And Mother Makes Four 2



The next few days leading up to the wedding were busy and brought the four us even closer if that were possible. We would tend to the wedding preparations during the day and enjoy each other’s company in the evening and at night. Following dinner, a cool swim and a Jacuzzi we adjourned to my bedroom for group sex.

The day of the wedding finally arrived and the weather cooperated. The ceremony was simple conducted in our back yard and the reception was held pool side. Only close friends and business associates were invited. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was well behaved. I got a kick out of Joannie wearing white she even had the audacity to wear a white veil. I teased her about the veil and she said it was only to hide any traces of cum on her face. We both got a laugh out of that.

The next day we were off to the airport and as far as my friends and associates knew I was just taking a vacation. No one knew that Biff and I would be joining the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

We were seated in first class across from one another and the flight attendant picked up on the fact that we were together. I could tell she was confused. She knew that Jerry and Joannie were just married but she couldn’t figure out Biff and I. That is until Joannie told her that we were joining them on their honeymoon and told her the name of the resort where we were staying.

The attendant, a pretty oriental girl, then asked, “So as I understand it you two are on your honeymoon and your best man and mother are joining you? Do you know that the resort you are staying at is couples only?”

Jerry replied, “Oh yes, we are all staying in the same room.”

The flight attendant, whose name we came to know as Kim, blushed a little and gasped, “The same room!”

The Joannie interjected, “Yeah, it’s cool though since we are fucking each other.”

Kim had a look of disbelief on her face and she excused herself for a moment. The word must have got around pretty quick because the other flight attendants looked at us curiously when they passed our seats.

Biff laughed and said to Joannie, “I think you shook them up at least you definitely got Kim’s attention.”

Kim served us drinks and our meal but kept the conversation at a strictly business level. Joannie and Jerry were involved in conversation so I turned my attention to Biff.

“So Biff I know your real name is Robert, how did you get the nickname Biff?” I inquired.

“Well Marla when I was in college I was a butt fucker. BF being short for butt fucker can sound like Biff, so my friends started calling me Biff and it stuck with me.” He told me.

I was past the point of being shocked by these three any more so I continued the conversation. “Just how many girls did you butt fuck in college?”

“I butt fucked about ten girls and three guys,” he replied. “But the guys had to be a little effeminate kind of like Jerry with smooth hairless bodies.” He continued.

“Did everyone like it,” I asked curiously.

“Not really a few girls did but most found it a little unpleasant. They only agreed to let me butt fuck them if I promised to fuck their pussy. One girl just wanted to see if she could take my size in her ass.” He explained.

“The guys like it probably because it hits their prostate. But I don’t know how it affects the girls. Take Joannie for example she loves it in the ass,” he went on.

I couldn’t resist and I asked him, “When did you fuck your first ass?”

He thought about it for a second and then said to me, “Okay I’ll tell you but it has to be between you and me, no one else knows, okay?”

I nodded in anticipation of a juicy story.

“Marla first you have to understand that I am hooked on ass fucking. I realized that more than anything, I wanted to watch my own dick fucking a smooth tight ass. I love to feel my pubes slam against the impaled buttocks of my bent over partner flattening the fleshy globes as I thrust into the depth of her or his ass. I love to watch my cock slide through my partner’s well stretched anus to disappear into the bowels only to re-appear for a renewed thrust. It is a huge turn-on to ram and slam my cock into a bare and defenseless ass so that my impaled partner male or female is dominated. If my partner is male then he is feminized. To shove my cock in a vulnerable asshole is about power, domination and control more than sex.” Biff explained his rationale.


Biff began. My first sexual experience was after 9th grade in junior high school when I was 15 years old. The most remarkable thing about my experience is that it was with another guy. It happened one night after I went to a movie in town. We lived in a prominent community and on Saturday summer nights I would often ride my bicycle into town and go to the only movie theatre there. I was still naïve about sex and I had not even begun to jerk-off yet. I had my share of erections pushing out my pants when the cute girls were around but no experience to date.

If there was nothing going on I would ride my bike about 2 miles and park it about 4 blocks from the theatre. I always hide it on the church grounds and chain locked it to a tree in the wooded section. No one was ever around the church on a Saturday night so I always felt it was safe in this secluded section. I was a fit 15 year old at 6’0, 175 lbs and a very fit athlete.

This particular evening the movie was with Marilyn Monroe singing Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. She looked very hot and kept me stiff all night. As the movie started this guy sat in the seat next to me and he was very vocal about how hot she was. He had me cracking up and seemed like a nice person. Between movies, the double feature days, he introduced himself. His name was Barry and he was home from school in England. He was a freshman in Oxford University.

