After The Hockey


God, it was hot in the team shower.

Gavin had been cold; in fact, freezing cold, the game had not been good, especially for his team. The cold seemed to have got into everyone’s bones.

They had lost four goals to one.

The game is hockey. Gavin had just played his first ever game for the first team, although he had been a member of the club for two years now. He had started out in the thirds, graduated last season to the seconds and that’s where he had started this season too. Then Billy Jones had been injured last week and the opportunity was there.

Gavin stood at the end of the showers, the new boy in the team. He knew some of the lads, of course, and the rest only by their names on team sheets. Now he knew them all a lot better.

He was daydreaming, enjoying the hot water after the freezing cold of the January afternoon outside. His daydreaming somehow turned to the women’s first team whose game had finished half an hour ago. They used the same showers, entering the washrooms by a different door.

The thought of eleven or twelve naked young women occupying this same area began to have an effect on him and Gavin’s penis began to stir. He turned away from the others and began to use the soap vigorously. This soon had the desired effect and he was soon able to turn again.

Most of the guys had finished and were stepping out of the pan, receiving a hot towel as they passed from old Alfie Jones, Billy’s father. One of the last to leave was Peter Greenwood, the skipper. He turned to Gavin.

“Not a very good baptism to the first team, young Gavin. Never mind we’ll do better next week. You did all right though. You available for next week?”

Gavin nodded.

“Good-oh. Looks like Billy will be out for the rest of the season with that leg so you’ll get an extended run to see how you shape up. It’s up to you, of course, but I think you’ll be in permanently!”

Peter left the shower leaving Gavin and one other left. He was so excited that he rubbed his skin all over, finishing with his prick, which was now growing a little again. Even soft it hung down his thigh for about six inches.

He let go quickly as his one remaining teammate turned around. It was Jack Knowles; the teams top scorer and star player. He had scored their only goal today.

Gavin grinned sheepishly as he let go of his penis. It didn’t flop down all the way and Jack looked at it and grinned.

“Nice cock Gavin old son,” he laughed. “Big too! I spotted you having a quick feel over in the corner a few minutes ago, didn’t I? Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Now Jack had a great body. He must work out, Gavin thought. He was broad in the chest, no hair, with a flat hard looking belly and rock hard muscles to his thighs. No wonder he brushed opponents away as if they were mere flies.

His cock attracted attention and Gavin risked a good look. It hung down between his thighs at least six inches, fat and smooth. Jack appeared to shave down there too as he had little or no pubic hair. He spotted Gavin’s gaze and grinned, lifting his tool on to the palm of his hand.

“I’m afraid that I’m rather proud of my tool Gavin,” he said. “I love to touch it and play with it. I love others to play with it too, especially my girlfriends. God, just the thought of one of them giving me a rub makes me grow. Look!”

Sure enough Jack’s cock could now stand by itself, almost pointing at Gavin.

“I, . . I was thinking pretty much the same just now,” he almost stammered, still watching Jack’s cock grow. “I was thinking about the girls in here half an hour ago. My girlfriend Barbara Smith is one of them.”

Now Gavin’s prick began to grow too.

“Come on! Quick!” said Jack. “Let’s wank them up to full stretch and measure them. See whose is the biggest!”

Jack grasped his cock firmly and began to wank. Gavin found this very arousing for some reason and he found himself wanking too. They were both soon at full stretch.

“Quick! Let’s measure before someone comes back in here and gives us a reputation. Put them together. Yes, like that!”

They stood facing each other and put their cocks side by side against each other. Gavin knew that he wasn’t gay but the feel of Jack’s hot ramrod beside his strangely moved him. If anything, his cock grew harder as they both held their tools together.

God! Their erections must be at least nine inches long!

“Same bloody size eh,” said Jack. “My reputation will be at stake when the girls find out; and they will, you mark my words. Blimey, I’d better get rid of this hard on!”

So saying, Jack turned to the white tiled wall and thrust out his tool. Within a second or two he was pissing against the wall. His erection began to shrink. Gavin decided to follow suit and both guys were soon able to follow their team mates in to the dressing room.

“Fancy a beer when we leave here?” asked Jack to Gavin as they dressed alongside each other.

“Why not?” he answered, still feeling strangely excited by Jack’s presence and the incident ardahan escort in the shower.

“How about the Black Bull? I’m meeting Betty Armstrong there later anyway. We’ll have a steak before we go back to my flat for a fuck. Are you meeting Barbara tonight?”

