Adventures in Open Marriage – Part 10, Learning to Watch and Loving It

Big Balls

As the weekend approached, my wife and I were both filled with anticipation. This was to be the weekend where I let her spend Friday and Saturday night with Chad at his vacation home. I was excited because this was a big part of my slut wife fantasy, and my wife was excited because I think she was finally getting just as turned on as I was at the whole kinkiness of our situation. She was including me in a lot of decision-making about outfits, makeup, toenail polish, and accessories, but I finally just told her to be sexy and have fun. And of course to be smart and be safe.I had come home early on the Wednesday afternoon before the big weekend, because I coached one of our boys in baseball, and had to run an early-season practice. My other son had practice with his team at the same complex, so I could and usually did handle these afternoons myself. As I was helping the boys pack their gear, I received a text from my wife, asking if I could call immediately.I was a little surprised and concerned, so of course, I did.”Remember Pete?” she said.”Yes,” I said. I said, “He was just recently fucking your brains out on the regular, how could I forget?”I thought that was funny, but my wife, well, not so much.”The kids!” she replied.In my mind, I realized that was a near miss on my part.My wife indicated that she needed to get to the point. She proceeded to tell me about how Pete had recently lost his job do an office affair gone wrong. Why was I not surprised? She continued to explain that his fiancé did not know, and he was trying to keep it that way but needed to borrow some money so she would not suspect.So basically, my wife was asking me if I was OK lending her fuck buddy money so that his other mistress did almanbahis not wreck his impending marriage. Ugh. I was not really OK with this, but at the same time we were financially secure, and the naughty side of my brain thought about this as another possibility for sloppy seconds. So reluctantly, I agreed.She replied, “Thanks – this will really help him out, and he’s always been a friend. I will run a check over to him tonight. I promise I’ll make this worth your while.”She added that last bit on because she knew I was as addicted to her pussy as her fuck buddies were. She told me she would be stopping in soon to get a check, and then would probably be back a little after dinner. Sure enough, she pulled into the driveway just as the boys and I were finally leaving to head over to the fields. She told me to just worry about dinner for the boys and myself, and that she would pick up something on the way home since it was a not insignificant drive to Pete’s house.After practice, about two hours later, the boys and I arrived home, with dinner from a takeout place. My wife was not yet back, which was a little concerning, so I texted her to see if everything was OK. Then I went about getting the boys fed and settled in with their homework. My phone buzzed, and I noticed it was my wife. She had responded to my text and was on her way home.”Sorry,” she had written.She continued, “Just saw this now but am driving home. Everything is fine, just stopped to grab a salad. Will be home in ten.”Then she added, “Pete and I were catching up. He has a nice house. AND he stressed he’ll pay us back.”She must have texted that from the driveway because she burst through the door a minute later. Normally, I would have almanbahis yeni giriş been mildly randy, and interested if anything extracurricular had occurred. But the kids were up and around, and immediately ran to tell their mother about their day and some humorous things that happened at practice. I was coaching my younger son’s team and had drafted one of his best friends, who had absolutely no baseball ability whatsoever. But tonight at practice, he finally made contact with a ball and hit it to the fence. For those of you from non-baseball places, that’s a really good thing, especially for eight-year-olds. Moments like that always made me happy, and my son was thrilled.Anyway, my wife and I didn’t do our usual when she had seen one of her men, so my assumption was that nothing had happened, which is kind of what I expected, and what I assumed she wanted anyway. Later that night, while changing into our sleeping attire, I jokingly asked my wife if she was saving herself for what I presumed was going to be taking place throughout the upcoming weekend.She asked me why I asked that, and I replied, “No particular reason. I was just feeling a little frisky, but I thought that you may want to save your sexual energy for this weekend, and what I am going to do to you after.”I smiled to indicate that I was kidding around.My wife turned around. She was topless, wearing only her satin pajama bottoms. She looked at me, then at her voluptuous breasts, and said, “Do you like what you see?”I told her that of course, I liked what I saw.Then she leaned into me and whispered, “How do you know I wasn’t frisky already tonight?”I was wearing my workout shorts to bed since I usually woke up and lifted. She could almanbahis giriş feel and see my cock instantly start getting hard.I said, “You did more than just drop off a check, I take it?”She responded, “What do you think I meant by ‘catching up’? I thought you would have gotten the hint.”She laughed, and then said, “Do you want me to tell you?”She knew what the answer would be. I told her that of course, I would, and by now I was rock hard, almost sticking out of my shorts. She stroked my penis through my shorts, then proceeded to pull them, and my briefs, completely off, and lead me over to our bed, completely naked. She reached into her drawer in the nightstand, pulled out a small bottle of baby oil, and drizzled some onto my fully erect cock. Oh God, I thought, this was going to be good.I asked her just how naughty she had been, and my wife just held up four fingers. I asked her what that meant.She laughed and said, “I came four times tonight. And now I am going to tell you how.”She began stroking my lubed cock, and the feeling was sublime. While she did this she relayed how nervous Pete had been about accepting the check, and how he had wanted to make it up to her. My wife said they started legitimately catching up since they had not talked since New Year’s, and she said he had no hard feelings and had assumed I interfered. THEN he offered to give my wife oral sex. My wife thought he was joking, but then he dropped to his knees. She was worried about his fiancé coming home, but evidently, she was out of town. So, while my wife wasn’t initially in the mood, she decided, why not? She took off her boots, and basically everything else below the waist, and let his tongue have at it.She was steadily stroking me now, and I was building towards an orgasm. I wanted to reclaim my wife’s pussy, but I was pretty sure I would not last. And part of me didn’t care, as I was so turned on, and my wife’s skills with her hands were so good.

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