The second feature was boring and I decided to leave, Barry surprised me by leaving at the same time. He walked with me and asked me lots of questions about school, where I lived, etc. Then he asked me about girls, dating and my sexual experiences. When I told him that I didn’t have any he asked me about jerking off and I started to get embarrassed. He told me that in England they were jerking off and playing with each other all the time.

We reached the church where I parked my bike and as we stood in the secluded area, Barry told me about his sexual encounters with the other boys in school. He explained how they played with each other’s cock, how they went down on each other and how some buggered one another. I was getting hard and it was obvious. Barry began to rub my crotch as he kept telling me stories. I went to push his hand away but he told me to relax that he wasn’t going to hurt me.

I wasn’t afraid because even given the 4 years difference in age I was bigger and stronger than Barry. My erection was in full mast behind my pants zipper and Barry kept rubbing it. All of a sudden I realized that he had lowered my pants zipper and was rubbing my cock through my jockey underwear. I felt this tremendous pressure in my cock and I didn’t know what was happening. Barry unbuckled the belt to my trousers and opened them up. He then reached inside my briefs and handled my cock.

As Barry stroked my cock he kept asking how it felt. Then he told me how lucky I was to have such an impressive cock. I didn’t know until that time that my cock was bigger then average at 9″ long and 5″ around. Barry spit on his hands and continued to jerk me off. My trousers and briefs were down to my knees and Barry fondled my balls as he stroked my dick. Then he really surprised me by kneeling down in front of me with his face right in front of my cock and he kissed my thighs and licked my balls.

I trembled slightly and he sensed that I may come soon. Barry sucked my cock into his mouth taking me deeper and deeper until my pubic hair was brushing his face. He had a way of opening his throat to accommodate my size and he did things with his mouth and throat that brought me over the edge.

I came in Barry’s mouth not even aware that’s what happened. He kept swallowing and sucking my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore and I was trembling and felt chills running through me. I asked him what happened to me and he told me that I came in his mouth and shot a quart of cum down his throat. Then he realized that I was a virgin.

Barry went back to sucking my cock and got me to cum in his mouth a second time. He stayed on his knees swallowing and sucking and within minutes I was hard again. Barry stood up and lowered his trousers and underwear. I had no intention of reciprocating but that was not what was on his mind. Barry reached in his pocket and took out a tube of something; he then reached between his legs and rubbed the substance all over and in his asshole. He smiled at me, got on all fours and told me that he had to have my cock in his ass.

Barry had me kneel behind him as he reached between his legs and grabbed my cock. He lined my dick up with his asshole and told me to press forward. I felt his asshole give way and stretch to accommodate my cock. He told me to fuck him slow at first until he adjusted to my size. I looked down and was amazed to see my cock slide in and out of his asshole with all 9″ disappearing and then appearing. I was getting into this ass fucking and Barry’s ass was gripping me tightly. Barry lowered his head to the ground and arched his ass as I started to pick up the pace and began to pound his ass.

I could feel another orgasm building and when I came I felt cum travel from my balls through my cock into his ass. I leaned over Barry to rest as I recovered. Barry had cum just from my fucking him and his jizm was on the ground in front of him. That’s when I noticed his cock, which paled compared to mine; he was about 5″ long and probably 3″ around. Barry and I cleaned up the best we could and got dressed. He and I agreed to meet at the movie theatre the next week. I had two ball draining orgasms and I felt as sated as ever. Barry asked me not to jerk off during the week so that my balls would be full when we got together again.

“Do you want to hear about what happened next with my friend Fred?” Biff asked me.

I told him to go on with his story as he really had my attention now. Biff continued with his story.

Later that week I was over at my friend Fred’s house and we were sitting by the pool talking. Fred is also 15 years old and his house was really cool. The yard was totally landscaped with complete privacy around the pool. Fred and I would swim and hangout at his place, since his parents were never home during the day.

Fred and I were talking about girls, who was hot and who we might try to date as sophomores. The problem was that the seniors and juniors were always hitting on the underclass girls and the girls thought that was cool because the older guys had their licenses and could drive. So next year would be tough for us unless we wanted to hit on the less attractive girls like Meg.

Meg was in our class, she had a great body but just wasn’t a pretty girl. She had the reputation of putting Ankara escort out so she could get dates. I didn’t find her unattractive, she just wasn’t as pretty as the chicks everybody jerked off thinking about. I told Fred that I had my first blow job and I had fucked my first ass. Fred jumped to the conclusion that it was Meg.

Then I told him about Barry. Fred couldn’t believe it and told me I was queer. I told him I wasn’t queer if I didn’t touch his cock. Fred wanted to know how I could fuck a guy in the ass. I explained that Barry’s body was hairless and smooth and that it didn’t seem like a fucked a guy. He was more like a girl when he was on all fours with his bubble butt in the air. I told Fred that I was meeting Barry again next week. Fred begged me to let him come with me.

