Aunt’s Boy Toy Ch. 01


Maggie was amused to see her shy twenty year old nephew, Tom, shifting and adjusting his crotch as the steamy sex scene played on the television. His cousins, both girls, made fun of him looking away from the screen as the naked bodies got physical.

Tom was always a quiet child and kept to himself. He spoke little and seemed very observant. Maggie , his mom’s sister, was fond of him and often referred to him as her favorite nephew.

Maggie was a divorce. Her husband left her for a younger woman. The alimony did not help much. She was always bitter about it. Her social life was limited and she worked hard to pay the bills.

Thanksgiving weekend was now past. The girls left to head back to their lives. Tom stayed on for the week. Tom’s mom Alice suggested Tom stay over to help Maggie winterize the house, fix the storm door, and seal the windows. Maggie was grateful and appreciated Tom’s help.

Nurse by profession, Maggie left home early for her morning shift. Maggie gave him the list of tasks to be completed before she left. Tom liked being alone at home. He munched down his breakfast – eggs , bread, and fruit – and got to down to work immediately.

Over the next two hours, sealing the windows was easy and in no time he was humming his favorite tunes. He checked for draft and the fix seemed good. He checked the rest of the house , the HVAC and the water heater.

He found the storm door in the garage. He was sweating hard. His tall frame 6ft2, 190 lbs, 44 chest was dripping wet. Alone at home, he dropped his shirt to the floor. Unaware that the in-house security cameras were capturing his movements and transmitting to Maggie’s cell phone.

Maggie was initially amused. She found her eyes constantly checking her phone, her eyes glued to Tom’s body. She saw Tom pick up the storm door and the edge ripped his shorts. His blue tight underwear showed came visible and showed his firm butt. Maggie suddenly wanted to see more. Her vagina tightened involuntarily. The 47 year old wanted more.

Tom dropped his shorts and in his thigh underwear got told of a Towel and wrapping it around, carried the door to the entrance and put it into place.

Maggie smiled to herself , “My! He is strong.”

Tom was soon done. He finished earlier than he expected. Maggie saw him walk back to his room. His room was the only room there were no cameras. Maggie regretted not securing the whole house.

She got back to work. She wondered what he was doing as she attended to the patients. Her mind constantly drifting to her shirtless, in his underwear nephew.

Tom showered. He reached for the television again and once again turned on the steamy movie they watched on Netflix during Thanksgiving. Maggie saw him caressing his erection over his shorts. She wished she was at home with him. Soon after, she saw him walk into the laundry room and walk out with her laced pink panties that she left for wash . She was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see him put them on his face and sniff her soiled underwear as he watched the movie. She smiled all afternoon waiting to get back home. Her nephew was sniffing her soiled underwear and she was wet thinking about it.

Tom sniffed into his aunt’s panties. He enjoyed her scent and seemed drunk with the odor. His thick hard cock stretched his underwear. He wanted her bad and was afraid to ask or tell her. Maggie watched him as he escort bursa clutched his cock over his pants. She silently told herself, “Take it out, show it to me.”

She saw him look around and unzip his shorts and his bulging underwear popped into open. He pulled it out. In the nursing station, Maggie gasped with an exclamation. She looked around to control herself. It was big, thick and erect. She stared into her screen to watch him pull his foreskin back and closing his eyes. She saw him inhale her panties again. His cock was throbbing in his hands.

The clock struck 3. End of her shift. Maggie glided out and into her car. She did not bother to change out of her nursing clothes. She found herself accelerating towards the house. The traffic lights favored her and in no time she pulled into her driveway. She checked her phone again , she smiled as Tom hurriedly ran to his room to avoid meeting her as she entered the house.

Maggie entered the house. She looked around for the young man of the house. Her panties were dripping. She could smell herself.

She called out with excited anticipation, “Tom. I am home.”

Tom chose to not respond. He had his aunt’s panties in his hands and a raging hard on. Maggie continued to call on him. She finally knocked the door.

