All Mine Ch. 04: Lazy Sunday


Author’s note. This chapter is a bit lovey dovey. If you’re not into that, SORRY! It might also be a bit shorter than the last one. I haven’t measured it; I just kinda end them where the idea naturally burns out. Enjoy!


Melinda woke slowly. Red hair splayed on her pillow, she felt something on top of her, lightly touching her face and neck. Her senses came to her slowly, but she was aware of a weight on her; all around her, keeping her pinned on the bed. The pressure was heavy but comfortable.

She heard a soft murmur, then felt a pair of lips press against hers. Her echoic memory translated the words. “Good morning,” someone had said. She remembered the previous night quickly, and realized it was that incorrigible lover of hers on top of her, canoodling her while she woke up.

Anne, Melinda thought fondly. She couldn’t honestly do much else but think. The young woman was pinned down. Anne laid on top of her, arms wrapped around Melinda’s body. With a flood of embarrassment and reluctant arousal, the redhead realized Anne had her legs spread. She tried to speak, but Anne pressed her lips against Melinda’s, keeping the smaller woman quiet, save for a soft whine.

If it came down to a struggle, Anne would win hands down. Melinda gave up nearly a foot in height, and several pounds of muscle to her opponent. Not only that, Anne had an aggression and a seductive approach that debilitated Melinda. Tan, black haired, and well built, and devilishly handsome, Anne was far stronger than the small, soft, buxom Melinda. It was quite the point of contention; last night, Anne had picked on and played with the redhead to her heart’s content, both at the gym and in Anne’s house. Melinda was now waking up in Anne’s bedroom.

It was maddening, but intensely arousing. Melinda never knew how much she loved being dominated. She didn’t even know she liked women until last night.

When Anne parted their lips, Melinda managed a two soft words. “Quit it.” The sentence wasn’t particularly convincing to Anne, but the woman decided to let Melinda catch her breath. She laid her face between Melinda’s neck and shoulder, relaxing there. “C’mon. I can’t move…” Melinda squirmed, but the effort only made Anne laugh.

“I’m not even trying,” Anne said lightly into Melinda’s neck, sending a shiver down the redhead’s spine with her breath. “How about a quickie? Before you leave, huh?”

“You’ve already gotten me twice.” Melinda’s squirming intensified. “Let me go.” Anne briefly tightened the hug, and Melinda squeaked softly. The sound made Anne laugh more. “Stop.” Embarrassed now, Melinda stopped moving, and Anne got bored of the one-sided contest. She stood up on her knees, and Melinda closed her legs, but didn’t get out of bed. Anne took it as a cue to get in more quality time.

Laying back down beside Melinda, she wrapped an arm around the smaller woman, kissing her shoulder. The redhead didn’t move, staring at the ceiling. Last night had been the best sex she’d ever had, and likely the best night of sleep. Anne gently bit Melinda’s shoulder, still testing the waters. She worked one arm around the redhead’s shoulders, her free right hand falling on Melinda’s belly.

“You’re really cute.” Anne lifted the covers to look Melinda over, eyes feasting on her naked body. The redhead, incensed, yanked the covers back down, still on guard. “Fine, fine.” The raven haired woman conceded, her hand returning to the woman’s stomach. “So, rate my performance. How was I last night?”

Melinda didn’t answer, staring up at fethiye escort the ceiling. Anne sighed loudly. “You know, we talked about this. I hate it when you go quiet on me.” Anne’s hand traced small circles around Melinda’s belly button. Just that touch was agitating Melinda in a good way. She wanted to lay back and let Anne fuck her again, but she resisted the urge to submit, keeping on a poker face.

If I let Anne pick on me, and reward her with sex, she’ll fuck with me constantly. The word “fuck” carried a dual meaning in this context. I gotta lay down the law somehow.

Anne’s hand moved up to Melinda’s chest. The redhead covered her nipples with her hands, biting her lip. Anne grinned, getting up onto her shoulder and looking down at Melinda. She said nothing, maintaining control and staying on the attack. Melinda felt herself melt.

That power. Anne radiated it. She could never lay down the law with Anne because Anne had her beat in almost every regard. Bigger, stronger, clearly more experienced. “That’s right.” Anne whispered the words. “You know you’re mine, don’t you?”

Melinda rolled onto her side and Anne moved with her, pulling Melinda so her ass was against Anne’s crotch. Melinda laid there helplessly as Anne spooned her. “Where do you think you’re going?” Anne’s voice was pleasant, but ravenous. Melinda felt the heat of Anne’s breath as the bigger woman moved in to bite her neck. Anne’s hand crept down Melinda’s belly, moving towards her exposed, naked pussy. Melinda felt her heart pounding in her chest as she quickly managed a few words to halt this madness.