So that Saturday Fred and I went to the movies and met up with Fred. I told Barry that I happen to run into Fred at the theater. We all left after the first feature and walked up to the church grounds. As we walked I told Fred that Barry was telling me about school in England and how the guys took care of each other. When we reached the area Fred was extremely horny from all the talk.

Barry didn’t waste anytime he walked over to me and unfastened my trousers and pushed them along with my briefs to my knees. My erect cock popped free and stood tall as Barry stroked it. Then he did the same to Fred and started stroking both our cocks. Fred was more like Barry, about 5″long and 3″ around. Barry’s own cock was hard as he stroked the two of us. Fred kept staring at my cock and Barry’s.

Barry noticed Fred staring at my cock and took Fred’s hand and placed it around his cock and told Fred to do what he was doing to him. I couldn’t believe that Fred was getting into this. Barry sensed that Fred was close to cumming so he dropped to his knees and began to suck Fred’s cock. Within minutes Fred was spurting his seed into Barry’s mouth and Barry sucked him dry until Fred had to grab Barry’s shoulders for support.

Barry told him it was his turn as he gently pushed Fred to his knees. Barry then fed Fred his cock and coached him in the technique of cock sucking. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Fred was sucking Barry’s dick and he was getting into it. Barry told Fred he was a natural as he fired his cum into Fred’s mouth and Fred’ eyes got wide with surprise. Fred swallowed some by mistake and let the rest run out of his mouth Some of Barry’s cum was on Fred’s face and Barry scooped it up with his finger and fed it to Fred and Fred licked his fingers clean.

I had a raging hard-on and I needed some attention. Fred was hard again so Barry let Fred fuck him in the ass while he sucked me off. I came quickly as did Fred because of the two-way action. Barry then had me fuck him in the ass standing up and told Fred to blow him again. Barry came quickly filling Fred’s mouth with cum for a second time and then Fred shoved his cock back into Barry’s mouth as I continued to fuck him in the ass. Fred came for a third time as I filled Barry’s ass with my jizm.

Barry asked if we could ever meet during the week and Fred offered to have us get together at his pool. For the next several days the three of us met at Fred’s house for swimming, sunning and sex.

Barry arrived at Fred’s home and Fred and I were already by the pool. Barry asked if it was okay to sun in the nude and Fred told him it was okay since the yard was totally private. We all shed our bathing suits and kicked back in the sun. Barry offered to apply suntan lotion on Fred, so Fred lay face down on the lounge as Barry covered his back and legs with the lotion. Barry then began to massage the lotion into Fred’s ass and fingered his asshole. Fred started to protest but Barry calmed him and continued to finger fuck Fred in the ass. Fred started to moan a little and then gasped when Barry added a second finger to his asshole.

Barry told Fred he was ready for the real thing and he lifted Fred by the hips until Fred’s ass was level with Barry’s cock. Barry eased his erect dick into Fred’s ass and Fred yelped in pain. Barry told Fred to relax as he reached around and fondled Fred’s cock and balls. Fred relaxed as Barry stroked his hard-on. Barry eased the entire 5″ into Fred’s ass and he felt Fred tense up.

I was rock hard watching this scene when Barry motioned me over to them and told me to fuck Fred’s face. I walked around to the front of Fred and lifted up his chin to my cock. Fred looked confused but he accepted my cock into his mouth. He could only take about 4″ of my 9″ but it did serve as a distraction and soon Barry was sliding in and out of Fred’s ass with ease. Fred was moaning around my cock and I could feel myself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. I fired a barrage of cum into Fred’s mouth, so much so that he gagged a little and pulled his mouth off my cock. The second, third and fourth spurts hit him in the face, his chest and the back of his neck. Barry emptied his balls in Fred’s ass and the two of them collapsed on the lounge chair with Barry still grinding his cock into Fred.

We all hit the pool to cool down a little bit after our intense orgasms. Afterwards we lay in the sun sipping drinks and getting horny again. Barry went over to Fred and got on top of him in a 69 position. Barry engulfed Fred’s cock as he lowered his own cock toward Fred’s mouth. Barry then told me to get behind him and fuck his ass while he and Fred sucked each other off. I fucked Barry slowly relishing his smooth hairless ass. He had an ass girls would kill for. This time my orgasm seemed to start in my toes and work its way up my body. I shot an ample load of cum into Barry’s ass and as my cock softened it slip from Barry’s asshole with an audible pop. A substantial amount of cum seeped out of Barry’s ass ran down his crack, over his balls and onto Fred’s face.

