Admiring the Gardener


A story about two neighbors, a young guy and an older woman. It would fit in at least a couple of categories, Mature and Anal.

Just another summer day on Amboy Drive in upstate New York circa 1997…


Mike Zostant wasn’t all that big on flowers or plants but when he would notice his next door neighbor working in her garden on warm days, he usually made a point of giving the middle-aged woman a glance either from his bedroom window or if her attire warranted a closer look, going out to engage in conversation with Rita Cox.

Mrs. Cox, the divorced mother of a couple of kids who were a bit older than Mike and now out on the own, wasn’t a ravishing beauty but Mike found her attractive. He didn’t mind that she was a little chubby because while she was a tad plump she was solidly built and the weight was in the right places.

Her short black hair was cut like the skater Dorothy Hamill, and even if the style was a couple decades out of date and the woman had never changed it all the while they were neighbors, Mike had always found it attractive.

Mike never gawked at the neighbor lady because of her hair-do or cherubic face though. What most appealed to the soon-to-be college student was when Mrs. Cox would wear a top with a low neck that allowed him to look down at her full breasts.

He had seen the bras that held those beauties hanging on the clothesline quite often, but looking at those big cups wasn’t as good as seeing a lot of the flesh they got housed it, and most of the time she didn’t wear a bra out there. Mike never saw all of her breasts over the years but enough to appreciate them like any red-blooded 18 year old boy would, especially one like Mike who wasn’t all that popular with the females.

Another feature of Mrs. Cox that he was growing to appreciate was the rear view of his neighbor when she would bend over. Rita Cox had a plump bottom that looked pretty solid, and while her legs were also a little fleshy they were very shapely.

Mike thought that maybe he was attracted to his neighbor because he was built a lot like Mrs. Cox, being short and thickly built himself, but his 5’9″ and 200 pounds had kept him on the football team despite him not being very skilled. He hadn’t played much but he tried hard, earning him the nickname “Bulldog” from his coach, although that may have been given to Mike as much for his facial features and out-of-style crew-cut as for his tenacious attitude on the field.

So one day when Mike glanced out and saw Rita Cox in the yard he was glad he didn’t have to go to work at the market because it was warm and Mrs. Cox was out there working and looking good to him.

Rita Cox was wearing a yellow tank top and while it wasn’t tight it showed all of Mike’s favorite parts. The low neck was already revealing some cleavage even though she was just standing there surveying her garden.

Mrs. Cox had nice arms too, toned and almost a little muscular in a way, and Mike would love it when she would raise her arm to wipe her brow with the back of her hand. Mike thought Rita Cox had sexy armpits, nice round hollows that to Mike’s dismay were always shaved, although when she hadn’t shaved in a day or two the teen thought that the way the faint stubble that would fill those shapely caverns glistened with perspiration was sexy.

All that five o’clock shadow meant that Mrs. Cox had a hairy pussy, or so he had been told by friends who had actually seen a lot of pussies. Mike had only seen a couple of them in the flesh so he didn’t know for sure himself, but it made sense.

Mrs. Cox was wearing what looked like white shorts but as Mike looked closer he saw it was more like a skirt and exposed those solid legs of hers from the middle of those sturdy thighs down to where her little white socks were on her ankles.

So Mike decided he was going to go out and talk to his neighbor as he often did, and do more looking than talking. He sensed that Mrs. Cox was aware of what he was doing but she never seemed to mind. Besides, she was probably close to 50, and since she got divorced about 5 years ago it wasn’t like Mike had seen a stream of men over there.

After their chat which would invariably get the teen aroused despite the very generic conversation topics, Mike knew he would probably go up to his bedroom window and look down and pleasure himself. It wasn’t something he was proud of doing but it was a lot more enjoyable than anything else he would do the rest of the day.

“Morning Mrs. Cox,” Mike called out as he went towards the chain link fence that separated the properties, and that began what would be the best day of his young life.


“Good morning Michael!” Rita Cox chirped merrily, smiling like she was happy to see him. “Going to be scorcher today so I thought I would get out here early.”

“Good idea,” Mike agreed, taking a deep breath and enjoying the view as Mrs. Cox reached up and ran her hands through her hair, exposing those sexy armpits that sparkled with a little glaze Cebeci Escort of perspiration.

Mike wondered what it would feel like to stroke the barely visible stubble that had grown since yesterday when those underarms were smooth. Probably like his face felt after a couple of days growth.