“I don’t know. I’ve got to call her.”

“Call her now and ask her. If she needs picking up we can do that on the way. She is the one with the big tits isn’t she? God, I’d love to play with those. You are a lucky sod!”

“I seem to remember that your Betty isn’t lacking in mammary glands,” said Gavin with a laugh. He was now much more comfortable in Jack’s company. He realised with a start that the thought had just gone through his mind that he wanted another look at Jack’s cock.

Gavin fished out his mobile and called Barbara.

“Hi darling,” she answered. “Wait a sec., I’m stark naked between changes at the moment!”

Soon she was able to happily confirm that a few beers and a steak at the Black Bull were fine by her. Gavin explained about the foursome.

“Oh yes, Betty Armstrong. I heard she was going out with Jack Knowles. He’s thought to swing both ways, you know. Maybe you’ll find out if he becomes a friend of yours. Betty’s got lovely big breasts. I’ll be ready by the time you get here.”

Gavin put his phone away and thought about what Barbara had said. Jack maybe swinging both ways? Then she was admiring Betty’s boobs. What was going on? Anyway, just thinking about it all was making his cock stir again.

He collected Barbara and she let him refresh his memory about her tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra tonight!

They arrived at the Black Bull to find Jack and Betty already there. Introductions were made and Jack and Gavin went to the bar. Jack ordered.

“I say Gav old son, I don’t want to say too much too soon but your girls’ tits are really something else! I’ll get a hard on just looking at them.”

“I get a hard on with her all the time,” replied Gavin with a smile. “Look!” He indicated the tent in his slacks. “I know she was groping me on the way over here but it hasn’t gone down at all.”

He didn’t like to say that standing next to Jack wasn’t helping either.

Jack looked at the bulge in Gavin’s slacks and stroked his right hand down his jean-covered thigh.

“I wouldn’t mind another look at yours, me old mate,” he said, slightly huskily. “How about it?”

Gavin stood very close to Jack at the bar. He could feel the lump in his jeans.

“Any time Jack. Anytime!”

They returned to the table with the drinks and raised their glasses in a toast. The talk turned to hockey and the mixed fortunes of the club. The girl’s first team had won three two so all was not bad. Betty didn’t play any more but she still supported the club.

“I’ve reached the top of my league now,” she giggled. “Pulling Jack for a date and then getting him to repeat it several times is the apogee of achievement in this club! Mind you, he does perform well at indoor sports too; don’t you my darling?”

Her hand disappeared under the table. “Hey, you’re hard already! What did you talk about at the bar?”

Barbara had also discovered Gavin’s condition. She squeezed and played with her prize and Gavin groaned audibly.

“More drinks?” asked Gavin. He wasn’t sure how he could get to the bar without being noticed. Much to his relief Betty volunteered to go and to pay for the round!

Jack indicated the toilets with a slight nod of his head and they ‘made their excuses’ and went.

The guys stood in an empty men’s room and faced each other, bulges showing prominently in their respective trousers.

“I’m not queer, you know,” Jack said. “I don’t think you are either. So what are we doing here desperate for a feel of each others’ cock’s?”

Gavin thought quickly and answered.

“I know that as soon as I saw your penis in the showers earlier I could only think how beautiful it is. I wanted to touch it then and I wanted to do it again. Please get it out for me Jack.”

Jack moved over to a cubicle, unzipped his pants and produced his thick hard tool.

“You too,” he gasped.

Gavin produced his cock and stepped towards Jack. He pushed him through the cubicle door and followed. They squashed together inside.

Gavin reached out with both hands and captured his prize. He pouched Jack’s equipment and almost caressed his hairless groin, cock and balls. This, he realised, was the feeling and sight that had attracted him so much. He groaned and revelled in the touch.

Jack groaned too and took hold of Gavin’s hard shaft and began to wank him. Gavin produced pre cum juice and Jack spread it feverishly.

“God Jack, how do you get to be so soft and hairless,” Gavin moaned. “I want mine to be like that.”

“I’ll get the stuff and you can get Barbara to do it for you. I got Betty to do mine last week. All my girlfriends that I’ve asked to do it love doing it. It gets me hard so they get a good rogering straight afterwards!”

Gavin ardahan escort bayan squatted down on the floor and examined Jack’s equipment at close quarters. He felt light headed. He wanted to suck Jack’s cock and said so.

“No problem old son,” answered Jack. “Come around in the morning and do it. We’ve got to get this out of our system, haven’t we? We’d better get back to the girls. You want to stay in here while I piss?”

