Adam’s Apple Ch. 05


Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

Pardon the puns in the titles of this series, I just can’t help myself.

This tale is a follow-up to my stories “Adam’s Aunt,” and “Adam’s Family.” I recommend reading them first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with those tales, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales.

Sometimes, I just feel like writing down and dirty smut.


Christine smiled as her brother and niece hugged, putting the past behind them.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Lynne said after releasing Ron from her embrace.

“Thank you for forgiving me. I was being pig-headed.”

“It’s okay.”

Ron smiled at his daughter and said, “As long as I’m in town, I thought I might look up a couple of old friends.” He then turned to Christine and added, “If you don’t mind me staying another night?”

“No, of course not,” Christine answered.

“Is that fine with you, Lynne?”

“Sure, Daddy. Have fun. Aunt Christine and I will find something to do.”

Christine had a very good idea what Lynne meant by something, and had little doubt that her brother’s reason for staying another night was exactly the same. “I’ll give you a key, because Lynne and I will probably go shopping.”

“Better your money than mine.”

Christine laughed and made a shooing gesture. “Oh, go on.”

Once Ron had his key and pulled out of the driveway, Lynne said, “I wouldn’t mind going shopping, but I had something else in mind.” She cupped her aunt’s breast and grinned when she finished.

“Mmm. And Adam?”

Lynne nodded enthusiastically. “We’ll have to hurry, because he’s going to see his mom this evening.”

“I’ll call him right now.” Christine sat down on the couch and reached for the phone. She let out a little purr when Lynne sank to her knees in front of the couch instead of sitting down on it.

While Christine dialed, her niece lifted her skirt and pulled the panties beneath aside. Christine scooted her bottom forward and parted her legs wider, giving the younger woman easier access to her needy sex. Before the first ring of the phone, Lynn buried her tongue in her aunt’s pussy.

“Hello, Adam. Why don’t you come over?” Christine let out a yelp as Lynne sucked her clit hard. A little moaning chuckle escaped her before she added, “We started without you. Lynne couldn’t wait. She’s licking me so good.”

“He’ll be here in a few minutes,” Christine said a few seconds later as she hung up the phone. “Let me get these off.”

Lynne gave her aunt’s pussy a final lick, and then helped Christine strip. Lynne’s clothing followed her aunt’s to the floor. Christine licked her lips as Lynne slid down her panties, and then said, “Let’s go to the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.”

Lynne nodded her agreement and led the way. Christine shivered as her niece cat-crawled into the bed, and wasted no time joining the younger woman. Lynne took the initiative, her hands roaming over Christine’s body as she kissed her aunt hard. When their lips parted, she whispered, “I want to taste you, Aunt Christine.”

Christine lay back and parted her legs as Lynne’s fingers stroked her calves. Christine caressed her breasts, her breathing heavy as her niece slipped between her thighs.

Lynne flipped her curly locks out of the way and grinned up at her aunt. She licked her lips — and then Christine’s.

One of Christine’s hands slipped down to the back of her niece’s head to tousle the younger woman’s hair. Still teasing her breasts and nipples with the other, Christine moaned from the delightful sensation of her niece between her legs.

“You taste so good, Aunt Christine.”

“You can have all you want,” Christine moaned in response, already feeling the hot pressure of an orgasm coiling within her loins.

Lynne’s tongue danced over her aunt’s folds, tantalizing her every pleasure point. Christine’s hips rocked up toward her niece’s lips, her fingers twining even more tightly into the younger woman’s hair. She heard the door open, which only excited her more.

Already soaring up toward climax, Christine smiled when she saw Adam step into the doorway of the bedroom. He’d already shed his shoes and shirt in his eagerness, and unbuttoned his pants as he walked into the room. Intent upon the sweet, fragrant folds before her, Lynne had no idea that her cousin had arrived.

Christine moaned as Adam dropped his pants, revealing his engorged manhood. “Fuck her,” she mouthed to her nephew, who responded with a wide grin.

Lynne looked over her shoulder when she felt Adam climb into the bed, and let out a little yelp of surprised pleasure. A few seconds later, she groaned as his thick cock slipped into her tight embrace.

“Hello, Adam. How are you?” Christine asked as Lynne’s lips locked on her clit.

Adam drove his cock home sivas escort again, pushing Lynne’s face into her aunt’s pussy. “I’m just great.”

“Does that big cock feel good, Lynne?”

Lynne’s response was a muffled moan, “God, yes.”

The younger woman immediately returned to her enthusiastic lapping, pushing Christine ever closer to the edge. “Oh, don’t stop. So close. Make me come.”

