…and wait


I’ve come home tonight and walked in the door to find the house quiet. A single light over the kitchen bench highlights a piece of paper with my name on it. The message inside includes some instructions:Honey,Follow these steps to a tee and you’ll be rewarded.But if you step outside what they ask, you’ll never know what could have been.Your instructions are simple:StripShowerTie hair backLay on the bedBlindfold onHands behind your head to the bed frame Legs spread…and waitOh, and you have ten minutes, starting now!Signed your sexy hubs.Not sure if I’m being watched, almanbahis I take off through the house, losing clothes as I go. My shower is quick despite wanting to linger with the shower cloth over my pussy and clit. Then I’m out of the shower, my quick dry kinda doing the job and I’m up on the bed with water still glistening in places.I tie the blindfold around my head, pretty sure I’ve made the 10 minute time limit. Laying back to wait, I calm my breathing wondering what’s to come.But the longer I wait, the quicker my breathing becomes.Where is he? What’s he got planned?I almanbahis yeni giriş run through the steps in my head:Stripped and showered – tick…On my back and blindfolded – tick…Hands back and – oh -I spread my legs so wide. I feel so naughty having my pussy on display and not able to see the room.And then the bed moves. Someone’s between my legs. I start to close my legs, but then I feel the bed move as the person gets off the bed. I hesitate before reopening my legs. The person returns – something I find very interesting.I can feel some breathing almanbahis giriş over me. It has a cooling effect on my hot and wet pussy. And then there’s a touch – but it’s not hubs. There’s a gentleness to this touch. It’s a girl I’m sure, but who I’m definitely not sure.I don’t have a chance to think, as I feel a tongue licking and stroking the outside and inside of my pussy lips. It circles my clit. It pokes gently at my entrance. I’m so wet and wanting more. The excitement builds like nothing I’ve experienced before, knowing that this is a woman playing with me and that my husband has set this up.Hands hold my hips. The mouth closes around my pussy. The tongue seeks out my clit. The lips close around my clit. And they suck. Adding in the tongue to tickle. My moaning and breathing increases.

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