When she first came to our writers group Angela was maybe 20 a large girl who wore a shapeless sweater with jeans She was no beauty queen but certainly not unattractive.

Most of her work was humorous and edgy. She had attitude in both her writing and her demeanour.

What I had difficulty in understanding was why I increasingly found her sexually attractive. Yes she did appear to have large breasts but I couldn’t even be sure of that because if she wasn’t wearing a shapeless sweater then she clothed herself in a kaftan which did a good job of hiding her figure.

If I have given the impression of her not being at all sexy then nothing could be further from the truth for this young woman had succeeded in changing my whole perception of sexy. So much so that she played a major role in fuelling my fantasies.

Retirement gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams. So after selling my home and loading up my camping gear I threw my leg over my B.M.W. 1200 and headed off into the wide blue yonder. I kept in touch with Angela and others via e-mails and Face-book.

She was in her thirties when I finally returned to town. I called her to make arrangements to meet for coffee. She asked where I was staying so I told her that I hadn’t decided yet. She immediately insisted that I stay at her home.

Thus it was that we ended up at her kitchen table yarning away, me about my travels , she about her activities with the writers group and her many pet animals. It became obvious as she talked that she was still alone. I broached the subject.

‘What, still no man in your life Angela?’

‘Not yet. I haven’t found one to interest me.’ She replied.

‘Well that leads me to the conclusion that the entire male population of this town must be gay.’

She laughed before saying. ‘Time to be honest. Look at me. What would a man see in me.’

‘Well for a start you are sexy.’

‘Sexy!’ She exclaimed.

‘Yes sexy.’

‘What on earth is sexy about me?’ Her reply was more curious than puzzled.

‘Time to be honest?’ I asked.

She nodded.

‘OK then lets talk about you, and no interrupting.’

Again she nodded.

‘You are independent. You stand on your own two feet in this world and take life on your own terms. Which makes you challenging.

‘You are intelligent. You know what you want out of life and how to get it.

‘You are a writer. Which means that you are also imaginative and you are not afraid to give that imagination free rein. And that same artistic streak means that Ankara escort you are a giver rather than a taker.’

She looked puzzled. ‘ I agree but what have these things to do with sexy?’

‘I said no interrupting. But let’s list those thing shall we.

‘Independent. Challenging. Intelligent. Imaginative. And one who enjoys giving.’

I raised a questioning eyebrow. She shook her head.’

‘I’ve listed five of the sexiest attributes that a lover can possess. You have them in spades. They are what make you sexually attractive to any man with a reasonable collection of brain cells and red blood in his veins. And while we’re being honest, they are what puts you high on my list of fantasies. Well those and a certain curiosity.’

She paused before asking. ‘Curiosity?’

‘Yes. I’m curious to know if you go commando under that kaftan?’

‘Well that’s for me to know and for you to find out.’ She smiled then added, ‘And thank-you for the compliments. They’ve actually made me feel sexy.’

I could tell by the way that her breathing had deepened that she meant “Feel sexy” literally. Her breasts heaved enticingly against the material of her kaftan as I said.

‘If I were a lot younger you would have a lover.’ My voice had turned husky.

She gave that a moment of thought before replying. ‘Those same five sexy qualities that you have listed for me apply equally to you. I too have my fantasises about you. We might have set the world on fire.’

‘For all the sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these; “It might have been.”‘ I said, quoting Whittier.

‘Ahh but old John Greenleaf Whittier was an American Quaker so he was bound by a far stricter moral code than we.’ She replied.

‘Yes but for all our moral freedoms we are still stuck with, “It might have been.” We have both admitted to fantasising about each other and that’s as far as it has gone.’

‘Time to move on then.’ She said.

‘Yes. But how?’

‘Well for a start I could lay your curiosity at rest.’

I raised a questioning eyebrow as she rose, moved around the table to stand before me.

With her hands at the level of her hips she slowly started to ruche up the fabric of her kaftan so that it slowly rose revealing first her ankles then shapely calves and knees. My attention was riveted as the fabric slowly inched its way up her smooth rounded thighs revealing first that sensual gap at where her limbs ended then the damp gusset of white panties. The cleft of her sex was plain to see and as I watched the damp patch Ankara escort bayan became positively wet. She was getting really turned on by her actions as was I. She had given me an erection that was doing its best to burst free.

