Anne Pt. 04


This is the last part of a four-part story. To make sense of what follows you need to read the previous three parts. The story ending may not be to your liking. I can live with that. Life deviates from the straightforward as do the stories we tell.


Anne did not have time to get home and change after school, so she arrived at the Pub about half an hour early. She knew she had a pile of grading to do and wanted to get away as quickly as possible. She was half regretting she agreed to meeting on a weekday evening. Yet part of her also wanted to meet her newly found brother. She decided to get her meal over with ordering the Shepherd’s Pie and an orange juice.

She was eating and reading the Teacher’s News, when she was aware of someone standing over her. “How did you get here before me?” Anne looked up at a tall somewhat overweight man grinning at her.

His grin quickly turned to a puzzled look.” Sybll?”

“No. But close.”

“I’m so sorry. I’m meeting my sister here and you look so much like her. It’s quite eerie. Wow.”

“I’m the person Sybll was going to introduce you to. My name is Anne.” Anne saw Sybll coming over to the table. “Here she is now.”

Harry hugged Sybll and kissed her on he lips. “Hello sweetheart.”

“I see you have met.”

“I just arrived and mistook” Harry reached for the name. “Anne for you. You look so much alike.” Anne was now standing, “but I now see you have a couple of inches on Anne.”

“Sit down Harry. Premium draft? Anything for you Anne, I see you’ve started without us.”

“No. I’m good. I was hungry and I have a bunch of grading to do after this so I thought I’d make up some time by starting early.”

“Harry, your usual steak and kidney pie with fries?” Harry nodded. Sybll went to the bar to order and bring back the drinks.

“So how do you know Sybll? Were you in a look-alike competition together? Its amazing.”

“Well, Harry, it’s a long story. We’ll get to that when Sybll gets back and settled.” Anne saw Harry looking at her breasts appreciatively. ‘Direct’ she thought.

With Sybll’s arrival and a toast, “Here’s to us, none like us.” Sybll launched in. “Harry I’d like you to meet your long lost sister Anne.” Harry embarrassingly spluttered a mouthful of beer all over Sybll who was sitting opposite him.


“You heard me. Anne is our sister. Really. Confirmed. DNA. We share a mother and father.”

“I hear you. I hear you,” Harry jumped in. “Another beautiful sister. This is wonderful. Wonderful. I can’t wait to tell Lorraine. She’ll be amazed and delighted. The kids get a new auntie to play with. Wow.”

“Harry, only Gail’s not a kid any more.”

“I know. I know.”

After a moment of silence as the food was delivered, Harry continued, “So tell me how did you discover each other?” Sybll gave a brief summary of the events that took place without any reference to sex play involved. Anne added the odd detail, and a one-minute biography, with emphasis on her teaching career.

“Harry this is going to be tough for you”

“What is tough? This is wonderful.”

“No the really tough part for you – something that is totally contrary to your nature – is that you have to keep this a secret until we have told Jamie and my hubby. It’s important to both of us that we break the news to Jamie ourselves at the right moment. We have to set that as we have here with you. Can you do this for us, Harry, keep a secret?”

“I guess so. I can see that you wish to tell him yourselves, but you could do that tomorrow, couldn’t you?”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that Harry. If you tell Lorraine, she may let slip to Berny – you know how close they are – and he’s thick with Jamie. So your lips are sealed, right? Tell me now – lips sealed?”

“OK. Ok But this is the most exciting news of the year, of the decade… I’m so excited.”

Anne rose, “I’m afraid I have to leave. I really do. You finish you meals and we’ll arrange another get together in the not too distant future. Weekends are best for me. Anne went home without any great sense of kinship with Harry, who she thought was nice but she felt no inner recognition of a blood tie that she had half expected.

* * * * *

Sybll phoned Anne the next night. “So what do you think?” “Harry is really nice, but I have no real sense of him at all from that one brief meeting, except he looked and appraised at my tits.”

Sybll laughed. “He was turned on by you – us – the situation. I did the only thing possible to ensure he kept quiet with him on such a major high. I exhausted him. We took a room at the Sheridan and fucked like bunnies for three hours. He settled down after that. He did hint that it would have bursa eve gelen eskort bayan been even more fun had you been there too. Dirty old man.”