In fact Gavin kept a hold on Jack’s prick as he pissed into the pan and then Jack did the same for him.

The girls made various comments on their return but nothing definite was said. They had a couple more drinks and then went into the restaurant part of the pub. Plenty of wine was consumed as they ate so they were all feeling happy and relaxed as they left.

A taxi had been ordered by Jack, which dropped off Barbara and then Gavin. Their relationship had not progressed far enough yet for him to be invited in so late at night, meaning that he could stay over. Jack and Betty had no such inhibitions. She had extracted his cock from his jeans long before they got to Barbara’s and now had it in her mouth. Gavin felt distinctly jealous as he watched his new friend’s smooth hard cock move in and out of Betty’s mouth.

Too soon for Gavin the taxi reached Jack’s apartment block. Without hiding his cock Jack handed Gavin a fiver, pulled Betty from the cab and stuck his head back in through the cab door.

“About eleven tomorrow should be fine, Gavin old son,” he grinned as he shut the door. Gavin watched enviously as Jack and Betty disappeared into the building.

In bed shortly after arriving home, Gavin examined his cock. He touched himself from root to tip but resisted tossing off. He wanted to save what was preparing itself in his balls for tomorrow; he did, however, wish that he were about to deliver it deep inside Barbara’s cunt. Soon, he promised himself. Soon!

He fell asleep dreaming of a smooth cock and balls, his fingers clutching his own more hairy equipment.


Jack Knowles awoke the next morning with a hard on and Betty Armstrong by his side. She was naked with her legs wide open but for some reason Jack knew that that was not the reason he was so hard. Then he remembered! Gavin was due at eleven!

Jack checked his watch on the bedside cabinet; it was half past ten already. He eased himself off the bed and into the bathroom. He closed the door and entered the shower. The jet of water invigorated him but his erection did not subside. He caressed himself and groaned silently.

He left the shower naked and went into the kitchen. He put the coffee on and then went into the lounge to tidy up the furniture where he and Betty had disturbed it with all with their activities last night.

The doorbell rang!

Jack grabbed his robe off the inside of the bedroom door, checking that Betty was still asleep as he closed the door. He padded silently to the entrance door and checked the spy hole viewer.

He could see Gavin outside!

Jack quickly unlocked the door and let Gavin in, quickly guiding him into the lounge.

“Christ Gavin, you don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve thought of nothing else since I woke up!”

“Er, I can tell,” smiled Gavin. “You’ve got no underpants on, have you?”

Jack glanced down to see his stiff cock poking through the centre of his robe. He noticed that the end was secreting pre cum juice already.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “I meant to be so cool and relaxed for you. Ohhh, to Hell with it; there you are. Have a look at all I have.”

Jack dropped his robe and took hold of his shaft, pointing it at Gavin’s face as he sat on the sofa.

Gavin sat quite still, calmly examining Jack’s organ at close quarters. He licked his lips and Jack, seeing him do it, moaned and pushed his rod nearer.

“Oh Christ fucking Hell Gav, let me see yours. I’m desperate to touch it. Please, come on, get your gear off!”

Gavin stood and dropped his jeans and pants, his aching tool springing and bouncing upwards. He lifted his t-shirt over his head and threw it away. As he did so he captured Jack’s cock in both hands and began to frig him gently but firmly.

Jack moaned and pouched Gavin’s cock and balls, spreading his pre cum juice down his shaft.

Both men looked down at the others’ genitals in their hands. They said nothing; they just fondled one another.

There was no talk, each knew what they wanted to do and feel. They were generating so much heat and leaking so much juice that both sets of genitalia were wet with pre cum.

Gavin suddenly turned and bent forward, resting his hands on the sofa cushions with his arse in the air. Jack stepped forward and fitted his hard shaft into Gavin’s arse crack, reaching around his hips to recapture his cock. He began to wank Gavin’s cock slowly but firmly. Gavin moaned and pushed his arse firmly back on to Jack’s tool.

Jack?” groaned Gavin.

“Yeah,” escort ardahan gasped Jack, as his cock grew some more.

“Don’t make me come on your hands. I want to shoot my load up your arsehole. Please!”

“That’s OK, that’s what I want too!”

“Get my arse juiced up now,” said Gavin. “I want to feel that hard smooth cock of yours up my arsehole. Don’t worry about your size; I want to feel you inside of me!”

