An Awakening

Alexis Fawx


A good father gives away his daughter in marriage to another good man but finds that he can’t give her up as his lover. The new bride is also deeply saddened by the absence of her dad’s cock and easily gives in to his persuasive seduction. Things go well for a couple of years, then the daddy/daughter team gets caught in her own martial bed by the husband and three lives are forever changed. Can a woman possibly love and make love to two men at the same time or does she have to make a choice of which one to give up? The plot will thicken a few weeks later when she misses her period and again nine months later when she gives birth to a healthy boy. Who’s child is it?

This is a continuation of previous events that the reader needs to enjoy first. All sexual partners are over 18 and this is as usual, some truth stretched to the limits by my imagination. If incest it not your thing or you are under 18, stop reading now. Some writers make a long long story with many chapters but this writer enjoys writing a good story that is very sexual and gets the reader to a point where she or he has to stop and manually take care of their carnal lusts. I admit that I do the same to satisfy my own unquenchable fire between my legs as I write. One would think that as wet as my pussy gets that it would not be so hot!

Enjoy! Terri


I did not wake up that particular morning with any intentions of hurting my loving husband. It never even crossed my mind that our lives would be forever changed just a few hours later when he found me in bed with my dad. In fact I snuggled closer to him in search of the one thing that gave me some temporary pleasure and satisfy him with a quick release…cock! I loved to suck his cock, well any cock, but I loved him terribly and tried to find ways to please him. As you read this you may think I was only thinking of myself and how to get my own satisfaction but that was never in my mind.

I easily found his soft penis and began to rub and stroke it to a decent semi-erection before going down and taking the head in my mouth. My goal was threefold, first make him happy because I loved him, second to satisfy my constant craving for cock and third to extract from him as many sperm as possible that might impregnate me. I was off “the pill” for awhile for medical reasons and did not want to get pregnant again so soon. I insisted that he and Dad, my only two lovers at the time, both use condoms even though we all hated them. I had a harder time with my dad, pun intended, because he said he could not feel me as good. I knew they could not be 100% safe either but it was better than nothing. Frank and Dad both produced a tremendous amount of cum and it always seemed to find a way out the back side of the rubber. I held my breath after they came to see if it flooded out of me or was safely held within its thin sheath. Since Dad’s cock was so much larger than my husbands and he fucked me harder and rougher, the chance of him shredding it was much greater too.

My thoughts right at that moment though were how much I loved the taste and feel of the soft spongy crown of a cock as it first enters my mouth. I slipped my full lips over and around it savoring each inch as he thickened and pulsed in my mouth…the first sign of an oncoming eruption.

It did not take long to get him off and I did not waste a single drop of his delicious cum as he pumped about six shots down my throat then bounded from the bed to the bathroom to clean up and get to work. My pussy was left throbbing for relief as my hand found my swollen clit and wet lips. I felt disappointment that I was not “taken care of” but I knew there was no time right then for him to pleasure me. I would pull out the trusty dildo he had purchased for me and masturbate after he left for work to get some satisfaction and relief.

Our day was off and running. My hubby was a happy camper as I kissed him goodbye, locked the door and retreated back to the bedroom before our little boy woke up. I retrieved the dildo that was supposed to be the exact size and replica of some porn star that had a 10 inch cock. Little did my husband know at that time that I was getting one about that big and little did I know that I would be getting it again and sooner than I thought. I lubed it with KY and ran the head through my open pussy lips as I sat in a wing back chair, a towel under me to catch all the fluids, my legs spread wide over the arms. I worked the large head inside while pushing my engorged clit down so it would rub on the hard latex veined shaft. I closed my eyes and imagined it was my daddy about to push his hard dick inside and split me open.

I had just about 6 inches in when the phone rang. I cursed the bad timing while pushing a couple more inches deeper hoping they would hang up, but it kept ringing. I finally reached and picked up the receiver.

“Good morning Baby girl…are you wet and wanting something big today?”

“God Daddy, I was just thinking about you,”I gorukle escort bayan said as I pulled the fake cock almost all the way out then rammed it back in gasping loudly into the phone.