“Does Lorraine know what you are doing? And still stick with him?”

“She knows. Has for about eight years. They had a trial separation for almost a year after we told her but they got back together with an agreement that Lorraine had some freedoms as well as Harry. Lorraine, I think, rationalized our relationship as one that kept him close and one that would not allow him to marry someone else, nor get a dose of something.”

“Harry did have a vasectomy as I told you, but it was after the fourth and fifth children – twins. So the youngest, Gail, is not his. Now you may want to get your mind around this. Harry had a secret DNA test done on Gail and it showed that the child was probably his, except it couldn’t be. He was tested and the vasectomy was solid. You work it out. The oldest, Berny, was eighteen at the time of the separation.”

This was a lot to take in for Anne. “Jeez, Sybll, screwing your brother with gusto and this. What sort of family have I landed in?”

“Will ‘horny’ do it?”

“Tell me what are the names of my other nieces and nephews”

“First, there’s Berny, actually Bertrand, he’s twenty five now. They started young. Lorraine did not finish her nursing course. She’s a bit younger than us. He was named after Bertrand Russell, the philosopher/mathematician. He’s just finishing his Ph. D. in astrophysics. Bright kid. So is Gerty, for Gertrude, after Gertrude Stein, also a philosopher. She’s at medical school to become a doctor.”

“Then came Grace. She’s just graduated high school with no idea what she wants to do – a private school, not yours. Then came the twins, Barry and Bruce, both in grade 11, and finally little Gail, she just eight. Got all that…there’ll be a test. Notice something? All the girl’s names start with ‘G’ and the boys with ‘B’. Slightly weird in my book.”

“I’d like to meet them. When can that be arranged?” Anne loved kids.

“First things first, sister of mine. Jamie. We have to tell him. I have an idea to break the ice. Why don’t you request a refresher on your spider reaction?”

“But I don’t need one, as you well know.”

“I do know that. I was trying to see how we can get Jamie in a frame of mind to accept you as an Aunt.”

“You think fucking him again will do that? You must be nuts.”

“I was just wondering. It would sort of lock him into something that has happened before.”

“But this time I would know I was with my nephew.”

“Doesn’t that turn you on a just a bit?” Anne was reluctant to admit it to herself but she was a touch aroused about having Jamie again.

“Let me think about it.”

“Don’t think too long. I am not sure how long Harry can hold the secret in.”

“OK. I’ll call you on Sunday with the Ok. Maybe I’ll come up with an alternative approach. Must run. Gotta finish the damn grading.”

* * * * *

Anne called Sybll first thing Sunday morning. “I don’t like your idea at all. As much as I hate doing things after school, make sure Jamie is at home next Friday evening. I will come over and we will tell him in a straightforward way as we did with Harry. Only this time I will do the talking.” Anne was so forceful in the way she told her plan of action Sybll quite meekly accepted.

“What time?”

“Make it for seven, after supper. No more fucking around. Lets just do it and get on with our lives.” Anne found herself easily irritated over the last few weeks.

“I’ll have the door open for you.”

As Anne drove up to the gate it opened automatically. She followed the route to the house and was met by Sybll at the door. “Where’s Jamie?”

“Downstairs in the Lab.”

“Does he know I am coming?”


“We’ll go down and surprise him. I’ll hold back as you go in and then say something like ‘I’ve brought someone to see you'”

In the moments that Anne held back at the door of the lab waiting for Sybll to introduce her, she was suffused with a cocktail of emotions; the memory of helplessness of being bound to the chair, the fear of the realistic-looking virtual spiders, the ensuing induced pleasures and, as she followed Sybll into the room, saw the handsome Jamie, a stab of lust.

She saw the reflected lust in Jamie’s eyes and a controlling lust in Sybll’s. Anne knew she could easily be overwhelmed by their combined power over her. She knew she had to take control of the situation a quickly as possible or she would be lost.

Sybll followed the instructions. Jamie was leaning over a circuit board as he saw his mother bursa eskort bayanlar enter. “Just a moment Mom.” Sybll paused until he straightened up. “Someone here to see you.” Jamie’s face light up and then was puzzled as Anne entered the room. He looked back and forth between his mother and Anne. “I believe you know Anne.”

