Ann’s sitter lX


Ann’s sitter lXAfter dressing for bed Mary and Ann put a movie in. Half way through Ann laid down, resting her head on Mary’s lap. Mrs Stuart retrieved a blanket for the closet and covered Ann. Wriggling she got comfortable. Heading to her room Mrs Stuart told Mary to keep it down, and don’t stay up to late.Mary was shocked when Ann handed her her panties. Pushing under her leg, Mary waited to hear the bedroom door close. Hearing it, they both giggled. What are you trying to do, Mary asked. Get us caught.Rolling on her back Ann flashed Mary and evil smile, then handed Mary her nightgown. Covering her mouth, Mary strained her neck making sure her mother was gone.Reaching under the blanket, Mary slid her hand down Ann’s body. Holding her nipple between her fingers, she gave it a gentle squeeze. diyarbakır escort Smiling big Ann mouthed, I like that. Mary whispered, you’re so bad. Giggling Ann said, it’s your fault. Leaning over, Mary slid her hand further down. Reaching her soft pubic hair, Ann spread her legs. Feeling Mary’s fingers on her lips, Ann pressed her hands on top of it through the blanket and closed her eyes.You’re so wet, Mary exclaimed. I’ve been thinking about this all day, Ann said with a grin. While Mary switched between fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, Ann fumbled with the buttons on Mary’s pajama top. Ann moved up higher on Mary’s leg. Sucking on one, Ann played with Mary’s other tit. Moaning softly Ann bit down on her nipple while Mary moved diyarbakır escort bayan her hand quicker. Feeling her own pussy moisten, Mary shifted her legs.Looking up Ann said, you’re going to make me cum. Bringing her hand out from under the blanket, Mary ran her fingers over Ann’s lips. Leaning over she said, not yet. Kissing her, Mary licked Ann’s lips. Slipping her hand back under the blanket, Mary played with Ann’s clit. Stuffing the blanket in her mouth, Ann stifeled her moans. Bringing her to the brink, Mary would stop till Ann’s breathing calmed. When the movie ended, Mary handed Ann her clothes. While she cleaned up, Mary sent Ann to her bedroom. Walking into her room Mary heart skipped a beat. Ann was laying face down with her escort diyarbakır legs spread and her butt in the air. Nearly ripping them, Mary pulled her pajamas off and jumped into bed. Burying her face Mary lapped at Ann’s pussy lips. Ann pressed her face in the pillow with her orgasm bubbling up. Holding her open, Mary jabbed her tongue in and out of her pussy. Mary’s pussy leaked down her legs with her own orgasm as her tongue was coated from Ann’s eruption. Her pulse raced hearing, my ass, please eat my ass. Kissing each cheek, Mary rubbed and kissed Ann’s ass.Slowly pushing her cheeks apart, Mary kissed the insides of her butt cheeks.Ann inhaled quickly with Mary’s tongue running up her butt crack. Ann reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy while Mary’s tongue explored her pink bud. Arching her back, Ann pushed her ass out for marys hungry mouth. The sent of Ann’s juices drove Mary to madness. Grabbing Ann, she flipped her over . crawling up, she threw her legs over her and pressed her pussy in Ann’s mouth while pulling Ann’s legs up and licking up as much of her vaginal liquids as she could collect.

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