Accidental Mother and Son Ch. 07

Female Ejaculation

This is the final chapter in this series. A final ‘Thank You’ to @bailey_iv for reinvigorating my interest in this series. Thank you for everyone’s continued support in this series. I hope you keep reading my stories and write some of your own!

Chapter 07: All’s Well That Ends Well

“What the hell is going on?” Mike asked loudly from the breezeway between the kitchen and living room.

I removed myself from my daughter’s pussy and stood up trying to compose myself even though I was nude.

“Baby, don’t! Come talk to me!” I said as I watched Maureen back away from me and cover her private parts.

“Judy, what are you doing?” he yelled.

“Baby, I need you to come in here and sit down,” I said as I looked at Maureen.

“Maureen, what is going on?” he asked, looking at her.

She looked at me in despair and I shrugged my shoulders and thumbed her away from the room.

“Judy! TALK TO ME!” he yelled louder as his focus was back on me.

“Baby, I need you to come in here. I have a lot to explain,” I told him.

“I’ll fuckin’ say you do.” he said mildly as he walked into the living room. His hands were in his pockets and he refused to sit.

“Baby, please sit down, I don’t know why you’re here right now, but I have a lot to tell you,” I pleaded.

He watched as Maureen ran away from the room covering her private areas as best she could as she ran. He motioned towards her as she ran away and looked at me, demanding an explanation.

I patted the seat on the couch without bothering to cover up my nudity.

“Sit down here, baby. I have a lot to explain. Can you be open minded for a moment?”

He nodded slightly indicating his limited patience with me at the moment. He still refused to sit. I sat so I didn’t appear to challenge him or make him feel his position was unjustified.

I spent a lot of time ensuring the words I sent to him were spent in a manner that he could understand and appreciate. I started explaining Mark’s troubles with Kathy and how that led him to a drinking problem that would ultimately lead to him thinking I was Kathy.

He shot his arm up, pointing it down the hall. “What does this have to do with your having your face between our daughter’s legs?” he loudly whispered.

Water began to build up in my eyes. “Baby, I was scared of him in the same manner I was scared of you all those years ago when you approached me the same way.”

His mood suddenly changed. He dropped his arm and listened to me intently as I explained the whole situation.

“Judy, why didn’t you talk to me about this before?” he asked.

“I remember the night that transformed you and I wanted to be a part of his transformation myself like I was yours, but he didn’t need what you needed. The problem was I didn’t know how he would react when he was drunk and I didn’t want to be abused like that night when you did that to me,” I explained.

A part of me put that to him to make him sympathetic, but also to make him less angry so he would not be able to be mad at me about my actions that night.

“What am I supposed to say right now, Judy?” he asked. “You were licking Maureen’s pussy for all I could see.”

“It started as I said. I tried to minimize the impact to him by minimizing my contact with him, but it would not have mattered initially since he would not have remembered anything,” I said, trying to justify my position.

He put his hands on his hips as he continued to look down on me. “But you kept it going?”

“Well, yes but he doesn’t remember most of it. I initially didn’t want him to become violent, but then I didn’t want him to wake up one morning and realize what he had done.”

He looked at me strangely for a while until he began to look at my naked body. He was always a sucker for me being naked and I intended to use that knowledge to my advantage.

“Have you been with Mark?” he asked suspiciously.

“Babe, I told you I was. He fucked me while he was out of his mind drunk,” I reminded him.

“Did you like it?” he asked me, dead faced.

I paused for a moment.


He looked at me for a long time without an expression before reacting.

“And you continued letting him fuck you?”

I nodded submissively.

“How the hell does Maureen fit into all this?” His hands went to his face, moved up to his hair, and his palms pushed the skin of his forehead towards the center. It was a lot for him to handle. “Let’s just say, for the moment, that I’ve accepted the events between you and Mark. How did it go from that story, to… this?” he said, his arms stretched wide.

“Baby, there’s a lot to say here.”

I slithered off the couch and got on my knees in front of him. I put my hands on his knees and slowly pushed them up his legs. Just as my hands were about to meet at his crotch, I heard the front door open.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself. I totally lost all situational awareness with the sudden change in plans. Kathy was walking in and I needed to regain control before Mike şırnak escort lost his mind.

