The cold rain slashed like a razor blade, people were in a hurry to return home from a hard day at work. Allison was no exception. Her tall brown leather boots were nearly soaked through. Every mud puddle that she was forced to walk through made her wince; the boots that she had bought only two months ago were ruined. “Damn weatherwoman! She said it was going to be sunny,” she fumed, to no one in particular.

Finding safety in a negligee store, muttering again, to herself, “Well I guess I need a new pair of panties.” The warmth of the store blanketed her, the smells of vanilla and jasmine permeated the air. Taking a deep breath Allison started to relax and warm up.

“May I help you find something in particular? You know, with your fine porcelain skin and dark hair, I think a jade green—or no, better yet a dark amethyst—would look great on you. Something that laces up the front, showing off your sensual curves, with maybe a deep cut to accentuate your melon-sized breasts. Yes, I think a flaring skirt would draw the attention from your less-than-perfect thighs. I will be right back.”

“Great! Of all the stores I could have gone into, I had to pick one with a pushy, less-than-tactful saleslady. My less-than-perfect thighs…what is she talking about? How could she even tell what my curves were with the Duster on? She’s not all that great looking. That short brown hair makes her face look pudgy and she has breasts that are sagging and too large for her small frame. Pick on me, will she?”

To say Allison was hot was an understatement; looking in the mirror she was a sight. Her long, curly, ebony hair was matted to her face. The mascara had run, leaving long black streaks down her cheeks. Her leather attaché case was soaked. Setting the case down on the paisley designer chair, she opened it, pulling out a manila folder. An audible sigh of relief escaped from her mouth as she realized that the contents were still dry and intact.

Hearing the sales clerk returning, she quickly returned the folder back into the case. “Here let me take your Duster and hang it up. Around the corner is a dressing room. I placed a few things in there for you to try.” The sales clerk handed her a few pieces of tissue, “At least you can go and clean your face.”

Walking over to the make-up counter the sales clerk brought back a small bottle of make-up remover. “Here. It works better than anything else I have ever used for removing mascara. Go on now; I will check on you in a few minutes.”

“Well, thank you…” Allison was looking for her nametag, “…Melissa. I was not planning to try on anything. In all honesty, I was just trying to get out of the rain. If you don’t mind, I think I am Anadolu Yakası Escort just going to leave. Thank you anyway.”

“No, ma’m, you must try on at least the amethyst corset; I think you will make your husband a very happy man.” Pushing Allison towards the fitting room, she continued, “Besides, I have not had a sale all day. My boss will fire me. Please at least try on the corset.”

“Okay, but I am not going to buy anything.” By the look on Allison’s face, you could see the frustration and exhaustion from the day wearing down her resolve.

“I think you will, after you see yourself in it,” Melissa pleaded.

Heading into the dressing room, another sigh escaped Allison’s mouth. The corset was beautiful. Little rhinestones outlined the top of the demi-bra cups, a delicate silk ribbon laced up the front over the top of the sheer lace.

Looking into the mirror, Allison started to clean her face. The make-up remover did an excellent job of removing all traces of the make-up from her face. The black streaks were gone, revealing a pretty face that did not need to be hidden under the color of make-up. Her black eyes were electric when not shaded by the blue eye shadow. Taking a step back, Allison started to remove her soaked black wrap-around skirt. Staring at her exposed thighs, she saw the little dimples on the back of her upper thighs. “Back to the gym,” she muttered.

Pulling the white sweater over her head, she admired the way camisole hung from her perky breasts. “If only they were a little bigger,” she added, muttering only to herself—or so she thought.

“What did you say?” Melissa asked through the powder blue curtain.

“Nothing, just mumbling to myself.” Taking the camisole off and removing her white cotton bra, she stared at her reflection. The old-lady undies she grabbed out of the drawer this morning concealed the small bulge in her stomach. Quickly removing them, she folded them up and hid them under her sweater.

Returning her attention to the purple garment before her, she gently removed it from the hanger. She took a deep breath and pulled the corset down over her head. Looking into the mirror, she laughed. Her breasts were flattened; taking her hand, she moved one breast so it was in the cup correctly. Then she noticed her dark pink nipple protruding through the cup. There was a small slit, just large enough for the hard eraser to poke through. She quickly fixed the other breast to do the same.

Looking in the mirror, her hair had started to dry and the curls were reforming, gently covering her nipples. The hard stays that formed the corset started under her breast and ended at her waist. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Gently pulling the ribbon, she cinched her waist even smaller.

