An Indian Mother’s Bollywood Dreams


Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is a story that I had started writing during my very early days here.

I could never really get this ready for submission, and it was only a couple of days ago that I finally completed the draft.

There are a few shortcomings, but I have tried my best to make it as enjoyable as possible. I hope you like it.

While my story ‘An Interview with Madhavi Doshi’ can be considered as a fictional take on Bollywood & The Superstars, this plot focuses on the protoganists from a completely non-filmy background.

The characters mentioned do not exist in real-life.

The story is narrated by 19 year old Rohit, and is set in India.

Happy Reading!!

My mother, Jisha, always wanted to be an actress.

She never craved to be a celebrated figure, but always hoped that one day she would be appreciated for her acting skills.

Marriage, Motherhood and Professional Commitments had all taken away a lot of time from her life.

But, at 40, she still wanted to try her luck in Bollywood.

My mother was a movie buff, watching almost every film, and followed cinema closely, secretly hoping she would someday get a chance to showcase her talent.

To be very frank, I had never seen her act out any scene, or do anything cinematic, but she always was very confident that she had it in her to excel in the field.

She had quit her job at the bank, two years ago, and now lived the happy & stressfree, yet mundane, life of a regular Indian housewife.

With me joining college, this year, and opting to stay in the hostel, my mom was starting to have time for herself, again.

My parents have been married for more than 20 years now, and I have never heard my dad say “NO” to my mom.

And, when she shared her desire of being an actor, he readily agreed!!

With my dad’s support & encouragement, my mom set out to fulfill her biggest dream…

“You will do great, Jisha. Trust me!! I know you… I really wouldn’t be surprised when you tell me they have cast you as the heroine.” my dad definitely sounded more than just assuring, but he really meant every word he said.

He knew his wife was a go-getter.

However, it was not going to be an easy task with the abundance of talent already in the Industry.

My mother knew it very well, and it was a difficult mission. But, she would just not give up.

And after a decent amount of struggle, and a very long wait, she finally got a chance to star in a full length feature film.

It was no longer a fantasy, and she was rightfully over the moon.

My mom was also lucky to be selected for a movie directly through auditions, without toiling in low budget TV serials, and having to participate in crappy vulgarly late-night shows.

And to top it all, she was acting in a big film featuring Superstar Aftab Khan.

We were all excited, and though I was never overly optimistic about my mother’s career in Bollywood, this opportunity had even me gushing.

It all happened so quickly, by the time we were fully convinced this was really true, my mother had already completed the rehearsals.

“What character are you playing, Mom??” I asked her, with two days left for the commencement of shooting.

“That is a secret!!” was all she said, giggling.

“You will be blown away!! Haha!! Just joking…” she added, laughing.

Neither dad nor me could visit my mom on the sets during the filming process.

Dad was busy setting up his new office in Hyderabad, and I was having my semester exams. But, she would keep us updated.

The night before the release of the movie, my mother and I went out for dinner at a posh restaurant. She was treating me, and she was very very happy.

I never really commented on my mother’s looks, my whole life, but that night she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Dressed in her new peach colored body-hugging sleeveless kurti & maroon tights, she was at her best.

The neckline of her top was lower than usual, but still covered her pretty well. Living with her all these years, I could notice this change easily.

In terms of makeup, she only seeked the help of her favorite pink glossy lipstick, to decorate her. But, that was more than enough to declare her as the most beautiful woman in the room.

Maybe it was because I had started seeing her as a Movie Star, but she also looked a lot younger, and nobody would ever guess I was her son.

“It is sad that your Dad cannot be with us tomorrow, for the first show…” my mom said, a little upset.

My dad was still away, and would be back only a couple of days later.

“Don’t be disappointed about that, Mom. He is going to be really proud of you when the reviews come out. We can watch it again with him.” I consoled her, cheering her up.

“Yes, Rohit… I am very confident about the project. It has been planned & shot brilliantly. This is definitely going to be a huge hit.” my mother replied.

“I know, Mom… I am very sure about it… I have told my friends in college that gorukle escort you are starring in the movie. They are all going to be watching it tomorrow.” I said with a lot of pride.