“Do it, Lynne,” Adam grunted as he stretched his cousin’s tight pussy with slow, forceful thrusts.

The sight of Lynne’s body rocking from Adam’s thrusts and the wet sound of his cock sliding in and out of her saturated pussy was exactly what Christine needed to reach her peak. She drew in a long, stuttering breath, and then released it in a warbling cry as she came.

Adam drove his cock home and left it buried in his cousin’s depths. “Come all over her face, Aunt Christine,” he encouraged his aunt while stirring his cock in Lynne’s canal.

Christine had no trouble complying with that request, her body trembling and her hips bouncing up to her niece’s mouth as she came. She pinched her nipples hard between her fingers and thumbs, reveling in the power of her orgasm.

In time, Lynne lifted her mouth from her aunt’s quivering pussy to gasp. Adam had started to thrust again, stoking Lynne’s own fires. Still well within the grip of her own climax, Christine summoned up the energy and presence of mind to encourage her niece to rise up straight on her arms.

After a few seconds of silent guidance, Lynne understood what her aunt wanted. As soon as the younger woman provided enough room, Christine grabbed her pillows and wriggled beneath her niece’s body. She moaned as her breasts came into contact with Lynne’s, swinging from Adam’s thrusts.

Realizing what Christine wanted, Adam knee-walked forward, forcing Lynne to do the same. Christine continued her serpentine movement until she lay directly beneath her niece’s pussy. She then positioned the pillows, lifting her into the perfect position to tease Lynne’s clit with her tongue.

“Oh yes, Aunt Christine!” Lynne yelped as her aunt’s darting tongue went to work.

Christine paused just long enough to sensually demand, “Give it to her, Adam. Fill her up.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to get hard again before I have to go, if I do.”

“Plenty of time before you go back to school,” Christine responded between laps and tickles of her tongue.

“Come in my pussy, Adam,” Lynne pleaded in a high voice.

Adam responded with an excited growl and an increased pace.

“Oh! Oh! So good! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Lick me! Make me come!” Lynne cried out, obviously on the verge of an explosion.

Christine reached up and grasped her niece’s buttocks, giving her the stability she needed to lock her lips on the younger woman’s clit.

“Gonna come,” Adam grunted, his words barely audible to Christine over the loud sound of his body colliding with Lynne’s.

Christine actually felt Lynne’s nether lips contract as her niece came. A loud, staccato scream bubbled from Lynne’s lips as she exploded in orgasm.

“Fuck yeah,” Adam growled, the sound lasting for several hard, fast thrusts. He then slammed his cock home, the power pushing Lynne forward on the bed and pulling her clit from Christine’s lips.

Lynne’s scream jumped an octave, and then went silent. Christine could see the base of Adam’s shaft pulsing, the thick vein throbbing with his fast pumping heart, evidence of his seed flooding into Lynne’s depths.

Adam withdrew his cock and pressed down on the tip as soon as it slipped free of Lynne’s pussy. Lynne let out a whimpering moan of protest as Christine wriggled her way a few inches more toward the foot of the bed. She tilted her head back, knowing exactly what Adam planned.

Adam pushed his cock into his aunt’s mouth, and she sucked it clean as he slowly withdrew. His cum and Lynne’s juices dripped onto Christine’s chin and neck as Adam’s mushroom tip popped free of his aunt’s lips.

Lynne groaned as Adam’s cock penetrated her again. Once again, he fed his aunt his cock, coated in the mingled juices from Lynne’s depths. After a third repeat, he could take no more. Adam rolled off to the side with a satisfied groan.

Christine once again gripped her niece’s buttocks, pulling the younger woman down to her mouth. Lynne yelped and gasped from her aunt’s hungry lapping, still shuddering from the aftereffects of her orgasm on Adam’s cock. Christine lapped and probed her niece’s pink folds, eagerly drinking up the creamy treat flowing from Lynne’s depths.

“Oh — ohmigod,” Lynne squeaked, feeling the rising heat of another climax. “Oh yes, oh yes, Aunt Christine!”

Christine moaned around her mouthful of Lynne’s folds as her niece came, screaming in ecstasy. Lynne almost immediately lurched away, fighting for breath, unable to endure any more.

Christine licked her lips, gathering up as much of the bittersweet juices coating her face as she could. She slipped from beneath her niece’s quivering sivas escort pussy, allowing Lynne to collapse to the bed.

A few minutes later, Adam cursed, “Shit — is it that late already?”

