Amy , Kristen


Tears trickled down Amy’s face. She lay on her sofa, contemplating her situation. She had been with Brian for two years, and then all of a sudden she gets pushed aside for an old flame. Two years of her life, dedicated to one man wasted all because an old girlfriend decided to show up.

She felt decimated. Brian had been her whole world for two long years. Two years of being intimate and completely trusting of a single person in a way she felt she never could. There was now a growing emptiness that she thought could never be filled again.

A knock at the front door jarred her from her sorrow. Quickly wiping the tears from her face, she stood, moving to check through the peephole. Seeing who it was, she opened the door. “Hi Kristen. I…wasn’t expecting you.” She said sheepishly.

“No one ever does.” Kristen said, moving inside and plopping down on the couch. “What’s wrong? You look upset.”

“Nothing…nothing’s wrong.” Amy said, trying to hide her anguish.

The older woman sat up, staring at the distraught girl.

“You know you can’t lie to me, hon.” She gave Amy a stern look. “And you know I won’t blab about your secrets like I do my own.”

Amy moved over to the couch, sitting beside Kristen and folding her hands in her lap.

“It’s not a secret really. Brian and I broke up.” She paused, trying to hold in her tears. One escaped, and began to glisten on her cheek. “His ex came back into town, and he left me to hook back up with her.”

“You see, this is why I don’t trust men. They do that kind of thing, and they do it way too often.”

“Well, I’m not like you. They’re my only option. I’m not into other girls.”

Kristen watched the tear trickle down Amy’s face. She knew that last statement didn’t mean anything, but she couldn’t help but take it as a challenge. She smiled sweetly and wiped the tear away. “Well hon, you should never say never.”

Amy turned away from her slightly, crossing her arms. “Kristen, you don’t understand. I gave my virginity to him. You know how timid I am. I’ve never done anything with anyone else, especially not a girl.”

Kristen gingerly moved her fingers through Amy’s hair. “Well, I’d never make you do anything that made you uncomfortable, but I know what could make you feel much better, get your mind off things.”

Amy slowly turned her head to look at her friend. “I…I can’t.”

Kristen moved to the floor, sitting on her knees in front of Amy. She took Amy’s face gently in her hands, peering into her frosty blue eyes.

“Amy, you may have given your virginity to Brian, but you’re still pure. You’re far too nice and sweet to sit here crying. I want to make you feel good.”

The younger girl looked down at her friend. She knew Kristen was openly lesbian and not ashamed about it, but she had never seen her as anything else but a friend. And yet…here she is, trying to cheer me up. The ONLY one trying to cheer me up.

Kristen moved ever so slowly closer to Amy, gently kissing her. The younger girl hesitated, but slowly closed her eyes, returning fethiye escort the kiss. At first she felt strange. She was raised believing that two women should never be together. Yet her best friend was openly a lesbian, and now they were kissing. She didn’t know what to be more scared of: the fact she was kissing her best friend…or the fact she was liking it.

Either way, she now gently kissed back. When Kristen felt Amy was comfortable, she slowly slid her tongue beyond Amy’s lips. To Amy, the kiss seemed to last an eternity, but eventually Kristin pulled back, looking into her younger friends’ eyes.

“Are you okay?” Kristen asked.

“I…I am.” Amy answered, almost in a whisper. She was now trembling from the excitement. Everything she used to think was wrong suddenly felt so right.

“Do…you want to keep going, hon?”

“I think so.” Amy replied meekly.

Kristen took Amy by the hand and began leading her to the bedroom. “Well, let’s go in here then.” She said, smiling. “A couch is no place for your first time.” She continued onto Amy’s bed, perfectly made in her obsessive compulsive way. Before sitting the younger girl down, Kristen began lifting her shirt. Amy still trembled, but let her shirt slide up over her head, her long blonde hair tumbling free.

Then, sliding her arms around Amy’s waist, Kristen gently began kissing her again. Amy hesitantly placed her hands against Kristen’s chest as she began to unhook the clasp on her bra. As it became loose, the taller woman broke the kiss, gently sliding the straps down Amy’s shoulders. As it fell to the floor, Amy covered her breasts with her arms. Kristen couldn’t help but smile.

“Aw, you’re so shy. Are you sure you want me to keep going, hon?” Kristen asked sweetly.

“I’m…I’m sure. It feels good, so far.”

“It will get even better.” Kristen replied, her smile becoming wider.

The older woman dropped to her knees, and began to unbutton Amy’s jeans. Amy gasped a little in surprise, but just stood there, looking down at her friend. Kristen slowly unzipped the jeans, and pulled them down. Amy, almost without thinking, stepped out of her pants.

Now the young woman stood there in just her pink panties, arms still over her breasts. Kristen gently pressed on Amy’s hips, pushing her down onto the bed. As Amy lay down, Kristen gently kissed her stomach, working her way up, until she reached where Amy’s arms still lay, covering her chest.

She took Amy’s hands in her own, smiling up at her. “It’s okay. Just relax, and enjoy this.” Then, releasing her hands, Kristen gently kissed the top of Amy’s left breast, then down to her nipple. She gently ran her fingers along the other breast, running her tongue along the center. She could hear Amy gasp, and smiled.

After a few minutes of having her breasts gently fondled and kissed, Amy became a little caught up in the moment. She hesitantly ran her fingers through Kristen’s hair. The woman looked up at Amy, and smiled, then began kissing her way down her flat stomach again.