“I know you are in there.”

Tom quickly hid the panties under his pillow and pressing his hard cock down forcefully , zipped up and reluctantly opened the door. Maggie reached out to him and gave him a full body hug. His crotch pressed her belly.

“Thank you so much for the good job you have done on this house.”

She kissed him on his cheeks. She pretended that she suddenly felt his cock on her. She stepped back with an artificial expression of embarrassment. He stepped back, looked away, and closed the door once again behind him. She touched wet patch. Her clit was throbbing. She shivered with pleasure as she stroked her sensitive clit over her silk panties. She walked back to her room with her hands between her legs and laid on the bed. She was on the edge. She wanted Tom to make her cum. She made up her mind. She was going to fuck him.

Tom realized he could not hide in his room for long. His hard erection took its time to return to its normal self. Her pink panties from the laundry were under his pillow and he got excited just looking at them. He was also nervous about getting caught with them. He got into his dark lounge pants and a white T. As he stepped out, he nervously looked around if the cougar was on the prowl. Maggie was in the kitchen, in her long purple robes. She greeted him warmly as he entered.

“You must have had a tiring day. Dinner will be ready soon.”

She said without looking at him. Tom sat on the counter stool.

“Anything I can do to help.”

He waited for her response. Maggie ignored him. Tom’s fingers where strumming the counter hoping for a response.

“Tom, there is some wine in the basement. It would go well with the steak and potatoes tonight.”

He went down the stairs and browsed through the wine rack. He picked up the heavy bodied Shiraz to pair with the red meat.

In the meantime, Maggie quickly checked herself in the mirror. She intentionally went bra less with a white thong under her robes. Her cunt was twitching. She felt like a teenager again. She was giddy, her nipples were erect under her robes bursa merkez eskort and her cunt wet.

Tom returned and placed the Shiraz on the table. He moved on to help set the table for dinner. The plates and silverware were in place soon. As he reached for the wine glasses, Maggie passed by and he felt her hands on his back.

“Thank you for being here.”

Her hands dropped and he felt his firm ass being brushed by the palm of her hands. He felt a shiver up his spine. He turned to look at her and she smiled. His cock began to strengthen and stretch. In order to hide his excitement, he quickly sat at the table. Maggie knew she had him. She sat next to him at the table. She opened the Shiraz and poured him his glass , filling hers up at the same time.

“You have a girl friend?”

He hesitated to answer. He had a crush on his neighbor but was not courageous enough to ask her out or tell her.

“You are a handsome young man, I am sure you can take your pick of the cherries.”

Tom was uncomfortable with her talk. He looked into his wine glass as he took his sips. Maggie moved closer to him put her hands on his shoulders.

“You are a strong young man. Tell me, have you taken a cherry yet?.”

He looked into her eyes. She was expecting an answer. He shook his head negatively.

“Awe come on. Don’t tell me you are a virgin.”

Maggie was excited. If he was, she was going to take his. She gulped down her wine and she stared at him. A smile escaped her lips when she realized he was untouched. Maggie poured herself another glass of wine and she filled his up too. She got the dinner to the table. The steak was well done and the potatoes roasted. He appreciated the meal and in no time, the wine bottle was empty. So were the dinner plates. She found him a bit relaxed and had her chance to make a move.

“Why don’t you go get another wine bottle, I will clean up in the meantime.”

His cock was hard, erect, and pounding in his lounger pants. He was afraid it would show if he stood up. She felt her nipples erect under her robes. Her cunt was oozing. When he finally stood up to get the wine, she glanced at his bulge . It was few feet away from her face. She stared at it as he passed by to go to the basement again. She was weak at her knees. She could barely walk as she shook in anticipation of being naked with her virgin nephew.

By the time, he returned with the wine, Maggie finished the dishes, and moved to the living room on the couch. He had the bottle opened and filled their glasses again. He silently stared at his aunt. His cock was begging to be released. She loosed her robe and aired her neck. Tom could now see her cleavage. She heard a soft sigh. She contained her laugh. She wanted to tease him, she spread her thighs to allow the robe to fall between her legs.

