Adventures of a Super-Cuck Painslut Ch. 04


Chapter 4: A Mother’s Touch

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are 18+ years of age. All characters and events depicted are completely fictitious…obviously.

CONTENT WARNING: If the title didn’t already give it away, this is a BDSM story. It will include fetishes such as femdom, CBT, humiliation, and chastity just to name a few. Mainly though, it is a ballbusting story. Not only is our hapless hero going to get his huge testicles pummeled with cartoonish levels of violence, he is actually going to enjoy it! If that doesn’t sound like your thing, maybe hit the back arrow on your browser.

LITERARY WARNING: The storyline here dances a fine line between silly and just plain stupid. What little plot exists is solely there to move our protagonist along from one comedically over-the-top predicament to the next. If you are looking for the next erotic, literary masterpiece, this ain’t it.


Max sat naked on the living room couch with a fresh bath towel between him and the upholstery. The old towel lay in the middle of the floor, a crumpled and slime soaked mess. How Max has gotten to the couch, or who had given him the fresh towel, he honestly couldn’t say. Max couldn’t remember many of finer details of the past 53 minutes and 47 seconds. He certainly wouldn’t have remembered that specific time, except it was the length of the new video file on his mom’s phone.

Max stared blankly at the wall, his mouth ajar and drool forming in the right corner of his lip. He was quickly descending into one of the more extreme endorphin highs he’d ever experienced. His brain was delightfully tingly and his thoughts almost completely incoherent. Max was only vaguely aware of his step-mother and step-brother talking by the front door. From the bits he could piece together, Jake had already sent Stephanie a snippet of the video and she had been duly grateful to have her vengeance on the locker room peeper. She had invited Jake to come over that very night so she could show her knight-in-shining-armor just how thankful she truly was. She had also asked him to bring over a copy of the full video. Apparently, Stephanie and her roommates had found the short clip Jake sent them absolutely hilarious, especially the ridiculous noises Max made.

Max envisioned Stephanie greedily sucking his step-brother’s cock on a dorm room bed, while the rest of the girls on Stephanie’s dormitory floor huddled around a laptop in a different room, giggling and laughing as they watched Max get booted over and over again in his naked testicles. This semi-delirious thought caused the still partially engorged python between Max’s legs to twitch with excitement. Surprisingly, Max’s left hand started twitching along in unison. Perplexed, Max looked down only to find his pointer finger stilled rammed down his own urethra. Considering the state of the drenched towel lying just a few feet away, using his finger as a makeshift cork hadn’t been very effective. Even now, precum oozed from his impaled penis slit.

Max stared down at as his cock in slack-jawed amazement. This certainly wasn’t the first time his mom had ordered him to shove a finger up his own dick, but he had never made it all the way in before. His penis felt so full! Max just sat there mesmerized, feeling his monster cock throb from the inside.

A gob of drool landing on his stomach finally broke his trance. Moaning, Max gradually pulled his finger free from his aching cock hole. It hurt, but it also felt strangely pleasant. He was wiping his finger off on the towel beneath him when a demented thought crossed his mind; why hadn’t he finger-fucked his cock before? Naturally, he couldn’t now with mom and brother in the room, but that didn’t stop him from fantasizing.

In his perverted little fantasy, he was completely naked on the stage of the university theater. He was seated on a short stool, with his mom towering over him holding a riding crop. From gazing out into the sea of people, it looked like the whole student body must have been in attendance. His mom snapped the crop on the tip of his huge, erect penis without saying a word; Max whimpered and obeyed.

The audience loved it! They were practically rolling in the aisles with laughter. For added entertainment they began hurling eggs and tomatoes at him, pelting him until he was a disgusting mess. ‘Faster’ his mom would order, cracking the crop repeatedly on his bare ass. Max did his best to obey, his finger working like a piston. The inside of his massive member ached, but the outside actually hurt worse. He was so hard, so ridiculously hard…

The slamming of the front door jarred Max back to reality. Jake had just disappeared into the night, flash drive in hand. While the past several minutes might have been a daydream, the fact that Max was now so hard it actually hurt was very real. His once again rock-hard cock lay pulsating on his stomach.