“I’ll be right back! Please stay here, everything will make sense soon!” I told him after fishing his cock out of his pants.

He looked at me like his patience was at its limit.

I ran to the door and found Kathy sliding her pants down her legs. Her shirt and bra were already removed. I waited for her to stand up straight and react to me being there.

She jumped and nearly fell over when she stood back up. She looked me up and down and complimented me.

“Wow, Judy. You look delicious!” she said as a smile grew on her face.

“Darling, you are a treat as well!” I whispered. “Small change in plans. Maureen knows you’re coming so if you could, please go to her room first and hang out there. Lock the door behind you so Mark doesn’t barge in.”

I looked around quickly, “My husband came home unexpectedly and now I have to make things up as I go!”

She put her hands over her mouth, and I nodded at her appropriate response. “Go now so I can diffuse the situation in there,” I whispered and pointed toward the living room. “Keep your phone with you so I can let you know when to unlock the door. When you do, you should let him find you and Maureen in a compromising position just like when he first found out. Please, baby, welcome him warmly. I’m certain he will be so excited that you’re there.”

She nodded and padded quietly towards the hall, out of view of my husband. I spent many years cursing the ridiculous design of that portion of the house, but in that moment, I was thankful.

I went back into the living room and resumed the position I held before.

“What was that?”

“That was Kathy,” I said nonchalantly as I wrapped my fingers around his growing dick.

“Am I even in the right house or did I walk into the Bunny Ranch?”

I laughed and began to stroke his cock. “Let me start this crazy story by saying I never intended to keep this from you. I had a plan on how I was going to bring you into it, or at least inform you. You coming home early derailed that plan so, now I have to improvise.”

I took turns sucking his cock and telling him the story. I re-told him about how Mark and I started having sex. He seemed more receptive but the look on his face made me feel he wasn’t going to just let it all happen. I moved on and introduced Kathy and Maureen into the story and how that came to be.

“Oh, shit. I guess that answers a few questions, but it doesn’t really address why your face was between our daughter’s legs.”

I popped the head of his cock out of my mouth and slowly licked the underside of his cock.

“I’m getting there,” I informed him with a wink.

“This is mental abuse,” he accused, “blowing me while revealing a secret sex party is completely unfair!” For the first time, I noticed a hint of a smile and a tone of possible acceptance.

Just as I was about to take him into my mouth again, I saw Mark begin to walk into the living room. He got right behind the couch before looking down at me. The look on his face almost made me burst into laughter. He locked eyes with me and realized immediately what needed to happen. He turned and padded slowly out of the living room.

My phone was on the side table closest to my husband. I removed his cock from my mouth and asked him to hand it to me.

“Now what?”

“I’m making sure chaos doesn’t interrupt in this fucking house,” I said quietly as I stared at my phone. I was a Mom on a mission. I told Kathy to unlock Maureen’s door.

“Ok, gotta send one more.”

I then thanked Mark for his discretion and said Maureen was waiting for him in her room. I set the phone down next to me without regard to any responses I might get. I resumed the story and the blowjob. We got to the part where I watched our children make love in our bed as I watched when the we both heard Mark yell.

“Kathy!” he said loudly from down the hall.

I stood up and pushed Mike onto the couch and straddled him as I guided his cock into my pussy.

“Ahhhh shit,” Mike grunted out as I settled on him.

I sat there and told Mike what was happening.

“Kathy and Maureen are having sex in her room and I set everything up so that Mark would discover them just like he did the day everything changed for the worst. He hasn’t seen Kathy in months, and it was all over poor decisions on everyone’s part.”

I slowly rode his cock up and down and told him about how I went to meet Kathy for lunch earlier that day. I told him how I carefully set everything up with the expectation that he would be home the next day. As I spoke, we could hear loud giggling coming from both girls then the sounds of Mark shushing them.

Mike turned his head to look down the hall, “I don’t think they need to worry about keeping quiet. Though, I’m not sure how fond I am of them having sex in our house. Do you intend on continuing this sexual relationship with them?”