“…Can we just talk for a while?” Melinda managed the words before Anne could make her move. She half expected the woman to ravish her anyway. To her surprise, Anne backed off.

“Sure.” Anne said casually. Melinda breathed a quiet sigh of relief. “What’s your full name?”

Melinda swallowed. Something urged her not to do give up her full name quite yet. She was deeply superstitious, and had a fascination with demon lore. Among demons, names carried power. To fully banish a spirit back to hell, one needed the demon’s name.

In this age of social media and digital profiles, a name carried weight too. If she gave away her name, Anne would have her by the metaphorical balls.

“…Tell me yours first.” Melinda decided to see if Anne trusted her. It would also buy time to make up her mind.

“Anne Aiden Pinder.”

“What’s Anne short for?” Melinda’s suspicion faded, replaced by curiosity.

“…Uh…” Anne stopped for a moment, her brow furrowing.

“Holy shit,” Melinda murmured. She turned her body around to face Anne. She had a giddy smile on her face. “That’s the first time I’ve gotten you to hesitate about something.” Anne didn’t look amused. Melinda didn’t feel intimidated by her blank stare. She felt powerful, as a matter of fact. “Is it something embarrassing?”

With a sigh, Anne decided to get it over with and say it. Alright, may as well rip this band-aid off.

“Tiffany. Tiffany Aiden Pinder.” Anne said the name through her teeth. Melinda cupped her hands to her mouth, trying not to laugh. Melinda failed, laughing out loud in Anne’s face. The raven haired woman rolled her eyes, but had a smile on her face. The two shared a laugh for a moment. As embarrassing as it was, it did feel good to laugh at herself. Melinda had a pretty laugh.

“Yeah, I’ve always hated that name. So frilly and girly. I’d kill for a name like Melinda. Linda would be great.”

Collecting herself, Melinda wiped a laughter induced escort fethiye tear from her eye. “I think Anne suits you. It’s strong.”

“Thanks. So, your full name?” Anne passed the mike back to Melinda, so to speak. The redhead thought for a moment, before throwing caution to the wind and giving her name.

“Melinda Fiametta Aisling.” Melinda was proud of her name. “Aisling means-“

“Dream, in Irish. It’s fitting.” Anne finished the sentence for Melinda, much to her surprise. “I write in my spare time. Was going to name someone in one of my stories Aisling.”

Melinda gave Anne a look of wonder that flattered the woman. “I think we’re gonna get along just fine, Millie.” Anne gave Melinda a kiss on the forehead. Melinda lowered her head, a bit embarrassed. “If you want, that is.”

“I don’t have much of a choice in the matter, do I?” Melinda rolled onto her back. Anne was right on her, one arm around her waist and the other on her stomach. Anne tangled her legs with Melinda’s. “See? You’re all over me. Getting away from you is like trying to slip a pair of handcuffs.”

“Do you like handcuffs?” Anne asked the question in a frighteningly genuine manner. Melinda went bright red with surprise, but Anne laughed it off. “I’m just playing, Melinda.” She pulled the redhead closer. “You do have a choice. Here, we’ll have a safe word. If you ever want out, or need room to breathe, or want me to fuck off, just say ‘Foxtrot.'”

“…Okay.” Melinda said. She forgot how sensitive and friendly Anne could be. Between the fevered sex sessions in the car, and in the bed, Anne had helped her through an anxiety attack. She’d even cooked Melinda a nice meal. It should be no surprise that Anne cared about Melinda’s feelings on some level, as well as her well-being. “So…the cat’s name is Artie?”

Melinda recalled a tortoiseshell cat skulking around.

“Artemis. Artie for short. He’s the nicest cat you’ll ever meet.”

Melinda thought up another question on the fly. “So…why do you have a gun?”

Anne looked past Melinda at the pistol on the nightstand. She shrugged. “I’m a gun nut. I have a few of them, actually. I just keep that one nearby.”

“Do you ever shoot them?”

“All the time,” Anne answered. “I can take you to a shooting range sometime.”

“Why’d you pick on me in the gym?” Melinda was enjoying the interview. She thought up questions quickly, and Anne wasn’t afraid to answer.

“Because I knew it’d work.”

“How?” Melinda asked.

