She felt the warm sun on her skin, waking up slowly this morning. Stretching, or trying to, she suddenly realized that she was tied to the bed. Her arms and legs secured. She tried to look, blinking a few times, frightened by the completed darkness. Shifting her head side to side, finally understanding that not only was she trapped, but, blindfolded as well. Her heart raced, her breathing quickened. She feared calling out if only because she didn’t know who did this to her. Someone had to have broken in their house. She tried to feign sleep.

She knew it did not work when she heard a small chuckle and the side of the bed dip down. She felt a hand caress along her body, it dawned upon her that the hand was touching bared skin. The hand stopping just along the rise of her ass. She felt a heat along her body, as someone leaned over her.

It took a moment for it to register, as he began to speak in a very menacing tone. “You have been a very bad, my baby girl. Did you not think I would find out about that boy? Did you think it was ok to be doing those things in my house, just because you were suddenly 18?” His last question punctuated by a harsh slap to my ass.

I still could not quite believe it, a questioning tone following my surprised scream, “Daddy? What are you doing? What are you talking about?” I was not going to admit a thing, because there was nothing he could know. We had been very quiet the last week or so. He was sound asleep on those nights when my boyfriend had snuck in my window, and left long before the morning.

Another harsh spank warmed my ass, as he answered. “This is my house, I know everything. I knew that video camera would come in handy. I have watched those videos. I watched you kissing him, letting him touch you. I watched you suck his cock. ” Another cruel spank to my body pushed my hips into the bed as I tried to avoid the sting. “Did you like the taste of his cum, baby girl? Did you like it when he played with your little pussy?”

I did not answer, because I could not tell him the truth, and he would know I was lying otherwise. He continued spanking me, as if I were a child. My ass was on fire, not an inch of pale flesh was spared the heat of his palm. As the spanking winded down, he finally spoke again, his large hand softly stroking the reddened flesh. Mersin Eskort

I was glad for the fact I could not see his face, and hoping that the heat I felt would not show in my face as well.

His fingers seemed to accidentally slide between my thighs, all I could hope was that he did not notice how wet I had become. But it was not to happen, I knew as I heard him speak again, harshly, his own breath quickened by the exertion.

“Look at you, you are becoming such a little slut, baby girl. Sucking on cocks, letting a boy touch you, getting wet like a common whore after a spanking.” His fingers suddenly more insistent at my slickened folds. I felt his thumb slide into my virgin pussy, his hand closing over the top of my mound, as he leaned closer, his body against mine.

I blinked behind the blindfold, feeling the hard length of his cock pressing against my hip. “This is mine. You live in my house, you eat my food, you wear clothes that I bought… Everything in this house is mine, including your body. I will not have you running around like a common tramp, spreading your legs for any boy. Do you understand, baby girl?”

I could only nod. I did not trust my voice at all, nor did I really understand yet what he was saying. His thumb started moving in my tight hole, the silken walls gripping wetly; I almost thought it was by accident.

We had been alone here for the last few years and I had not known him much longer than that. I did know, or at least thought I knew, that he had not been out with anyone since it had become just us. Maybe it was just an excuse to explain away what was happening. Finally finding my voice, I asked softly… “Daddy… Daddy… what are you doing?”

He paused for a moment, perhaps… but that was it, before his thick fingers arched back and found my hardened clit. Toying with it as his thumb continued to stroke. “Are you still a virgin, baby girl? Or did you give that to some boy too?” I shook my head… “No Daddy… no one did that… I wouldn’t do that”

I bit back a the question, total confusion taking hold, as he slid a pillow under my hips. “We’ll just see about that, ” was all he said before he moved between my thighs. I felt mortified as I felt his hands pulling apart my embarrasingly swollen folds. I felt the heat of his breath as he leaned in, Mersin Escort Bayan as if examining me. I tried to move forward; his hands tightened punishingly upon my thighs. His tongue drug over the slick folds. This time what I bit back was any sound.