“Hahaha!! Ohh, Rohit… Mine is a small role, Okay?! But, it is an important one. So, hopefully, people will notice me. And… I thought I will keep this as a surprise, but let me just tell you about it straightaway… I even took part in a small dance sequence. It was amazing. The whole experience was so refreshing, Rohit.” my mother said, jumping with excitement.

We were both understandably very thrilled about the next day. It was definitely a special ocassion…

But, little did we know our lives were going to turn upside down, in a matter of few more hours!!

The big day had finally arrived, and my mother & I reached the theatre well before time.

There was considerable buzz around the film, and the crowd in the Cinema Complex justified the same.

My mom did not feature in the trailer of the movie, and was not to be seen on any of the posters, either. But, honestly, we did not care. We just wanted the screening to start.

And, exactly at 9:00AM, the opening titles started to be shown.

In under 20 minutes, we had already been graced by the most expensive song shot in an Indian Film, and also some of the finest action sequences.

The movie was going ahead in swift pace, keeping the audience hooked.

It was, however, surprising that the Superstar – Aftab Khan, only had a short cameo role, given the fact that the entire project was being marketted as his 150th Film.

The lack of his presence, fortunately, did not hurt the movie. It was still very enjoyable with equal dose of suspense, romance and drama.

And, finally, 15 more minutes later, my mother’s golden moment arrived, as she appeared on screen for the first time.

My mom, sitting on my left, just could not hold back her happiness, and she was literally laughing out loud. I thought she was going crazy.

It was not yet disclosed what role she was playing, but she appeared formally dressed, and on her way to the office.

I had to admit that my mother was a stunner at 40, wearing a slim fit silky white shirt, tucked neatly into a well stitched grey formal skirt.

She was part of a flashback sequence in the movie, from 7 years ago, and her attire was supposed to resemble the previous decade.

But, the way she carried her outfit made her look like a modern woman of the present day.

While I was mostly relaxed, and pleased with her subtle actions, I was a bit taken aback by the fact that the camera had unnecessarily zoomed in to focus on the tight movements of her back, twice in less than 10 seconds.

“I should just stop over thinking.” I told myself.

The same was after-all an almost customary shot, that found a place in all the movies that released of late.

My mom was however least bothered about it, and just did not seem to care. She was still in an ecstatic state, and had a wide grin on her face.

She was just too happy to feel anything odd…

Maybe, there really was nothing odd…

“I should just enjoy this movie like any other.” I asserted.

I was still looking at my mother’s face, delighted to see her content, when I sensed her joyful expression changing to one of complete shock, and loss of reason, in a matter of seconds.

I could see her eyes turn moist, and she looked like she just had a heartbreak.

Something was definitely not right!!

The theater, too, had erupted all of a sudden, with the audience shouting and hooting, in an unruly manner.

Still confused, and unaware, of what was really happening, I shifted my focus to the big screen.

I was shocked!!

Shocked beyond words could explain!!

I could not accept what I was witnessing!!

I just felt lost!!

The scene had shifted to ths interiors of the cabin occupied by the Vice President of the Company – The Boss’s son, who according to the script was a 20 year old college drop out, and had just joined the business.

The actor playing the role, Kunal Sharma, the young hearthrob of Indian Cinema, looked totally like a hunk, even in his expensive suit. He was well built and had a crude attitude.

But, what really mattered was the the harsh reality that he was kissing my mother, on-screen, smooching her passionately, and even very clearly exchanging salivary juices.

It was a close-up shot, focusing only on the lips of the two participants, with my mother’s full face shown only after they broke the kiss, and stopped being intimate.

I was just too startled, and I did not know how to react.

I was sure my mother would never dare to do something so gross, and I really wanted to cry foul right there.

But my mother’s emotions, throughout the last 2 minutes, in reel, looked perfectly in sync with a lusty make out scene.

I looked at my mom, who sat right next to me, in real, and she had tears rolling down her eyes.

I held her hand, altıparmak eskort bayan trying to comfort her, and I could easily notice it had turned completely cold.

“This is not me, Rohit.” she said, looking horrified. There was a sense of helplessness in her voice.

“You know me… Right, Rohit?? You know your Mother… Believe me, Son… This is not me. I would never do something like this.” my mom said, crying.

