After the Contest


Even though I based some of the characters off people I really know in real life, this story is totally fictional. In no way does it resemble truth. This is also my first attempt at writing something like this, so feedback is appreciated. Please enjoy.

* * * * *

Aimee always got really horny after her band performed their marching show. She couldn’t quite put her finger on exactly what turned her on so much (it could have been knowing all those people were watching her, it could have been the dress she was in since she was a drum major, or just the fact that she got really into the conducting), but her pussy always needed to be played with afterwards. Sometimes, at football games, since she wasn’t needed for 30 minutes to an hour, she would just grab a good-looking guy from the band, and just let him fuck her, but at contests she would just run to the nearest bathroom and masturbate since she was normally needed after about 10 minutes.

This contest was different. Her band was hosting the contest, which meant that her band would be performing last. This also meant that after the band was done, being a drum major at the host school, she would be needed for at least an hour so she could hand out the score sheets, judge recordings, and tapes to the different bands, among other things.

After her band performed, Aimee immediately felt that familiar feeling in her pussy, but she denied herself the pleasure of release, because she was needed right away for the awards ceremony, to present the awards to the winners. After the awards ceremony was over, which seemed to take an eternity to Aimee, she hurried over to the school, and started getting all the papers and tapes ready for the other bands. As she was just finishing up, about 15 minutes later, the other drum major, a sophmore guy named Jake, walked in with the one person who volunteered to do this job, a girl named Liz. Aimee was friends with both Jake and Liz, but she really only knew them through the band. Although, Aimee was getting to know Liz better this year since they were both seniors, and both being 18. Aimee, still in her dress, noticed that both Liz and Jake had somehow been able to change to their street cloths. “So that’s why I had to set up by myself,” she thought. After some quick complimentary greetings, the three teens got to work as the first director walked in. Aimee, Jake, and Liz worked for about 45 minutes, when the final director came and took his band’s stuff. Aimee was relieved, and asked Liz and Jake if they could close up so she too could go change.

After they said they would, Aimee ran to the band room, which was deserted by now except for her band’s director and his assistants, to get her shirt, jeans, street shoes, and well-hidden bra (she never wore a bra under her dress, since the dress was pretty tight around her breasts, something she always complained about, but never seemed to get fixed, and she hid her bra so none of the drum line guys, who loved to play tricks on her, would steal it again), and then ran to the bathroom to change. As she walked in, she was overwhelmed by how horny she had gotten. She unzipped the back of the dress and let it fall down off her body leaving her only in a pair of black marching shoes, which she quickly took off, and a pair of white cotton panties, which were now soaked. Before she did anything Aimee looked at herself in the mirror, and studied her body.

She was 5’2″ with a very athletic, but slender 18 year old body that was really tan, with very firm breasts, that were somewhere in between a B cup and a C cup and had quarter sized nipples, Maltepe Escort and a tight butt that all the boys in the band seemed to like. She also had curly shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and a really cute face.

After she looked at the mirror for a minute, she slid her right hand under her panties and started to slowly rub her pussy, while her left hand went to her breasts. She started by slowly rubbing her pussy lips. She then found her clit and started to play with it with her index finger and thumb. After she did that for a short time, she stuck two fingers into her pussy and started to fuck herself.

Aimee was so caught up in what she was doing, that she didn’t hear the door to the bathroom open, but she was instantly aware of someone else in the room. In shock, she pulled her hand out of her panties, and tried to cover up, as she turned around and was met by a shocked Liz.

“Oh, uh, sorry”, was all Liz could say as she started to leave.

“Liz, wait,” Aimee was able to blurt out before Liz could open the door. Liz stopped just as her hand touched the door.

Aimee then said in a really shaky voice, “I want to make sure that you won’t tell anyone what I was doing in here. If anyone else in the band were to find out, I don’t think I would be able to live it down.” Liz, who was obviously still kind of in a state of shock just stared at the scene in front of her, and was still unable, to speak. “Come on Liz, you won’t tell anyone will you?” Aimee asked in desperation.

Liz, who finally came out of her trance, said “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” but then added with a grin, “if you do something for me.”

