All Those Forbidden Thoughts Ch. 02


The indigo black lakeside sky was littered beautifully with twilight stars. Inhaling deeply, I tried my best to relax before walking the cobbled path down to the lower floor of the cabin where our bedroom was. These old cabins were always piecemealed together, jumbled without much thought. Unfortunately, for me, there was no chance of accidentally bumping into my daughter late at night with this type of room arrangement.

With the granddaughters fast asleep, I imagined that my daughter, her husband were settling in for the night. I wondered if she would dream about me? About us. Subconsciously my hand slid under the elastic waistband of my pjays ever so lightly touching my sensitive hardness. With just the whisp of my finger, it erected like a veiny iron bar. I twirled my finger around the frenulum and ridge of my cock for a couple of minutes before opening the door beside the garage that was the entrance to our bedroom. The nightstand light was still on and my wife opened her sleepy eyes as I clattered the ill-fitting door open. That was a mistake, I thought to myself, as I tried to figure out a way to climb into bed, without her noticing my flagging erection. I hesitated only a second or two. To hell with it! I dropped my pjays on the floor and lifted off my t-shirt.

“Oh! You’re really hard! Why are you so hard?” She smirked naughtily and bugged her eyes out, wide awake.

I didn’t want to explain the real reason why. That I was illicitly having a sexual interplay with our daughter. That it was more. That she watched me masturbate.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll just have to fuck you, to take care of this, won’t I?” I hopped up on the bed pulling the covers off of her.

“Oh, will you?” She chuckled, sounding as if she was a little hard to get.

That wasn’t happening. I grabbed the panties from her hips and ripped them down. Pushing her legs wide apart. I forced myself between them and lifted her nighty until I uncovered her breasts.

“Oh, you’re being bad.” She teased mocking that she was a prude, holding me off with her hands.

Without waiting for her to even get moist I arched my back and I drove my steely cock as deep as I could. Her pussy lubricated almost as fast as I fucked her.

“Oh geezuz, fuck.” She was enjoying the fast, hard, dominating, and ravishing fuck.

My cock was so erect and sensitive and with each quaking thrust, my climax closed in.

I closed my eyes, thinking of Christine. Imagining I was incestuously fucking her daughter for the first time as I pounded the fuck out of my wife.

“Christ, fuck!” The point of no return had long past and the pent-up sperm powered its way up my urethra. “Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” I was pumping her full of my boiling seed while thinking incestuous thoughts of her daughter.

“Wow, what made you so fucking horny?” She asked as my cock oozed the last drops of spunk inside her.

I panted with my hips locked to her pelvis still shaking, trying to concoct a response. “Must be all the fresh air and relaxation,” I smirked. In my mind I answered truthfully, must be the dad-daughter fun me and Christine had!

Utterly spent, selfishly I rolled off and flopped on my back beside her.

It was several minutes by the time my wife made her way back from the trail upstairs to the bathroom.

“You had quite a load.” She jerked the covers quite a bit, climbing back into bed next to me. It seemed like she wanted to have a little bit of lovey-dovey talk before going to sleep again.

“Uh-huh.” Keeping my eyes almost completely closed, my response was not much more than a murmur. My mind was elsewhere and I didn’t want to talk. I cozied my head in the plush pillow wishfully hoping it would be a night full of erotic forbidden dreams involving Christine.

Shit, I slept in and was behind schedule for our dad-daughter morning workout routine. In my mind, I was already imagining my daughter’s skin tight workout outfit. Fuck-it. I skipped the shirt, the mirror, and everything else, threw on my gym shorts, and made a b-line for the sundeck. Possibly the last morning workout together before we had to end our vacation. Christine beamed a glowing smile when I crested the cabin path to the sundeck. The sun shimmered off her perspiration further accenting how sexual she appeared to me.

Christine’s eyes followed me when I claimed my side of the sundeck and started doing jumping jacks. My eyes gravitated to her clingy cameltoe then up to her pointy nipples. The pale beige skin-coloured fabric left nothing to the imagination.

“You have such a great body, daddy.”

“So do you love, so sexy.” My eyes x-rayed her pubic mound.

Christine caught my gaze. With her back to the cabin window, distinctively she mouthed the words ‘no panties’ at me then carefully traced her finger upwards in a line between her labia before moving to her next workout routine.

No panties, shit! My cock spirited to a steely pointing rod, not at all concealed by the track shorts. I turned my back away from topkapı escort the cabin window as well. What a tease!

