Amy Caned


My name is Debbie Webb, nee Smart. I’m five-foot-seven with large blue eyes, long slender legs, and naturally blond hair.I have been married to Mike, my schoolboy sweetheart, for three years and have lived together for five. I have fashionably styled hair cut into a page boy bob.My admirers of both sexes tell me I have stunning looks with a figure so hot it could melt ice.I’ve worked in the home office since finishing my degree at Warwick university six years ago. I have gained promotion and am now a senior manager in the accounts office.  I love my job and have an excellent relationship with my colleagues.Since turning seventeen, I’ve had several female lovers, including both my and Mikes’s mother. I have never cheated on my husband Mike with another male. He is the only man I have been fucked by despite often being tempted with plenty of offers.I cannot believe how time has flown since leaving school. I was seventeen when Miss Artur caned the entire hockey team on the stage in front of our parents.The reason being our semi-final match had ended in a mass brawl after Miriam Taylor’s leg was broken by a Boreham defender. I called the girl who assaulted Miriam a fucking cow while slapping her hard around the face.The altercation that followed was never seen at a school match or any match, I doubt before. It involved all the players and it took quite a while before the teachers managed to appease the situation. I remember once everything calmed down, fearing expulsion could be a real possibility as pupils were sacked for less.So when Miss Artur persuaded the committee that we should be severely caned instead of being expelled, I breathed a sigh of relief. She explained our behaviour had been indefensible but expulsion would be too severe as it would endanger our future. So, although dreading the caning, I was relieved it wasn’t the sacking that I had first feared. The punishment had been excruciating. Feeling the stick striking my palms six times was as painful as anything I can remember experiencing. What made it even worse we were never allowed the chance to complete the double after the altercation.I well remember my hands stinging agonisingly as the rod struck my tender palms while I sobbed my heart out. However, the amazing sex I experienced with Marion and my mum Susan that evening more than provided a beautiful compensation for the pain I endured. I still well remember the incident like it occurred yesterday, not ten years ago.When I received a letter from Miss Artur, inviting me to a hockey reunion of our school team at our favourite pub in Harrow, my imagination went into overdrive. It stated it was to celebrate our hockey team that won the Essex league undefeated under my captaincy a decade ago. We had broken all records that year for the hockey league. Also, we had set a precedent for future players in what you can güvenilir bahis achieve with the correct application and dedication.It has been ten years since I left Harrow school to go to Warwick university. Apart from my dear friend Jane who shared a passionate affair with me before moving away to Durham, I have no idea what the other girls are doing now. We stay in touch and occasionally meet up but living so far away curtailed our relationship to our regret.If I wasn’t with Mike, my time with Jane had been so satisfyingly rewarding I’m sure we would have become a permanent item.Mike thought it would be good for me to meet up with the girls again as he was confident I would enjoy the reminiscing and had no doubt that the drink would be flowing abundantly.  Mike suggested it would be good to take some photographs because he would love to see how they had blossomed, as he remembered them fondly.Mike always tells me we must have been the most attractive hockey team that had ever played the game. I was sure if the opportunity had arisen, he would have liked to have fucked quite a few of them. However, Mike was always condescendingly telling me that I was selected because he found me the most desirable girl on the team.I always knew he had a soft spot for the girls as he enjoys encouraging me to tell him their reaction while being caned. It wasn’t long before we became so horny that we were rushing upstairs for a lustful fuck. Discussing the letter had evoked memories of school, our punishments, and the caning the team received.The cane plays a significant part in our sex lives as I am addicted to being punished and Mike has grown to love punishing me. I am bisexual with strong nymphomaniac tendencies and have a rampant caning fetish which Mike helps satisfy before fucking me until we usually explode.We had seen each other punished at school when caned for truancy together when I was seventeen. Mike received six strokes on his bum while the headmistress gave me that exact number across my palms. It turned out to be the day that changed my life in more ways than one.After being thrashed in front of our mummy’s, I had felt intoxicatingly aroused and willingly surrendered my virginity to Mike when we arrived home. The sex was mind-blowing and the beginning of my identifying pain and pleasure with the ecstasy of being fucked.We often practice role play where I wear my school uniform while Mike canes my hands as the headmistress had done. Although never thrashed on the bum at school, I let Mike occasionally cane my backside as a prelude to a fuck. Although not my first choice of punishment, it turns him on so much the sex afterwards is sublime.The most rewarding thing was discovering our mutual enjoyment for anal sex, which we’ve grown to love when Mike’s cock fucks my arse. He tells me seeing me bent over, my bum in the air decorated güvenilir bahis siteleri with tram lines from the caning while pounding my arse with his cock making me scream with euphoria, is as good as fucking can get. Mike knows I am sex mad and loves it but knows nothing about the sexual relationship I enjoy with girls or our mum’s.They arranged the reunion for a Friday so people could stop overnight if they had a long way to travel.  