His mom walked over slowly, analyzing tekirdağ escort the pathetic scene the same way a cat might stare at a cornered mouse. Standing nearly 6 feet tall, Sarah towered over her shrimp of a step-son. Max couldn’t help but gawk at the beautiful amazon as she approached. Her golden hair and kind, blue eyes made Sarah look almost angelic, but the sadistic grin on her lips told otherwise.

“You little turd,” she said jokingly, giving her son’s erect penis a poke with her finger. “I don’t think you learned anything!” Reaching down suddenly, she gave Max’s amazingly swollen plums a playful swat. Max howled, nearly jumping through the roof! It took Sarah almost a full minute to stop laughing.

“I don’t think I’ve ever…” she managed, before breaking into another fit of laughter, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so swollen.” Instead of sitting on the sofa, Sarah lowered herself to the floor, sitting cross-legged between her son’s feet.

“Look,” she said, grabbing one of his enormous nuts in each hand, “I can barely fit my hands halfway around them!” Over the past 2 years, his mom had developed something of an obsession with seeing how big Max’s testicles could swell. She treated it almost like a game. She would occasionally even take measurements. Max honestly couldn’t tell if her interest was genuine, or if she was using it as just yet another way to humiliate him. Either way, he enjoyed it immensely!

“Poor boy,” she cooed, lifting Max’s balls up away from the couch. “They must hurt so very bad.” Max winced, as his mom’s grip on his jewels tightened ever so slightly. “You must be in so much pain,” she added, locking eyes with her hapless step-son. Max swallowed hard as he felt beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead. He took several rapid breaths through his nose, trying not to hyperventilate. It took all his willpower to meet her gaze, knowing full well that any moment now his bright red nut-meat would be bulging from his mother’s vice-like grip.

After what felt like an eternity, Sarah let out a cute little giggle and unceremoniously released her son’s testicles. Sore as his balls were, just having them flop back into the sofa cushion made Max see stars. A small, rational part of Max was relieved at this surprising turn of events, but mostly he was just disappointed at a lost opportunity to suffer at his mother’s hands.

“Sorry,” Sarah said. Standing up from the floor, she planted a kiss on Max’s left cheek. “I shouldn’t be so mean to you on your birthday.”

“You shouldn’t be sneaking into the girl’s locker room though,” she added in a slightly more serious tone, while sitting down next to him on the couch. “I see Ms. Johnson already spoke with you,” she added with a grin, as she pointed to the metal ruler markings painfully etched into Max’s cock head.

“You were the first one to ever put me in a locker,” Max retorted, hoping that a little backtalk might make Sarah slightly less merciful.

“First off, mister,” Sarah replied defensively, but still with a tone of amusement, “that was a closet, not a locker. Secondly, it was a prank. It was homecoming week after all.”

Max remembered that Saturday night all too well. It was hard to believe that it happened a little over a year ago. Feigning anger at the B+ Max had gotten on a recent biology test, Sarah had ambushed him that fateful Saturday night with what she described as ‘an early birthday present for her dunce of a step-son.’ He had spent at least 30 minutes hogtied and naked in the trunk of his mom’s car, followed by several hours, still trussed up, in a dark sorority house closet. Sarah had strategically surrounded him with the residents’ used thongs and had written the words PANTY THIEF in bright red lipstick on his chest. When the pack of drunk sorority girls found him upon arriving home after bar close, that’s when the fun had really started! Convinced that he was part of a prank by a rival sorority, they took to exacting painful revenge on poor Max, taking turns punishing him until well after sunrise. After that night, the rumors had quickly spread around the university, forever altering Max’s college career. No longer was he seen as just some shy nerd. Instead, almost overnight, he became the resident campus pervert who needed to be taught a lesson. After that, college became a lot more interesting!

“I could have been kicked out of school,” Max whined, acting as though it hadn’t been one of the best nights of his life.

“Don’t be silly, you know Tiffany and I belonged to the same sorority,” Sarah responded incredulously. Max did indeed know this. Dean Johnson had been an undergrad around the time his mom was finishing up her doctorate; they were still close friends. “Plus, with the ridiculous amount of money I donate to that school each year, there’s no way.”

“You know, with the way you’re acting tonight,” Sarah paused for dramatic effect, “it’s almost like you don’t want your tekirdağ escort bayan birthday present.”

“No, please mom, I’m sorry,” Max responded desperately. He had no idea what his birthday present actually was, but he knew he wanted it more than anything.