Aimee was both relieved, and kind of terrified. “What kind of thing?,” was all she was able to say.

Liz answered by walking toward Aimee, and gently kissed her lips. Aimee pulled away in shock, never having kissed another girl before. “What are you doing?” Aimee said as she pushed Liz away.

Liz then started walking toward the door, and said, “I think Jake is still here, I’m going to go get him.”

Aimee, who was in total fear by now, then said, “Liz, wait… I’ll… I’ll do anything.”

Liz then turned around, and walked back over to Aimee. “Calm down Aimee, I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to have a little fun,” Liz said as she brushed some of Aimee’s hair behind her ear.

“It’s just that…” Aimee started to say before she was cut off.

“You’ve never been with another girl, right?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, and I’m not sure what to do,” Aimee said in a shaky voice, that seemed, to Liz, to have some arousal in it.

“Neither did I until the end of last school year, when Elise started to tutor me for the final concert,” Liz said. “At first I was just like you, but I love it now, I think it’s even better then what I’ve gotten from all my boyfriends. But since Elise went off to college in August, I haven’t sex with a girl for a while.”

Aimee just stared at her friend, until Liz leaned in to kiss her again. This time Aimee accepted the kiss, and returned it.

The kiss seemed to last forever, but it was broken up by Liz who said, “you know, I seem a little over dressed, let me take off these cloths”.

With that Liz took off her shirt and pants giving Aimee a look at her red bra, matching panties, and a good look at her body.

Liz was about the same height as Aimee, with a slender body, that had firm C cup breasts, creamy skin, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, that she kept in a pony tail, green eyes, a cute nose, and a really nice Maltepe Escort Bayan butt, that Aimee hadn’t really noticed until now.

Liz then took off her bra giving Aimee a good look at her breasts unrestricted. Her nipples were a little smaller then Aimee’s but they were close in size.

As Aimee looked in kind of a daze at Liz’s body, Liz walked over to Aimee and put her hand on Aimee’s shoulder and said, “OK Aimee, let me show you how good this can be.” Liz then leaned in and kissed Aimee one more time, this time letting her hands roam over Aimee’s breasts, and panty covered pussy.

Aimee followed Liz’s lead, and started to put her hands on her body. After a little while of this, Aimee started to feel Liz kiss down her neck to her breasts.

Liz went to Aimee’s left breast and put the sensitive nipple in her mouth and started to suck on it lightly, which brought a moan of pleasure from Aimee. After a little bit, Liz moved over to the other breast, which she gave the same treatment to.

After a few more moments Liz was done with the breast, and started kissing lower and lower, to Aimee’s bellybutton. When she got there Liz stuck her tongue into Aimee’s navel, giving Aimee a little jolt. After a second, Liz started to go even lower on Aimee, kissing her until she got to the top of the panties. Once she reached her panties, she stopped, and looked up at Aimee.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing these,” was all Liz said, as she put both hands on either side of Aimee’s panties and pulled them down, giving Liz her first look at Aimee’s shaved pussy.

After a few seconds of admiring Aimee’s pussy, Liz pushed Aimee to the wall and had her lean on it, so she could get better access. She then spread Aimee’s legs, kissed her right on her pubic mound, and then licked her pussy lips.

“Oh, Liz,” was all Aimee could say, as she felt Liz’s tongue touch her swollen lips.

Liz continued to lick up and down Aimee’s slit, making sure that she didn’t penetrate her just yet. As she continued, she slid her hands down to Aimee’s butt, and grabbed both her cheeks, making Aimee gasp a little bit.

“I bet a lot of the guys in the band have dreamt about grabbing this,” Liz said jokingly, momentarily taking her lip off of Aimee’s pussy.

Liz then started to push her tongue past Aimee’s lips, and into her cunt causing Aimee to moan.

After a few minutes of fucking her with her tongue, Liz pulled it out and started to suck on her clit.

When she felt Liz’s tongue touch her clit, Aimee started to moan and scream uncontrollably, while she moved her right hand down to push Liz’s head into her pussy. She moved her left hand to her mouth to try and muffle her screams.

As she sucked on Aimee’s clit, Liz moved her left hand to play with Aimee’s breast, while she started to fuck Aimee’s pussy with her right.

