A Wild Time with My Daughter! Ch. 03


Hello – I’m back, to finish off the story of our study trip.

You’ll understand my story better if you read Part One and Part Two before you continue here but that’s up to you, no-one says you have to…


I’d better describe Carol for those of you who appreciate a bit of youthful female beauty. She was, as I’ve said, just 18 coming up 19 and she always seemed to look a bit tomboyish – shorts and a t-shirt were much preferred to a dress, it seemed. She was tall for her age at around five foot eight but was still some five inches shorter than me. She kept her dark auburn hair cut short, which actually enhanced her pretty neck and showed off her facial features better. She had dainty ears, ‘strong’ arching eyebrows, deep brown eyes – come-to-bed eyes as they used to say – a slender nose and sweet cupid lips.

Quite honestly I didn’t, in those days, know what size she was but I’d guess at perhaps 32B up top; possibly a bit more and probably about size 10 down below; all I knew was that she appeared to have a lovely figure with long legs and wonderfully perky tits.

Me, the other half of the story – I’m Chris. I’m in my late 30s. I wear a small goatee beard and have somewhat unkempt hair; dark brown but lightly peppered with grey already. I’m fairly lean but strong and fit; not gym-fit but fit from plenty of good outdoor living and healthy food and that’s me in a nutshell…

My work in environmental studies demanded a good number of wildlife investigative trips to wild and sometimes remote places in and around Britain; a pleasurable interlude, in my opinion, from working in the ‘depot’ as we called the Society’s offices.

And so back to the story…


Part 3

I need hardly say that we didn’t get much more done that day and we simply allowed the hours to flow by, enjoying our new relationship to the full. It was so peaceful in our camp site that it was hard to believe that we’d only got another four days and we’d have to get back to the ‘real’ world.

A day out tomorrow; a day around the camp and then a last outing the following day with a final day to ‘close up the shop’ and return to civilization; that’s all there was left.

That night we turned the airbeds sideways and zipped the two sleeping bags together and now we had a double bed of sorts that, while not offering perfect comfort because my arse kept slipping down between the two airbeds when I least expected it to; meant at least that we slept together, wrapped if not in each other’s arms then at least wrapped in each other’s love.

The third day dawned bright and warm again and leaving my new lover to snooze on I was up at my usual time; checking on my overnight cameras. And this time I’d caught both a fox and a several deer coming to the water to drink – fairly mundane subjects but better than nothing. Presumably the other, shyer denizens had been scared away by our happy loving voices last evening. Perhaps I’d catch some of them another day…

But today there was another outing – a longer trip that required us to head across the estate to the grasslands. Once fields, they’d gone back to nature and they now, we understood, held a small population of Lapwings. Once common birds, they were now quite rare and the Society needed us to confirm the sightings and wanted to know how many birds there now were.

As usual Carol eventually appeared from the tent, stretching and displaying her glorious body to the sun and to me, not that I felt embarrassed any more. She still stirred my loins though and I was almost glad when she eventually got dressed – not that she put on a whole lot!

We chomped our way through some more trail bars rather than porridge – I didn’t want us to feel weighed down by a heavy meal and finally Carol and I gathered our necessary gear and we trudged off. We had a good two hours or so of walking ahead of us so we kept moving at a fair rate today and since I knew the way, I led us, which was a bit annoying because I had no chance to perv at Carol’s pert, tight little bouncing bum and long luscious legs or even to just enjoy the womanly sway of her hips. Never mind, we had a long way to go and lots of walking to do, so I cast such thoughts from my mind as we marched on, but the images of her luscious body kept returning to me, interrupting my scientific musings and observations that I was trying to make as we travelled.

Perhaps an hour later I pretty well gave in to my erotic thoughts. I sighed, thinking of all the pleasure I was missing and Carol heard me and looked around.

“What’s up Dad?” she asked, “Feeling horny already? Didn’t you get your oats this morning?”

I laughed because I’d really done my best not to feel that way until now but now that she’d stopped and turned round, sexual ideas began to take over and flood into my brain.

Carol was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that had actually once been one of mine, so it was a really loose fit on her and it looked as if she was ready for a photo-shoot; she was siirt escort glowing with warmth and sweat as if she’d been sprayed for the camera and she looked so very desirable. She’d opted to wear that t-shirt today so that she’d keep as cool as possible but in the process she was revealing to me what seemed like most of her tits; well, almost down to her nipples and plenty of side-boob, at any rate!

