Accidentally Cruising in the Park


I’d recently moved to a new city for my job and didn’t know many people. My living situation wasn’t ideal, too many people crammed into a small house to help cut down on the rent. My job wasn’t your typical 9-5, and I found myself with lots of free time and nothing to do, so I took to exploring my new neighborhood. Being young and broke, that mostly meant taking long walks and enjoying what little nature I could find.

There was a park at the top of a hill behind my house that I spent a lot of time wandering through and enjoying the view of my new city. I noticed that throughout the day the crowd would change, the early morning joggers, the morning mommy and me groups playing on the playground, the after school stoners, and the evening couples. But the one group I couldn’t seem to figure out happened from about 4-6pm. The park seemed to attract a lot of men, all generally well dressed who would only spend about 20-30 minutes at the park, taking in the view, running to the bathroom and leaving. It was the weirdest thing to me, but one day I figured out what was going on.

I’d had a rough night at work and slept most of the day until my roommates made too much noise and just had to get out of the house. I grabbed a water bottle and headed to up the hill to my usual spot looking out over the city dreaming of the day I could afford a nice quite house in the city and not have to deal with crazy roommates. I got to the park around 4:30, rush hour for my group of mystery men. I’d started to recognize some of them and they seemed to recognize me, smiling at me as they wandered aimlessly through the park. If nothing else, I guess they were friendly.

But today was different. I saw his car pull in, a Jeep Wrangler, the car of my teenage dreams. He pulled into the lot closest to my spot at the picnic table and I watched him get out. He looked like he’d come straight from the office, a shirt and tie and pants that fit his body perfectly, hugging the nicely toned muscles I’m sure he spent hours a day working on. It couldn’t get any better than this, right? Oh how wrong I was. He took a look around the park and then started tugging at his neck tie and unbuttoning his shirt. I’m sure my jaw dropped when I saw the first hints of his chest hair. This man was perfect. My eyes were glued to his chest and torso and then I realized that he’d stopped moving and I looked up to his face and saw him smirking and staring right at me. Shit. I was caught.

I turned in my seat and pretended to look out over the city, all the while watching his strip show out of the corner of my eye. I noticed a few of the other 4-6 crowd gathering around in the area, but he didn’t pay them much mind. His eyes were still on me most of the time. I was getting self conscious. Was he mad? Was he going to tell everyone what a perv I was? I finished the rest of my water bottle and started planning my escape. I took another look at the man and realized that he’d shed his work clothes and was now dressed for a run, gym shorts and a tee. I’d missed him taking off his pants because I’d been too caught up in my own thoughts. Shit, I thought again.

I decided to head home and grab something to eat and got up to head back down the mountain. I made sure to keep tabs on my hot mystery man, glancing over my shoulder as I went to make sure he wasn’t coming to beat me down. He was watching me still, but wasn’t coming after me. Thank goodness. I passed a bathroom building a decided to try and go before my hike back down the hill. I dipped in, throwing away my empty bottle in the trash and heading for the urinal. I didn’t really have to go, but figured I should try before my 20 minute walk home. I quickly unzipped and fished my dick out. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have the best body, but I am proud of my cock. 7.5 inches long and thick. The kind of thick that hits all the right places. Not that I’d had that much experience with men, I’ve only actually fucked two guys in my life time, but they seemed to like it. And at this moment, thanks to my mystery man’s strip tease, I was sporting a semi.

I stood there, trying to bring myself to get down to business when I heard the door to the bathroom open. Oh great, even more pressure. I adjusted my stance to try and hide my half hard cock from the man who came up to the urinal right next to me. I glanced over my shoulder and my heart sank. It was my mystery man, standing there, that ankara escort sexy smirk on his lips. His fucking beautiful lips. I could feel myself hardening in my hand and quickly snapped back to reality and dropped my eyes.

Looking down I could see him moving out of the corner of my eye. His gym shorts breezily moving around as he pulled his dick out. He seemed to be angled towards me, probably trying to bait me so he can beat me up for being gay, I thought. I did my best to focus on my own business, not wanting to run out of the bathroom and make even more of a fool of myself. Finally, I resigned myself to being pee shy and went to pack my now rock hard cock back into my jeans. I looked over at my mystery man for one last glimpse and my jaw dropped.

His gym shorts were around his ankles and he was stroking the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen in my life. I blatantly turned and stared, prompting him to chuckle. My own cock was left forgotten, standing straight out from my open fly. Then he reached over and wrapped his strong fingers around me giving my dick a gentle tug. My whole body seemed to melt into the firm hand holding my dick. His touch felt so good.

“It seems like we both have the same problem,” he said, so confident, so in control. I was frozen solid, I couldn’t speak, I didn’t want to move, all I wanted to do was stand there and look at this beautiful man as he stroked me in this filthy park bathroom. I was letting out small moans every time his hand got close to my tip. He was an expert, using my precum to slick my cock and allow his hand to quickly glide up and down my shaft. I felt my hand moving and looked down to see him gently guiding my wrist, leading me to his dick. His heavy balls hanging down, almost begging me to bring them release.