Tom could not contain himself anymore. He was uncomfortable and he moved quick to head back to his room. As he walked, he felt her reach for his arms and he looked at her. Her right hand held his left wrist and her left was on his crotch.

He stood looking at her. She wanted to see it. She began to tug at his lounge pants. He moved closer. Her left hand reaped up to his belly and pulled down his pants along with his underwear and his thick, hard, erection sprung in front of her face.

“Aaaaeeeeee! On my God!”

She bursa sınırsız escort shrieked with the sight of the monstrous cock.

“You should audition to be a porn star.”

Tom smiled. He felt her plant a quick kiss on his throbbing phallus. She rose to her feet and standing up in front of him , removed her robes and dropped them to the floor. Her D cups were firm, her pink nipples were erect, and Tom could smell her wet dripping white thongs. The three-seat sofa separated the two bodies. His lounge pants were at his ankles. He raised his hands to drop his T shirt to the floor.

“Is this right?”.

He asked. She laughed at his innocence.

“Will you tell anyone?”

She did not wait for his answer. She walked around to him and held his throbbing cock in her hands. Tom moved forward and felt her jerk him. He was on the edge. Maggie knew he was ready to cum. She let go of him.

“I wont tell anyone. It will be our secret.”

She walked to her room. She felt Tom follow her. She did not look back. She pulled her white wet thongs down and laid on her back on her bed and stretching her legs wide, exposed her hairy pussy to him. She gestured with her right hand to go down on her knees. Tom obeyed like a trained dog.

“Have a look at your Aunt Maggie. I have not been tounched for years now.”

Tom nuzzled his head into her hairy muff inhaling the familiar scent he remembered from smelling her panties. He felt her hands reach for his hair and pulled him closer , inviting him to each her cunt.

Tom did not know how to eat it. He remember watching porn and he instinctively struck his tongue out. She swooned at his inexperience and raised her hips to guide his tongue to stroke her clit. Tom closed his eyes, his nose pressed into her pubic hair, his tongue lashed out at her juicy cunt. Her hips were moving fast and he could taste her freshness.

“I am cumming. Oh My Goodness! I am cumming. Dont Stop. Dont Stop.”

Her hips raised, her hands gripped his head, and she screamed her orgasm. Tom felt his face splash with her squirt. He knew she enjoyed it.

“Wow, Auntie Maggie, did you cum?”

Maggie laughed aloud.

“Yes, Yes, come here you horny young man.”

She pulled him next to her and kissed him passionately tasting her pussy on his lips. He looked into her eyes.

“My turn.”

She pushed him down on his back and placed both her hands on his erection.

“Close your eyes.”

Tom followed her instructions. She began to jerk his shaft up and down, His uncut cock felt the pleasure of her warm hands. He grunted and moaned as she worked him. She could tell he was cumming. Tom felt her lips on his cock’s head and sucking it in, her hands continued to jerk him.

“Aaaaah! Aaaaaaa! Yes!….. Grrrroood!”

He emptied his pent up balls into her throat. Maggie took firm hold of his cock in her mouth and received his hot spunk, not letting it escape. She savored and enjoyed his taste.

His cock was half way into her mouth and he continued to cum. She gagged on his erection, but did not let go. She closed her lips on his thickness to avoid leaking his precious virgin cum.

Tom’s manly voice and his grunts filled the room. He was ejaculating into a warm mouth that held his erection firm.

As his jerks subsided, she slowly eased his cock out of his mouth. He looked at her, her mouth was filled with his white cum.

She saw him smile. Opening her mouth , she swirled his cum over her tongue and she swallowed with a gulping sound.

“Kiss me.”

He obeyed. He tasted his cum on her tongue. The two naked bodies cuddled and intertwined as they kissed each other passionately.

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