She was holding my hands very tight, but her eyes remained glued onto the screen, in utter dismay.

She was already feeling dejected… But truth be told, her ordeal was only beginning…

The extremely erotic kissing scene continued, with the camera changing to a wider angle.

The entire scene was shot with Kunal having my mother sit on his office desk, and the camera was now placed facing my mother’s back.

“It has to be her… This really is my mother…” I kept being compelled to believe the impossible.

The hair… The posture… It was just my mother!! At-least, that is what I was being reminded, over and over.

But, I could not stop trusting my devastated mother, either.

Kunal soon stopped kissing my mother on her lips, and with a devilish grin, tried to rip open her shirt, managing to break only the top three buttons.

The screen for a good long second showed my mother’s deep cleavage, that had just been forced out of her shirt, adding to the hotness of the sexually charged scenario.

“Fuck!!” I gasped.

It was the first time I had seen my conservative mother’s cleavage, in all these years, and I could not believe I had seen it along with 800 other men, inside a Movie Hall.

I wanted to check on her, but I just could not, anymore.

I did not have the guts to look at her face, and worse, I also felt my eyes trying to catch glimpses of her bust, even as I was adamant I did not want to do it.

The genre of the film had suffered a dramatic change. And while it caused a dent to my mother’s purity, the audience certainly were more than just elated.

“Ohh…” I heard a very obvious moan, and when I turned to my other side, to probe what happened, all I could see was the man seated next, vigorously rubbing his crotch.

He seemed turned on, in an almost unthinkable fashion, and it was certain from the lust in his eyes that he had already undressed my mother in his mind.

On-screen, Kunal was turning aggressive, now, and grabbed my mom by her hair, to pull her head back, and started kissing on her inviting neck.

It did not take much time for me to realise that my faithful homely mother was portraying a degraded Corporate Secratary, in her very first movie.

It was a common role, in Indian Movies, lately, and even mainstream actresses had been shedding their clothes for the same.

But, None of them had a satisfactory family life… None of them had men in their lives, who cared about their modesty…

Most importantly… None of them had an adult son!!

My mom, on-screen, was moaning, and breathing faster, while my mom, in real, continued to sob.

The lively kissing and fumbling made the right side of her semi-open shirt to fall off her shoulder, revealing my mother’s dark red bra strap.

It was so contradicting to the complete setting, and the earthy colored props used, but escalated my mom’s sexual aura to a totally different level.

It caused her to stand out!! She was clearly being noticed!! In more ways than was ever expected!!

The audience was now cheering for the couple, persistently, hoping for something even hotter.

And the very next second, Kunal, with his middle finger, pulled down the exposed strap of my mother’s bra, biting my mother on her shoulder, and lower neck, as she had her mouth wide open with pleasure.

The next scene focused on my mother’s knee length skirt, that had already raised up, in between all the action, and now easily showed a gracious amount of her smooth inner thighs.

Kunal grasped the skirt by my mother’s waist, and effortleslly pulled the bottom above her hips.

The clothing now barely covered anything of my mother’s legs, and even the very thin straps of the red thong she wore was made visible.

“A thong?! A fucking red thong?!” I asked myself, in despair.

I was now very seriously getting angry at my mother. It was that very second I felt I had to come to a conclusion that my mother could not be fully sweared by.

I did not want to confirm anything, before I heard it from her own mouth, but I now had more reasons to assume that she just let herself be used.

I wanted to ask my mother if she really wore a thong on the sets… I really wanted to ask my mother if she let the men there make her a slut… I even wanted to ask her if she posed for them wearing just her thong… I was fuming!!

By agreeing to wear a kinky pair of panties, during the shooting process, she was making me wonder what else she would have compromised for the role… I was furious!!

I nilüfer eskort bayan always loved my mother… I still do… I am no evil child to disown my mother…

I wished I could convince myself that the lady on-screen was not my mother.

I wanted to convince myself that my mother was tricked.

But, the humiliation I had been subjected to was too much for a 19 year to be able to think straight.

The erotic session seemed to be a never ending one, and Kunal was on his way to have his hand inside my mom’s top.