Also, the weekend followed, as we would probably need time to recover. I arranged to stay at my mum’s overnight because I live in Hampshire since I had married and knew driving home would be out of the question. It didn’t take me long to contact my old friend Jane by telephone when I received my invite, hoping she would be going too. She told me she most certainly was and couldn’t wait to see the girls, especially me, again. Jane added that her brother David who had been at school with us and now lived in Scotland would drive her down for the reunion.There’d booked two rooms in the pub and she told me David was looking forward to a quiet drink with the locals while she was attending the gathering. Jane added David said he was eager to see me again as he had enjoyed my company when we had met at her wedding. She surmised this was the real reason he fancied the trip as he often asks after you.She suggested I shared her room rather than go back to my mum’s after the party.  I’ve always thought Jane lucky to have a brother like David; although he was four years my senior, the thought of being with him utterly besotted me for years. I said to Jane I liked the idea of us spending quality time together as she was to count me in.We arranged that I would arrive in the early afternoon to catch up before attending the reunion. I knew we had been so long without each other that sex would be invertible and intense. I was so excited to be with Jane again I couldn’t wait.It briefly crossed my mind whether I would seduce her brother or indeed him me as I knew the attraction we felt for each other had been immense. When we met at Jane’s wedding some years ago, I am sure if we hadn’t been with our partners, we would have ended up having sex.I knew the attraction had been mutual as David flirted with me as we danced together. His hand had subtly found its way, squeezing the cheeks of my bum as he looked into my eyes for a response. I brushed his lips with mine and whispered, if only into his ear. I loved my husband dearly but my attraction to David was so strong that I often fantasised about his cock being inside me.Mike said he would have loved to come to mum’s except his Rugby team played Saracens in the National cup that Saturday. He said he would make amends by giving me the fuck to remember the night before I left. Mike was true to his word and we had a fantastic Thursday night.I let him thrash iddaa siteleri my bum with six stingers after he finished caning my hands as a special treat. People who say a caning on the hands is more painful than the arse have never received a proper thrashing as I have.As his throbbing penis penetrated my bum, I orgasmed again and again. My hole felt like it was alive as it welcomed his cock. I tossed back my head while my body was arching and thrusting with delight. Tears of joy cascaded down my cheeks as I screamed with pleasure as his cum filled my burning bum. Mike shouted at me that I was an insatiable whore as fucking me never cease to amaze him, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.I often wondered what my colleagues would think if they could see the respectable Debbie they worked with and admired bent over having her arse caned then fucked.I took Friday off work arriving at my mum’s lunchtime. She was so pleased to see me and was nearly as excited as I was about the reunion. Over lunch, we enjoyed reminiscing about our school days and the punishments we had received. Mum said how much she misses me and kissed my palms, then passionately on the lips.She reminded me that she still gets herself off while masturbating, thinking about what she witnessed at my school. She told me the cane striking the girls tender palms, especially mine or the gorgeous backside in Sarah’s case, was one of the most sensual experiences of her life.I told her Jane had invited me to spend the night at the pub with her after the party. She had already reserved a room that she assured me we could put to good use. I added that it sounded too good an offer to refuse and had readily agreed. I knew that I so missed Jane and the sex we enjoyed the chance was something I couldn’t miss.I told mum I would come round Saturday in the late morning to collect my car and give her all the gory details about the reunion. I said, all being well, we can spend the night playing as I needn’t return home until Sunday. Mummy agreed she would love that and invite Marion, Mike’s mum, our other partner in crime, who I loved dearly.She said that she was sure Jane and I would enjoy ourselves and only wished she could join us.Mum dropped me at the pub where Jane was looking stunning as she sat outside waiting for me. Mummy jumped out of the car, kissed Jane on the lips while hugging her tight. Her face was beaming as she told Jane she was so envious of us as she knew we would have so much fun.As we waved goodbye I was in no doubt what mummy would be doing when she got home. I hoped for her sake the rabbit’s batteries held out as her imagination would be rampant.Jane hugged me, staring into my eyes as she told me I looked lovelier than ever. She grabbed my hand, led me to our room while telling me we had plenty of time to have a drink later. When we entered the room, Jane kissed me passionately on the lips then told me she had a surprise that she was sure I would love.I was amazed at what happened next. Jane opened her case, producing not only our favourite rabbit but the cane we had always put to good use.

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