She started by putting one finger into Aimee’s tight cunt, but quickly added a second.

The double assault on her pussy was too much for Aimee, and she gave up trying to muffle her screams (it wasn’t doing much anyway).

“Oh Liz, please make me cum. I’m almost there, please make me cum,” Aimee shouted.

Liz continued the assault, and started to thrust her fingers faster and faster into Aimee causing waves of pleasure to go through her body.

“Oh shit Liz. I’m cumming!!!” Aimee shouted as Liz’s fingers and face got covered in her cum.

After what seemed like an eternity Aimee’s orgasm finally subsided, and Liz licked up as much of Aimee’s cum as she could, and then stood Escort Maltepe up and kissed Aimee on the lips, giving Aimee a taste of herself.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Aimee said as she continued to come down from the orgasm.

After she gave Aimee a moment to catch her breath Liz then replied, “well now it’s your turn”.

With that Aimee kissed Liz again, but this time, she let her hands roam all over the body of Liz, paying special attention to Liz’s breasts and panty covered pussy. She was really eager to return the pleasure to Liz that she had just received.

She then moved down to Liz’s breasts and did what she had just had done to her, putting one of Liz’s nipples in her mouth. Instead of just sucking on her nipple, like Liz had done to her, she also slid a hand under Liz’s soaked panties, and started to rub her pussy.

She continued to go from nipple to nipple, as she slipped a finger into Liz’s cunt causing Liz to give off moans of her own.

“Good girl Aimee,” Liz was able to say in between moans.

After she finished with Liz’s breasts, Aimee took her hand out of Liz’s panties, and started to kiss her way down her body to her panties. Once she reached the panties, Aimee placed a kiss on the fabric covering Liz’s pubic mound, and then putting one hand on either side, started to slide the panties off of Liz.

Once she did, she looked at Liz’s shaved pussy, then leaned in and kissed exactly where she had kissed the panties. She then started to lick Liz’s pussy lips, copying what Liz had done to her. The taste was weird to her at first, but she got used to it, and liked it, quickly.

“Oh Aimee lick that pussy,” Liz moaned.

With that, Aimee stuck her tongue into Liz’s cunt, while she massaged her clit with her thumb and index finger.

This sent waves of pleasure through Liz’s body causing her to moan louder and louder, until she was almost screaming like Aimee was.

After a few minutes of this, Aimee took her tongue out Liz’s cunt, and started to suck on her clit. She then inserted 2 fingers into Liz, but decided to add another.

Once Liz felt Aimee put a third finger into her, she screamed in pleasure.

“Oh Aimee, keep doing that, it feels so good,” Liz said as she was nearing an orgasm of her own.

Aimee kept her assault on Liz’s pussy going as fast as she could, when all of a sudden Liz’s orgasm exploded onto her fingers and face.

“Oh yes, Aimee, keep going, keep going, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!” Liz screamed in pleasure as she collapsed since her legs were so weak, and Aimee wasn’t supporting her.

After about 5 minutes, that seemed to last forever to Liz, the orgasm finally subsided, and Aimee licked all of the sweet cum from in between Liz’s legs.

Once Aimee was done, she looked up at her new lover, her chin drenched with her cum, and smiled.

She then licked up Liz’s stomach, leaving a mixture of saliva and cum, all the way up to Liz’s mouth, where they met in another passionate kiss.

Liz licked all the cum off of Aimee’s chin, and then tried to catch her breath.

They embraced, with Aimee still on top of Liz, for a long time before Liz broke the silence.

“I think we need to go,” Liz said, “It’s been a long time.”

Aimee, who had totally forgotten about time, and the fact they were in a school bathroom, got up and looked at herself in the mirror again.

“I guess your right,” Aimee said. “Can we do this again?”

“Sure, but next time how about we do it at one of our houses,” Liz replied as she gathered her cloths, cleaned off, and started to get dressed.

“Sure, that sounds great,” Aimee laughed, as she too got dressed.

Once they were dressed, and Aimee had picked up the long forgotten drum major’s dress, they shared another kiss, and then decided that after the next football game, they would go to Liz’s house for more fun.

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