“Jamie, nice to see you again.” Jamie did a quick recovery from his absolute surprise, “Oh! Anne I was thinking about you – I’ve improved the aversion therapy…”

Anne interrupted him, “Jamie that was not aversion therapy and you know it. It was pleasure palace therapy. I enjoyed it very much plus the fucking we did.” Jamie was genuinely shocked to hear Anne speak that way, and he looked as though he wanted the floor to open and consume him – what would his mother think about him fucking Anne?

Anne commanded, “Sit down.” The two women approached him, pulled up chairs in front of him. “I’ve something shocking and difficult to tell you, but you are an adult and have to take this calmly.” Anne paused for a moment for emphasis. “Your mother and I are sisters. I am your aunt.”

Jamie stayed calm on the outside but was hit by the erotic context of his romp with Anne. The dominant thought that crossed his mind was that he fucked his aunt. Fucked her! His cock achieved an almost instant erection in his track pants. “You Ok? Have you anything to say?”


“Very articulate, nephew,” Anne replied with heavy distain.

“Since you are either in shock, or by the look of you erection, very excited by the idea that you fucked your auntie, I have a question for you.”

“Yes…?” Jamie was then on the edge of his chair. He did not know whether Anne was about to offer a replay in front of his mother. Amazing. But was struck dumb by Anne’s next question,

“Do you want to fuck your mother?” Sybll was caught completely unawares and looked at Anne in stunned, shocked horror for a second before her expression slowly melted into a wide grin as she realized what Anne had done.

“Anne!” Sybll spontaneously exclaimed.

“Look at me Jamie. Do you want to fuck your mother? Yes or no?” Jamie was on the hot spot. “Answer me now.” Anne resorted to her best schoolteacher voice that brooked not resistance.

Jamie mumbled, “Yes.”

“I thought so.” Anne then was silent for a few moments before she gave her coup de grace. “Did you know she wants to fuck you too? Time to get on with it.”

Jamie was stunned. Anne was pleased with herself – she had the initiative. Jamie gave a long drawn out “What?”

“You heard me. Go and kiss your mother on the lips. Now.”

Sybll stood and faced Jamie with her hands at her sides, palms facing towards her son, assuming an inviting, passive position. Jamie complied and kissed Sybll on the lips. She brought her left hand up and put it on the back of Jamie’s neck. He melted into the kiss, broke off for a moment and then leant into the embrace with their lips locked.

“Stop!” Anne almost shouted. She knew she still had to control their interaction in case they turned on her. They broke off in surprise and looked at Anne quizzically still holding on to each other. “Jamie undress your mother. Do it now!”

Anne commanded, then softer, “Slowly. First the blouse – undo it.” Anne could see Jamie’s hands shaking. “Ok. Now the slacks. Kick off your slippers, Sybll. Good. Get rid of that under-vest – you mother must have been cold, Jamie. Arms up, that’s good.” Anne could see Sybll’s nipples pushing out the material of her thin bra. Touch you mother’s nipples – stroke them – now pinch them. Good. Reach round and undo her bra then kiss her again.”

Sybll assisted by shaking the bra off her shoulders to the ground. She was already aroused and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. This was beyond her wildest dreams. “Just the panties now Jamie. From the waistband down. Open your legs a bit Sybll.” The panties fell. “Ok. Jamie what do you want to do now. Tell me”

“Feel her breasts.”

“Good one. Feel your mummy’s tits – lean down and suck her nipples. Sybll what do you want?”

“Oh Anne, to cum standing here, and then go to my bedroom and fuck.”

Anne knew she had them. “You heard your mother, Jamie, make her cum without fucking her. She’s ready for you. Finger her.” Jamie let his hand slip between her legs into her slippery vagina, just brushing her clit. Sybll was overcome and had an instantaneous stabbing orgasm as she achieved a dream she had harboured for years. Sybll’s knees buckled as she hung on to Jamie.

Anne was not unaffected by what she was directing. She could feel the wetness between her legs. “Now to the bedroom. Hope you do not mind if görükle escort bayanlar I watch. You can take it from here. I may even join in – we’ll see. What do you think of a threesome with your mother and auntie? Beyond your wildest dreams kiddo?” Sybll and Jamie moved quickly up two flights of stairs, rushed into the bedroom and yanked back the duvet from the bed.

