The airpalne ride home pt4


The airpalne ride home pt4John watched pensively as Sam carried his belongings up to his dorm room. His resolve to confront his wife and son about their i****tuous affair was wavering. His disgust and rage from the night before was still there but so were his nagging fears.There were the practical considerations. If it got out, the scandal would destroy his business. He could imagine the snickering behind his back from business associates and competitors, John the cuckold, John whose wife turned to her son for what her husband could not give her!Then there were the legal ramifications. i****t was i*****l. Would Jamie and Sam go to jail? What about him? The law could decide he knew and condoned it. Jesus H. Fucking Christ! Visions of scandal, ruin, and possibly jail scudded across his fevered brain.Then there was a visceral fear of rejection. What if he confronted one or both of them and they chose each other? His belly did a somersault at the prospect. As they carried Sam’s belongings to his dorm room, he noticed that Jamie and Sam seemed to collide more than was necessary. Despite the crowds, it seemed to him that they always ended up close to each other. Normally he would dismiss his suspicions as paranoia. He ruefully paraphrased the old joke in his mind: it is not paranoia if you saw them fucking.John was not used to this strenuous activity in this searing heat. He felt a little faint. His knees refused to hold him anymore. He spied a concrete bench just outside Sam’s dorm. He plopped his plump frame down. He mopped the sweat his exertions had produced.”John, are you ok?”He looked up into the concerned face of his wife of 20 years.”I’m fine. I just need to blow a little!””Well, you take it easy. Sam and I can finish this!”He nodded agreement. She affectionately stroked his cheek. She turned and continued on to the RV. John knew that Sam had gone that way a moment before. If he followed her now, would he again see his wife on knees sucking her son’s cock?He mentally shook himself. He needed to get hold of himself. His stomach ached due to his anxiety. He had better find antacids. He stood and moved toward the RV. As he approached it, he could hear them chattering. Should he announce his arrival?***Sam and Jamie were a study in mixed emotions. There was elation at entering college and a new phase in both their lives. There was sadness that they would no longer have the near unfettered access to each other that they had enjoyed.Jamie, despite her initial resistance, loved the sheer exuberance that her son brought to sex. His youth and virility meant that he had near unquenchable sexual desire. She thought ruefully that the exuberance meant that sometimes her pussy was tender for a few days. A stray thought nagged her. She needed to get back on the pill. Her hand strayed to her abdomen. She reveled in feeling Sam’s seed splash against her womb. She shivered deliciously as she thought about the millions of life giving swimmers her son filled her with. However, she needed to guard against a disastrous pregnancy.She had actually come to love the heart stopping exhilaration, the spontaneity of illicit sex. The risk of exposure heightened that exhilaration. There was no time for the niceties of condoms.Her heart rate accelerated. A thin sheen of sweat popped out on her upper lip as she recalled some of their narrow escapes. This had all started because she convinced John to join the Five Mile High Club. He had to resort to bottled courage to agree to it. Then he had passed out drunk on the airplane and Sam had surreptitiously taken his place.Jamie shook herself to pull out of her reverie. She felt the sodden mess of her panties between her legs. She felt deliciously wicked as she walked back to the RV. How many 45-year-old women had 18-year-old lovers? How many women had actually fucked their son on a commercial airliner?That sex was incredible. The close proximity of the other passengers and the flight attendants had her more aroused then she had ever been in her life. Then to find out it was her son, her 18 old son, who fucked her. Jamie thought her legs could no longer hold her as she recalled pulling the blanket back and seeing it was Sam. A mini orgasm caused her to pause in her trek back to the RV.***Sam watched as his mom walked toward the RV. The roll of her hips and the soft sway of her breasts enchanted him. He dearly loved this woman, his mother, his lover. His youthful mind had no conflict with the i****tuous nature of their relationship. He accepted its duality.Sam watched as Jamie paused at the bench where his dad sat. Even from this distance, he could see dad did not look well. He stood and started to go see about John when he saw mom pat him on the cheek and continue. He must be ok.In the afterglow of one of their trysts, he had actually proposed telling dad. His mom’s reaction had been explosive. She had bounded out of his bed and stood naked over him. She trembled with rage as she shook her finger at him and made him promise never, never to tell anyone, especially John, what he and she did.Bemused, he promised, although he believed that dad would accept it if they explained it to him.Sam hid behind the door.