I told him I had not gotten that far. şırnak escort bayan Things changed so quickly, and I found myself constantly thinking in the moment. Everything was happening so quickly that I never had time to look more than a few hours ahead and even then, plans often changed.

“So, what do we do now?”

“We have sex right here on this couch,” I informed him.

A smile crept across his lips, “I mean after that.”

“I think we need to explore this a little more. But I need to throw a small wrench into all this.”

He looked confused.

“Maureen has to go back to school soon.”

“So? Sounds like Mark and Kathy are back together. What’s the problem?”

I could feel Mike beginning to lose his erection. I didn’t judge him as I was about to throw him for a loop. I stopped riding his cock and settled down on him.

“Do you want to go get some food and let them have the house for a little while?” I asked. A thought came to mind that I wanted to try out. It would give me a little more idea of his actual thoughts on the matter.

“Sure, it’s a bit late but I didn’t eat. Based on the pizza on the table missing only a couple slices, I would assume you didn’t either.”

I shook my head. “Again, things happened so quick. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants lately.”

“But babe, you don’t have any pants on!” he said with a childish smile.

I pulled him to me and kissed him all over his face.

“Thank you for listening to me! I know that in the end, you may not agree with all this, but the fact that you’re calmly sitting here and listening means a lot to me, Mike.”

The smile on his face grew, “You’re sitting on my cock, how could I not just sit here?”

My smile matched his. I got off him and stood there, holding my hand out. He took it after adjusting his pants and we walked down the hall to Maureen’s room.

“Now, I have no idea what’s happening in here. I’m going to open the door and tell them that we’re going out and that they have the house for a bit. Do you want to come in with me?”

He shook his head.

“Ok, I’ll be right back.”

I opened the door and turned to go inside. My heart melted when my eyes feasted on what was happening. Mark was spooning Kathy with his cock inside her. His arm was wrapped around her and she was pushing back on his dick. His face was buried in the crook of her neck. Maureen was on her side facing Kathy and passionately kissing her. Maureen had a hand on Kathy’s hip and another between her own legs. Kathy had one hand on her breast and another on Mark’s thigh.

I went back out and motioned for Mike to come see. He shook his head again and I gave him and fake, angry stare. He rolled his eyes and cautiously walked toward me.

“Look at them, babe,” I said in wonderment.

He poked his head into the room. His expression changed dramatically. I watched him as I was sure he had a million questions building up in his head. He retreated into the hall and I walked up to the bed. I went to the side Maureen was on and slid my hand against her skin from her calf to her shoulder before kneeling behind her.

“I’m sorry about the sudden chaos and change of plans, but obviously the situation has changed.”

Kathy opened her eyes and look at me. Maureen turned her head slightly, acknowledging I was talking to all of them. Mark made a small grunting noise but didn’t budge otherwise.

“Your father and I are headed out to get something to eat and talk more about what’s been happening. You three have the house to yourselves for a bit. I’ll warn you when we’re on our way back, but don’t be in the living room. Your father is receptive, but not quite accepting it all just yet. That will take time.”

I looked at Kathy and it looked like she was experiencing heaven.

“I’m glad you came over tonight, Kathy. I’m happy to see you in the house again.”

Mark suddenly picked his head up, “Mom, I don’t know what exactly has happened today, but there is no better gift you could have given me to top this.”

As he spoke, water filled my eyes and a tear fell down my face.

“I would take the world apart if it meant you would be happy. That goes for all three of you. We’ll be back later.”

I walked out of the room and quietly closed the door. I dragged Mike into our room so we could get comfortable clothes on. As we entered the room, he spun me around.

“That wasn’t just fucking.”

He stared dead into my eyes.

“They are in love, Mike. That’s what we’re going to talk about.”

She waited for him to respond with anything but when he didn’t, I turned around to get my clothes. We were out of the house and on the road. Instead of discussing the events he witnessed, he told me about his trip and how he had to go on another very soon. He said he only had a few days before he had to hop on a flight.

The schemer within me awoke. “How long will you be gone this time?”

“A Week, but that will be that last one. We’re going out to meet escort şırnak a client and once a contract is signed, we have 15 months to research and come up with something. It’s an all-hands-on-deck thing with this client.”

