Switch partner with my best friends


Switch partner with my best friendsThis is my first time to write a story, to record and share my dirty sex life, it may poorly written but hope you guys love it.A little bit introduction, i’m 30 years old and i have a fiance, but i had cheating with others, have a sex partner to play different kind of sex, like threesome, public, gangbang. my sex life is my big secret, people around me in normal life has no idea i like sex, except my best friend is only one who know my sex life because she love sex too.We become best friend almost 20 years, when we start share our first time sex, we always talk a lot about sex, how to enjoy in sex, how to masturbate, even help masturbate each other, our first sex when we was 16 years old, for a while I even thought I was a lesbian, only girls know how to make girls comfortable, but we still agree that cock bring us feeling can only be achieved by men, these years we mainly sex with men, sometimes share a good men to play MFF.At this story, i would like to write about what we play last week.Because the Coronavirus, our sex life all disrupted, no too much chance to dating, most time only have sex with our own boyfirend, Taiwan’s epidemic has eased slightly recently, so we planning a dating to enjoy, I bring my sex partner together and she will bring her boyfriend too to play foursome.Actually we have play MFF before with my sex partner and her boyfriend, but foursome with them bolu escort bayan is first time,when i and my partner went to hotel, she and her boyfriend already waiting us at the hotel room, once we enter the room, i can see her already dressed a sexy lingerie, stocking and high heels, and her boyfriend only wear a bath towel, she tell us to shower first, but remember don’t play inside without them, then we go to shower first.,In bathroom once i dress off, partner already come to play my boobs, i stop him and take him to shower, when he help me to wash my body, i can see his cock is coming harder, and then switch i wash his body, i put some shower gel on my boobs, use my boobs to cleaning his body, i know he like this, when i wash to his cock, i kneel down and put his cock between my boobs to clean it, few minutes later he catch my head and put his cock into my mouth, he want me clean it by mouth, but someone knock bathroom door, is my best friend, she said we shower to long, hurry get out with them, i turn on the cold water attack his cock to let him clam down, and then give him a bath towel, i dress up with a sexy one piece dress without underwear, plus stocking and high heels.We have two bed in room, she sit with her boyfriend and i sit with my partner, before sex we have some drink, talk about our sex life recently, and then she make a suggestion, switch partner and have escort bolu sex, she want let her boyfriend watching she getting fuck by others, for more stimulate she assign a game to decide use condom or not when switch partner, we switch partner to suck their cock for 10 minutes, if who can hold more then 10 minutes, he can win a chance to fuck without condom and creampie, no one else can object, we all accept the rule, and then she kneel get ready to my partner, and i kneel to her boyfriend too.the position like: (symbol is the bed)+————+ +————+[ boyfriend ] me she [ partner ] +————+ +————+My partner responsible for timing, once he say start, i take off boyfriend bath towel and give him blowjob, i can’t lose this challenge because i’m easy to conception on that day, i non-stop play his ball, lick around the cock, sucking, hope him cum faster, at the same time i can hear her blowjob have a lot sounds of water, partner sounds comfortable too, but i can’t see them, i only can focus on boyfriend’s cocks, 7 minutes already, boyfriends cock have a little bit sperm taste, i suck more faster, when partner reciprocal last 30 seconds, boyfriend can’t hold any more, he cum a lot in my mouth, and then times up, she stop suck partner anymore because partner didn’t cum, i show them boyfriend cum a lot into my mouth, and then i swallow it (my partner love to bolu escort see that), the winner is my partner, In this time her boyfriend looks regret, he said she is on conception day too, but rules is rules, partner didn’t wait she say anything, put her stand doggy position and start fuck her.Me and her boyfriend sit on other bed, watching my partner fuck hard my best friend, she didn’t say anything to refuse my partner, just enjoy his cock fucking deep in her. After awhile i’m horny and masturbate myself,when i looking for boyfriend, his cock is become hard too, i ask him did he want, he didn’t say anything, but i kneel to give him a blowjob, when i sucking his cock i can see he still looking how my partner fuck his girlfriend, i push him down preparing sit on his cocks, he put on condom and l lead his cock to my pussy, I deliberately don’t let him see his girlfriend to focus on me, he fuck me very gentle and i feel he still thinking about my partner fucking her.few minutes later my partner said he almost cum, we looking of them, my partner hold her waist tight cum deep inside her pussy, when he pull out he hold up my friend show her pussy to her boyfriend, looking his sperm coming out from his girlfriend pussy, boyfriend looks a little bit pissed off and complex feelings, but he still fuck me slowly, and then i change to doggy position, i take off his condom tell him do same thing on me, after it he fuck me very very hard and fast, a little bit later he cum inside me too, and then he do the same thing show my pussy to my partner, his second cum still a lot, coming out from my pussy, my partner just feel satisfaction about i get creampie.*not end yet, will write next time*to be continue…

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