Fred was so engrossed with sucking cock that he didn’t notice that I had shot my load until he felt it running down on his face. Just then Barry unloaded in Fred’s mouth, which in turn set Fred off and he came in Barry’s mouth. We all rested again until the next bout of sex. This time Fred lay on his side with Barry also on his side fucking Fred. I lay on my side behind Barry and fucked him as he fucked Fred while Barry reached around and jerked Fred off. Once again we all fired an ample amount of cum into or onto Fred and Barry. That was it for our first day and we agreed to meet again later in the week.

The next time we got together I learned that Fred and Barry were sucking and fucking every day. Fred’s ass hole had really loosened up from Barry fucking it 2-3 times a day. Barry wanted to see me fuck Fred in the ass but of course Fred was apprehensive. Barry fucked Fred first to loosen him up and then had Fred get down on all fours with his ass perched in the air. Fred also had a great looking ass much like Barry it was smooth and hairless and perfectly shaped.

Barry added more lotion to Fred’s ass and spread an ample amount on my dick. Barry then added his own saliva to my cock making it very slick. Barry held my cock in his hand and lined it up with Fred’s ass. Barry eased my cock into Fred’s asshole a little at a time, keeping his hand on it to control how much went into Fred’s ass. Fred gasped audibly and asked me to go slow and easy. Barry told him to relax and take deep breaths as he continued to feed Fred my cock. Once my dickhead had cleared Fred’s sphincter he started to adjust to the width of my weapon. What he didn’t realize was that only about 2″ of my 9″ were in his ass. Barry was a master at breaking Fred in and introducing my cock into him. Soon there were 4″ then 5″ and so on until Barry removed his hand and I plunged all 9″ into Fred. All of a sudden I felt dominating and I pounded Fred’s ass as Barry urged me on.

I yelled as I could fill cum building in my balls. I fired barrage after barrage of my seed into Fred’s asshole. The cum started to leak from his ass before I stopped fucking him and when I slid my cock out of his ass it was like removing a plug and releasing a flood. Barry was on my cock immediately as he sucked me dry getting every last drop of jizm out of my cock. Barry then rolled Fred on his side and the two of them assumed the 69 position and sucked each other to a mind blowing orgasm.

The next several days at the pool would usually go like this. I would fuck Barry in the ass while he sucked Fred’s cock. I would fuck Fred in the ass while he sucked Barry’s cock. Sometimes Barry would fuck Fred as I fucked Barry or I fucked Fred as he fucked Barry. At times they would both suck me off with my cock in one mouth and my balls in the other. Both Fred and Barry would take turns swallowing cum.

As much as I enjoyed getting my rocks off all the time, I still missed girls. After a week I left Barry and Fred to enjoy each other and I started hanging out at the community pool. A lot of the girls were there and they looked great in their swim wear. Most of them were acting stuck up and trying to get the attention of the older guys. Meg was there a lot but she was mostly ignored because of the other girl’s presence. I decided to try and hook up with her.

“Do you want to hear more Marla?” Biff asked me snapping me out of my trance. “Do you want to hear about the high school girls; Meg, Nancy, Ingrid, and Susan and how I took their anal cherry?” he continued.

“No I think you better save that story for another time,” I replied in a weak tone.

“Did that story get you hot?” he teased.

“Just a bit,” I gasped.

“Let’s see,” he said as he slid his hand under my miniskirt and covered my vulva. “My, my, aren’t we a little wet,” he noted.

Biff then slipped a finger under the elastic of my panties and located my clit. He rubbed my clit until I orgasmed in the seat. I had to cover my mouth to deafen my groans. He smiled at me as he removed his hand and licked his finger. I shuddered with his public display. The cabin smelled of sex and I knew that our flight attendant would be able to detect it.

I looked over toward the aisle and saw that Kim was standing there watching us and she had a stern look on her face. Biff followed my eyes and saw Kim as well and then he made a spectacle of licking his fingers clean. Then Kim’s eyes got wide and she shuddered slightly. It was then I realized that Joannie had slip her hand under Kim’s skirt and ran it up her inner thighs toward her pussy. A flustered Kim abruptly made her way back to the galley.

Biff laughed at Kim’s embarrassment and then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You have such a cute puffer pussy and the neatest squirter.”

Biff did finish his story and told me how he dated the four other girls in high school. He told me how he had fucked them all in the ass taking their anal virginity.

ARRIVING AT THE RESORT The rest of the flight was routine except for when we were getting off the plane. Kim the flight attendant told us to enjoy ourselves on the island.

“We will,” replied Joannie and then she grabbed Kim’s ass, “Too bad you can’t join us.”

“Joannie you are going to give that poor girl a heart attack,” I chuckled.

“I doubt it, she already Ankara escort bayan gave me her phone number so that I can call her when we get back home,” Joannie laughed.

