I had been standing with my nose to the wall, my pants and underwear around my ankles, for about thirty minutes, waiting for Rebecca to arrive or for Angie to issue a new command. The effects of the initial punishment were wearing off… my butt stung less, my erection had subsided, and the anticipation of further punishment had given way to boredom. I was still nursing a hangover. My mouth was dry, my head hurt, and I really had to pee.I was acutely aware of Angie’s presence in the room. She was lounging on the bed and had no doubt taken pictures of me in this state and sent them to Rebecca. She had already given me swats with the paddle for fidgeting, so I was hesitant to announce my bladder situation. Still, asking permission to go to the bathroom seemed much less risky than openly urinating on her floor, so I did just that.”I…have to pee,” I said sheepishly.”I’m sorry,” Angie replied, “what did you say?””I have to pee,” I said again, trying not to raise my voice to what might be construed as a disrespectful level. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I don’t want to pee here. May I go to the bathroom please?””You may go to the bathroom,” Angie replied.I bent down and started pulling up my pants, but Angie immediately stopped me.”Um, NO,” she gerçek porno said sternly, “you have a long way to go to earn your modesty privileges back. You might as well take them off completely if you’re going to continue staying here. You won’t be needing them for the rest of the night.”I reluctantly obeyed. I was still wearing my shoes, so I had to take them off first. I then stepped out of my pants and underwear and faced Angie, covering my genitals with my hands. She looked me over head to toe and finally said, “you don’t need to cover up, I’ve seen everything already. Go to the bathroom, but come back immediately or you can find a different place to live.”I ran to the restroom and peed until I couldn’t pee anymore. When I came out of the bathroom, Angie was waiting. She handed me a glass of water.”If you’re going to stay,” she said, “then keep yourself hydrated. This isn’t over yet. You are in very big trouble, young man.”I accepted the water, drinking it all in two hearty gulps.”There are going to be some new rules after this,” Angie said. “The only way I will allow you to continue staying here is if you abide by them without question. I won’t shame you if you decide to leave, but if you gay porno do, consider this bridge burned.”I handed the glass back to her. There really wasn’t anywhere else for me to go at this point, and this was certainly the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me, humiliating as it was.”I would like to stay,” I said, lowering my head. “I’m sorry I messed up again. I will accept your correction. Please don’t kick me out, I don’t have anywhere else to go….”Angie studied me for a moment. I pulled my shirt down over my genitals and crossed my socked feet.”Very well,” Angie said.She took me by the upper arm and led me back to her bedroom, to the place where I had been previously standing, my clothing in a pile at my feet.”Back to where you were then,” she said.I stood there with my nose touching the wall for another twenty minutes, naked from the waist down, while Angie watched me from her bed.And then, the front door opened. My erection returned in force as I listened to Rebecca move through the apartment. Angie stood up as she entered the bedroom.”Aw hell yeah,” Rebecca said. “Alright, now turn around.”I hesitated for a moment but quickly felt the sting of the paddle across my bottom as Angie evli porno reigned down another blow”First new rule,” Angie said, “you will obey Rebecca at all times. You will address both of us as ma’am. If either of us tells you to do something, you will do it. Do you understand?””Y-yes,” I stammered. Angie cleared her throat and raised the paddle.”Yes, ma’am,” I cried.”Now,” Rebecca said, “turn around.”I obeyed, covering my erection as much as possible with my hands.”Hands on your head,” Rebecca said.I obeyed. She walked around me, inspecting my body, before taking my penis in her hand and leading me by it to the bed.”Now, bend over,” she commanded.Angie placed a pillow at the edge of the bed and guided me over it. She pushed my legs apart, so that my erection, my balls, and my butthole were completely exposed. I heard the cabinet from which Angie had previously retrieved the paddle open and turned my head.Rebecca stood in front of an impressive array of implements. She selected a crop, a strap, a cane, and a set of leather hand restraints. She set the strap, the cane, and the restraints on the bed next to me and took a couple practice swings in the air with the crop.”You owe me an apology, ” Rebecca said. “You know about our no alcohol policy and you know why we have it. You openly defied it and you disrespected me in the process. Before we are finished here you will bow down on your hands and knees, kiss my feet, and beg for forgiveness. And then, this will never happen again. Is that clear?”

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