A Wild Weekend, Part1


It was a few weekends after my shower fun with Doreen and Sue. The two of them made it clear at every possible moment since then that they wanted some more time with me naked. I told them that if I had some time away from my girlfriend Anne, I would try to hook up with them.I was running late from a long day at work and wouldn’t get to the college until about eight. I tried calling Anne  and second she shut off my car while removing the keys and threw them out her window somewhere onto the cluttered garage floor.I quickly turned to Doreen, and annoyingly demanded, “Hey, why did you do that?”Her almanbahis şikayet only response was to softly turn my head back toward Sue, who had unclasped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Other than her shoes, it was the only thing that Sue was wearing from the waist down. Still bent over under the hood, Sue slipped her right hand into her lips from the front. She then began to push her middle finger in and out of her thoroughly drenched little box.As I continued to stare at the show she was putting on, I followed her juices as they ran down her thighs. I realized that almanbahis canlı casino she had lines of her secretions running all the way down to her ankles. My appreciation for her little show was becoming apparent to both Doreen and me. Before I could do anything, Doreen unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my zipper then extracted my cock like a pro. I turned to say something to Doreen, but she turned my head back towards Sue just as she slipped that middle finger into her little pink rosebud.My erection was now pulsing to the beat of my heart, which had just sped up a notch almanbahis casino or two. I started to reach for the door handle to assist poor Sue in her time of need when Doreen swallowed my cock to the root. I lay back and let her do her magic as Sue added a second finger to her fanny. When Sue pushed a third finger into her loosening posterior entrance, she whimpered, “Okay Doreen, let him go.”Doreen slipped up and off my pulsing penis to remove my shoes and then pull my pants and underwear down past my ankles and fully off. I pushed the car door open and helped Sue out from under the hood while turning her to lie across mine. With her fingers removed, I dropped down for a moment to give her tail a good lapping before spreading her cheeks. I positioned my still slick prick at her entrance and slowly but pushed forward just a little.

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