“It’s alright honey,” Sarah responded, pulling her step-son’s head to her chest. Max’s eyes opened wide with surprise. He had never been this close to his step-mom’s big tits before. He could feel his head squish against them underneath Sarah’s sweater. “I can only imagine what a horrible day you’ve had.”

While Sarah delivered that last line perfectly, without any hint of sarcasm, in truth she knew better than anyone just how much her depraved, pain-slut of a step-son craved abuse. She never shoved it in Max’s face though. She treated all the horrible things she had done to him these past 2 years as ‘punishment,’ always finding a reason to justify why unfortunate, little Max deserved to suffer. On his end, Max also did his best to keep up the charade, being sure to always whimper, cry, and beg for mercy, even as his erect penis throbbed violently. This unspoken arrangement was just another reason why Max adored his step-mom.

“Should I go get it?” Sarah asked in a somewhat mischievous tone. Max nodded his head vigorously between his mother’s enormous juggs.

Sarah disappeared up the stairs to her bedroom. She returned after a minute or two carrying an oddly shaped, awkwardly gift-wrapped item. From what Max could see, it was wider at the bottom and narrowed as it reached the top.

“What’s that over there?” his mom asked, as she reached the bottom of the staircase. It took Max a moment to realize she was pointing at the box Ms. Johnson had sent home with him.

“It has something to do with a scholarship.” Max replied with a shrug. Since arriving home, he had almost completely forgotten about the mysterious box.

“You got the scholarship!” Sarah exclaimed. “That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to read the details.” Max was starting to suspect he was the only one not to know about his application to this program. He wondered whether it was his mother’s idea or Ms. Johnson’s…and also what the heck this ‘scholarship’ actually was.

“Do you want to open your gift first, or read about the scholarship?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“Gift please,” Max responded all too eagerly. The two week buildup to this point, two weeks of not being able to play with his monster cock, had driven him nearly insane; he didn’t want to wait another second.

“Here you go,” his mother said with a grin. Standing over him, she handed him the oddly wrapped gift. Max tore into it, quickly shredding the paper to get at the mystery object underneath.

“Extra Hydrating, Moisturizing Body Lotion?” Max read off the bottle completely perplexed. His heart sank; it was just a stupid bottle of lotion. “Does this mean I’m allowed to masturbate again?” Max asked hopefully.

“Something like that…” his mom responded in a sly tone, a smile creeping across her face. It was obvious she was enjoying her son’s confusion. She gently took the bottle from him and began pressing down the nozzle repeatedly, until an excessive pool of creamy white lotion had formed in her left hand. Setting down the bottle, she smeared some of the lotion into the palm of her right hand before kneeling down on the carpet in front of Max.

“What are you doing!?” Max yelped, as his mom took his giant penis in both hands. She had never touched his dick before…not like this! Sure, she had whipped it, spanked it, and punished it plenty, but never anything like this.

“What does it look like I’m doing, silly?” Sarah responded with giggle, as she slowly slid both her well-lotioned hands from the base of Max’s shaft to the very tip of his bulbous head. “I’m moisturizing you.”

“Does that feel good?” she asked softly, as she gently ran her hands back down her step-son’s unbelievably engorged penis. It did feel good, so in good in fact that Max couldn’t even begin to form words. He just lay there, slumped into the couch cushions, moaning with pleasure.

“My goodness, you’re such a big boy,” Sarah said with true amazement in her voice. “I’m mean, it’s one thing to just see it, but… look at this!” Wrapping her right hand as best she could around her son’s massive pole, she slowly ran it back up his glistening shaft, while pointing with her left hand to the inch size gap between her middle finger and thumb. “Does mommy’s big boy need two hands?” Sarah cooed the rhetorical question.

“Tell me,” Sarah asked, her right hand massaging her son’s swollen cock head, while her left gently caressed the underside of Max’s throbbing member, “how long have you wanted this? How long have you been desperately wishing that mommy would play with your big dick?” Eyes rolled into the back of his head and drool running down his cheek, Max was in no condition to answer. Even escort tekirdağ if her son had been able to speak, he wouldn’t have had an answer. Never in his wildest dreams did Max imagine his goddess of a step-mother pleasuring his freak dick. It felt so unbelievably good…too good in fact! Max realized with alarm just how soon this was all going to be over.