***Jamie walked up the steps into the cool interior of the camper. It may be wasteful of energy, she thought, but on a day like today, it was worth it! She was about to turn and go tell John to sit in here when Sam grabbed her around her waist. His hands trailed up and he squeezed her breasts.”Sam,” she said with mock severity. “You stop that this minute!””Yes ma’am,” Sam cooed as he raised her tee shirt above her bra.”Sam, stop it.””Yes mother,” he whispered as he nibbled her ear and pushed her bra above her breast.Jamie’s tone softened as Sam pulled roughly on her nipples.”Baby, we have to be care…!”Jamie broke away as she glimpsed John approaching the camper.”Your father!” She gasped, as she sprinted to the back of the RV. In one smooth motion, she pulled her bra and shirt down. Frantically, she looked around, spied a garment bag, grabbed it, turned and bumped into John in the door.”Honey, do we have antacids?””Your stomach still bothering you, Sweetie? Come in here and sit down.”She handed the garment bag to Sam.”You are going to have to finish yourself. I need to see about your father”***Sam grabbed a second garment bag and trudged the short distance from the camper to his dorm. The halls and elevators were jammed with students, their parents and other relatives and friends.Sam trekked the short distance from the elevator to his room. His cock ached with sexual frustration. He had been so close with mom before dad showed up. He knew her breasts were her most sensitive area. He had learned that if he pulled on her nipples while stroking her clit, she would do whatever he wanted.At 18, his sexual experience was limited. Nevertheless, his eagerness was unbound. A quizzical smile played across his lips as thought of where they had sex. Of course, he had initiated the first times they had sex. That first time on the airplane had been all him; mom thought it was dad. Moreover, that time in the kitchen on the floor, he started it, but when dad almost caught them, she seemed to get wetter and wilder.His cock sprang to diamond like hardness as he recalled the time at the lake. In the total darkness of the moonless night, he türbanlı bolu escort had fingered his mom’s pussy while she sat between him and dad.The public address system announced a mandatory freshman orientation. Sam dropped his garment bags on the bed and hurried back to the camper. His parents wanted to attend the orientation with him.People packed the area in front of the dorm as he made his way to his parents. He threaded his way through these masses. He reached the van, mounted the steps, threw open the door and froze.His dad sat on the convertible couch with his eyes closed, a look of intense pleasure on his face as his mom’s head bobbed up and down on his dick. Startled by his sudden entrance, Jamie pulled dad’s cock from her mouth, held it in one hand and turn her head toward Sam.At that precise instant, his father started to come. His first hard spurt hit the side of her face. In reaction, she turned and caught the next spurt in her eyes. Partially blinded, she attempted to stand and caught the last spurt on her bare tits.”I’m…I’m sorry,” Sam managed to stammer as he backed out the door. He missed the first step and tumbled backwards onto the asphalt, banging his head.***John felt better in the air-conditioned coolness of the RV. It did not hurt that he had Jamie’s undivided attention. He took pleasure in the way she dismissed Sam to take care of him. He grimaced as he thought of the sexual relationship between his wife and son. A part of him recoiled at the perversity of it.He watched as she fussed about the camper. First bringing him the antacids and a glass of ice-cold water, then she prepared a cold compress and dabbed his forehead with it.She scooted into the breakfast nook with him. He noted the full curve of her womanly breasts. Time and having Sam had added to their heft. He reached over gently squeezed one.Jamie giggled.”Well, feeling better are we?”John grabbed the other breast and massaged it.”I have always loved your breasts.”Jamie was already in a state of arousal. Her earlier reverie about sex with her son combined with his feel up of her had left her tingling. She knew she needed to put on dry panties. The ones she had on were drenched in her secretions. Now John wanted to play!John lifted Jamie’s tee shirt. Smiling broadly, he reached behind her and undid her bra. John watched with increasing arousal as Jamie’s large breasts tumbled free of their confinement. God, I love this woman he thought as he leaned down and took one rigid nipple in his mouth. He suckled