“College starts next month, right Mike?” Rita asked, smiling like she had noticed the boy staring at her, and when he confirmed it she added, “Bet your Mom is glad you’re staying local. When my kids took off it really made this place seem empty. I should move because it’s too much house for just me.”

“Hope you don’t,” Mike replied. “You’re a cool neighbor.”

“Why thanks honey, but wouldn’t it be good for you if a family with teenage girls moved in?” Rita kidded. “I know how you young guys think.”

“I – uh,” Mike mumbled as he pawed at the ground while staring at Mrs. Cox’s breasts which were hanging perilously close to her waist without a bra.

“Well, if I don’t get this weeding started it will never get done,” Mrs. Cox declared as she looked up the gentle slope where few weeds were visible to Mike as he pretended to care about the condition of his own yard and picked up some stray scraps of paper while watching Mrs. Cox throw down the soft yellow cushion she knelt on.

Before kneeling she bent over and straightened a little piece of fence, and as she did Mike watched the muscles in her calves bulge a bit but as she leaned further down that little skirt rode higher and exposed more and more thigh.

“Nice,” Mike whispered to himself as the sunlight made the light down on the backs of Mrs. Cox’s thunder thighs sparkle, but then when the teen boy’s eyes went higher he did a double take.

Black panties? That was his thought at first when he looked up to Mrs. Cox’s crotch, but then he realized that it probably wasn’t underwear but hair. Deep black hair that apparently grew up from her pussy and filled the deep crack between her legs.

“You can help if you want to honey,” Rita Cox said, and when her voice broke Mike out of his trance he knew that his neighbor had seen him staring, but she didn’t seem upset. “If you have nothing to do that is.”

Mike stammered and stuttered, panicking at being caught staring, and he almost said no before he caught himself.

“Uh sure,” Mike said. “Don’t know much about gardening though.”

“Not much to know, and besides, I’d like the company,” Rita responded.

“Okay,” Mike said, and after contemplating walking around changed his mind and grabbed the top of the fence and vaulted over with little effort, happy that he stuck the landing and didn’t make a fool of himself by falling on his face.

“Oh my,” Rita said. “That’s quite an entrance.”

“It’s not that high. What can I do to help?”

“There’s a big bag of top soil in the garage right as you go in. Could you bring it out here?”

Mike nodded and went up to the garage, and after he went in and saw the bag she wanted he looked out at Mrs. Cox bent over.

“Oh man!” Mike said to the empty garage as he saw her ass in all its glory, and while he knew that the girls in Playboy didn’t have asses like that and he had never thought a woman could have a hairy ass crack like Mrs. Cox did, he decided he liked this better.

Maybe it wasn’t feminine but it sure was sexy. So sexy that he was tempted to stay in the garage and jerk off watching, and the way he felt it wouldn’t take long, but he decided against it and instead rearranged his erection in his shorts so it didn’t show, and in the casual and rather brief shorts that wasn’t easy.

“Oh, thanks honey,” Mrs. Cox said as Mike dropped the bag next to her. “Nice to have a big strong guy around to do the heavy work. I miss that. You should see how I struggle carrying one of those.”

“I have – I mean I bet. It wasn’t that heavy though,” Mike babbled as he almost let on that he had seen her carry stuff like that plenty of times, and it didn’t look like she didn’t have all that much trouble doing it, not being the shrinking violet his Mom was.

“Not heavy for a big strong guy like you,” Mrs. Cox said with a smile as she straightened up, and as she playfully reached over and squeezed Mike’s bicep – making him glad he wore the tank-top if not the revealing shorts – she added, “I used to play field hockey back in college and liked to mix it up but those days are long past.”

Mrs. Cox knelt on the pad and Mike eased down to his knees on the grass to join her, wishing he could have seen Mrs. Cox playing field hockey when she was his age and longing to be a fly on the wall in the showers after the game.

Did she have those big tits back then, Mike wondered? And the hair? Seeing her ass crack Mike knew that Mrs. Cox HAD to have a hairy pussy. Was she hairy like this back then?

“Huh?” Mike said as he realized that Mrs. Cox was talking to him.

“I asked you if you were playing football in college,” she patiently repeated.

“No, Kolej Escort I wasn’t that good,” Mike admitted. “Mom’s just as happy because she hated me playing, not that I played that much.”

