Another Week – Poppy Brown


My brother was still in my bed when I woke, I slid down the bed to his semi hard cock and took him in my mouth.

He responded at once and was soon hard and mounting me, what a lovely way to wake up on a Monday morning.

My dad was up early, as always, and had my breaky ready so`s I did not go to work without.

I hugged and kissed mum and dad and thanked them for all they do for me, always.

I caught my bus in good time and was waiting at the door for Mr. Pilkington.

He came around the corner with a huge grin on his face, I wondered, had he spanked Mrs. Pilkington before leaving work, or even had a shag like me, my mind wandered, or a wank in the shower.

“Good morning Sir, you look very happy this freezing morning.”

“Good morning Miss Brown, I trust you have had a good weekend.”

“Yes Sir, went to mum and dads after church on Sunday.”

“No wonder your little cheeks are so red and rosey, is your bottom the same colour?”

“I blushed, more than likely Sir, would you like a coffee and a surprise Sir.”

“How could I resist such an offer, yes please?”

I had a Pee and picked up a couple of paper towels, made his coffee, tweaked my nipples hard and knocked, I had planned on my bus ride in what I would do and say and was unashamedly horny.

I knocked, “Come in Miss Brown.”

I put his drink down and went back and locked his door, his face was bursa escort bayanlar a picture when I turned round.

I took off my jumper and seductively unbuttoned my light blue works blouse and stood in my new vest.

“Very nice Miss Brown, do carry on.”

I took the vest over my head and my nipples were almost through my bra and my small cleavage looked like and adults bust.

I walked towards him, “May I wank you onto this paper towel Sir?”

He did not speak, but pulled his zip down.

As I reached into his pants he nipped my nipples through my bra I squealed

He undid my bra and cupped them. I wanked him up and down his shaft to see his best reaction, more the top and round his crown.

He cum and I took some on my hand, may I lick it off, well, it brought him another squirt.

I knelt and cleaned him up, as I stood he pulled me in and bit each nipple in turn.

He sat down, I dressed slowly and kissed his cheek.

“Would you like to make that a regular morning order Sir?”

He smiled and nodded.

I was home on time and hugged Daddy and Daisy.

“Go shower popps and come back down and tell us all your news, dinner will be on the table.”

“Will do Daddy.”

At dinner i told them the news from home and laid on the end of the table and showed my bottom.

`It was wonderful Sir, just except bayan sarisin escort bursa my brother belted me and mum together, back and front and did us both over the table, did not like that Sir.”

“Its part of the life you were born into popps and the one you live now.”

I teared up and Daisy hugged me.

“You may put your dressing gown on popps.”

“Thanks Daddy, I think I will.”

Tuesday came and went and after dinner Daddy said we would do the training I missed the week before.

Daisy brought in a box with various glass beads and plugs and some cream

“Is it for my bottom Daddy?”

“Yes sweet pea, don’t worry, it wont hurt, just uncomfortable for a time, you may even enjoy it like most do.”

Daisy turned round and she had a horses tail sticking out of her bottom, I laughed so much I needed to go Pee.

When I came back in I was laid over the settee arm in the strapping position.

“You will relax popps and allow daisy to lubricate your bummy hole and push in her finger”

“Absolutely harmless hun if a little strange.”

Daddy unzipped and took out his cock and before I knew it Daisy had her finger up my bottom, I shivered.

She worked it in and out like fingering me then I felt something a little bigger.

“Latch on Poppy if you don’t want a strapping.”

“Sorry Sir, my mind bursa evi olan eskort was racing.”

“Stop Daisy and give Poppy 10 lashed of the broad belt.”

Daisy ran upstairs and came down with his belt and gave me 10 of the hardest whips ever.

“10 More if you don’t get back on Poppy”

I latched on at once, Daisy continued and I ended up with what turned out to be a mini plug up my bottom.

“Stand and watch poppy, hands on head.”

They had obviously agreed the next step.

Daisy stood naked in front on him and he fingered her and turned her round, she bent over.

He used his fingering finger and lubed her bottom rose and inserted his finger.

“Poppy, put me in.”

I wobbled towards them, gave him a final few wanks and pushed his cock against her bummy hole.

He fucked her for 15 for 20 minutes and all the time she moaned and groaned.

“Kneel Poppy.”

I sucked him hard and could hardly take in all his cum.

I was put back over the settee and a larger one was added, but it felt the same.

“Your dad will get your cousin with the long thin cock to fuck your bottom first a few times to give you the feeling you will get when Brian mounts you from behind.

You will get the same every night to stretch you, anything to say?”

“Sorry I had to be strapped Daddy, I won`t let my mind wander again.”

“During this next week or so you will be moving back home, training complete and I have taken a new girl to become our house slave, you know her it`s sara brown.”

“She used to be one of my closest friends at school Sir, she is very quiet you know?”

Daddy nodded.

“You will still come to me for refreshers up to your wedding.”

“Thank you Sir, I would like that.”

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