We left the plane, picked up our luggage, went through customs and picked up the resort van. The drive from Montego Bay to the resort in Negril was revealing as much of Jamaica was clearly third world. It was obvious that the corporations running the resorts were not putting any money back into the island.

We arrived at the resort and we were checked in with all of our documents and valuables placed in a safe deposit box. We were then shown to our room by one of the bell staff. He smiled as he left the room probably guessing at our sleeping arrangements. We unpacked our bags and kicked back for a few minutes.

“Let’s take a walk around and get familiar with the place,” suggested Biff.

Then Joannie said, “We should go commando in case we hit the nude beach.” She spotted my confused look and then added, “That means no underwear, no panties and no bra.”

We all through on shorts, shirts and clogs and took off to check out the resort grounds. The resort was impressive it had two beaches one being clothing optional. There were many amenities, tennis, scuba, snorkeling, workout and spa facilities, and so on. Anything you wanted was available at the resort. There was always at least one bar open over the 24 hour period. Planned activities; toga party, reggae party and others were posted for the week.

We wandered over to the nude beach and nude Jacuzzi. I was not prepared to see totally nude people at the beach, topless yes but naked no. It took awhile but I did get used to the total nudity. Of course Joannie couldn’t wait to get her clothes off. She found a place for us to sit and slipped off her shorts and shirt. Jerry and Biff followed suit and then they all looked at me waiting for me to disrobe. I took off my shorts and shirt and joined them. Biff went up to the outside bar to get drinks for us. He got a few looks and smiles from both men and women checking out the meat hanging between his legs.

We had a couple of drinks and I got comfortable with my nudity. Joannie suggested that we check out the nude Jacuzzi so we walked over there without putting our clothes on. The Jacuzzi was huge it was more like a swimming pool. There were a few people in it but nothing going on. We donned our clothes and returned to our room to shower and get dressed for dinner.

The dinner was a wonderful buffet and the food was fresh and delicious. After dinner we went to one of the lounges for a nightcap. It was a pass the mike bar with a very good piano player. Many of the people there could sing very well and it was an enjoyable evening.

When we eventually returned to our room we undressed and got in our beds. Biff and I got in one bed with Joannie and my son in the other. Biff fucked me hard and quick bringing me to a number of orgasms before he flooded my pussy with cum. Jerry fucked Joannie and then she jumped in our bed. She maneuvered us into a 69 position so that we could suck cum out of each other’s pussy. As we ate each other Biff slipped his cock into my ass and Jerry put his in Joannie’s ass. They both fucked us until they came in our rectums.

I told them that I had enough so the three of them went back to Joannie’s bed and double fucked her. Biff fucked her pussy as Jerry fucked her ass again. Both Jerry and Biff even though they had the remarkable recuperative powers of youth still had their limits. Joannie on the other hand was insatiable. After they filled Joannie’s holes with more cum, Biff came back to my bed and we both fell asleep


I learned what it was like to be fucked with a piss hard-on the next morning. Biff was rock hard and he slid his big dick into my pussy. He pounded my cunt until I couldn’t take anymore and I pleaded with him to stop after I had numerous orgasms. Biff rolled off of me and went to the bathroom to pee. When he came back he had me suck his cock until he came in my mouth. He fired a huge amount of cum in my mouth and I had a difficult time swallowing it as fast as it hit the back of my throat. I did manage to swallow most of it and then I scoped up the rest with my fingers and sucked them dry.

Jerry and Joannie were already in the shower where they fucked as well as bathed. Biff and I showered and dressed. Then the four of us went to breakfast. It was another buffet with delicious fresh food. After breakfast we returned to the room and planned our first day at the resort.

We decided to hang out at the nude beach and relax for the first day. All four of us grabbed some beach chairs, dropped our shirts and shorts and kicked back in the sun. The Jamaica sun is very hot so we applied plenty of sunscreen to our bodies. Shortly other people started to arrive at the nude beach and we took in all the nude forms and figures. Four girls sat close to us and they were very friendly. We learned that they were two lesbian couples and that they were rooming together as we were. Another married couple sat near us as well and as the conversations progressed Joannie and I found ourselves talking with the lesbians while Biff and Jerry talked with the couple.

Both parties were amazed at our situation that the bride, groom, best man and groom’s mother were rooming together and fucking each other. One of the lesbian girls, a cute little redhead named Rita, decided to go for a swim. Joannie offered to join her and they took off for the surf. I stayed and talked with the other three girls; a brunette named Naomi, a natural blond named Erin and a dark haired beauty called Jean. I looked at toward the ocean and saw that Rita and Joannie were in each others arms kissing each other.

“Well it looks as if they are getting along,” remarked Erin.

“Does that bother you,” I asked.

The girls laughed and Erin answered, “No not at all we are very open with our sexuality and we often get it on with other women.”