hungrily.Jamie gently caressed her husband’s head. She felt need deep in her being. A need to be filled, to have a man’s seed fill her pussy, her womb. She seemed to be in a constant state of arousal now. At 45, she was not sure what was happening to her. Jamie felt John’s hand slide down the waistband of her shorts. Involuntarily she began to hump his hand.I am out of control, she thought fearfully. I have lost control of myself, of my emotions. She knew John wanted to fuck. And they would, but first she needed a cock in her mouth. She needed to taste the boiling hot seed of a man scalding her throat, infusing her lust.”Let me suck you, baby, please, I need it!”Bare breasted, her shorts down around her ass, Jamie knelt in front of her husband. She smiled up at him as she licked his throbbing dick. She rejoiced in hearing the sharp intake of breath as she took him in her mouth. She could feel his bulbous cock head sliding in her mouth. She shivered with a mini orgasm at the feel of him in her mouth. She looked lovingly into his eyes as she took him down her throat. The head of her husband’s cock slid easily into that familiar hole. All too quickly, she felt him swell. The vein under his cock began to throb as it pumped his juice up his cock.Out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement. She turned her head to see who was in the door. She looked into the stunned eyes of her son as John’s orgasm hit her in the side of the face. She turned and the next spurt caught her in the eyes blinding her. She tried to stand, to wipe cum from her eyes and the last spurt hit her in the chest.She heard Sam yelp in pain from outside. Her baby had fallen and hurt himself. Uncaring about her appearance she wiped her eyes and bolted toward the door. There was her baby sitting on the ground, rubbing the back of his head. Two campus security police happened to be passing and hurried to him.They slid to a stop. They both stared at the seminude woman standing in the camper’s doorway. She seemed to be covered in some white, shiny goop. They watched with a mixture of lust and amusement as she knelt over the injured youngster.”Are you ok, baby?” Jamie stroked Sam’s head.”Yes mom, I’m fine!”One of the Security police clears his throat.”Ma’am, university policy is we take him to the Infirmary.””I’ll ride there with you!” Concern was thick in Jamie’s voice.Standing in the door of the camper, John watched his wife check her son’s head, totally unaware that she was naked from the waist up and that her face was covered in cum.”Jamie, you can’t go looking like that!”The officers chuckled, continuing to ogle her cum covered tits.Jamie looked down at her exposed breast; she was at once horrified and deeply aroused. Total strangers were looking at her cum covered breasts. She giggled self-consciously and made a halfhearted attempt to cover herself.She smiled coyly at the officers.”I’ll clean up and go with you!”John had an epiphany. Jamie was back into exhibitionism! Now where had that come from? He watched as she turned, her shorts still half covering her ample ass, and sauntered into the camper. He looked down at her crotch. The wet spot extended out from her pussy and down the leg of her shorts.Sam was confused. First mom was sucking dad’s cock as if she really enjoyed it. Then she was parading around with her tits out and cum all over her! What had happened to his mom?John watched Jamie leave for the Infirmary with a smirk on his face. No damn 18 year old was going to outdo him! The look on his son’s face had been priceless! Then she had shown her tits to the security guards. He knew that was not a mistake. At least it was not after she realized she was bare breasted. It reminded him of the Jamie he married, the one who loved fucking on his desk at work while people were just outside the door. They always believed that Sam was conceived in his third floor office.That office faced the construction site. Jamie had loved the idea that they might see her. She would pull back the d****s, strip from the waist down and lay across his desk to be fucked doggy while she watched the construction guys to see if they saw them. Back then, they discussed swinging. Jamie had a fantasy of her pussy filled with the seed of multiple men. John thought about how incredibly hard the image made him, the image of his wife taking cock. They never acted on it. The needs of the business intruded into their fantasy.With a start, he realized that Sam and Jamie were going to the Infirmary alone. He struggled to his feet. He waddled to the door, opened it and stepped out. The heat slapped him in the face with an almost physical force. He staggered, sweat popped out over his entire body.Oh my god, he thought, can I make it? Maybe I should go back in the RV and just rest türbanlı bolu escort bayan in its air-conditioned comfort. In the distance, he saw the canopy covered 4-person golf cart transporting his wife and son to the Infirmary. He had to go there! He was not sure what his endgame would be, but he knew leaving Jamie and Sam alone was not a good idea.