He gladly grabbed her by her plush bra, and pulled her closer towards him. It was very apparent he would have touched her bare boobs.

Frankly, I was feeling so let down, I was actually relieved that the makers were kind enough to clarify that my mom had an intimate wear over her bust.

But, the very immediate shot made sure I had more reasons to feel ashamed, as it had my mother wrap her almost naked legs around Kunal’s hips, as he dry humped his manhood against her pussy, kissing her with greater vigour.

Using only a very small portion of his massive strength, Kunal groped both of my mom’s thick round ass cheeks, a few moments later, and easily lifted her up from the table, with her legs still embracing his body.

He was effortlessly carrying my mother, showing the kind of BULL this 20 year old was.

Also, my mature mom was just above 5 feet, and would have weighed under 50KGs. In front of Kunal, she looked like a petite horny college slut.

There was just a thin line of red thread over my mom’s ass crack, and even as the camera gleefully focused on her rear. nobody could notice it.

It so easily looked like my mom’s naked ass was on exhibition.

The angle at which the camera was placed, also clearly indicated how strong the young stud’s grip over my mom’s butt was, slightly even parting her bums.

My mom’s booty looked surprisingly huge, and perfectly round. And though it hardly had anything to give it shape, it held on firmly.

The audience, too, was quick to attend to it, and appreciation soon followed.

“Slap that fat ass now!! Make the whorry bitch cry!!” I could hear them shout, as my mother, on the seat adjacent to mine, had her head down in shame.

In reel, my mom still had her shirt and skirt on her body, but it hardly mattered. Her modesty had been violated, and to be very honest, even a C-Grade Item Dancer would not have acted in this scene.

It was bizzare that the Censor Board had not instructed the removal of these scenes.

Especially, when they were the very same guys who found gratification by banning porn, in the country.

“Or… Was this what was left after all the cuts they demanded?!” I felt being quizzed, leaving me more disturbed.

“Why did you do it, Mom??” I almost asked her, the exact moment Kunal, on-screen, asked my mother if she could walk properly after he fucked her for the first time, the previous week.

“I could barely move, Kunal… You have no idea how I even put my clothes back on.” my mom replied, in her familiar voice, forcing me to convince myself this could really be her.

The fact that the male actor was portraying a character he shared his real name with, for a moment made me wonder if he had really fucked my mother, the week before.

She was, after-all, with him, in the dubbing studio, that time, and anything seemed possible now.

“Stop calling me by my name, you worthless cum bucket. I am your Boss’s son… So, call me SIR!!” Kunal ordered, sarcastically.

“Oh… Pardon Me, Sir… Hehe… But… The way you make me leak, I forget you are my Boss!!” my mom shot back, and they both giggle.

“You are just like your Dad… Haha!!” my mom added, opening up a lot more venereal possibilities.

As the camera zoomed further into my mom’s creamy thick ass, my mom is seen, and heard, whispering into Kunal’s ears.

“I still have your cum inside me!!” she raved, in the sleaziest way possible.

They both get back to orally pleasing each-other, with Kunal also mauling my mom’s ass, much to the delight of the audience.

Kunal was just about to pull down her almost non-existent thongs, and possibly even reveal her tight anal-hole, in it’s full glory, when the power in the theater went off!!

“Oohhh… Fuckkk!!” the entire audience groaned, almost like a possesed angry mob.

“Switch on the screen now, you filthy Bastard!! Otherwise, each and every one of us are going to take turns fucking your pro wife!!” shouted one among the crowd, looking at the Screen Operator.

“Dude… Who on earth is this new slut?!” the young lad sitting in front of me, asked his equally stimulated friend.

“She looks straight out of a porn movie… Such a hot MILF!!” they continued their discussion.

“Do you know her name?? She will definitely be the most googled woman this week. Haha!!” I heard the occupants sitting behind me say.

The sexual tension inside the theatre was at it’s peak, and amidst all this, I sat next to my mother, not able to find confidence in her innocent cries.

What I had been put through was something no sane son would have tolerated!!

My mother was seen acting in the role of an office slut, shamelessly letting the boss’s son have his way with her. And, if one of her dialogues was to be taken into account, there was a lot more to come.

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