“Because it did,” Anne answered the question simply, as if she were replying to basic math. “I sized you up, picked an approach, and went for it. I knew if I just hit on you like any normal guy, you’d have shot me down. I had to throw in a little aggression. Make you want it.”

“…How are you always so sure of yourself?” Melinda genuinely admired that about Anne. Every move Anne made got results. Instilling intimidation to make Melinda fall in line. A gentle touch, and genuine altruism to add fuel to the growing admiration. Teasing and bullying to add a frustration that made Melinda long to see the positives. “Why are you so in control of me all the time?”

Anne, in quite possibly the most infuriating move yet, answered with a kiss. She leaned in and took Melinda’s lips, parting them and pushing her tongue into Melinda’s mouth. She embraced Melinda tightly, keeping an arm around the small of her back. A leg moved up between the redhead’s thighs, and Anne rolled Melinda onto her back, grinding her. Anne started necking her, kissing Melinda’s throat as fethiye escort bayan she breathed shakily. “Ah…” Melinda’s moan was soft and pleasing to Anne’s ears. “…C’mon,” Melinda sighed. The redhead reached up to wrap her arms around Anne’s neck, but the woman grasped her wrists and gently pinned them above Melinda’s head.

Anne pulsed her hips, keeping her thigh pressed against Melinda’s pussy. The friction was working well. Melinda gave a soft, sharp moan with each movement. Keeping both Melinda’s hands pinned with one of hers, Anne reached down and grasped Melinda’s breast. The redhead bucked slightly, embarrassed to have her tit kneaded. She’d been with men before, but to their dismay she hadn’t let a man put a hand there for long. Now, she didn’t have much of a choice. Anne tested it in her hand, gripping softly. Then, she did something that drove Melinda wild. She pinched Melinda’s nipple hard, giving it a slight twist. “AH!” The redhead yelped, her back arching, her legs clenching. Anne rocked her hips faster, the grinding getting Melinda wetter and wetter.

She kissed Melinda on the mouth. Melinda kissed back, albeit sloppily. Anne worked Melinda’s bottom lip in her teeth, giving her another peck before she traveled downwards. Anne’s hand slipped between Melinda’s legs, and her fingers caressed Melinda’s clit. The black haired woman’s mouth went to Melinda’s nipple, sucking it as she grinded her and toyed with her clit. Melinda cried out as she finished. Anne came too, the heat and grinding taking her there. She relaxed, collapsing onto Melinda.

Her hands free, Melinda explored Anne’s body for a moment, tracing the muscles of her back, then gently squeezing her arm. It was hard as spring steel wire. Her explorations were cut short when Anne gathered her up, pinning her arms down and laying on top of her. She was gratified, but she still wanted to keep Melinda pinned. She kissed and licked her captive, until Melinda managed a few words.

“Can I put my bra and panties on…? I feel weird being naked in bed.” Melinda was exhausted, but she had the energy to get dressed that much. Though Anne didn’t like the idea of Melinda’s soft breasts being out of sight, the idea was a bit alluring. Leaving something to the imagination.

“Fine. But afterwards, you’re coming back to bed.” Anne’s words were a calm, clear order. Melinda nodded obediently. She clipped on her bra and pulled up her panties, crawling back into bed as Anne’s arm wrapped around her stomach.

The moment she was back in place, Anne continued messing around. She reached down to Melinda’s ass, cupping it. “Hey…” Melinda whined. Anne’s hand hooked Melinda’s panties and pulled them up. “Stoooooooop!” Anne couldn’t help but laugh. She reached around Melinda’s back, and with a quick snap of her fingers, she unhooked Melinda’s bra-strap. “Damn it… What was the point of even getting dressed…?” Melinda put her hands on her breasts, keeping her bra from being stolen. Anne decided to stop antagonizing, and for a little while, the two just laid there quietly.

“…Isn’t it nice to just share a silence?” Anne relaxed, holding Melinda closely. Melinda’s eyes lit up.

“You like Pulp Fiction too? I love that movie.”

“…What’s Pulp Fiction?”

“Never-mind,” Melinda said. She was dejected that Anne hadn’t seen it, but was rather dumbstruck that Anne had accidentally quoted it. “We’ll watch it together sometime.”

“So, you want to keep me around, Millie?” Anne laid on top of Melinda, who nodded her head yes. “Good.”

“…Yeah. Good.”

The two of them stayed in bed for hours after that. They stayed together for quite a bit longer.

“…Oh, and Anne?”

“Yeah, Melinda?”

“You were a perfect ten, all three times.”

“Then let’s make it four.”

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