Something snapped in my head and I took the hint wrapping my hand around his shaft, feeling the hot flesh pulsing as I tried to match his skill. I couldn’t help myself as I brought my other hand over to feel his balls. They filled my hand and felt so good bouncing as I jerked him off. I knew that there was a treat waiting for me if we kept this up. How strange it felt to be sharing this intimate moment with a sexy stranger that I was convinced wanted to beat me up five minutes ago.

My mystery man then sank to his knees, looked up at me with that fucking hot smirk and buried my cock in his warm, wet, tight throat. His nose was nestled in my trimmed pubes and he took a deep breath in. Savoring my scent, I guess. I was too busy focusing on his throat muscles which were massaging my cock and bringing me closer to the edge. My hand found there way tho his head, grasping for a hold so I wouldn’t pass out from the pleasure. I could hear my moans getting louder but there wasn’t anything I could or wanted to do about it. This man was working my cock like never before and I was in ecstasy.

He pulled me out of his throat and didn’t miss a beat, bathing my balls with his tongue as he slowly stroked me. His tongue was making slow luxurious licks followed by him taking a whole ball in his mouth and then teasing my sack again with his tongue. I heard him chuckle as I gasped for breath between moans. Then he roughly pulled my cock up, fully exposing my balls and slid his tongue under my sack, making his way towards my crack. I’ve only been rimmed once, and it was amazing, but I much prefer a man to make out with my taint. Nibble it, lick it, kiss it, worship it. It makes me melt. I was basically putty in this mans hands. He could do anything to me.

This heavenly assault on my cock, balls and taint went on for a few minutes but we were brought back to reality by a loud slam. I jumped, trying to cover myself before someone came into the restroom. I heard someone shout, “What the hell!” And again, my mystery man gave a smirk and a chuckle. He was standing face to face with me, my pants around my knees, his in a pile on the floor.

“I didn’t want anyone to disturb us,” he growled before pushing me back against the stall wall and planting a kiss on my lips.

I began to get a little frightened. This strong older man had me locked in a bathroom, pinning me against a dirty metal divider, his cock pressing into my stomach, leaving sticky patches everywhere it touched. My desire to have him do anything he wanted to me turned into fear that he could do anything he wanted to me and no one could escort ankara stop him. But then he began to slowly make out with me, his soft lips and nimble tongue quickly getting me to relax and open up to him again. I could taste my sweat and precum on him, he was giving me just a taste of what he had been devouring for the last ten minutes.

My hands began to wander over his body, feeling his chest and stomach, his arms, slowly making my way down to his hard cock. It felt even bigger than the last time I’d held it. Once I had it in my grasp he broke our kiss and deftly took off his t-shirt. He was now standing in the middle of this dirty park bathroom stark naked and looking tastier than any man I’ve ever seen. I took a moment to take him in and then felt him pushing down on my shoulders, guiding me down to my knees. I was soon face to face with his dripping cock and my mouth was watering. I opened my mouth to warn him that I wasn’t too experienced at giving head and he slid his cock between my lips into my welcoming mouth.

Instantly his precum washed over my tongue, leaving a salty and delicious taste behind. His hands found my head and he held me steady as he slowly pumped in and out of my mouth, just teasing the beginning of my threat. He still had me pinned between himself and the stall wall, so I couldn’t pull back if I wanted to. He kept up a good pace, sliding in and out of my mouth, occasionally plunging deeper into my throat. My tongue was like a tornado, trying to cover ever inch of his cock, wanting to taste all of him. I wrapped my arms around his thighs, looking up at him to let him know that my mouth belonged to him. He looked at me smirking, as if to say he knew he already owned me.

He grabbed one of my hands and brought it up to his mouth, sucking on three of my fingers and making me wish he was thrusting my dick again. He then brought them down and guided me to his ass. I started to slowly tease his hole, getting it wet and pressing gently on it, feeling it’s tight resistance when he grabbed me again and shoved two of my fingers deep inside himself. The noise that came from his throat can only be described as an animalistic growl. We weren’t people anymore, we were two beasts in heat and we needed to fuck. We both knew that.

He rode my fingers for a little while longer, coming off them and shoving his cock into my throat and then sitting back on them and letting me taste his precum on my tongue. I felt him trying to get free but I wasn’t about to let that happen. I wanted to make this man cum. Finally, he had to grab my head with both hands and hold me still as he pulled out of my mouth so I couldn’t follow his delicious cock. We had the same fight trying to get my fingers out of him, but again he won and left me sweating and out of breath on the bathroom floor from the throat fucking I’d just gotten. This was the first time I had even looked down since being forced to my knees and I noticed that my rock hard cock had made a slick puddle of precum in the tile floor. It had run all the way from my slit, down my shaft and dripped off my balls. It was quite a sight.