Typically, I didn’t have to avoid hammering my cock into the sundeck, during a push-up set. Flopping on the mat, I noticed Christine adjusting the music selection on her outdated iPhone. I stood up and tugged on my shorts, fantasizing about a much sexier workout. Looking over her shoulder I pretended to be scrutinizing her music choices. “You like teasing daddy, don’t you?” My loud breathy whisper was close to the back of my daughter’s neck.

Christine turned the side of her face into my breath and gave my cock a quick grasp by rotating her wrist back. “I think my daddy likes it.”

I went back to my mat to do some side planks strategically facing away from the cabin windows. That’s the only exercise I could think of at the moment that would not have my cock flopping around like a phallic pendulum.

My daughter aligned her blue yoga mat, so it was next to mine, took a look at my heavy cock, and smirked proudly. “Looks like another muscle needs exercise daddy!”

“I’m going to make you massage a muscle for me.” I retorted seriously.

Christine was doing some mountain climbers, l looking at me and smiling. “I’ll make you do some ab exercises… on me daddy!”

Jezus fucking Christ! She was making me even more turned on. “Or you can do some deep leg squats on dad’s cock. One good turn deserves another, doesn’t it Christine?”

I lost track of my exercise routine and sat down on my butt, trying to figure out how I would get my erection to go down before breakfast. I looked over my shoulder at the window. Luckily no one was paying attention to us.

Christine paused for a bit before responding. “Only if daddy sucks my big tits.”

“I ain’t got nothing,” I replied, genuinely knowing any more sexual flirting would have me practically wanting to rip off that clingy gym-wear and fuck her in front of my wife and her husband!

My daughter stood up and tapped her cell phone screen. She gave me a hair fling and over the shoulder fuck-me daddy smile before entering the cabin.

I inhaled so deeply anyone watching would have thought I just held my breath for two minutes. Fuck so fuckable, and so very dangerously playful, if anyone had noticed we’d be in so much trouble.

Rather than enter the cabin with my never-say-die hard-on, I headed down the cobbled path and across the road to the lake, hoping the glassy cool morning water would temper my erection. Five or ten minutes of standing in the water and stubbing my toes on the sharp rocks of the lake bottom, fortunately, did the trick.

Breakfast seemed especially summery and fun that morning. Our granddaughters’ batteries were fully recharged after the night’s sleep and I had a blast trading cereals and helping make the table a mess until they were done.

To date, this had been bar-none the best, but riskiest summer holiday ever and had me alternating between feeling thrilled, appreciative, then anxious and hesitant. Daydreaming about the multitude of outcomes, I felt myself pensive and drowning in thought until Christine came over to wipe off the kitchen table. She put her hand on my shoulder softly, caressing it. My sense of hesitation disappeared as she massaged her fingers softly into my tense neck and shoulder muscles. Every lusty daydream and sexual innuendo that I could think of I imagined being transmitted with her touch.

I pursed a close-lipped grin at my daughter while she rinsed the washcloth. Her responsive smile mirrored everything I was feeling about our secret love. Everything good. Everything tempestuous.

Nothing overtly sexual, nor any moments of escape occurred during that last beach day, however many of Christine’s glances back at her dad carried that loving smile she shared earlier in the morning. It felt very special. Flirting and fulfilling. Confirming our love. Confirming our incestuous desire.

Despite our best efforts to extend the last beach day of our time together, it passed too quickly. Tidying up the beach gear, dinner, and evening activities centered around the grandkids.

Bedtime for the girls closed in and I got ready to read them a couple of stories. Walking back to the big chair, I casually bumped into Christine. I smiled and placed my hand on the small of her back, careful to be unseen by my wife or her husband. She stopped momentarily and leaned back into my hand, before sitting down.

Sitting in the big comfy old chair, my smile was that much larger as I unfolded the first storybook.

Being the last night together, the girls talked grandpa into a few extra stories and there were a lot of tired faces by the time the grandkids got settled. Emotionally I was still wide awake, I decided to surf the internet while everyone else went to bed. I didn’t want this day or our time together to end. It was difficult to contemplate this wonderful pause in this different life and to the pandemic fatigue that etiler escort was setting in for everyone.

Alone, I was numbly surfing webpages, when Christine padded out of her room. Her oversized white fluffy slippers shuffled over the wood plank floor as she walked towards me. She looked totally awake. I broke out of my funk immediately.

I closed the laptop as she padded over to the chair. Her eyes sparkled sassily. “Read me a bedtime story daddy?”