Jack began to rub his cock tip into Gavin’s entrance. His piss hole was now leaking continuously, filling the little depression. When he felt that he had deposited enough he pulled back and dropped to his knees behind Gavin.

He pulled Gavin’s cheeks wide open and grunted in satisfaction as he watched his sticky juice drain into the hole. He held the hole wide open as he gently eased first one, then two fingers into the inviting hole before him. He began to frig the passageway.

Now he stood again and recaptured Gavin’s cock and balls with his free hand. They were hot and wet and juicy. He rubbed the excess down Gavin’s arse crack and then rubbed it on to his own prick. He presented his cock tip to Gavin’s hole.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Fucking Hell, yessss,” gasped Gavin.

“Here goes then,” grunted Jack and pushed his tool towards the strangely inviting arse channel. His knob end fitted snugly into the aperture and he pushed firmly.

Gavin sighed and reached around behind him to clutch at his own arse cheeks, opening them even wider for Jack. Jack just kept on pushing, the heat at his tip from Gavin’s arsehole attracting him more and more. He pushed again. Gavin half collapsed against the rear sofa cushions, his fingers opening himself even wider. Jack, falling towards Gavin as he collapsed found his cock embedded in his friends arsehole.

Both men froze at the feelings and emotions that suddenly engulfed them. Gavin felt the long thick smooth shaft deep inside him. Jack felt himself enclosed by a soft but tight hot channel.

It’s heaven! They both thought the same thing at the same time but for different reasons, of course. What a fit!

His cock feels so wonderful, thought Gavin. So hot, so firm, so long! I hope he fucks me with it soon. I want him to fuck me and shoot his spunk deep inside me.

God, what a hot channel, thought Jack. It’s hotter than Betty’s cunt; and it’s tighter too. I want to fuck it. I want to fill it with spunk!

“Jack?” groaned Gavin.

“Yes Gav.”

“Fuck me now! I want it! I want you to fuck me hard with your big tool until you burst up my arse. I want to feel your hot cum inside me. Fill me with your spunk!”

Jack eased back up Gavin’s hot channel and then pushed back in again. He met no resistance! He repeated the movement and felt his big cock slide into Gavin’s deep burning hot arsehole.

“Christ Gavin, that feels fucking fantastic. I won’t be able to hold back very long at this rate. Your hole is sucking at my cock!”

“You can do what you like,” panted Gavin. “I’m going to roger your arsehole too as soon as you shoot your load up mine. Grope me as you fuck me though!”

Jack regained his hold on Gavin’s cock and played with his balls. It crossed his mind that Gavin’s prick felt bigger than his own but he knew that couldn’t be true; everybody knew that he had the biggest cock by far in the hockey club. He suddenly wanted to look, just to make sure. He began to thrust harder into Gavin. If that’s what Gavin wanted then that was what he was going to get, an arse full of spunk!

Gavin felt that a long hot stiff poker was spearing him; then threatening to remove itself and then pushing back inside him. It was getting faster and faster and he just knew he was going to explode. He knew he wanted to come without shooting his load and wondered if that was possible.

Jack was now fucking hard up Gavin’s arse. His spunk was gathering and he wanted to deliver! He had a firm grip on Gavin’s hipbones as he thrust into his arse faster and faster. He could hear Gavin’s cock slapping on his belly as his rhythm increased.

“Are you ready for delivery Gav?” he gasped and panted. “I can’t hold it much longer!”

“Fire away,” grunted Gavin. “I’m ready for your spunk. Go on, give it to me; right up my fucking arsehole!”

“Right,” shouted Jack, “here it is!”

He rammed his cock home and stopped. At the top of Gavin’s arse channel his hot jism squirted out of his piss crack. Gavin reacted.”

“Oh my God,” he shouted, “that’s fucking hot. Go on, finish it off, fill my fucking arsehole. Make me drip cum!”

Jack felt that this was the best come that he had ever had. He felt that he shot more spunk, that’s for sure. Was he a homo after all?

He had his eyes shut with the acute pleasure of ejaculating and it was a moment or two before he realised that Gavin had slid off his tool. Then he felt his partner behind him.

Gavin’s hands crept between Jack’s legs and began to gather the sticky excrement from his cock. He anointed Jack’s arsehole with the mixture as he rubbed his thick hard shaft up and down Jack’s arse crack. Soon he was ready.

“Are you ready for the return treatment Jack?” said Gavin, close behind Jack’s right ear.

“OK but be careful Gavin. Your cock feels ginormous up my crack. Don’t ruin my crap passage for ever, will you?”

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