I just blushed and the girls smiled at my embarrassment. Just then Rita and Joannie returned to their chairs.

“Hey Marla, Rita invited us to join them in their room tonight for after dinner drinks,” Joannie announced. Then she asked, “Are you up for it.”

I hesitated and said, “I don’t know.”

The other girls chimed in and convinced us to come over saying it would be fun to get together. I agreed not knowing what the evening would bring.

“Hey Jerry,” Joannie yelled over to her husband, “Marla and I are going to hang out with these girls tonight.”

Biff replied for both Jerry and he, “That’s cool have a good time. Jerry and I may hang out with Jim and Barbara.”

Jim and Barbara the couple talking with Biff and Jerry looked over smiled and waved at us. They were a good looking couple both with brown hair and very fit. Jim had a medium build and an average looking size cock. Barbara had a cute body with small tits a tiny waist with a curvy ass and shapely legs. She was obviously taken with Biff’s physique and impressive cock.

The afternoon was uneventful but pleasant as we drank frozen drinks from the nude bar and all of us got to know one another better. We all got a lot of sun with occasional swims to break up the heat. Later we went back to shower, dress and dine. It was another fantastic spread of excellent food. After dinner we went back to our room.

In the room Joannie stripped off her dinner dress and donned her shorts and tee with out a bra or underwear. “Is that all you’re wearing to the girl’s party,” I gasped.

“Well it’s not like they haven’t seen me naked and once we are there these clothes won’t be on very long. We haven’t been invited over to listen to music,” she laughed.

So I followed suit and took off my dress and put on shorts and a tee as well. I amazed myself by getting ready to go to a lesbian party and probably an orgy with my daughter-in-law.

“What did you guys decide to do,” Joannie asked Jerry and Biff.

“Oh we are going over to Jim and Barb’s room. Barb has never been with three guys before so it should be interesting,” Biff answered.

“Sounds yummy,” quipped Joannie, “Have fun!”

We all left our room and proceed to our night’s destiny. Joannie couldn’t wait to explore these other female bodies and I was as nervous as I was on my first date.

Joannie and I arrived at the girl’s room and when we were let in buy a nude Rita we soon noticed that Naomi, Erin and Jean were also naked. I felt like Joannie and I were indeed over dressed. Joannie immediately took off her shorts and tee and tossed them aside. All five girls now looked at me waiting for me to disrobe. I followed Joannie’s lead and took off my shorts and tee and tossed them on top of Joannie’s clothes.

I took a good look at the naked girls and each was beautiful in her own way. Erin was a beautiful girl with long straight blond hair, small pert like tits, gorgeous legs and a perfectly round bubble butt. Her body was completely golden tan. Rita was a very pretty redhead with medium firm breasts, shapely hips and ass. Naomi had more the Latin look, dark hair and eyes, olive skin and a very shapely 36-22-36 body. Jean was a Natalie Wood like brunette. All of them kept their pussy hair well trimmed into cute little tufts and they were all very fit from hours of fitness training.

Naomi and Jean approached me and told not to be so shy. Erin & Rita led Joannie over to one of the beds and sat down on the edge of it with a girl on either side of Joannie. Naomi and Jean led me over to the other bed and we sat facing Joannie, Erin and Rita. Naomi and Jean sat close to me so that our bodies were touching and I noticed that Erin and Rita did the same with Joannie.

The girls started with small talk that quickly turned to sex. They shared with us their disappointments with sex in their lives and how they got together. But they really wanted to hear our story because they were fascinated with the fact that we were mother and daughter-in-law and honeymooning with my son and his best man. They loved hearing about my seduction and my first time with Joannie.

“That is so hot,” said Rita as she and Erin moved their hands over Joannie’s body.

“So have you experimented with toys or dildos yet?” asked Naomi. Then she and Jean moved even closer to me and began to move their hands over my breasts and thighs.

“Goodness no, I am still getting used to the foursome arrangement,” I replied nervously but turned on by the caressing of my body.

The Joannie chimed in, “No we haven’t used any fake cocks yet just Biff’s and Jerry’s cocks so far.”

“Well we have some surprises for you later but first things first,” said Naomi as she and Jean gently pushed me back on the bed.

Erin and Rita also pushed Joannie back on the other bed and Rita got between Joannie’s legs as Erin mounted Joannie’s face. Joannie wasted no time in cupping Erin’s hot ass and plunging her tongue deep into her pussy. Then they disappeared from view as Jean straddled my face and offered her pussy to me just as Naomi slid between my legs and began to eat my cunt. Naomi Escort Ankara probed my pussy with her fingers as she sucked on my clit. She then lifted my legs on her shoulders exposing my ass and my little aperture. Naomi then began to lick my bung hole and tickled it with her tongue. She had a long thin tongue that probed deeply into my ass as she continued to finger fuck my pussy. I knew I was going to cum soon so I picked up my pace eating Jean’s pussy. Jean held herself open for me so that I could easily nibble on her clit, she was going wild. I could only imagine that the same thing was going on in the other bed. I ate Jean’s pussy as if I had been doing it my whole life.