“Of course.” I slid the laptop onto the wood cabin floor, careful not to drop it and make a noise.

Christine plopped sideways on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Maybe a story about a big bad wolf?”

Our lips locked in a wet kiss filled with the day’s pent-up energy. My daughter ground her pelvis on my lap slowly, erecting my incestuous cock as our tongues mingled salaciously. Her mouth was minty-sweet with the lingering fresh taste of toothpaste and mouthwash.

Our kiss broke and she smiled knowingly. “What about a naughty bedtime story?”

I knew it would not be just a story, my cock twitched underneath her. “What about our rules?” I whispered.

She aligned herself with my shaft and hungrily rocked her pelvis along it. “Frank and the girls are asleep, daddy.”

Our eyes met and connected. No words were said, but we wanted the same thing. Christine slid back on my knees facing me. I pushed the elastic of my pjays down, freeing my stiffened cock.

“This is risky Christine.” We were playing with fire. Both the danger and it being our last night together made my desire unstoppable. I was becoming deliberately oblivious to the consequences.

My daughter’s eyes moved between my facial expressions and my hand as I started to stroke my cock, jerking it slowly.

Surprisingly, she hopped off my lap and walked over to the bookcase picking up a container of coconut-scented face cream. Christine twisted off the lid and sat back down on my knees facing me straddling my lap again. She smeared some on her hand then applied it to my cock stroking her hand just above mine.

“I shouldn’t.” I lied. I wanted to stroke my cock with her watching, everything.

“But it’s hot.” She encouraged me, “and I watched you before.”

“When?” I perplexed assured she was not referring to our recent encounters. My cock throbbed while my mind whirled in imaginary days gone by.

“Not telling.” Her voice tone rose in teasing. “I like watching you jerk off daddy.”

“Tell me,” I asked sliding my well-lubricated hand up and down fully. “Please.”

“Not telling.” My daughter smiled and placed a finger in her mouth suggesting. “Would it turn you on more if I told you?”

“Shit!” My hand shortened its strokes and moved faster. My incestuous thoughts moved to forbidden places. Taboo places.

“It’s nice and big.” My daughter pronounced pleased that she had me flustered and turned on. “It was when…” she paused for a couple of seconds, “It always looked so big to me.”

Fuck, my hand moved even faster as my cock head swelled.

“Do you want some more cream?” Christine asked watching my hand. “Daddy?”

“Yes.” I had rubbed the cream almost completely off. The friction was uncomfortable. I was breathing heavily, trying to be quiet and hold back.

My daughter gathered another dollop of coconut lotion in her fingers, placing it on my sensitive cock head, over my hand, following my hand movement. Assisting me stroke. Her hand looked so small and her skin so soft and smooth compared to mine.

“Does it turn you on thinking about that?” My daughter made a pouty face.

“Uh-huh.” I was losing track of ways to respond just thinking of the possibilities. This was already so wrong.

“If I told you that when I went back to my room, that I rubbed my pussy after watching you.” My daughter’s smile was lusty and teasing while my hand gripped tighter. My movements just under the ridge in my swollen cock.

“I’m gonna rub myself again after this smirking. Just like before.” Her hand rubbed the fabric over her crotch.

Oh my god, the thoughts. My hand was moving quick and short and my cock became deliciously sensitive.

Suddenly, my daughter lifted her nighty t-shirt exposing her large breasts.

That was it. “Fuck” I stifled my voice, erupting a volcano of cum all over my chest, stomach, and pubic hair. My breathing so fast and shallow until my pubic hair was a mottled mess of oozing white cream along with my semen coated cock and balls.

My own daughter had made me cum for her. This time by my hand. My climax waned and breathing slowed. I closed my eyes for a short time, needing to enjoy this moment fully. I savoured it not wanting the moment to end.

I looked through my daughter’s pretty eyes and I tilted my head to the side, still grasping my cock, remembering what Christine told me on the kayak. What she had admitted to me, resonated in my erotic fantasies over the past day. Now was the time to test that need.

She ataköy escort flashed a proud but submissive grin in return.

“You’re going to have to clean daddy up now!” I looked down at my sperm glazed cock and balls. “Stick out your tongue.”

I whispered loudly. “Are you a good cum licking girl?”

“Yes.” There was want in her quiet voice.

“Lick all the cum off of daddy.” I hushed my firm instructions.

“Jesus. Yes, daddy.” Her voice confirmed not only that it turned her on, but also that she wanted to submit to her daddy.

“Wait, show me your pussy.”

