An Open Secret

Big Tits

An Open SecretI was enjoying a day at home doing some chores and cleaning. I couldn’t resist the urge to dress up, and was soon wearing stockings, high heels, garter belt, bra and g-string. I completed the dressing with full make up, wig and a Sexy satin French maids uniform.I put on some music, had a couple of drinks, and began to do vacuuming and the like. I was having a fun sexy time, dancing about, wearing the little maids dress.I heard my phone buzz and picked it up. There was a sms message from my neighbour Claire with a photo attached. The photo had me stunned and I had to take a second look before I realised it was of me crossdressed, wearing a French maids dress. It had thought my windows were not able to be seen into, but apparently she could see me dressed like a girl.The phone startled me again, as I stared at the picture, it began to ring. It was Claire calling. ‘ you have 2 minutes to be at my front door, or I will send this picture to everyone in the neighbourhood’ , ‘ and you will arrive wearing exactly what you are wearing now.I hung up, and took a quick drink to calm my nerves, my hands were trembling. Reluctantly I went to the front door. I couldn’t see anyone on the street, so I went as fast down my driveway as I could in the high heels, and across to Claire’s house.As I came up her driveway, she stood at her closed front door with a dslr camera, taking pictures. I stood there hoping she would open the front door so none of the other neighbours would see me for what seemed edirne escort like an eternity before she let me inside.‘If you do as I tell you’ she said ‘ I will keep these pictures of your sissy little secret safe, do you agree to this?. I didn’t have any choice. Wait here she ordered before walking off into another room. I could hear her making several phone calls. I thought I could hear her telling each person to come over, that she had a surprise, she urged them to hurry over.I waited alone, not knowing what was happening. There was a knock at the front door, then the sound of Claire’s voice and some male voices also. Over the next ten minutes there was to or three more knocks on the door, I could hear more than one or two guys talking.Claire returned to the lounge room, where I knelt down as she instructed. Then from behind her walked four guys. ‘Be a good little sissy now, It’s time for you to fuck and suck some cock’. Jeans and jocks hit the floor, before I was surrounded by cocks. A hard cock was pressed to my lips, then Into my mouth. I sucked hard as it slid in and out of my mouth. My hands were guided to two more hard cocks, which I began to jerk in rhythm with the blow job I was giving. As I knelt there jerking a cock in each hand, the other two guys positioned themselves in front of me, pointing both their dicks into my face. I now took turns taking each dick into my mouth, my head bobbing back and forth before I switched and greedily sucked escort edirne the other cock into my mouth.I could hear Claire taking some pictures and I felt like suck a cock slut as I wanked and sucked off the four guys.Short of breath from having my face fucked by two cocks, I was helped to my feet, and led towards the large dining room table. They stopped me four feet short of the table, spreading my legs and bending me forward. My arms reached out to brace against the table, exposing my butt to those behind me. A hand slapped me hard on the arse twice. I made a loud noise on impact. My g-string was pulled to the side and some lubed rubbed into my ring. Big hard and covered in more lube, 8 inches of cock pushed its way into my tight hole. He began to pump me slowly. Withdrawing slowly from being deep inside me, he would withdraw almost fully, then drive all the way back in again. I gasped and moaned loudly each time he buried that throbbing tool into my hot arse, then screamed when he slapped my arse hard as he drove in. I could feel my cheeks clench as he slapped me. It must of felt good for him, he started to slap my arse cheeks each time he pushed into me. ‘ Ahhhh, Ahhh, Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, oh fuck me’ I gasped. His pace began to increase. Placing a hand on each hip he pulled back to meet his pushing hips., banging me at faster and faster until he withdrew, spouting hot cum all over my arse.Legs quivering after being fucked so hard, I felt hands on me edirne escort bayan again. I was stood up. The French maids dress was lifted up over my head, the lace g-string was tugged down and removed. Pantiless I was layed on my back on the floor. One of the guys got down between my legs, spreading them wide, then forcing his big dick into my ring. He too pushed his meat all the way in to my butt hole, withdrawing slowly, then ramming back inside. He continued to hold my legs incredibly wide, while fucking me deep and hard. I was soon making more loud slutty sounds. I moaned Long “oooooooh ooooohs” to accompany each deep thrust. He fucked and fucked me, until he pulled out spraying his hot cum up onto my stomach.Now the biggest dick of them all positioned between my legs. After sliding his 10 inches all the way in, lifted my legs up into the air, holding my ankles together. Unable to spread my legs to help accomodate this larger dick deep inside me, I couldn’t control the fuck noises. They were silenced when a knee went to either side of my head and the fourth cock entered my mouth. Deep and hard my arse was fucked. I sucked so hard on the cock in my mouth that I was soon swallowing cum. What I couldn’t swallow dribbled out my face.My sissy hole continued to be drilled by this big hard throbbing dick, I began to pull my own cock as he fucked me, we both reached orgasm at the same time. His cum filled my sissy butt, while my cum spurted up onto my stomach and chest.I lay there on the ground, still wearing a garter belt, stockings, high heels and a bra, covered in cum and unable to move after being so thoroughly fucked, while Claire snapped more pictures with her camera. “You’re such a sissy cock loving slut” she said, “ I think you will be on your back again for my boys very soon”

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