“She is a natural,” proclaimed Jean and then yelled, “Oh this is going to be a quick one.”

Jean humped herself on my mouth and came in buckets all over my face triggering my own orgasm as I squirted cum onto Naomi’s face. Naomi sucked me dry as if she didn’t want to miss a drop.

“She is a real squirter,” Naomi announced as he moved up the bed to straddle my face and then said, “Your turn.”

“A real live squirter oh let me at her,” Jean said excitedly and then covered my pussy with her mouth.

The actions were repeated this time with Naomi cumming on my face with me squirting my juice into Jean’s mouth. Only this time jean fingered my asshole the whole time as she ate me to climax. The three of us separated and sat on the bed watching Erin and Rita finished up with Joannie. Erin was riding Joannie’s face as Rita ate out Joannie’s pussy. Rita had something in Joannie’s ass and she was holding onto a string as she ate her. As Joannie started to cum, Rita pulled on the string and one by one a bead popped out of Joannie’s asshole. There were six beads in all and Joannie’s body jerked in spasm each time one of them cleared her sphincter intensifying her orgasm. Joannie moaned aloud into Erin’s cunt as Erin filled Joannie’s mouth with her juices. Erin collapsed on the bed next to Joannie and the two of them hugged and kissed one another.

I stared at the beads on the floor and Naomi smile and spoke, “They are called anal beads and they can really intensify one’s orgasm. It seems that I cum each time that a bead pops out of my ass. You can try them later if you want. We also have some other toys that you may like.”

Naomi got up and went over to a bag in the corner of the room where she retrieved six dildos four strap-on dildos and a couple of two headed dildos that had to be 18″ to 20″ long with a fake set of balls in the center. Naomi strapped on one dildo that was almost as big as Biff’s cock. Jean, Rita and Erin strapped on the other ones that were about the same size. Jean lay on her back and Naomi had me straddle the dildo and lower my pussy on it. Naomi then greased up my asshole and her strap-on. Naomi pushed the fake cock all the way into my asshole and then she and Jean began to fuck my brains out. I looked over and so that Erin and Rita were double fucking Joannie on the other bed. Erin was on her back playing with Joannie’s tits as she fucked her pussy. Rita was pounding away at Joannie’s ass with the entire dildo buried in her chute. Joannie was moaning and screaming for the girls to fuck her hard.

I came and came from the ferocious pounding of my pussy and my ass. I pleaded with Naomi and Jean to let me rest for awhile. Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever expected to be in a room with five beautiful girls fucking our brains out. I watched as Jean walked over to the other bed and presented her fake cock covered with my cunt juice to Joannie’s mouth. Joannie sucked it right in her mouth as she continued to be fucked by Erin and Rita in her pussy and ass. It was an incredibly erotic sight.

The strap-on dildos had little nubs on the end that massaged the pussy of the girl wearing one. So Erin, Rita and Jean were being stimulated by the action of Joannie’s body as they triple fucked her. Soon all four of them were cumming again and then they collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Very nice show girls,” said Naomi as she sat next to me and caressed my breasts.

We all needed a break so Naomi served some wine and we kicked back for awhile. I could not believe how comfortable I was with my nudity and my sexuality with these girls that we had just met this afternoon. After the wine we returned to the orgy and fucked each other well into the early morning hours. We tried a number of positions and penetrations with the dildos.

Erin and Rita lay on their sides fucking me in the ass and pussy with the strap-on cocks. Naomi and Jean did the same to Joannie but Jean had a double dildo in her ass with the other end in Rita’s ass. The six of us were coupled together by the fake cocks. Later Joannie and I were placed on all fours with our butts touching. Naomi inserted one of the double headed dildos in my pussy and the other end in Joannie’s pussy. Then she placed the second double dildo in my ass and the other end in Joannie’s ass. Joannie and I fucked each other as the girls had us eat their pussies. We both ate all four of them as we double fucked each other with the fake cocks. As Joannie and I were eating two of the girls the other two would kneel beside us to play with our tits and diddle our clits. Joannie and I had mind blowing orgasms and I knew I was done for the night.