I had to catch my breath but managed to studder, “Of…of…umph…course I’m wet for you and you know how much I want it Daddy! I always want it. (soft moan)You know I can’t get enough of your big Daddy cock,” I teased and moaned again still fucking myself. “I will get little Brad on over to Mama. She is expecting him anyway since I told her I was going shopping. When are you coming?” I giggled at my double meaning and wondered if he caught it. He did.

“God baby, I am about to come right now just thinking of your smoking body. I want to start with your pretty feet today…sucking each toe. Then I will move up your ankles and legs…God I am so hard right now!! Our little time together yesterday only made me want you more. I dreamed of you again last night and woke up this morning with a huge hard on that it is still straining to get out. I wish I could come right now but I have a job to get out by lunch.”

“I will have everything ready for you…EVERYTHING! In fact Daddy, I am getting it ready right now as we speak!” I again moaned and teased in my sexiest voice. I could see in my mind his hard cock straining against his pants.

“Baby what are you doing…what I think you are doing? Don’t cum yet Baby! Keep it hot and wet for me. I will be there as soon as I can to finish the job. Do you remember yesterday when I had you bent over in the truck? I want to fuck that little hot pussy more than once today and for a long time.” I heard him gasp. I knew he was rubbing his hardening cock maybe at his desk or on the factory floor…just for me. I reluctantly pulled the latex cock from my pussy leaving a gaping hole and tried to relax and save myself for him.

My mind wondered back to the day prior. You see, Daddy and I had just had a “quickie” the day before in his old pickup off a deserted dirt road which probably frustrated us more than satisfied our cravings because time was limited. So it had been one of those “wham bam thank you mam” type of fuckings with Daddy forcefully taking me from behind as I bent over the seat. We did not even get fully undressed. I pulled my big tits out of my bra for him to maul and pushed my tight jeans and panties down as he fished out his cock while grumbling about having to use a condom again.

“Honey, when are you going to get back on the pill? I hate these damn things!” He was rolling it over his thick shaft with one hand and fingering my pussy and anus with the other.

“Oh Daddy, I hate them too but it won’t be much longer. Just get that big thing in me now…I’m so wet and ready for you. But please try to go easy this time and don’t break that rubber for God’s sake. I am fertile right now and I don’t think having your baby would go over too well…ummmmmh…OH MY GOD!!” I gasped and grunted as I felt the spongy head splay my moist rubbery lips apart and with one long thrust it crashed into my cervix.

I frantically grabbed for anything to hold on to as he withdrew his slick hot cock, took hold of my hips, steadied himself and rammed it back in to his balls. The exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure rushed up from my vagina across my body. I longed every waking minute and sometimes in my dreams for that rush that I got when he first plunged all 10 inches in me. It was always an ” AHHHHHHHH” moment for sure.

I grabbed the steering wheel with one hand and grasped the seat belt with the other as the first orgasm began to spin out of control and rush over my entire body. My eyes were tightly shut and my mouth was opened against the old vinyl seat in an “O” as his huge balls slapped against my bubble ass cheeks making the sounds of sex even more intense. Because it was a warm day the musky delicious smell of a woman’s aroused pussy being heated up traveled faster filling my nostrils each time he lifted me off the seat with a thrust.

How did this man do it? He was now in his forties but it did not show. He was so rugged, handsome and virile. No other man had ever made me lose control so fast and get so delirious in orgasms with just his cock! Usually it took foreplay but never with Daddy. He could just insert, push play and the music blasted out of control!

A second wave hit me as my throat closed and my tongue thickened in response to what was happening just a couple of feet below as he assaulted my willing cunt. I felt him stiffen and begin to grunt and groan. I felt the expansion and pulsing of his head as Daddy pumped load after load into the condom. His body slumped over mine as he remained still but firmly implanted deep. His hands roamed over any naked skin he could find, squeezing my soft flesh, pinching my hard nipples, kissing my neck and lower back. Finally, he pulled outwith a sucking sound, ripped off the loaded rubber and swung it in front of my face showing it was nilüfer escort bayan still intact and how much fertile seed could have been deposited in me before tossing it into some nearby bushes. I watched as it caught a limb swinging back and forth several times before coming to rest under its heavy load…there must have been several tablespoons of rich cum in it.