Christine looked at the clock, seeing that Adam had little time to make the long drive to his mother’s house. “You’d better get going,” she said languidly, snuggling up against her niece.

“Wonder if Mom would understand if I came over tomorrow, instead?”

“Just go,” Christine said with a laugh. “You’ll have plenty of opportunities to fuck us silly.”

“Thank you, Adam. That was so good,” Lynne moaned.

“My pleasure,” Adam responded.

“Mine too,” Christine said with a lick of her lips.

Lynne shuddered and added, “Mine three.”

All three laughed, and then Adam reluctantly let his legs drop off the edge of the bed. Christine and Lynne cuddled as he searched for his clothing.

“I’ll make sure to let you know any time when you can come play, or we’ll just come play at the hotel. Tell your mom hello for me.”

“I will, Aunt Christine.”

Christine and her niece, still nude, escorted Adam to the door, and then returned to the bedroom.

“Was…” Lynne paused, color rising into her cheeks. After a little hesitation, she blurted out, “Was Daddy good?”

Christine moaned, liking the turn of conversation. “Amazing. Big cocks run in the family, and he really knows how to use his.” “You sounded like you were having fun when I heard you,” Lynne said with a shy smile.

Christine traced her niece’s still damp and sticky nether lips with a finger. “Did hearing us get you hot?”

Lynne nodded. “I couldn’t help it. I went straight back to the hotel and woke Adam up. My panties were soaking wet.”

“His big cock felt so good. I bet you’d love it.”

Lynne gasped from both the words and her aunt teasing her clit.

“Do you want your Daddy’s cock inside you, Lynne?”

“I just keep thinking about it.”

Christine reached into her toy drawer and located a double dong. “He’s so good. Your mother is such a fool to give him up. He’s been so neglected.” She slipped one end of the toy into Lynne’s pussy.

“Oh, I want it, Aunt Christine.”

“What do you want?” Christine asked as she maneuvered into a scissor position with her niece.

“I want Daddy’s big cock inside me. I want him to fuck me hard and fill me full of cum.”

Christine moaned and inserted the other end of the double-headed dildo into her own wet heat. After a little more maneuvering, she found the perfect position to stroke the toy. Lynne’s fingers had already found her bud, her face flushed with excitement.

The long, violet, jelly dong stroked back and forth, alternately penetrating Christine and her niece. When the toy slowed because Christine couldn’t maintain the pace at the awkward angle, Avalynne took over, allowing her aunt to turn to the much more natural motion of frigging her clit.

Both women rapidly ascended their mountains of pleasure, and by the time Christine took over control of the toy again, she was on the edge. Her fingers blurring over her clit, Lynne appeared to be near climax as well.

Lynne came first, crying out in release as her fingers haltingly rubbed her clit, her squeal of ecstasy ebbing and flowing with the thrusts of the toy. Christine exploded into orgasm a few strokes later, jamming the dong deep into her pussy.

Still connected by the pussy-slick toy, Christine leaned forward and kissed her gasping niece. Two sets of gyrating hips kept the toy moving within them, causing Christine and Lynne’s orgasms to drag on for long seconds.

When their lips parted, Lynne opened her eyes with a languid smile. She then sucked in a high-pitched gasp and jumped, her eyes wide with surprise.

Christine turned to find her brother standing in the bedroom doorway, his eyes just as wide as Lynne’s.

The toy having slipped free of her soaked pussy when Lynne jumped, Christine spun on her bottom and gained her feet. Ron turned away from the sight of his nude daughter to walk with robotic stiffness into the front room.

“Ron,” Christine called after him, wondering how he was going to react. The flat expression on his face told her nothing.

Ron plopped down on the couch, staring straight ahead at nothing.

“Ron, are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” he answered in a soft voice. “I just walked in on my daughter and my sister having sex. I shouldn’t be okay, I know that. Does she know…?” Ron trailed off, assuming Christine would know what he was asking.

Christine reached out to touch his cheek, wincing a little when she realized her fingers were still slick with a combination of her and Lynne’s juices. She then nodded when her brother glanced toward her. “She came back this morning and heard us.”

Ron groaned and pressed the heel of his hand against his forehead.


Ron glanced toward his daughter, but quickly turned away. “Honey, put on some clothes.”

“Why? Am I ugly?”

“Of course sivas escort bayan not, Lynne.”

“Then why won’t you look at me?”

“Because you’re naked. I’m your father.”

“Why does that matter?” Lynne walked to the other side of the coffee table in front of the couch and said, “Look at me, Daddy.”