***The intake clerk was apologetic. The doctor was on campus but busy over seeing physicals at the gym. He was aware they were at the clinic. He would be there as quick as he could.She led them down a short corridor to the examination rooms. There were four rooms, two on each side, separated by curtains. She indicated a room. She reached in a cabinet and pulled out the green paper hospital gowns. “Strip to your underwear and put on this.” She handed Sam the gown. She turned to Jamie.”Ma’am, he is your son so it is up to you whether you stay while he undresses!”The clerk pulled the curtain and walked back to her desk. Sam and Jamie could see her walk behind her desk and sit down.Jamie felt a tingling in her pussy. If the clerk looked back…!?Sam was a little light headed from his fall. He was experiencing double vision also. He stripped off his tee shirt, tossed it on the extra chair. Then he stepped out of shorts.Jamie licked her lips hungrily as she surveyed her jockey-clad son. Lord, look at that tight body, she mused. She noticed his eyes were unfocused and he seemed a little unsteady.”Here, baby, let me help you with the gown!”Jamie picked up the gown and slid it over her son’s shoulders. She stepped behind him and tied just the top knot. She let her hands slip under the gown. Her hand slid down his taut 18 year old body. She moaned softly as her hands slid across his tight hard abdomen.This is crazy, she thought, if the clerk glances back, she could see us through the gap in the curtain. Nevertheless, she could not help herself. Images of Sam walking in on her sucking his father scudded across her lust filled mind. Her panties moistened as the voyeuristic scene filled her mind. When the image of the security guards seeing her topless covered in cum entered her mind, she groaned and sank to her knees. She kissed her son’s jockey clad ass as her hands found their way into the waistband of his underwear.Sam weaved slowly as his mom pulled his shorts down and kissed his ass. From a distant place, he felt her hands around his waist stroking his cock. When he felt her tongue lick his anus, he tried to lean forward to give her better access. He over balanced and fell forward through the curtain. He managed not to fall.Jamie was horrified when Sam stumbled forward and partially opened the curtain. Her eyes shot down the short corridor. The clerk’s head was clearly visible, peering over some forms. Her panties flooded as she realized they were totally exposed. If the clerk merely raised her head, she would see her on her knees, her arms around his waist, his cock in her hands. The tableau blurred as a mini orgasm wracked her.John sat on a concrete bench sweating profusely. The heat and the long walk were taking their toll. Nevertheless, I am halfway there, he though. It is just as far to go back as it is to go on.He saw the golf cart moving toward him. The same two security guards had taken Jamie and Sam to the Infirmary. The cart pulled up next to him.”Are you ok, sir?” The concern showed on their face. John was sweating and appeared to be having trouble getting his breath.”I’ll be fine,” John said. “But would you be so kind as to take me to the Infirmary? My wife and son are there.”The guards helped John into the golf cart, turned and started the short trip.***Jamie pulled Sam back into the examination room. His detached attitude concerned her. Maybe he has a concussion, she thought. She had him lay down on the narrow examination bed. Despite his condition, John’s young tool stood rigidly at attention.Well at least that is working, she thought. Lust clouded her concern for her son. Her sexual senses were overloaded. If I can just ride him a few minutes, just get off one time, I will be ok. Jamie glanced through the gap in the curtain as she leaned forward and kissed the head of her son’s tumescent love pole.Sam groaned as his mom inhaled his cock. The beginnings of a major headache did not dull the sensations of her ministrations.***John thanked the security guards. He walked into the blessed coolness of the Infirmary. He inquired about Jamie and Sam. Without raising her head, the clerk pointed down the hall toward the examination rooms.John moved slowly down the corridor. He mopped perspiration from his brow with his well used moist handkerchief. Halfway down the corridor he slowed. His heart jumped into his throat at the sight he beheld. Sam was flat on his back on an examination table. Jamie straddle him, her back to Sam pumping wildly up and down on Sam’s youthful tool.Oh my god, he thought, oh my god, they are fucking…AGAIN!! He strode quietly to the curtain. Behind him, the clerk studiously filled out forms. In front of him, his wife was fucking his son. Confusion reigned in John’s mind. He