“Is mommy’s birthday boy going to make a mess on the carpet?” Sarah asked, as if reading her son’s thoughts. Max began to panic as he watched Sarah pick up the tempo, both hands tightening around her son’s giant cock. Max stared on helplessly as his monstrous appendage trembled in his mother’s hands, practically leaking like a faucet. (Clearly Sarah had given up long ago on keeping the carpet clean.) He couldn’t let this happen! He couldn’t let the most phenomenal moment of his life slip away in just a couple measly minutes. Desperate, Max realized he had to focus his mind on something else, something unpleasant.

While his mother continued to aggressively polish his pole, Max let his memories drift back to a dark wedding hall nearly 3 years ago. Max sat slouched and dejected, alone at one of the many gaudily decorated tables. A cold beer sat in front of him with barely a sip missing. Sarah had snuck him the beer, thinking that her 18 year old step-son was being moody because he wasn’t old enough drink. He remembered her asking if he was having fun; he had lied unconvincingly. She had smiled and given him a big hug, before running out onto the dance floor in her beautiful, white wedding dress. She and Max’s father had danced and twirled, looking like the perfect couple. His father, still quite strong even at 50, had picked Sarah up at one point to much applause from the wedding guests. All the while Max just sat there, watching helplessly, as his father danced with the woman Max loved.

“I’m so proud of you, honey,” Sarah said with a giggle, her words snapping Max back to reality. “You’re really making mommy work for it. Look, I’m sweating.” Sarah stopped stroking her son’s cock for a moment and made and exaggerated motion with her right arm, wiping a tiny bit of glistening sweat from her forehead. Then, without any warning, Sarah was pulling her sweater over her head. Max’s eyes practically bulged out of his head as he gaped at his step-mom, now completely topless except for a blue push-up bra.

Max’s enormous cock began twitching violently. He had never seen his step-mom like this! At most, Sarah might show her perverted step-son a little cleavage on special occasions, mostly as an excuse to punish him when he was inevitably caught looking (what Max considered a win-win scenario). There she was though, kneeling in front of him, her huge tits bulging out of that tiny little bra. It was all he could do to keep from blowing his load right then and there. He just sat there dumbfounded, ogling his curvaceous step-mother. From her beautifully tan skin to her flat stomach, with just a cute little hint of love-handles rising above her tight fitting jeans, her body was utter perfection.

“Ok, now I’m serious,” Sarah said with a chuckle, as she latched on again to her son’s meaty prick and began working his rod with renewed vigor. “It’s only a matter of time,” she added with a big smile.

“When the time does come, you just let mommy know where you want to put it,” Sarah said, giving her son a wink. “Do you want to gush all over mommy’s face?” She asked, bending over so the head of her son’s cock was aimed right between her eyes.

“Or, would you prefer to blow your load in mommy’s mouth?” Sarah giggled, watching as her son bit down on his bottom lip as he neared his breaking point. “I promise I’ll try my best to suck down every last drop of my birthday boy’s warm, salty cream.” She pressed the tip of Max’s huge dick to her lips and gave it a tiny kiss. She didn’t even bother wiping off the strands of precum from her mouth when she pulled away.

“How about on my tummy?” she inquired, laying down her back while still playing with her son’s penis. “Do you want to see your juices pool on mommy’s belly?” Sarah cooed.

“I think I know what you’d like,” Sarah said, getting back onto her knees while still tugging on her son’s big, slippery cock. “Would you like to cream all over mommy’s big titties?” She asked, leaning in so she could rub the head of Max’s penis against her ample chest. It wasn’t long before Sarah’s breasts, nearly bursting out of that little blue bra, were glistening with her son’s precum. “You’re always staring at mommy’s tits. I bet it would feel so good to, just once, cum all over them.”

Clenching his teeth and taking deep breaths through his nose, Max was just seconds away from the point of no return. Realizing that he had barely blinked in the past several minutes, Max closed his eyes for a moment. If he wanted to make this last any longer, he had to let his mind go somewhere else, somewhere dark.

Then, there he was again, lying on his bed in the pitch dark exactly two years ago. His alarm clock read 3 AM, as Max lay there literally shaking with fear. He listened in abject despair to every soft click and muffled keystroke coming from downstairs, punctuated by the occasional shocked gasp that caused his stomach to tighten into knots.

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