She carried on raising till the hemline of her kaftan was around her waist then in that way that women have with material she gave it a twist so that it became fastened around her waist setting her hands free.

‘Does that satisfy your curiosity?’ She asked. ‘I am wearing panties under my kaftan. But I don’t have to.’

With that she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and gave a very feminine wriggle of her hips as her panties began travelling in the opposite direction that the hem of her kaftan had just traversed. Revealing, at first, a smooth white tummy then a neatly trimmed vee of pubic hair in which nestled two moist pouting lips which looked as if they were waiting to be kissed.

Now my cock was hammer hard and straining so much that it was actually painful. It was time that I established a quid pro quo. As I pulled down the zip on my pants my cock of its own volition forced its way through the fly of my boxers to spring free.

‘Now look how hard you’ve made me.’ I said. ‘Feel it.’

Angela gave a sensuous smile as she simultaneously took hold of my cock in one hand and used the other to reach between her legs and draw her forefinger along the length of her slit. Her finger was soaked in her honey as she inserted it into my mouth saying.

‘Now look how wet you’ve made me. Taste it.’

Her bedroom was scarcely more than ten feet away from us but neither of us was going to make it that far as we first ripped off our clothing then sank to the floor where we stood.

I was right about Angela’s breasts they were large, they were also creamy white and soft yet firm with a silky smooth texture. Her nipples were in perfect proportion and tip tilted. I took a teat into my mouth, teased it with my tongue then began to suck on it till it became swollen and hard I then grasped it between my teeth and sawed my jaw from side to side causing her nipple to roll across my teeth. This brought groans of pleasure from Angela which grew louder as I increased pressure till I was close to biting her. Her groans became cries of pleasure.

I was just getting started. Whilst concentrating on her breasts I allowed my right hand to travel down and across her abdomen. Once again I became aware of her silky smooth skin. I allowed my fingers to trace light circles almost as if they Escort Ankara were skating across her tummy. Each circle got slightly lower till I was trailing fingers through her pubic hair then sliding them to and fro along the slit of her honey soaked sex.

While all this was happening Angela had taken a really firm grip on my cock and was vigorously rubbing it. It was almost as if she knew that trailing finger-nails across my cock does not turn me on. She began to massage me harder and faster as unbelievably my cock grew harder. What she did next near blew my mind. I had begun to concentrate on her clit, which had responded by becoming hard causing her sex to ooze even more. It was then that Angela reached between her legs to coat her fingers with her love juices which she then smeared along my cock. By the time she had done this three or four times I was as wet as she, and her hand was a blur slurp- sliding back and forth along my length.

There is finite limit on this sort of treatment that I could tolerate and already my balls were starting to rumble, a sure sign that the limit was fast approaching. I needed to back off, to slow down when Angela gasped.

‘I need you on me. I need you in me.’

I took my time to kneel between her legs and to line my cock up with her. I could feel the heat coming from her when she reached down impatiently, took hold of my pulsing meat and guided it into her. It was a good job that she was so wet, had she been dry I might well have hurt her, she was so tight. I tried to ease my way in so as not to cause her discomfort. Then suddenly I felt her relax so that my cock was moving easily , then she became tight again, then relaxed, then tight once more before I realised that Angela had incredible control over her pelvic floor muscles.

Once again I felt the need to slow down but once again Angela was having none of it. I wasn’t the only one who was close to coming, Each time I thrust forward into her hot clasping depths she would squirm against me so that her clit was being stimulated by the contact. It wasn’t long before her hot squirming pussy pushed me to the point of no return. I thrust into her as hard and as far as I could and felt that brain bending rush of impending orgasm. I suddenly became aware of Angela crying out “I’m coming Iiiimmmm commmiinng.’ Simultaneously my cock started discharging ropes of come that felt as if they were yards long.

It is said that a problem shared is a problem halved. Well I’m here to tell you that an orgasm shared is a pleasure doubled and I can also inform you that there is more to come. Because as we lay together in that delightful afterglow that follows perfect sex Angela husked. ‘You can park your motorbike in my carport. You aren’t going anywhere for quite some time.’


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