“Always feel horny when I’m near you,” I replied loving the expanse of exposed breasts, “I could eat you for breakfast then fuck you for lunch and again for dinner; you make me so hungry!”

“Well, you missed breakfast,” said my daughter, laughing and smiling broadly, “But perhaps we could manage some elevenses!”

My eyes locked onto hers before almost automatically slipping down to scan her breasts and Carol saw the movement and she smiled.

“Do you need to have a feel then?” she asked, rubbing her hands over her breasts and now cupping them from below. She tweaked her nipples, causing them to stand up against the material of her top as she pulled it tight over her delicious breasts.

“Come on then, my lover, touch me, hold me,” she said.

As she spoke Carol stepped closer to me, her tongue running around her lips and her eyes shining with sexual excitement and I simply couldn’t help but reach up and place my hands over her breasts, simply adoring the feel of her warm, firm mounds and the hardness of her little nipples.

Carol purred with pleasure as I moulded her flesh and I felt my penis begin jerking towards a hard-on in my shorts.

I took one hand from her breast and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her closer to me; bringing her breasts up against my chest and my now-hard cock up against her pussy.

“I do love you so much,” I said, “I want to love you all the time and I want to keep you so filled with my cock.”

I groaned as Carol rubbed her pussy against my straining penis.

“Shall I let him out?” she asked.

My reply wasn’t needed as her hands dropped to my shorts and quickly undid the clasp, my shorts dropping to my ankles. I stepped out of them as Carol’s hand snaked inside my boxers, grasping my stiff organ.

“Ooooh Dad, you’re so hard already!” said Carol as her hand began to caress my cock, “Guess we’d better do something about it.”

So saying she stood back, shrugged off her rucksack and undid her own shorts; I dropped my own rucksack as well as I stood and looked at her.

Carol moved to a soft-looking patch of grass and lifted her t-shirt off over her head, leaving her standing there in just her frilly little pink knickers.

“What would you like to do Dad,” she asked and I found myself almost growling a reply.

“I want to get inside you again darling,” I groaned, “I want to fuck you and fuck you…”

“Well come on then,” said Carol as she laid herself down, lifting her hips so she could slide her knickers down and off, “I’m all hot and ready for you!”

In seconds I had my boxers and t-shirt off and I advanced on her, dropping to my knees between her outstretched legs. I reached forward and laid my hand on her pussy, feeling the heat and dampness rising already.

I was so tempted to go down on her – and Carol was obviously eager for me to do so but my mind remained aware that we had work to do today and that we only really had time for some relief, not a full-on session of sex.

Instead I allowed my hand to do the work, sliding my fingers up and down her snatch, bathing in her juices as they began to ooze from her pussy. I worked my way over her clit and down to her hole, sinking two fingers deep into her slippery vagina.

Carol sucked in her breath deeply as I penetrated her and her hips came up to meet my thrust, her vagina squeezing my fingers inside her.

“Oooh fuck Dad, come on then, love me,” she said, “Put him inside.”

I eased myself closer towards her until I was poised above her, my penis almost searching for her cleft as I moved my hips around. Our organs touched and we both jerked with the sexy sensation, knowing that it was merely the first of many feelings that were going to be let loose.

I leaned down until we could kiss, our lips locking onto one another, our tongues loving and playing together until we came up for air.

“Come on Dad, fuck me, please,” groaned Carol and I looked down between us.

I was only a few inches from her sweet pussy now so I reached down and grasped my cock, sliding him up and down her increasingly wet lips, coating him in slippery lubrication before I pushed him down and into place at the entrance to her vagina.

I looked up at Carol and she nodded to me, her eyes closing in ecstasy.

Gently I pushed my pulsating penis towards her, hearing Carol sigh as her flesh parted to let me enter her. Carefully I slid my knob inside her and back out again, ensuring that I was well lubricated and that she was entirely ready for me and Carol opened her eyes; she knew why I was pausing.

“Yes escort siirt Daddy, I’m ready, please fill me up,” she said and I felt her hips come up to greet my eager penis.

Smoothly I let my cock glide into her hot wet cavity, sinking deeper and deeper into her welcoming body while Carol now wrapped her legs over my thighs.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “Oooooh, that feels so good…”

And it did – her pussy was so tight and hot. I wanted to just leave my cock there for ever – to bathe in her glorious body – to become absorbed by her flesh.