I kept that information handy for later as I began to formulate some options. Meanwhile, we pulled into the parking lot of one of our favorite eateries. We were seated quickly enough, and he resumed the previous conversation without further delay.

“Do you have any more insight into those three? I mean, what’s going on with them? What I saw was not casual in nature.”

“I talked to Maureen about it and she said she loved Kathy but stopped short of admitting the same about Mark. She acknowledged there was something there. It looked to me like a pair of lovers in that bed, though.”

“I’m guessing Mark and Kathy will resume where they left off. But where they left off included Maureen…and you. Have you been with Kathy?”

I shook my head.

“Do you want to?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

The server came to take our orders. I impatiently waited for her to leave. Mark followed her with his eyes as she left then shifted his attention back to me.

“I don’t know what to say here, Judy.”

“I know. It’s a lot and I’ve thought about it a lot. The way I see it, they’re set to go. Mark and Kathy can be happy together and one day have children. Maureen will continue college and if she wants, can explore a relationship with Kathy if Mark is up for it.”

“That would be fine if she were gay,” he pointed out.

“Well, Mark would be there,” I suggested.

“So, you support that?” His voice took on a condescending tone.

He backed me into a corner when I thought I had it all figured out.

“I don’t see a problem with it. They’re adults and one day Maureen may want to get married and have kids. Until then, if they protect themselves, I don’t see a problem with no strings attached sex between them. Not like they would listen if I told them no, anyway.”

Mike grunted a hesitant approval. “I don’t think I want any part of this, though.”

“I can certainly understand. I thought the same thing. I thought that first time with Mark would be the only time. The second time was simply because I didn’t want to alarm him. It got carried away from there. Next thing I realize, I’ve got Mark inside me while he’s sober with a naked Maureen nearby.”

“How come you let it all happen when it stopped feeling like something you had to do?” he asked in a judging tone.

“Because things got better, Mike!” I started losing my cool. “Mark stopped drinking so much and Maureen has just been a doll to handle since she got here. It was my new adventure!”

The food came and we ate in silence for a while. I let him sit there and think about everything before I said anything.

“What are you thinking?”

“I don’t know, Judy. I suppose they can do what they want. I’m not a fan of you having sex with our children.”

I had to make him think I agreed with him.

“I wasn’t committed to that continuing, anyway. I think the kiddos are happy with each other and Kathy.”

As soon as I said her name, I smiled.

“I would like to maybe have Kathy once?” I pleaded.

A smile crept up on his face.

“You sonuvabitch!” I said with a smile. “You probably want to have her, too!” I was trying my best the lighten the mood.

He chuckled lightly. “No, I think I’m a bit old for her liking, but I wouldn’t mind watching you two. It would be the fulfillment of a long-time fantasy, though. You know what, I don’t know. This is all so sudden, unexpected and kind of weird.”

I thought I was getting somewhere.

“I think that’s a discussion for another time,” I said as I tried to think of what to do. We finished our dinner and I texted Maureen to let them know we were on our way home. She sent me a smiling emoji and nothing else. I spent the silent car ride home thinking of how to move forward. When we pulled into the driveway, Mike informed me that he would be going to bed as he was tired from traveling all day.

“Are you mad about anything?” I asked before he got out of the car.

“No,” he responded right away. He leaned in and kissed me. “I just never imagined so much could happen in such a short time away.”

“I agree, it was a shock to me when I learned about all the things that were happening right under my nose. I’m going to stay up a bit and talk to those three about their evening and see how everything went.”

I lied. I wanted to talk to Maureen about a plan I hatched. I wanted Mark to fuck me one more time. I also wanted to have a little fun with Kathy.

“Ok, I’m interested to see how Mark and Kathy’s reunion went as well.”

We got out of the car and walked into the house. Maureen was on the couch watching TV. She was in a long t-shirt and panties. She made no effort to be modest around her father when he walked in. That gave me a little more ammo for the plan I had devised.

“Good night, Maureen,” he said to her as he passed.

“Night, Daddy!”

I came in and sat next to Maureen. She was still looking down the hall until she heard my bedroom door click shut.

She put her hand on my arm.


I turned and looked at her. She had a Cheshire grin on her face.

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