Joannie and I put on our shorts and tees and said goodnight to the girls kissing them all tenderly and thanking them for a marvelous experience. We returned to our room to find that Biff and Jerry were still out. We took off our clothes and climbed in the same bed naked together. Joannie snuggled up to me pressing her ass into my loins and I draped an arm over her gently holding on to one of her breasts and we fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up slowly the next morning with Joannie next to me in the same position that we fell asleep in. I gently removed my arm from her and rolled over to see what time it was. It was 11:00 AM and we had definitely missed breakfast. As I glanced over at the other bed I saw Fred on his side facing me with Biff behind him. Fred’s face was grimacing and I realized that Biff was fucking him in the ass. They were trying to be quiet as Biff fucked him and Jerry jerked on his own cock. I saw Jerry’s load spurt into the bed linens and I assumed that Biff had just filled his ass with cum.

I thought to myself, “Does that guy ever get tired of fucking?”

Joannie stirred and Biff noticed that we were waking up and spoke, “Well the sleepy heads are awake. Let’s get showered and dressed and go to lunch, we already missed breakfast.”

Over lunch we talked about our escapades of the night before. Jerry and Biff were really turned on by our story with the lesbian girls. Biff and Jerry told us how they fucked the daylights out of Barbara.

Jerry said, “I got to fuck her first, then her husband and then Biff. Barbara went wild with Biff’s cock in her and she kept cumming and cumming until Biff flooded her cunt with his seed. God did she ever get off she was a wild one.”

Jerry continued, “Then I got to fuck my first virgin ass. We put Barbara on all fours and I fucked her ass while she sucked Biff’s cock. It was Barbara’s first ass fuck and my smaller cock was perfect to break her in. God was she ever tight. After I came in her ass her husband Jim then fucked her ass.”

Biff chimed in, “Yeah he had never fucked her ass before and had been dying to get into her poop chute for years. Jerry’s loosening her up made it easier for both Jim and Barbara to get his cock in her bung hole. Barbara kept on sucking my cock as her husband pounded her ass.”

Biff went on, “Jim fucked her ass until he shot his load into her. Barbara collapsed on the floor with cum bubbling up out of her asshole, she really looked hot.”

Jerry then picked up the story, “Her husband decided that he wanted to see her take three cocks at the same time. So Biff lay on his back and Barbara mounted him lowering her pussy on his big dick and I shoved my cock back in her ass. Her husband had her suck his dick so he could see all the action.”

Biff added, “I reached up and played with her tits as the three of us fucked her silly. She has the hardest and longest nipples when she is turned on. She loves to have her nubs tweaked or sucked when she fucking.”

Jerry jumped back in, “Man was it ever tight fucking her ass with Biff’s cock in her pussy. I could feel his big cock on the other side of her membrane. My cock was rubbing up against his cock through her wall. God that was so hot I shot my wad immediately.”

“Jim was so turned on by the action that he came quickly too,” Biff added and then he told us, “Barbara was out of control as she humped herself on my cock. I really thought she was going to injure herself as she pounded my cock in her pussy. Her orgasm was really intense as her whole body shook with tremors and then she collapsed on top of me.”

Biff went on, “She eventually rolled off of me and lay face down on the floor. She looked erotic with her cute bubble butt sticking up in the air slightly with cum trickling out of her asshole. I didn’t cum in the last session and I decided that I had to have her ass. I lifted her body by the hips so that I could fuck her ass. She seemed almost lifeless and out of it as I eased my cock into her ass.”

Jerry excitedly jumped in and said, “Oh man you should have seen her expression when she felt that ass buster. Her eyes got wide and she looked scared when Biff started to fuck her ass.”

“I took it easy with her and I fed it to her a little at a time so as not to hurt her,” Biff told us. “She started screaming for me to stop that I was too big but her husband Jim told me to fuck her ass and give it to her good and hard. I finally had my cock all the way in and she was still whimpering when I started to fuck her. She gradually loosened up a little but was still very tight. Her husband was cheering me on telling me to fuck her ass and to cum in her ass. It didn’t take to long with her tightness and the mood in the room for me to cum. I shot a pretty big load in her rectum and then her anal muscles massaged my cock and drained me.”

“I could hear his cock pop out of her ass then she collapsed on the floor,” Jerry added. “As she laid there her ass looked like a fountain with cum bubbling up from her hole,” he laughed.

After listening to their story I said, “That poor girl what must she be thinking this morning and her body must be aching.”

“Oh come off it Marla it’s not like anything that we haven’t been through,” mocked Joannie. “She’ll be fine and soon she will be fucking anything and everything the way we do. She’s just a slut like the rest of us.”

“I hate the word slut. How is it when you guys sleep around you’re called studs and when we sleep around we’re called sluts?” I questioned.

Biff answered, “Well for so many years it was the men making the rules, so I guess that’s where it came from.”

“Well at least you’re honest,” I admitted.

“All this talk has made me horny, let’s go back to the room,” Joannie said laughingly.

“When are you not horny?” we all said almost together and laughed.

We went back to our room to change and hit the nude beach again uncertain what this day had in store for us.


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