But my cock had other ideas; he was eager to unload his cargo of spunk and he twitched and jerked uncontrollably as I tried to remain still, so I gave in and began to fuck my daughter’s lovely hole, my penis tightly sliding in and out as her vagina gripped and caressed my shaft.

“We should have done this this morning,” I said as I picked up the pace somewhat and Carol agreed.

“Would have been lovely to wake up with you inside me,” she said, causing my excited cock to jump inside her in response, “But we needed breakfast too.”

“I could have given you your breakfast!” I said, winking at her, “In bed!”

Carol understood my double meaning and licked her lips.

“I bet you could have,” she said sexily, “Bet it would have tasted better than those trail bars too!”

“There’s always tomorrow morning,” I reminded her as I continued to fuck her, my thrusts now faster and harder.

Carol was responding vigorously to my efforts, her hips thrusting back, her vagina squeezing and sucking at me, her arms and legs wrapped round me as we fucked, both gradually approaching our climaxes.

I looked down at her – she was absorbed in her excitement; I could practically feel her mind working to stimulate herself as we made love, our level of activity increasing by the minute.

Now we were almost hammering together; hips slamming; juices spraying; breaths gasping; bodies jerking…until the moment of release arrived.

Carol froze; her body still while only her vagina worked; grasping, squeezing, throbbing and sucking at me, drawing my spunk from inside me…

“Daaaaad,” she groaned, everything gripping me tighter, “Gonna cum…gonna cummmmm!”

“Yes sweetheart, cum, I’ll be with you,” I replied, driving my penis into her for a last few thrusts, “Nearly there…”

“Oh Daaaad!” screamed Carol, “I’m there! Oooooh – yes, yes!”

Her whole body shook and jerked, quivering out of control as her orgasm swept through her; her pussy working hard to unload my cock and with a final thrust I felt myself explode.

“Aaaaahhh yessss,” I cried, “Oooh fuck – cumming, cumming!”

My hot excited spunk began pumping from my cock, blasting like a fire hose inside my daughter; filling her to capacity. Jet after jet filled her until I knew I’d emptied myself completely into her greedy sucking vagina. Somehow her body seemed to have found a place for my sperm; somehow she seemed to have absorbed all of my offering, only a small dribble followed my penis as I eventually pulled slowly out of her hole.

I collapsed on top of her for a moment or two but we were hot now and I lifted off her to lie on the ground instead. Together we got our breaths back as we held hands and smiled lovingly at each other.

“That was good,” I sighed, “Loved that, darling.”

“We both needed that, didn’t we?” asked Carol and I nodded – we had indeed both missed making love first thing this morning but now we were fulfilled, if only for a while!

“Sorry if it was a quickie,” I said, knowing that my penis was still alert, “We can do it again if you like.”

“I’ll get sore,” said Carol, “Wait til we get back to camp. Anyway, we’ve got places to go, haven’t we?”

I dug around in my rucksack to find some tissues for Carol before I stood up and eventually pulled her upright too. We were both hot and sweaty but happy – and I suddenly had an idea.

“Sweetheart,” I said, “We don’t need to get dressed. There’s no-one within miles; let’s enjoy some sun on our bodies.”

“Great idea,” said Carol happily, as she now stuffed her few clothes into her rucksack, “I’ve never walked anywhere naked before!”

I slapped her bum gently.

“Well, now’s your chance, come on, off we go,” I said, pointing down the track that led off and over the hills and soon we were contentedly walking side by side; something we hadn’t been able to do in the woods. We held hands as we walked, our naked love flowing back and forwards between us.

Eventually, some hour or so later we crested a small hill and I held up my hand for us to stop. Way up ahead I’d spotted what I thought were some lapwings…we’d need to creep up on them if we wanted to get closer.

Through my binoculars I could see a dozen or so birds and what appeared to be some youngsters; they were obviously nesting there; we just had to find out more.

With a detour we finally arrived at another hillock, a smallish mound that siirt escort bayan almost overlooked their nesting area and we dropped to the ground, the cooling grass pleasantly tickly against our naked bodies.

We wriggled forward, side by side, until Carol turned to me, a wicked look in her eye.