While I was recovering my mystery man was getting ready for the grand finale. He had positioned himself in front of one of the urinals, holding the sides, bent over, his sexy ass in display, his loosened hole throbbing for more attention, his head practically kissing the back of the fixture. “Come on, sexy, shove that cock deep inside me” he growled into the urinal, his voice sending shivers down my spine. I hesitated, saying I didn’t have a condom, my fifth grade sex ed kicking in. “Forget the condom, I want to have your load dripping out of me when I get home to my wife” came his response. Had I not still been on my knees I’m sure I would’ve fainted at hearing this.

I quickly leapt to my feet and walked behind my prone mystery man. I could feel the heat coming off his skin as I ran my hands over his ass. I couldn’t resist giving him a firm slap, payback for the throat fucking. “Fuck me,” he begged. I grabbed my cock and placed my head at his entrance. Even before I started pushing into him I could feel his hole trying to pull my cock deep inside him. With one hand on his back and the other holding his thigh, I slowly pressed my way inside him. The precum gushing from my cock and the fact that I’d loosened him up with my fingers meant that I soon found myself ankara escort bayan buried to the hilt in this sex god of a man. Don’t think that meant that he was sloppily loose, quite the opposite, his ass took me in as if it were form fitted to my dick. Tight, but not so much that I couldn’t have my way with him.

I had no intentions of being gentle with him, and I don’t think he would’ve let me. I gave him a few quick thrusts and then pulled my cock out of him entirely. With his head still buried in the urinal, he turned to ask what was going on, but before he could get past “What’s goi…,” I had slammed my cock back into him and launched a full assault, determined to make him feel this fuck for days. He roared like a lion and worked his ass to let me drive deeper and deeper into him. My cock was pounding into his silky hole as he squeezed and milked me, making it difficult to last very long. I continued to fuck him with long hard strokes, my balls slapping against him, but quickly pulling up, signaling that I was about to burst.

I latched onto him, thrusting into him harder than ever. Pushing his face deep into the urinal, my fingers digging into his skin. Both of us yelling with pleasure, and then with a final shove I crossed over the edge. My whole body shook with pleasure as the first wave of cum flooded his hole. My cock throbbed over and over again in his hole, pumping more and more of my cum into this married mystery man who had come onto me in a park bathroom. After a good minute, I finally began to regain my composure and found myself slumped over him, still buried deep in his now sloppy hole. Our sweaty bodies were pressed together, chest to back. I reached under him and felt that he was still rock hard. He hadn’t cum yet.

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of myself,” he said, trying to push up to a standing position. He had been in control since the moment he stepped out of his car. It was time to show him that I knew how to treat a man too. I pushed myself up, my cock still deep inside him, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Like hell you will,” I barked, “I’m going to fuck you until you cum!” At that he bent back down, this time resting his face in the urinal, using it to prop himself up, since one of his hands was now wrapped around his thick cock. I fucked him deep and slow this time, moving my cock at different angles, trying to find a sweet spot.

When he gasped and shuddered I knew that I’d found it. I steadily fucked him, hitting that same spot every time. My cum was starting to spill out around my cock. Providing ample lube for my continued fucking. The whole restroom smelled of sweat, cum and sex. “Give me that load, shoot it for me before I send you home to your wife” I ordered, giving his ass a sharp slap. I was in control now. I’d never fucked like this. But I would never fuck any other way again. His growls were growing more powerful and then his whole body seemed to seize up as I heard his large shots of cum spurting on the tile floor of the bathroom.

His body was completely rigid, a solid immovable mass of man, except for his asshole. It was spasming with every fresh shot of cum he was shooting. The sensation was too much for my sensitive cock and I met out a roar as I let a second round of cum, almost as big as the first into his well used asshole. I fell on his back again and we laid there for a minute, him supporting both of us, our breathing in sync, my cock slowly deflating and falling from his hole. We collected ourselves and finally separated fully. He grabbed some paper towels for me to clean myself up with, but he didn’t do anything to clean up the sweaty, sticky mess that was body.

I went to grab my undies and get dressed, but he snatched them from me. “My souvenir” he chuckled. And stuffed them in his pants pocket. I started to feel guilty for barebacking this total stranger in the middle of the day at a park so I quickly got dressed, going over what had just happened in my head. I started getting hard again just thinking of it and started to make my way out of the bathroom before my cock took over again. I went to open the door and it wouldn’t budge. My mystery man laughed, walked over and unlocked the door. “Thanks for cruising me, sexy. Same time tomorrow?” He said with a wink. And then he slipped out the door and was gone.

I practically ran out of the bathroom and saw a group of men sitting at a picnic table just outside, beaming at me. Oh shit, what did they hear? What did they know? I made a beeline for the path that would take me back down the hill and to my house. I thought about what he had said, “thanks for cruising me.” What did that mean? I was definitely going to have to google cruising when I got home.

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