Ron snapped his eyes to his daughter’s face, doing his best to ignore her nubile teen body, so blatantly on display. “Lynne — please — just put on some clothes.”

Christine could see her niece’s eyes locked on the bulge in Ron’s pants, undeniable evidence of arousal, despite his words. “You’re hard, Ron,” she said, laying her hand over his crotch.

“Christine!” He exclaimed, pushing her hand away.

“I know you had sex with Aunt Christine, Daddy, and now you know that I have too.”

“I don’t even know what to think right now,” Ron responded, and then let out a great sigh.

“Aunt Christine makes me feel so good. She said you made her feel good, too.” Lynne stepped around the table to stand in front of her father, making it very difficult for him to ignore her curl-topped sex, so close at eye level.

“Honey,” Ron protested as his daughter moved even closer, the scent of her arousal filling his lungs.

“Do you like my body, Daddy?”

“Lynne, don’t.”

Lynne sat down next to her father, opposite Christine. Sandwiched between two beautiful, naked women, he never had a chance.

“Please don’t make me stop, Daddy,” Lynne pleaded as she reached for the button of her father’s pants.

Ron’s arm twitched as though to push her away, but he hesitated. The back of his hand brushed against his daughter’s full breasts, prompting a soft gasp from her as she popped the button open and pushed over the flap of his fly to grasp his zipper.


Christine grasped her brother’s other hand and leaned in to press her lips to his. While Lynne unzipped her father’s pants, Christine whispered into her brother’s ear. “She wants it. She needs it. Give her what she needs. Let her give you what you need, Ronnie.”

Ron had no chance to contemplate his sister’s words, because his daughter pulled down his boxers as she unzipped his pants. Before Christine had even finished her whisper, Lynne held her father’s swollen cock in her small hand.

“It’s gorgeous, Daddy,” Lynne said, and looked up into her father’s eyes. “Does that feel good?”

Christine tickled her brother’s earlobe with the tip of her tongue and then whispered, “Just tell her the truth, Ronnie.”

“Yes, Honey,” Ron answered, surrendering to the overwhelming seduction of his sister and daughter.

A radiant smile spread across Lynne’s face upon hearing those words. The grin remained as she leaned over her father’s lap.

Ron groaned as his daughter kissed the head of his cock. His hips twitched up toward her, pressing his erection tight against her lips. Lynne snaked out her tongue, wetting his shaft with an excited, broad tongued stroke.

Christine cupped her brother’s balls in her hand and moaned as Lynne reached his tip and took it between her lips. Christine bunched up his shirt with her other hand, raising it ever higher. When Lynne pulled on her father’s pants, Ron pulled the shirt over his head with a sharp sigh.

Encouraged, Christine helped her niece. Ron lifted his hips, the pace of his breathing increasing with his arousal. Lynne slipped down into the floor to pull off her father’s shoes so that she and her aunt could pull his pants off. Once Christine tossed the denim aside, Lynne pushed her father’s knees apart to wriggle her tongue over his balls.

“Oh, that’s good, honey,” Ron groaned, lost in the feeling.

Lynne licked her way back to the swollen helmet of her father’s cock and said, “Don’t leave Aunt Christine out.”

“Good girl,” Christine agreed, guiding her brother’s hand between her legs.

Ron put his fingers to work on his sister’s pussy as he stared back into his daughter’s eyes. Lynne smiled as she licked and suckled his glans, her eyes aglow with excitement.

Christine bucked her hips against her brother’s fingers and teased her nipples. The sight of Lynne giving such loving oral delight to her father added fuel to the fire of Christine’s arousal. She and Ron both let out loud groans when Lynne sucked her father’s cock in deep for the first time.

Lynne’s curly locks bounced as her father’s thick cock stretched her lips wide. She let out a high-pitched moan around his shaft as a drop of pre-cum flooded her mouth with flavor.

After a couple of minutes, Lynne came up for air with a gasp. She rubbed the back of her neck and licked her lips, and Christine decided to spell the younger woman.

Lynne climbed back up onto the couch when Christine engulfed her brother’s cock with a loud slurp. On her knees, she offered her stiff right nipple to her father’s mouth. He sucked it in without hesitation, now engrossed in his arousal, and plunged two fingers into his daughter’s wet heat.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” Lynne exclaimed in a breathless voice, her hands locking behind her father’s head.

Christine turned her head so that she had a good view of her brother’s fingers plunging into Lynne’s pussy and sucked him fervently. Both father and daughter soared into bliss, panting for breath and writhing in pleasure.

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