All the way through


All the way throughWearing my very tight skirt, the hem digging against my thicc thighs, wearing those sexy shiny black heels and stockings all the way up to my upper thighs, displaying enough of my thicc thighs to make men, women and k*ds turn around for another look to register the view in their minds so they can go home and fap their dicks to me.but that wasn’t all, above my tight skirt, I am wearing a tube top with an open white mini shirt, the top and middle of my cleavage is wide open, my tits are 42K…am a pretty thicc girl with a round bubbly cute face, I’ve done my auburn and green hair into pigtails.and finally, I had a surprise, tucked away deep inside my skirt…and tits.as I was walking down the street I see all sexes and all ages looking at me like the sexiest most delicious object, a boy literally drooled and choked while staring at my cleavage. but the girls, omg, they’re so hot, they might çanakkale escort not be full bodied or daring like me, but they’re still hot and sexy as ffffuck….my clit started to throb, I need to fap right now, I found the cafe that I was going to, and excused to go to the washroom before ordering.I went in, closed the toilet seat, put some paper towls on it – as am not an an*m*l – thankfully the washroom was rather large, it could fit 6 people comfortably.I only take off my skirt, keeping my white panties on, but my dick was soo huge it was sticking out of my panties, and I start to fap like whore.I fap remembering the boys and girls I passed by, I grab my tit with the other hand and squeeze like its my last day on earth,I moan and I moan loudly into the echos of the washroom, I pick my balls and massge them, then back to my cock, fuck, mo*es*ing myself hard until escort çanakkale I cum all over the door which was infront of me, but I don’t stop jerking off my dick as cum oozes out and over my knuckles and between my palm and my dick as it makes a wet sounds while rubbing myself prostitutely.the door gets knocked on, and up I open the door, I see 2 pretty girls and I bring them in before they say a word. and I order them to lick the cum off the door as I masturbate to them.a couple of young whores obviously hungry and in college.they lick my semen off the door happily, one of them turns around and I grab her from her hair and plug my cock into her throat, fucking her hard as she moans into my dick, making unclear noises, I shove my finger into her pussy to rub.I ask the other girl to fuck my mouth with hers, so we kiss deeply and solemnly, passionately, we make çanakkale escort bayan a wet mess over the first girl whom is now bent over.the nipples on my tits transform into cocks, more like tentacle cocks, one starts fucking the bent over girl, the other fucks the standing girl.as am fucking the bottom girl’s mouth I cum inside her, impregnating her stomach, my tentacles cum also, so deep inside both of them, that they cough cum off their mouths, I kiss both of them and suck the cum off their mouths.my dick gets bigger and I ask both girls to fuck each other as I start sucking my own cock casually. as soon as they start kissing I shower them and myself in cum…I can’t help it…fucking sexual.I retreat my tentacles and shove them inside my cunt, so deep that they come out of my mouth and back into their mouth for a decent blowjob, we stay in this position for at least two minutes, as my tentacles throb through me, my mouth open the entire time as I cum inside their bodies, then twist my tentacles to cum over my face and inside my mouth too…fuck…I retreat my tentacles, my cock calms down, I kiss both girls goodbye and leave the washroom for my honey caramel hot chocolate.As I leave the cafe, I see I teen boy…

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