“I’m getting turned on!” she said, “The grass is tickling my pussy and it’s getting me all wet!”

I put my hand on her bum and rubbed her gently, feeling her flesh quivering beneath my touch and slyly I slid one finger down her crack until I could feel her juicy wet pussy.

“So you are! But later,” I said, partially to myself, “Let’s get this job done first.”

“Better not take too long,” said Carol and I felt her hips and bum squirming under my hand.

For a while we watched through our binoculars before I noticed another group of birds as well, a bit further away. I turned to point them out to Carol but my fingers couldn’t guide her sight from my position so I slowly moved upwards and pulled myself partially on top of Carol until I could reach over her shoulder so that my pointing fingers were more in line with her eyes – and now she too saw them. Together we watched them for a few minutes before Carol looked over her shoulder at me.

“You going to get off now?” she asked.

But rather than climb off Carol, instead I manoeuvred myself until I was laying right on top of her, my already erect penis now slotted nicely beneath her bum.

“Daaaad,” hissed Carol quietly, “We’re supposed to be bird watching…”

“Can’t help it,” I said as I wriggled my penis around, “Needed to show you – and then the opportunity was there.”

“Now if I hadn’t told you my pussy was getting all wet, then nothing would have happened,” said Carol as her hips pushed back at me, “We could have saved this for lunchtime.”

I looked at my watch and it said it was 12:47.

“Near as damn it lunchtime anyway,” I growled, “Second round!”

“You’ll make me all sore,” said Carol, “I keep leaking as it is; it’ll be even worse then.”

I was lifting my hips and trying not to weigh too heavily on Carol’s back – while still trying to get my penis into the right position when he nudged against her arsehole; I felt the slight recess of her dimpled and puckered indentation and I wondered vaguely about driving him straight into that tight hole, but that wasn’t my style.

A sudden inspiration hit me and I reached beside us; rummaged in my rucksack and came out with the tube of soothing lotion. I managed to get some on my fingers which I then introduced to her arse cleft, succeeding in the process to get most of it on and around her arsehole.

I heard Carol suck in a breath as I smoothed my slippery finger tips over her anus but I also felt her buttocks push upwards against my hand.

“Ooooh Daddy, how did you know I like things in there?” she groaned, her hips writhing under me.

“Didn’t know,” I replied, “Just wondered, that’s all.”

“Love things up there,” continued Carol as I now began to run my lubricated fingers over her puckered flesh once more, “Put your finger in…”

A few moments later and my finger tip was penetrating my daughter’s arse for the first ever time – I wasn’t entirely sure who it was that cried out with excitement as my finger began to slide inside.

I felt Carol’s hole squeeze me tight; it actually felt as if it was trying to suck me inside as I started to move my finger in and out.

“That’s good Dad,” breathed Carol from beneath me, her buttocks still pushing up to receive my finger, “Stretch me a bit more; try two.”

My rigidly erect penis would dearly like to have replaced my fingers right then and I had to push him out of the way as I wriggled a second finger inside my daughter’s arsehole. It was a tighter fit now but she took me without complaint, allowing my fingers to slide almost to the knuckle inside her.

“Years of carrots Dad,” she said, “And bananas!”

“Bananas in their skins, I hope!” I replied and Carol laughed, her hole pulsating around my fingers, “Of course Dad; wouldn’t be so crude!”

“Is it time to try something else then?” I asked, allowing my cock to slide down past my hand until he could bathe in the cream and in the slippery juices now oozing freely from her pussy and Carol answered by lifting her buttocks even higher and by giving my fingers one last squeeze.

“Yes Dad, please; he’ll fit,” she said, “Put a bit more of that cream on your cock, then try.”

Actually my penis was now liberally soaked in Carol’s lubrications anyway but I complied willingly, loving the soothing, slick, creamy feeling as I applied the balm to my penis.

“All right Darling?” I asked and I saw her nod her head.

“Come on Dad, don’t keep me waiting,” she groaned, “Get him up me!”

Such was her enthusiasm for my cock that I could hardly miss my target. Her hole seemed to be pulsing open and shut; like a small mouth trying to suck me erotically inside and I was more than willing to fill her.

Using one hand I aligned my penis with her arse and moved my hips slightly down and forward; my cock immediately sliding into the little furnace before being detained by her ring of sphincter muscles. I held still for a little while until Carol spoke.

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