found his eyes glued to the sight of his son’s cock sliding in and out of his wife’s pussy. He was amazed at the amount of whitish froth that covered Sam’s cock. It increased with each thrust into Jamie.He u*********sly licked his lips. Dear fucking god, he thought, that is an amazing sight! A part of him was humiliated that his wife seemed to enjoy Sam’s cock so much. She was never this vocal with him.He watched as his wife increased the speed of her thrusting. Sam too was thrusting harder into his mother. His hands were gripping her thighs, bouncing his cock harder and deeper into her cheating married pussy.John stepped through the curtain and pulled it close behind. Sam turned and tried to focus on the blurry figure standing less than three feet from him. It looked like dad. Jamie was oblivious to her husband’s entrance.Jamie was lost in a miasma of lust. She was oblivious to John standing with his back to the curtain watching her i****tuous fucking. She was close, so close! She felt the tingling in her pussy that presaged her orgasm. She felt her son’s cock swell. They were going to cum together. She loved that feeling! Her pussy spasming, her son’s young cock swelling and pulsing, feeling her with his life producing sperm. She needed it. She had to have it. She groaned and stifled a scream as her orgasm wracked her. She felt Sam release deep in her, his seed filling her birth canal splashing against her cervix.”You i****tuous bitch! Just what in the fuck do you think you are doing?”Startled, Jamie looked over her shoulder and saw John standing there watching them. Intellectually, she knew she needed to stop. However, her orgasm wracked her. She could not stop herself from bouncing on Sam’s cock. And if she wanted to stop, Sam had a death grip on her hips and was forcing her to move.Her eyes widened in horror as she looked into her husband’s face as she and her son shared their orgasms. She moaned loudly as she felt her son’s sperm fill her. She took in the riot of emotions that charged across his face as he beheld this ultimate betrayal. Her eyes trailed down. She was surprised to see a pronounced bulge in her husband’s shorts. With an effort türbanlı escort bolu of will, she leaned forward, forcing Sam’s cock slide out of her pussy. The popping sound that made sounded like a gunshot in the tiny room.John’s eyes were glued to Jamie’s pussy. He watched in horror and fascination as the incredibly large tube of his son’s man meat slid slowly out of his wife’s pussy. John thought it would never stop. It seemed to go on forever, sliding inch by agonizing inch out of Jamie’s pussy. He licked his lips as his son’s mushroom head exited his mother’s pussy. It was accompanied by a stream of his seed oozing out of his mom’s pussy and dripping onto Sam’s pubic thatch. John licked his dry lips again. When he tried to speak, only a croak came out.Jamie jumped naked to the floor. The sensations of her orgasm still coursed through her body. She turned to face her husband and deal with the disaster that her life had become. She shot a concerned glance at her son, Sam. He was still in a semi-conscious state from the concussion he sustained he sustained when he fell out of the RV. In front of her stood her husband of 20 years. His face was florid, sweat poured from him, soaking his shirt.”You bitch! You cheating i****tuous slut! How could you do this to me…to us?”Jamie was frantic. This was the fear she had lived with since that day on the airplane when she and Sambegan their i****tuous relationship. She sank to her knees, her shoulders shaking with her tears and hershame.”Please, John, please, let me explain!””Explain,” John screamed. “Explain! You mean there is a rational reason why you are naked in the college Infirmary riding your son’s cock like a common tramp!”Despite himself, John’s eyes were fixed on his wife’s pussy. She knelt wide leg, Sam’s come hung from her labia, some of it sliding wetly down her dimpled thighs. He was like the snake charmed by the sound of the flute. He rocked slowly back and forth as each come drop formed, stretched into a glistening white teardrop and splashed wetly to the white tile floor.He was stunned that he was so aroused. His cock swelled in his shorts. He flashed back to watching Sam’s cock slide effortlessly in and out of Jamie’s pussy. John licked his lips nervously. What the fuck was wrong with me, he thought, I am getting a hard on!John motioned peremptorily at Jamie’s clothes.”Get dressed,” he said tiredly. “The doctor will be here in a moment.””John, I…””Bitch, shut up and get dressed!”Jamie froze in stunned silence. John had never called her a name like that. She looked around the room for something to wipe her pussy. Then thought about how it would look to John to see her wiping his son’s seed from her married pussy. She balanced herself with one hand on the examination table were Sam lay as she stepped into one leg of her shorts.”More, mommy,” Sam mumbled as he reached for Jamie’s hand. “Let’s fuck some more!”Jamie and John stood in a frozen tableau, each staring at their semi-conscious son.”Rest, baby, rest! The doctor will be here in a moment!”