“I guess some Moms are like that but I didn’t mind my kids competed, but then again they were more the soccer and track types,” Rita explained. “You played some in the games I went too, especially the last game.”

“You went to our games?” Mike said as he wondered why anybody would go to a game if they didn’t have a kid playing.

“A few. Hey, it’s not like I have a lot to do and it was fun to get out in the fresh air,” Mrs. Cox declared without shame. “Besides, I knew you were on the time so I wanted to root you on.”

“We stunk this year – again,” Mike lamented.

“You tried, and besides that last game you played a whole lot and you seemed to do well.”

“They let the seniors play a lot the last home game and there were guys hurt so I played more, probably more that game than all year combined.”

“I remember that one play,” Rita said as she faced Mike, the front of her scoop necked blouse falling open and making it tough to keep his eyes on hers. “I was standing next to the fence down near the 20 yard line I think. I like it better down their than the stands because you can hear the collisions and all.”

Footballs. That was what Mrs. Cox’s breasts looked like as they hung in front of her, about the same size or maybe bigger and full instead of pointed at the end.

“Yeah, it’s different,” Mike mumbled.

“Anyway, the other team had the ball and the one kid was running down the sideline and I saw you were chasing him across the field before he could score.”

“I remember that.”

“So he was running along the sideline and you nailed him. Creamed him!” Mrs. Cox said excitedly as she recreated the scene. “The sound when your pads collided – and that poor kid went flying! I was so happy when you jumped right up afterwards. The ball flew out of that number 10’s hands and he went head over heels. That was so great!”

“I got a penalty on that play. I didn’t realize he had stepped out of bounds,” Mike shrugged.

“I didn’t care. I was cheering for you and the crowd was roaring as you two boys stood there screaming and cursing at each other,” she recalled. “I grabbed the person next to me and screamed that I live next door to that boy. So exciting. Just thinking of that crashing sound sends shivers down my spine even now.”

“Oh,” Mike said as he throat got dry. “Neat that you like football so much.”

“Well, not really but you realize that I had a rooting interest,” Mrs. Cox said. “Nothing wrong with me keeping an eye on you, is it? You don’t mind that do you?”

“No,” Mike managed to say as sweat dripped down the sides of his face.

“After all,” Rita Cox said as she stopped even trying to pretend she was gardening. “You seem to like to keep an eye on me, or so it seems, although why a young buck like you would be interested in a woman like me is beyond me. Not much interest in old fat cows these days.”

“You’re not,” Mike said as his heart threatened to race out of control while they knelt near each other.

“Not what honey?” Rita said.

“Not old – or fat,” he assured her in a very shaky voice.

“I think you’re being kind but I love hearing it,” Rita said as she took off her glove and put her hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Maybe there are some real men out there after all. Men that don’t mind a little extra meat on a woman’s bones, and aren’t scared off if she’s not waxed head to toe. You seem to be that kind of man.”

“I – I know I look at you a lot, especially in the the summer, but…”

“Now if you ruin it by saying you’re sorry that you look I’ll never forgive you,” Mrs. Cox said as she smiled that smile again while gently squeezing his muscular shoulder. “A lonely woman like me doesn’t get looked at too much anymore, and when you would come out all shy and everything sneaking peeks at me? Makes my day.”

“I – uh – You’re just pretty. Can’t help it.”

“And I like letting you look too Michael. Heaven knows I don’t go out in the real world like this – with no brassiere – and certainly never without panties,” Mrs. Cox declared. “Especially not without panties. I was so afraid because most guys – especially young folks these days – hair seems to be out of fashion, but you seem different.”

“I am. Mom and my teachers? They always tell me that.”

“You’re an ass man too,” Rita said as she blushed.


“You like women’s asses,” Mrs. Cox said to her very shocked neighbor. “Nothing to be ashamed of, although I wish mine was a little tighter – firmer.”

“Yes, I guess I do like them but I like all parts of girls. Everything about you I guess.”

“And you’re so shy too. It’s been tough living next to you lately,” Mrs. Cox confessed. “Watching you grow up and all. One minute you’re a little fellow pedaling your bike with Rus Escort the training wheels and the next minute you’re a man. So big and muscular.”

“You’re hairy too,” Rita said softly as her hand came off the teen’s shoulder and onto Mike’s thigh, softly stroking the coarse hairs. “When I was young I used to fall hard for guys like you.”

