Apparently Word had Gotten Out… Ch. 02

Big Dick


About 30 minutes later I was working with Joe, a tall somewhat middle eastern looking man. Very hot, lean but very muscular. Fred and Steve were moving in the family room furniture and we found ourselves alone in my mother’s bedroom. This time I was the one who needed to take a leak, and I didn’t close the door. I was hoping Joe would come take a look, but no such luck. I was a little disappointed but figured what the hell, we had a lot of moving to do yet. So I walked out of the bedroom and found Joe sitting on the couch naked as the day he was born with one of the largest cocks I’ve seen in my life.

He just smirked, “I’ve got something for you here…I’ve been waiting for you…”

He was quoting from a song, I’m just not sure which one.

I moved between his legs and went right to my knees…with the thickness of his cock I wondered if I would be able to deep throat him, but I was damn excited to serve this hot man and huge cock!

I leaned in to take his big cock in my mouth as it was growing to full capacity. As I took it in, he told me, this first load will shoot fast, cause I haven’t unloaded in three days, if you do a good job there will be at least two more loads for you if not three.

Joe said, “Come on cocksucker, I think it will go a lot better if you get this monster in your throat before it gets fully hard!”

I slurped the huge head and as much of the shaft into my mouth as I could, then Joe just put his hand on the back of my head and pushed down until my lips were in his tightly trimmed pubic hair!

Joe stood with his cock buried in my throat bayburt escort and just started fucking. One of the reasons that I think I’m such a great cocksucker is that besides the fact the I just crave cock, I can take a huge cock into my throat and still breath. Joe was enjoying having his cock buried in my throat, feeling my throat muscles spasm around it when I heard footsteps and then a bit of snickering from the door of my mother’s new bedroom.

Joe kicked his hips into gear and just started fucking! On most strokes, he would pull out until only the head was on my tongue, just tightly held inside by my wet lips, and then thrust in again.

I knew that someone was behind us watching, but didn’t care as it had to be either Fred or Steve, and I was ready to take Fred again, and Steve was a mystery but I figured he was hung too!

Joe started moaning, and fucking my throat faster and I loved his big balls bouncing off my chin! Suddenly he fucked even harder and faster then increased his hold on my head, pushed in deep, and I could feel the thick tube on the underside of his cock pulsing his load deep in my throat.

His length and girth had made my throat juices start running and I was a slick gooey mess. When I started to wipe my chin, he slapped my hand away and said, “Don’t touch that goo, this is what a cocksucker is supposed to look like!”

When Joe’s cock stopped pulsing he slowly withdrew from my throat. I got to taste his thick cum! He pulled out and slapped and rubbed his huge cock on my face and said, “Don’t touch that cocksucker! You’re escort bayburt a cocksucker and need to look like one!”


I heard Steve say from the doorway, “Hey Joe, Fred needs your help at the truck, and you cocksucker may as well stay where you are, I’m ready for you now!”

Blondish, hairy, muscular Steve strutted into the room, flicked the button on his cargo shorts and walked out of them, on his way to a chair, then sat and spread his legs wide. My eyes widened at the sight of his thick uncut cock dangling off the edge of the chair and his large ball sack nestled on the edge.

I was between his legs in a flash, and he smiled and laughed at the cum and thick goo smeared all over my face and stands dangling from my chin. “I’m glad Joe didn’t let you wipe that off your face cocksucker, you’re a fucking nasty mess and that makes me even hotter!

I licked and kissed my way up one of his hairy muscular thighs to get to my prize. It was starting to throb into hardness and I took it into my mouth. I tried to use my tongue and lips to work the skin back to taste the fat leaking head but the big cock was becoming engorged and I had to use one hand to do it, and a thick flavor of manscent and taste exploded on my tongue.

Steve leaked tons of precum and I loved the salty sweet flavor coating my tongue. When his cock was hard enough, Steve grabbed my head and just pulled forward until his cock (the thickest yet) slid into my throat.

Steve just slowly worked his cock all the way in and all the way out of my throat and mouth as tons more goo bayburt escort bayan and precum dribble off my lips. Without much warning, he stood with his cock planted in my throat and growled as his cock erupted thick shots of hot man cum into me.

I looked up at him, and he smiled and said, “Yeah cocksucker, I know that was fast, but that is just one of several loads that you will get out of my cock today, it’s been damn near a week since I’ve shot, so there’s plenty more juice, but after another load, you’ll have to work and really show some cocksucker talent to get more. Then I plan to plant a load or two in the sweet butt of yours, now let’s get to work!”

I was embarrassed and at the same time somewhat proud to rejoin Fred and Joe to finish unloading the truck, I kind of snickered to myself, “they’re unloading the truck and I’m unloading their balls!” They all pointed and laughed at the cum and goo drying on my face, chest and even my tight belly. I wondered what kinds of hot scenes would develop before the day was finished!

About the time we joined the other two movers, my cell phone rang. It was my mother telling me that she had ordered pizza for us for lunch and it would arrive soon. Just as I told the guys about the pizza the delivery guy showed up. Now I was embarrassed and made my way to the front door of the house to clean up the mess on my face and chest.

Fred came up behind me and grabbed me, and asked why I was running off. I told him I didn’t want the delivery guy to see me all gooey and cum covered. Steve then joined us and laughed and said, “Don’t worry, that’s Jerry, he’s a buddy of ours, it is a small town you know!”

With that they spun me around and Joe laughed and said, “Hey Jerry, this cocksucker is going to take care of your tip today!” I saw the look on Jerry’s face and Fred said, “Hell he won’t just take care of the tip, he’ll take care of the entire shaft!”

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