Amy escort fethiye lay her head back as Kristen’s lips brushed past her navel, and then began on her thighs. A series of tender kisses sent waves of pleasure through her, and she couldn’t help but shudder. Kristen finally made her way to Amy’s center, and took a deep breath.

“Mmm, you smell sweet, sweety.”

“I…I didn’t…know it smelled like anything, in particular.” Amy said meekly.

Kristen hooked her fingers in Amy’s panties now, sliding them down her slender legs. She couldn’t help but smile again, and lowered her head, gently kissing Amy’s clit. This produced a deep breath from Amy, and she raised her hips off the bed just a bit. In response to this, Kristen softly flicked her tongue over it now, and Amy began making little moans. Kristen just couldn’t stop smiling as she ran her tongue down Amy’s slit, and then back up to her clit. Amy tasted so sweet, and Kristen thought that fit her perfectly.

Amy once again began running her fingers through Kristen’s hair as Kristen pressed her tongue deep into Amy. She could feel Amy getting wetter the more she continued. Before too long, she could feel Amy’s nails press into her scalp, and new that she was close already. The excitement of her first time with another girl must’ve been getting to her.

With this, Kristen moved her tongue back up, suckling on Amy’s clit again. Amy began bucking her hips softly, and Kristen moved accordingly, until finally Amy moaned out “Oh Kristen…”. Kristen then slowed, gently lapping at Amy’s wetness, before stopping to crawl up on top of Amy, kissing her softly.

Amy was out of breath, but managed to kiss back. She was surprised though, as she could taste herself on Kristen’s lips and tongue. Before now, she had always thought it would’ve been weird or sick to taste herself, but she couldn’t get enough. She wrapped her arms around Kristen’s waist, passionately returning the kiss, letting their tongues intertwine.

Finally, Kristen broke the kiss, a soft smile still on her face.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No…” Amy said, managing to talk between her deep breaths. “It’s never been, never been that gentle. I really liked it.”

Kristen nuzzled her head on Amy’s shoulder, gently kissing her neck.

“I want…I want to do that…to you.” Amy said, turning her head away timidly.

Kristen was surprised to hear this. She lifted her head, tilting it slightly.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to just because I did it to you.”

“I know.” Amy said, slowly turning her head to look into Kristen’s eyes, trying to be brave. “I just want to make you feel good.”

“Only if you really want to, hon.”

“I do.” Amy said. Showing a little bit of bravery, she rolled Kristen over and now lay on top of her, kissing her. Kristen still had a hint of her own taste, and she couldn’t get enough of it now.

Amy now lifted Kristen’s shirt over her head. Kristen lifted her back so she could unhook her bra, and once it was off, Amy slowly lowered her head, flicking fethiye escort bayan her tongue over Kristen’s nipple, before taking it in her mouth. She suckled each one gently, just as Kristen had done to her, knowing it had to feel good. She decided to change it up a little bit though.

Becoming even more bold, she slid her hand down underneath the waistband of Kristen’s shorts, underneath her panties, and gently ran her fingers along her friend’s slit.

Kristen watched Amy with interest, moaning quietly. Amy sat up now, unbuttoning and pulling down Kristen’s shorts and thong. She had never worn thongs herself…didn’t see the reason to, but seeing one on Kristen just looked so sexy. It was painful to take off.

Now that Kristen lay completely naked, Amy could see she was completely shaven, unlike herself, who kept hers neatly trimmed. Either way, that didn’t matter now. She slid down, placing her head between Kristen’s legs. This was the first time she’d ever seen another woman’sex. She used her fingers to spread Kristen’s lips apart, looking at it intently before gently running her fingertips over her clit.

Kristen shuddered at the feeling. It had been a while since she had been with a man or woman, and Amy was being very gentle, very careful. The feeling sent shivers through her spine.

After experimenting with her fingers, Amy leaned in close, took a deep breath, and began to slide her tongue up and down Kristen’s slit. Kristen moaned, spreading her legs to give Amy easier access. The younger woman continued doing this slowly at first, but began speeding up, moving from bottom to top, always ending with a little kiss of the clit.

This made Kristen very wet, and just as Amy had done, she began bucking her hips, trying to get Amy’s tongue deeper inside of her. Then, she could feel Amy’s hand brush across her thigh. She lifted her head, seeing that Amy was now playing with herself at the same time.

Kristen reached down, gently cupping Amy’s chin, and whispering sexily. “Mmm, you want more, don’t you hon? Come lay on top of me, facing the opposite way.”

Amy was still out of breath, and she licked her lips, loving Kristen’s bittersweet taste. “I’ve never done that before…not even with a boyfriend.”

“It’s fine. You’ll love it.”

Amy listened, now too turned on to be as shy as she had been. She lifted one leg over Kristen’s head, laying down opposite of her, and went right back to work eating her out, suckling on her clit.

Kristen lifted her own heard now, delving her pink muscle deep inside Amy’s slit, darting it in and out.

The two women moaned and writhed on the bed, each giving the other equal pleasure. Almost instantaneously, they both climaxed with loud moans. Amy crawled off of Kristen, and turned around to lay in her arms, both women out of breath now.

“Do you have any regrets?” Kristen asked.

“No…that was different than anything I’ve ever experienced. I loved it, I, I think I love you.”

Kristen smiled, holding Amy in her arms, and kissed her cheek.

“I’m glad. You’re one hell of a girl. I’m proud to be your first.”

Amy smiled, resting her head on Kristen’s chest. Before long, she was fast asleep. Kristen smiled, kissing Amy’s forehead before falling asleep herself.

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