Anne stopped at the bedroom door. She had a sudden crushing awareness that what she was doing was wrong. She knew she had control, for the moment at least. But watching them was way beyond her comfort level. Anne could not follow through.

Anne spoke without thought, “Good night kids. I’m going now. Have fun. Jamie, come over to my house Sunday morning for pancake breakfast at ten and tell me all about it. I expect to see you then.” Before they had a chance to answer her command she left without another word, slinking down the stairs and pausing only to grab her coat. The fact of he matter was she suddenly felt very tired and needed to find her own bed.

* * * * *

Anne made batter before going to bed on Saturday night – she didn’t want Jamie knowing she made it from a package. She had a gentle work out session at the gym on Saturday, having slept well after taking a sleeping tablet immediately after arriving home on Friday night.

Some shopping for food, gathering some dry-cleaning, school preparation and grading kept her busy most of the rest of day. Anne felt tired at seven in the evening, which puzzled her. She went to bed and was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow

She slept soundly without any pharmacological help. She woke at her usual school time, and found her mind travelling back to the events of Friday evening as she lay in her warm comfortable bed. There were no spiders to be seen, but the very thought of them gave Anne a brief frisson of arousal. She knew she had to sort herself out before Jamie arrived for pancakes, if he came at all. Her mind wandered back to the pleasure they had enjoyed together. Anne gently played with herself, tweaking her nipple stud mindlessly.

Should she play the heavy Aunt – getting all straight-laced, or should she be a wanton hussy. Fry him or fuck him? She was much too far beyond being straight laced. She knew that. But she could be a gentle confident. She liked that idea.

Maybe a casual lover. Nothing heavy. He should move on to a more normal life, even though she had encouraged him along another road. Could she help with his relationship with Stacey? If so, how? Anne kicked these ideas around but found her thoughts going around in circles with no concrete direction emerging. She knew she would have to play it by ear and see what happened – the only thing she did settle on was to get Jamie talking, and maybe that would point a way to go forward.

Anne got up showered carefully, with a full trim of her pubic hair, sculpting her eyebrows, catching the persistent whisker on her chin that needed attention every couple of weeks, and finally taking more time with arranging he hair than usual. She did a series of stretches to get rid of the kinks she could still feel from her work out the previous day. She dressed carefully for all eventualities with sexy underwear and a conservative, loose sweater and designer jeans. She went to the kitchen and prepared for Jamie’s arrival.

Jamie arrived carrying a bottle of Champaign. As soon as Anne opened the door he was upon her giving her a two arm, one-handed hug. He then kissed her bare neck below her ear.

“Hey, steady on, cowboy.”

Jamie stood back and thrust the bottle towards Anne, “For my favourite Aunt.” He was grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you. Lets go to the kitchen. I’ll put it in the fridge.”

“NO Auntie, get the glasses we are going to drink it. To celebrate.”

Anne could immediately see where this was going. “No Jamie. It goes in the fridge.” Anne was firm, but she smiled at the same time.

“Oh, shucks Anne, you’re no fun.”

“Where did you get at this time on a Sunday morning anyway?”

“From my parents wine cellar.”

“So I have to add theft to the rap sheet, do I? You’re here for pancakes and orange juice. Ok?”

Jamie looked crestfallen, but quickly bounced back, “Hope your pancakes are as good as mom’s.”

“I’m told they’re the best in town.” Anne failed to mention they were out of a package. Anne warmed up the frying pan and poured two glasses of premium orange juice. Maple syrup ok with you?”

“Love it.”

So she started cooking and Jamie ate as quickly as Anne could produce. “Someone worked up a good appetite yesterday.” Anne had to smile at Jamie’s puppy like enthusiasm as he gobbled down the pancakes liberally soaked in syrup.

“Oh you wouldn’t believe it,” Jamie managed to mutter between mouthfuls.

“I am guessing I would believe it.”

Jamie paused to wash the pancakes down with the OJ. “Eight.” He proceeded to devour the next on his plate.

“Eight? What do you mean? You’ve eaten ten already. I know they are smallish, but that’s not bad so far, slowing down yet?”

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