***Later they sat in the air-conditioned comfort of the RV. They had met with Sam’s doctor. He assured them that Sam had a mild concussion and needed rest. Reluctantly, they agreed with the doctor that the best thing they could do was return to their home.Now, for the first time since John had caught Jamie fucking her 18-year-old son, John and Jamie were alone. She still wore the same semen soaked shorts and sweat soaked tee shirt. “When did this start?”Desperate to salvage her marriage, Jamie related the sordid tale about the airplane ride.Even in the chill of the RV, John felt the heat rise in his face as Jamie described how they, John and Jamie, had decided to join the five-mile high club.She described how the three of them had accidentally switched seats. “I thought it was you, John, I really did!””So you couldn’t tell the difference between me and my son? That strains credulity!””Well…yes…I could tell…the difference!””John,” Jamie cried. ” I just thought you were harder and bigger because you were excited!”John sprang from his seat, fist balled tightly at his side. For brief moment, Jamie thought he was going to hit her. Then she noticed the sheen of sweat that covered every inch of bare skin. Then she saw the bulge in his pants.”Please, Darling, please…I don’t want to talk about this anymore!””Answer me, Gawddamit, is Sam bigger than me?” John could feel the veins on his temples throbbing. His vision blurred with the intensity of his emotion. He was confused about how he felt. He did not want to know but it had too! “Yes…yes…he is but…””You slut,” John screamed, spittle flying from his mouth. “So you decided to fuck our son because he had a bigger cock?””I didn’t know, baby, I didn’t know,” Jamie wailed, tears streaming down her face.The humiliation of it all washed across John in a tidal wave of emotion. His wife had taken their 18-year-old son as a lover because he, John, did not have a big enough cock. Absent mindedly, he opened his fist. One slid haltingly to his crotch. My god, he thought, why am I so hard?”How…how many times have you…fucked Sam?”Jamie looked up. She used both hands to wipe the tears from her eyes. She was not scared anymore. John was just trying to understand what happened. She could save her marriage by being honest. She eyed his crotch. Why is he so hard, she thought?”Just five times, I think!””There was the time in the kitchen; you almost caught us that time””Wait! You are telling me when I was sitting at MY table in MY home; Sam was sitting next to me smirking because he had just fucked my wife??”John moaned u*********sly. The humiliation was complete. His wife and son were laughing at while they ate the food he provided. His wife and son were lovers and he was the butt of their jokes.John’s cock was so hard it hurt. He stroked himself. He needed release.Jamie watched John closely. His eyes were partially closed. He swayed gently as he stroked his cock. There was a large wet stain on his shorts where his pre cum had soaked through.He is getting off on this she thought with some confusion. Carefully, she stood and took the few steps to her husband. He seemed to be almost in a trance, rocking back and forth, stroking his cock and sweating profusely. The germ of a suspicion sprouted in her mind. She knelt in front of her husband. His cock made a prominent bulge in his shorts. No, she thought, he is not as big or as virile as Sam is, but he is a good provider. He has given me all that any woman could want.She reached up and grasped John’s zipper. She drew it down slowly, never taking her eyes off her husband red sweating face. She glanced down to see John’s cock straining to pop out of the slit in his shorts. She helped it out and kissed the cum slickened head. Jamie looked up to see John staring down at her.”Baby,” she cooed. “I suck Sam’s cock too and let him cum in my mouth!”She listened to John’s loud groan and felt his cock pulse.”And, Darling,” Jamie whispered. “He fucks my ass anytime he wants!”John howled in humiliation. He felt his dick pulse and throb. He knew he was going to cum. He could feel his balls filling. He screamed as the first rope shot out and hit Jamie in the mouth.Jamie was caught off guard. She did not know what she expected but she did not expect him to come. Her upper body rocked back away from this semen torrent. The second rope splattered wetly against her chin and dribbled down her neck into her cleavage. Still holding his cock, she brought it to her mouth and caught the last weak spurts in her mouth. “John,” Jamie smiled, wiping her husband’s come from her chin and chest with her hands. “We need to talk!

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