An Office Fantasy Part 3 – Party Time


After our sexual romp in my office, the three of us dress and walk arm in arm out to the limousine. The chauffeur is standing there with the door open. She is wearing a short gray skirt with a slit on the left side, reaching just below her hip. The matching self-supporting thigh high nylon is clearly visible when she moves. Her gray shirt with black tie and gray suit coat compliment her caramel skin.”This is Tammy, our new full time chauffeur.”Melissa walks over to the Tammy and kisses her, Liz then walks over and kisses both of them. They share a three way kiss as their hands roam over Tammy’s body. The scene before me lasts maybe a minute, long enough for the bulge in my trousers to become fully erect.Breaking off the kiss, the two women take a seat in the limo and just before I get in, Tammy stops me and gives me a very passionate kiss. She tells istanbul travesti me to get in and I take a seat next to my wife, Liz is sitting across from us.Melissa puts her finger on my lips, “Shhh, everything will become clear soon sweetheart.”Tammy walks around to the driver’s side and gets in. As we drive to the restaurant for dinner, Melissa takes the bottle of Dom Pérignon from the champagne bucket as Liz hands me two crystal champagne flutes, she then takes a flute for herself. Melissa uncorks the bottle and pours the bubbly to the top of our glasses.Holding her glass up, Melissa proposes a toast. “My loving husband, here is to fulfilling all of our fantasies.”The three of us bring our glasses together and the sound of crystal hitting crystal fills the air. In a single gulp, I empty my glass as Melissa and Liz giggle istanbul travesti at the perplexed look on my face. Liz moves next to me and now I have two beautiful women on either side of me. My wife goes on to explain the sudden change in her behavior.“Do you trust me, Neil?” “Of course I do, honey.”“Good, you once told me how you wish I was more in control. Well our little romp in your office is only the beginning. If you want to stop this, now is the time to say so, otherwise we move forward from here. Not only have Liz and I been lovers for the last month, Tammy is my lover also. They both do as I say and now you will too. What do you have to say Neil?”“Yes.”“Yes, what?’“Yes Melissa, let’s move forward.””Good, except when we are not out in public you will address me as Mistress.””Yes, Mistress.”At that moment, istanbul travesti we pull up to the restaurant. Tammy opens the door and Melissa steps out, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth as she cops a feel. Liz follows and does the same. I am next and follow suit.”Tammy, remember that we need to make a stop before we drop off Liz after dinner.””Yes Mistress, I have not forgotten.”We enter the restaurant and are ushered to our table. During dinner, our Melissa tells us that after tonight we are going to abstain from sex and masturbation until next week’s office party.”Liz, I did not forget about you. We will also fulfill your fantasies.””Thank you, Melissa.”Throughout dinner, I teased two clits with my fingers as Melissa and Liz teased my cock. Bringing each other to orgasm was not allowed, that will come soon.With dinner over, we make our way to the limo where Tammy is waiting with the door open. Melissa embraces Tammy, giving her a passionate kiss and fondling her breast. She then takes her seat. I follow and do the same, then take my seat. Liz does the same and once we were all in, Tammy walked around, got in and started to drive.

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