“Now suck me clean Baby.”

I spun around catching the last strings of his cum dripping from his spent cock while it still pulsed. It soon softened and began to bend downward in an arch. What a beautiful creation I thought as I caught the shaft by the neck and lifted it toward his stomach as another hand hefted his empty ball sack and the foreskin retracted over the curve of his helmet. The end of his dick barely touched my cheek and lips dangling back and forth spreading his rich semen over me. My tongue edged around the rim of it flicking and teasing. I looked up into my lover’s clear blue eyes as I squeezed out a couple more beads of his pearly cum before swallowing.

“I love you Daddy!”

“I love you too, Terri!” he said as he tucked his beautiful spent cock away to be used again another day.

That image still lingered in my mind as I changed the bed sheets preparing for his arrival. My thoughts went even farther back to my wedding day when my hunk of a dad gave me such a large “wedding gift” just before I walked the aisle. I could still feel his hot cum seeping out of my freshly fucked pussy puddling into my tiny white panties before trickling down my legs as I walked beside him down to my future husband.

After that “last time” we both decided it would be the best thing to cool it for a while. It worked for one night and I was wanting my Daddy again. I moped around homesick for him. Frank did not understand what was wrong with me and of course I did not tell him. So after about one week of “honeymoon bliss”, I realized I could not live another day without having my Daddy deep inside me at least on occasion…right, that was easier said than done. Once I returned home and slipped away with Daddy for a quickie, we came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to stay apart…we were in love and lust.

We really meant to break off the affair that had started soon about the time I turned 18. Except for the week away from Daddy on the honeymoon, there was not another week that we did not find a way to make love at least four or five times. Even later when my husband, Frank and I were trying to have a child, Daddy and I fucked on a regular basis but with protection. I could not get enough of him and he of me so we became bold and careless and eventually got caught. Today would be that day!

I watched the clock waiting for his arrival. He got there earlier than I thought but Dad knew where the key was and let himself in. I heard him call my name and responded from my bed…no, our bed.

“In here Dad!!”

When he entered the bedroom all I heard was, “WOW! Baby!! Oh my god you are beautiful! I will start at the foot of the bed,” he laughed as he reached for my feet.

He loved my pretty feet and toes so I had them accented with a pair of strappy CFM heels with crossed legs on the bed begging him to come closer. His shirt was coming off to reveal his muscular hairy chest and broad shoulders as he reached for the foot that was dangling across my other leg. He wasted no time to bend and kiss and lick each painted toe before kissing up the ankle and back down to my arch. His hands followed my smooth legs to the softness of my inter thighs. Dads mouth, lips and tongue ravished my feet and toes as he removed the heels with great fanfare. Each toe was thoroughly sucked sending tingles throughout my pussy.

I had chosen a simple black short negligee for the occasion without panties or bra. My wet pussy was fully exposed to his gaze and soon I felt his fingers parting my fat extended nether lips.

“OHooooooooooooooooo god!!” I gasped when he brushed my clit. I was set on fire immediately and bucked my hips to his advance. “Eat me and fuck me Daddy… NOW!”

But he continued to worship my feet and legs making me wait and beg. Somehow he had removed the rest of his clothes and was standing close enough for me to touch his extended hanging cock. My small hand encircled the covered head twisting and pushing back the soft foreskin revealing a beautiful glans. A large bead of clear glistening pre-cum was oozing from his large slit forming a drop. I leaned over making a big deal of catching it on the tip of my tongue and swallowing before it fell to the bed while looking up at him fluttering my long eyelashes.

As my lips formed an “O” around the exposed tip and my tongue darted into the hole and under the rim of his soft skin, he expelled an “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” toward the ceiling. Immediately his cock grew larger and lurched upward almost fully erect. I had seen it grow and expand like this a thousand times bursa otele gelen escort bayan but I just looked at it in wonder as if it was the first time.

I tugged on his hard cock bringing it down closer to my mouth again. It always hurt my jaws the first time I engulfed it but with a few sucks and strokes with my hands it became easier to devour. I was now hanging off the edge of the bed going down on him as his hands ravaged my pussy and tits.