She took a step back to admire the sight before her. Her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and stood out against the shimmering material. As if seeing the reflection in the mirror, Melissa said, “There is a matching silk skirt; please try it on.” Looking around, she found it. Pulling it up, she discovered it did cover the dimples on her thighs. Spinning around, the loose silk skirt flared out, revealing everything for a fleeting moment, then recovering her.

“Let me have a look.”

Taking a deep breath Allison stepped out of the fitting room, revealing herself to Melissa. “Very nice! I think matching amethyst heels and white stockings would finish this off nicely.” Stepping in front of Allison, she pulled her hair back revealing her dark pink nipples. “Oh, very nice. I think your husband will have hours of enjoyment sucking on those fine little pebbles. I know I would.”

Quickly covering herself, Allison quickly retorted, “I don’t think he will like this. It is not his style; he likes me naked.”

“Well isn’t that a shame. Do you mind?” Melissa pointed to the strap that was twisted. Allison shook her head ‘no’. Gently Melissa ran her hand down her back, to the base of the strap. Gently, letting her finger trail on Allison’s soft skin, she straightened the strap. As her fingers reached the top of the cup Melissa let her hand brush against the hard little pebble. Allison let out a sigh.

Melissa, not waiting for permission or rejection, brushed her fingernail again on the hard nubbin, then repeated on the other. Surprised by her reaction and the developing feeling, Allison let Melissa continue her gentle rubbing.

A look of pleasure was on Allison’s face. This was not the first time she had let another woman touch her. Actually, she thought of herself as a bisexual. Her husband had always enjoyed this side of her. On a few occasions, she had enjoyed a woman with him. Thinking aloud, Allison asked, “Would you entertain my husband and me?”

Taking the hard, dark-pink pebble into her mouth, Melissa said, “If you let me sample all of you, then maybe I can help you and your husband.” Melissa quickly returned her attention to Allison’s nipples. Allison let out moans and purring noises as Melissa continued to work each tit with her mouth and fingers.

Pushing Allison down on the sofa in front of the dressing rooms, Melissa continued her oral assault on the tender little nubs. Gently she ran her fingers down her stomach to the patch of black hair. Allison moaned Escort Anadolu Yakası as Melissa’s fingers gently probed her clit, rubbing with a fair amount of force, spreading the inner lips apart. Wetness formed on Melissa’s fingers. Deeper, and with a sense of urgency, Melissa pushed her well-manicured fingers deeper into Allison’s core.

Slowly dropping to her knees, Melissa lifted the skirt up onto Allison’s abdomen. Pulling her hips closer to the edge, she took a deep breath. Melissa wanted to savor the sweet smell of her. Taking Allison’s hands, Melissa placed them on the perky tips poking through the corset, so she could free herself to use her own hands elsewhere. Using her thumbs, Melissa spread the delicate, wet lips apart; with a slow, controlled roll of her tongue, she licked, spreading the sweet juices.

Allison pulled her tits out of the cups, and continued rolling the tips between her fingers. Delicate moans escaped her mouth as Melissa licked her harder. Melissa tenaciously forced her snake-like tongue deep into Allison’s soaked hole. While her tongue explored the muscle mass, her thumb delicately strummed Allison’s clit. Taking her hands off her own tits, Allison ran her long fingernails through Melissa’s fine hair. Picking up speed, Allison’s hips thrust faster against Melissa’s mouth, while her fingernails pushed Melissa’s mouth harder into her center.

A constant audible epithet was coming from Allison’s mouth. The sheer erotic pleasure was taking her to a familiar place, a place where time stands still and nothing but pleasure remains. “Oh…yeah…that’s it…oh…please…don’t stop.” Allison screamed at the top of her lungs, as her body shuddered and convulsed in sheer ecstasy.

Sitting back on her heels, Melissa had a wide grin on her face as she wiped the moisture away.

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

“Very much so; please let me return the favor,” Allison said, leaning forward.

“I appreciate the offer, but maybe later,” Melissa quickly retorted. “Can I check you out?”

“Check me out?” Allison stammered, still in a state of bliss.

“Yes, buy your purchases.”

“Yes, I have to go get changed. Give me a few minutes.” Embarrassment came across Allison’s face.

“Let me take the tags off and you can wear that home under your cloths. Surprise your husband.” Melissa started to remove the price tags.

“No, the rain would ruin the material. I will get changed.” Stepping into the dressing room Allison quickly redressed. Placing the corset back on the hanger she started looking at the other garments that Melissa had selected. Without really paying attention to them, she grabbed them all and headed for the counter.

“So, you are going to trust my taste. When you decide to wear the black teddy, give me a call.” Melissa folded all of the garments up, and placed the bottle of make-up remover into a separate bag. Allison paid by a check. Melissa slipped her business card in the bag. Waving ‘bye’ Allison left.

To be continued…

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