“My ex was like that, at least in the beginning,” Rita continued as her hand kept rubbing Mike’s leg. “When we were first married he was a big guy too. All muscles and as hairy as Sasquatch, and rough too if you know what I mean. I loved it and him too even when the muscles went away, but he found somebody who liked it rough and nasty too but wasn’t a dumpy 48 year old.”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying do you honey?” Rita Cox said after the deafening silence threatened to suffocate her.

“I do – a lot of it,” Mike replied. “Don’t understand why your husband and you broke up but the rest I think I get most of.”

“I see you up in your bedroom window something looking down at me, and I wish that I was younger and slimmer for you because I think I know what you’re doing sometimes,” Mrs. Cox said. “Don’t be embarrassed about it honey, because believe it or not there’s been times I’ve looked over at you too and done… well, let’s just say I’ve admired you too.”

“Don’t know what to say,” Mike told her. “Never noticed.”

“I don’t want to do any gardening today,” Mrs. Cox confessed. “Half the time I’m out here this summer I’m only out here hoping you would come out, wishing you would tell me things only your eyes say and praying I wasn’t just an old fool imagining things. I would beg that you would come on to me, or give me just a hint that you wanted me.”

“Shy. Scared,” Mike admitted. “Not good at all with girls.”

“You do well with women, at least this one,” Rita said as she stood up slowly and held her hand out for her neighbor. “I’m curious. Are you a virgin? It’s okay either way.”

“No. I’m not,” Mike said. “Might as well be though. It wasn’t very good. The girl was scared and cried – she was a virgin too.”

“I’d like to try and change that. Just tell me what you want.”

“I’d like to make love to you,” Mike said as his broad chest heaved.

“That sounds nice,” Mrs. Cox agreed as her hands went to Mike’s broad chest and squeezed his pectorals which were as firm as they looked to the divorcee. “We can do that later but I need you to do something else first. Would you?”


“I want you to take me inside – your house or mine I don’t care – and take me,” she revealed as the teen’s eyes widened. “Do what you want. I don’t care if you rip the clothes off of me and fuck me like an animal. I’m so wet right now my juices are dripping out of my cunt and down my thighs.”

“I’m all sweaty,” Mike warbled as his voice sounded like it did when it was changing years ago.

“Me too and you’ll get sweatier,” Rita said as she moved up next to the lad, and since the yard was out of the sight of all but the nosiest neighbors she found herself reaching down and grabbing the bulge in Mike’s shorts.”

“Knew you’d be big,” she hissed as she squeezed the throbbing cock through the fabric.

“Not really,” Mike started to protest after groaning and bending over a bit in shock.

“Thick,” Rita Cox gasped, her eyes bulging as her voice became almost possessed. “So fucking thick. Please. Your Mom isn’t home is she? You can take me there if you want.”

“Your house,” Mike groaned as Mrs. Cox kept squeezing the bulge, and then the two almost ran inside.


The two made a quick pit stop in the kitchen to wash off their hands but Rita Cox didn’t wait for Mike to dry them before she started climbing over him, her mouth devouring his while clawing off his clothes.

Mike managed to pull Mrs. Cox’s yellow tank top off, revealing a pair of breasts that may have started to show the effect of nearly a half century on earth but seeing the pendulous breasts unwrapped was anything but disappointing, and as they kissed Mike’s hands roughly kneaded the pliant tits, revealing in their softness as the fat nipples burned his palms.

“Let me!” Rita was gasping as she struggled to get Mike’s t-shirt over his head, and after she yanked it off sighed at the sight of the lad’s broad chest and the little hairs that were growing around his nipples.

She squeezed the firm pectorals much like he was kneading her breasts, and then her hands went to his shoulders and arms, squeezing and even leaning down to gently bite his bicep before lifting Mike’s arm and burying her face in the moist tuft of hair that filled the hollow, licking and chewing like a feral animal.

“Now – right here,” Rita Cox told the stunned teen as she lost her shorts and yanked Mike’s down as well, and when she saw that Mike was hard she told hold of his throbbing cock which, while not especially long was absurdly thick, so much so that her hand barely got around more than halfway around the stump of the organ. “Oh Mike – it’s been so long for me and your cock is so damn thick you’re probably gonna split me in two but I don’t care.”

Rita turned around and swept the morning newspaper off of the kitchen table before leaning over the heavy wooden oak and presenting herself to the lad while practically yelling, “Hard!”

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