“God you are beautiful…these nipples are hard enough to poke holes in my chest little lady!”

I looked up just to flutter my eyelashes again in approval.

“You are killing me baby…I might just cum in your mouth if you keep that up,” Dad managed to grunt as my teeth scraped over his bulbous head and back down a shaft coursing with thick veins.

He dug his fingers deeper into my soaking pussy curling them up to rub my G-spot forcing the slick juices to the surface as his thumb picked up the lube and grazed over my swollen clit. My first orgasm surprised me as I tightened down on his fingers and hand with the muscles of my pussy and my legs. I released his cock from my mouth to thrash about on the bed in the first throes of orgasm. Daddy grabbed my face and covered my mouth with his own. He was a great kisser and I found peace and contentment when we kissed. Our tongues tangled and devoured as if we were starving for food. Another jolt struck deep within my pussy and my ass came off the bed moaning into his hot mouth and clutching the sheets with my fists.

“God Daddy…fuck me now…fuck your little girl with that big daddy cock. I want it so bad!” I reached for the dreaded rubber on the night stand clutching it like it was our only insurance policy for pregnancy.

“Ahhhh Baby…can’t we skip it one time? I want to feel your pussy wrapped around me…please?”

“Ok, ok, I will drag just the head through my pussy lips so you can feel me skin to skin but no going deep without the damn rubber, ok? I think I probably sucked all the pre-cum out and it will be safe but as soon as I pull it out you will put this on…ok Dad?” I had the wrapper open and the rubber ready but my mind was having second thoughts…I really wanted Daddy to fuck me unprotected. I wanted him to breed me, fill me full of his fertile seed and impregnate me with his sperm.

I knew then I probably had fucked up and should have insisted but I could not stand another minute without some part of his cock buried in me even if it was just the glans. He crawled onto the bed between my legs sporting a big grin and covered me with his tight body waiting for me to take his cock and guide it inside. I took the mammoth head and drug it back and forth through my sopping gash preparing us both for the invasion. I teased and tortured him by making circles and rubbing it up over my clit, pushing it through my folds and even down to my anus. Since I had just shaved off all my pubic hair, the thick helmet passed easily between my lips making squishing and slurping noises and releasing the pungent fragrance of a woman in heat.

I closed my eyes as I fell into a pattern of masturbating using Dad’s massive tool. My mind was spinning out of control when I felt him plunge past the head of his shaft.

“OH SHIT!!” I thought as the words formed in my head but only came out in a whisper as,”OH FUCK!!” which translated to Dad as “FUCK ME!!”

As the head pushed through the gate to heaven we both froze in awe at the awesome feeling that only two lovers have at that moment. My body reacted to this huge invasion as an “AHAAAAA” escaped from my lungs. I momentarily caught my breath knowing that more was to come, then I released all the air from my lungs as his cock slid about half way in before bottoming out with what felt like a thud up in my belly. I felt the first orgasm erupting without any other stimulation but Dad’s cock.

My thought process suddenly stopped and I threw all caution to the winds of fate as I locked my legs around his waist and held on for dear life. I wrapped my arms around his neck bringing my mouth to his in a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. I had been on this trip many times before but I never knew if I would come back from it. I knew of the road that lay ahead because I had prepped myself all morning.

Daddy rode me through two more earth shattering orgasms…the kind that makes the body seem to lift from the bed and rise above the fornicating couple below. It is as if through such intense orgasm, at least with me, that I come close to death entering that tunnel of light where peace and tranquility surrounds me. The French call it “la petite mort” or the little death when usually a woman feels faint or does faint during or after an intense orgasm. Some say that it is a spiritual release or the expenditure of “life force”. Doctors say it is a release of oxytocin or a lack of oxygen to the brain. Whatever happens, it does not always happen but when it does one will know that two souls have litterally become one and the spirits of love are working their magic within the hearts of both lovers.

So it was that day in the life of a young married housewife who once again found that secret garden of eternal love with the only man that could take her there, the man that was half responsible for her very life on earth.

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