deeper, all the way in, all the way out. A second finger joins the first, she resists, surrenders, and I ease her apart, slide in.

Her groans turn to growls as I fuck my fingers into her body, twisting and hooking them, stroking the soft pillow walls of her rectum.

Return my other hand to her pussy, slip two fingers into her, mimic the slow rhythm of the fingers in her arse.

Her growls turn guttural and her body gyrates against my thrusting fingers as Tecavüz Hikayeleri they press deeper and deeper.

Until she begins to lose herself, her weight dropping onto her wrists as she tries to push down. Then her growls become a long deep groan as a shudder grips her and her arse clenches around my invading fingers.

I ease my fingers from her body leaving her hanging from the cuffs, her widespread legs refusing to support her weight. Then, after a few moments of shivering aftershocks, she gets herself back together and manages to support herself.

But I have no intention of giving her any more time.

I wrap my hand around my cock, slather myself in any remaining lube and her cum.

Touch my cock-head to her stretched ring.

Take hold of her hips and push with mine.

An instant of pressure and the head sinks in. Just the first inch, the widest part of me, pushes into the ring of muscle.

I stop, relish the feeling as Lorraine grunts and, even though she hasn’t fully recovered, instinctively pushes back against me.

Put my lips back to her ear. ‘Mmmm that feels good.’

Slowly pump that inch, my cock-head popping in and out of her stretched sphincter. She moans around the gag, her breath still hissing.

‘Mmmmm, sooo fucking good,’ I whisper.

Her sphincter squeezes and she pushes her bum back.

And I start to lengthen my strokes, pushing further and further into her arse.

She mumbles wetly as my cock goes deeper and deeper, until I’m all the way in, pressed up against her arse, the tip of me deep inside her bowels, my face pressed into her hair, my rasping breath in her ear.

Then I start again. Long, burrowing strokes that feel as though I’m all the way up inside her body.

I reach round again, find her wet heat, rub my finger up and down, slip inside her, one finger then two.

Rubbing up and down, squeezing her in my hand; fingers from inside, palm from outside, squeezing back and forth.

Her body trapped between my cock and my hand.

Screwing her arse and screwing her pussy. It’s such a different feeling; an arse. The tight grip of the sphincter that slowly gives as the muscle stretches, and the liquid tunnel of a rectum that swallows your invading cock until you’re ready to fill the void with cum.

She starts to squirm again, her bum hot against my hips: my cock pumping, my hand squeezing. She’s gripping the chains of the cuffs over her head, bouncing against the cuffs binding her ankles, I’m holding her with one hand, fucking her with the other, pounding her from behind.

And I’m about ready to unload: the soft, wet enveloping heat bringing me closer and closer, the elastic grip of her sphincter drawing me out.

I keep pumping, my hips slapping against her bum, my fingers squeezing and massaging.

Until my own arse starts its tingling as the beginnings of an orgasm builds.

And then she’s gurgling, her thighs shaking uncontrollably.

So I let it go.

And she gets the first burning jet of cum. I’m as far inside her as I can get. And that’s where she gets it. In fact, that’s where she gets it all. I don’t move for minutes. Just my arse clenched, my cock squeezing time and again, thick spurts of cum deep into her bowel.

Until the high falls away and all my body wants to do is slump to the floor and go to sleep.

I stand, knees shaking, still pressed up against her, until the urge passes. Then I step back, let my already slack cock slither out of her.

Still breathing hard, I undo the buckles at the back of her head, drop the blindfold and ease the gag from her mouth. Then release the bar from her ankles before unfastening each of the wrist cuffs to let her hands down.

She puts her hands out and slowly slumps forward to roll onto the bed.

Lying on her back she pulls her knees up to her chest.

Her legs rock from side to side and I get a view of her ravaged arse, a dribble of cum seeping out.

She rolls onto her side and looks at me, opens her mouth and stretches it, eases the ache. ‘Fuck David,’ she croaks, ‘where did that come from?’ Her voice trails away to a breath.

I sit down and watch her, still curled up on the bed clutching her thighs to her chest, her eyes now closed.

They open and focus on me. ‘How did you know I’d like……that?’

I consider my answer. ‘I didn’t. I like “that” and hoped that you would too. Took a chance.’

I could see her thinking. ‘Been years since……the last time.’ Then she grinned. ‘Love it.’

Then she looks up at the cuffs. ‘That’s new though.’ She continues to look at them.

Before closing her eyes.

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