I could feel and hear his moans as his licks became more intense. I tensed, not wanting to arch into it, even though it was feeling better than anything. His lips closing around my clit, suckling on it, nipping it.

My body tightening, a spiraling bundle of need taking over all thought. I was hovering just on that edge of something wonderful, something that couldn’t be denied. I heard the soft begging, not even realizing it was my voice at first; “Please… please Daddy.. please”

And then he shoved two thick fingers into me; curling them as they massaged furiously. My whole world seemed to explode. My pussy clenching around his fingers as they continued to torment. Finally slowing, I was allowed to come down from the high only a moment before I felt him moving again, rising up.

His slicked fingers going around my splayed thigh, to replace his mouth at my clit as he leaned over me. His hard cock fitting between the cheeks of my reddened ass, his hips just lazily thrusting against it.

I did not dare move as he spoke, “Did he make you do that, baby girl? Did you cum hard for that little boy?” I shook my head, because I had not ever orgasmed like that.

He chuckled softly, before continuing, “He was just a boy, only a man can make you cum like that. Only I will make you cum like that, baby girl. This is my mouth, my pussy, my breasts, my body. Do you understand? You will not allow anyone to touch it. You will not touch it, unless I allow it. Whatever you feel, is mine to own and control. Do you understand, baby girl?”

I just nodded, because I didn’t know what else to say. He growled low at my ear, “No… say it, baby girl. Say it now” His free hand coming up to cup my breast, finger and thumb pinching my nipple harshly. ‘

My voice was tremulous… “I belong to you, Daddy. My body is yours, Daddy.”

His lips gently kissed my cheek, my jaw; his hands caressing once more. “Now that is my good girl. Good girls get rewarded” That was perhaps my only warning, even though I did not realize that is what Mersin Escort it was at the time.

His hips arching back, his thickly engorged cock head poising at my slick opening. I cried out sharply as he began to thrust in. His cock seeming far too big to fit into my hole. But, he did not relent, instead he quieted my cries by stifling them in a kiss.

His fingers once more at my clit as he took shallow thrusts, the toying relaxing me, even as he came against the proof of my… innocence. I knew that it would hurt, all the stories said so, but I was not quite prepared for the ripping apart sensation. Once he was fully seated in me, he paused once more.

Once he thought I was ready once more, his hand moved back up to my breast; massaging and tormenting it. I felt myself responding to his renewed strokes, arching my hips back into him as that wanton pressure began rising up once more. His voice became coaxing, even in his demands.

“That’s it baby girl… let it go… come around Daddy’s cock. Let me feel your tight little pussy clenching hard around me.”

I could not have stopped the rush of it, even if I knew how. I gave into Daddy’s words, into the pleasure he was demanding. Crying out to him, I writhed in the molten euphoria. My slick cunt gripping him like a hot fist, milking his cock, sending him over the edge into bliss on the heels of my own orgasm.

We lay there for a few moments before gaining some semblance of control over our heartbeats. Rising up, he removed the restraints and lastly the blindfold, before turning me to face him.

“Now you know that good girls always clean up their messes, right? Show Daddy what a good little cocksucker you are, and clean up this mess.” His hand catching on the back of my head, forcing me off the edge of the bed to kneel on the floor at his feet.

“Yes, Daddy… ” was all that I said before closing my lips over his cock. Tasting what must be my own juices that slicked his still hardened cock. His hand stayed on the back of my head as his hips arched up, forcing me to take more of his cock with each thrust.

“That’s it baby girl, suck on it… lick it all the way around… such a good little girl” His praises continued as he held me there. Finally, letting go of my head, he almost acted as if it was any other morning, that none of this had happened, or at least that it was a normal event. “Now… go shower, baby girl, there is a lot to be done this weekend.”

I just watched him leave my room, frozen a moment… before I gathered myself and took my shower.

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