Crossing her arms my daughter lifted her whole nighty off, tossing it on the floor. “There I’m naked for you daddy.” She smirked giggling quietly.

“Now rub it… show daddy what a bad girl you are.”

“Yes, daddy.” Christine leaned forward, grasping my rubbery shaft in her small hand aiming her tongue towards the tip of my cock.

“Lick all the cum off.” I tried my best to sound firm but was already breathy as Christine’s wet tongue went to work obediently licking my glistening cock head.

“Rub your clit for daddy, I want my daughter nice and hard.”

“Fuck, yes daddy… mm.” Christine’s hand circled her shaved mound.

“Make it hard for daddy.” I was so thrilled to see my own girl masturbating for me.


“Lick. Lick all daddy’s cum up.”

Christine’s tongue surfed up and down my abs, leaving a trail of saliva. “Is my little girl’s pussy wet?”

“Yes, daddy.” Her fingers swept abruptly back and forth over her pussy.

“Naughty girl. Is it wet for daddy’s cock?”

“Yes daddy, oh yes.” Her voice trailed to a soft moan.

“Clean all the cum off of daddy’s balls. Lick it.” My daughter’s tongue curved and licked under my round cum coated balls. I leaned back and opened my legs and she willingly dove her face deeper. “Is your clitty hard for daddy? Rub it around n round.”

“Yes, daddy.” She bobbed her head under my wet nuts while her fingers turned into a blur over her clitoris. “Do you want daddy’s big cock?”

“Yes, daddy.” Christine’s tongue licked frantically as her hips fucked her hand.

“Clean up all the cum. Lick it off daddy’s cock.”

“Yes, daddy.” My daughter swirled her tongue at the base of my shaft licking heavily.

“Push your finger in your pussy, show daddy where you want his big cock.”

“Mmm oh yes daddy!”

“Are you wet?”

“Uh-huh.” My daughter’s voice was nearly incoherent.

“Suck daddy’s cock, get all the cum off.” Inhaling deeply, I sighed and paused my list of instructions as her warm mouth wrapped around the head of my cock and sucked me in. So damn warm. Damn. My cock slick and shiny with saliva and streaks of semen as Christine looked up with submissive eyes.

I leaned down and whispered loudly “Finger fuck your pussy for daddy!”

“Oh god, daddy. God yes!”

“Finger it, and cum for daddy!”

“Mm-hmm.” I could see her stabbing at her opening as she attempted to keep a sucking rhythm going.

“While you are sucking daddy’s cock, push them all the way inside like a dirty girl.”

“Fuck daddy. God, I’m close.”

“All the way. In!”

“Sucking it deep.”


“Cum for daddy.”

Christine was moaning quietly, but not saying a word.


Fingering furiously, my daughter’s back arched on her hand. “Ugh.”

Shaking and whining quietly, I could tell she was trying to muffle her ecstasy.

I was not a young man anymore but so excited as Christine gasped before me. Unexpectedly my cock was getting hard again. This did not go unnoticed by my daughter and she locked her lips over my swelling glans.

All the cum siphoned off, I started running my fingers through her hair while she sucked her daddy to hardness again.

“Good girl. Did you cum for daddy?”

Christine paused to answer, “Ugh shit… that was good. Mmm, so intense so nice daddy.” She dropped her mouth over my shaft expertly.

I felt my face flush. Christine had inexplicably coaxed her daddy’s cock into a teenage-like boner. The smooth curves of my daughter’s nude body invited my fingers to trickle their way around her shape, cupping my palms under her breasts and erect nipples. Satiated but still wanting Christine’s large eyes looked up at me submissively.

My eyes locked on hers. There was no mistaking what they said; Fuck daddy’s cock!

Christine’s mouth parted in desire. She acquiesced looking up at me obediently. A flicker of uncertainty blinked in her eyes then surrendering, opened her eyes and mouth wider. They said; Are you going to teach your little girl to fuck daddy?

Still keenly aware of the risk, a feeling of control welled in me. “Climb on daddy’s cock, I’m going to teach you to fuck.” I leaned back holding my cock up straight.

I watched my daughter play shy slowly climbing over my lap and straddling my cock with her smooth shaved pussy. The desire in her eyes was palpable. Her movement was tantalizing but frustratingly slow.

“That’s a good girl,” I whispered, “fuck your pussy down on daddy’s big man cock.”

“Yes, daddy.” She closed her lips tight, then opened them simultaneously as my cock parted her wet cunt lips.

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