At The Office


It’s been a rough Monday so far. Figures are behind schedule, analyses are falling short of predictions- it seems like the pieces just aren’t fitting together as they should. You lean back in your chair to stretch your arms and legs. Its 9:30 and you have not gotten up from your desk all morning. You look down & out the window of your office. 17 floors below, you see cars scurrying about. Looking straight out, there is a sea of rooftops & just beyond that is the big blue water. Wishing you were out there, you end your long stretch & are turning back to face your computer when a girl just outside your office catches your eye. You’ve never seen her before. You are excited that there’s a new girl in the office. Aaahh… New flesh to feast your eyes on. Her hot body catches your eye every time she walks past the open door of your office. She bends over to file something, and you can see her panties perfectly from where you are: g-string. From underneath her short, tight skirt you see her bulbous pussy lips- they are peeking out from between her luscious thighs. You hardly get any work done that day, as many thoughts about the new girl drift in & out of your head.

That afternoon you go home and do your normal surfing and catching up with your friends & family. In your MySpace friends list you see many pictures of hot, scantily-clad girls. You look closer at all their pictures, as you start rubbing your yearning cock. Your rock-hard cock is sticking out of the button less fly of your boxers- seeming to be straining, reaching for more. You close your eyes to better focus on the self-administered pleasure. The image of the new girl enters your mind. The sensation of your hardening cock fills your palm. The pace of your hand quickens as you feel the cum starting to climb up into your dick. Groaning, your thigh muscles flex, and your cock spurts cum out the tip. The thick, white fluid runs down your cock and over your fingers. “Aahh, that felt so good!” you think to yourself. That night you fall asleep with a naughty grin on your face, as you drift off to dreamland while thinking about the new girl at work.

About a week later… Things at work are still not going as planned; contractors are dragging their asses. Looks like another late evening at the office. At 5:30 you say goodnight to the last employee as they leave the office. With a huge sigh, you get back to your plans for a proposed building on 6th Street.

Meanwhile as you are totally immersed in your work, she is on the other side of the office suite. Yea, the new girl was staying late too- as she had a lot of catch-up work to do because there had been quite a gap since her position had been filled.

Neither one of you are aware of each other’s presence. You finally come to a stopping point in your work and decide to check your personal email before you go home. You are reading a sexy story Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort a really hot chick that you met online sent you, she was even kind enough to attach a picture of herself; spread out & wet. Since you are alone, you unzip your fly and pull your aching cock through, leaving the button of your jeans latched. Wrapping your hand around your already hard cock, you begin to stroke its whole length. Looking out your window, you wonder for a moment if anyone can see you and what you’re doing. A shiver of exhibitionistic excitement shoots up your spine. A smile comes to your lips and you give a quick little wave- just in case someone is watching you.

Just as you are about to close your eyes to savor the feelings of daring excitement rushing into your cock, you see the new girl walk by your office. Silently and without flinching she notices you and your ‘handy work’, but keeps on walking. You are not sure if she saw you or what you were doing. Putting your cock back in your pants with one hand while the other reaches to close your email when suddenly, she appears at the door. A rush of startled adrenaline courses through your veins, your heartbeat quickens.

It seems as though her skirt is a bit higher than it was earlier in the day. Her light brown wavy hair was let free of its strict clip- set loose over her shoulders. There is a devilish look in her eyes.

She moves her hand high up on the door frame, while slightly bending one knee. Her blouse lifts up exposing her stomach- flat & pierced. You think your eyes are playing tricks on you, so you blink hard to re-wet your contacts.

Looking at her, now knowing this is real, you manage to eek out “Hi. I, I thought that I was the only one here.”

Without saying a word, she then takes a few steps toward you, only closing the gap between the both of you by half. Her luscious lips part, “I was just wondering if you needed a little help.”

You are completely speechless, but your body speaks for you. Your cock involuntarily stiffens. Her gaze seems to notice your body’s interest in getting a little help from the new office girl.

She completes her journey towards you, taking slow, deliberate steps; her eyes never deferring from the sight of your hardened member. One leg in front of the other- almost crisscrossing, her sexy legs look so smooth.

When she gets to you, she kneels down in front of you. Running her hands along your thighs from the knees up, she swiftly slips her hand inside your fly- it was already open- as you were so startled when she came in the room, zipping was forgotten.

She enthusiastically pulls your big prick out through the fly hole. She looks at the big mushroom head atop the anxious cock. Her right hand is cupping your balls, the other firmly grasped around base of your fuck stick like a cock ring. Taking one last admiring glance of all 7 inches of your manhood, she puts her mouth at the base. At your crotch, her breath brushes by the smooth skin of your freshly shaved genitals. Soon there is a sensation of tongue; it goes from base to tip- pauses to tease your piss slit, then down other side.

She looks up at you and sees that your eyes are shut- trying to savor the incredible feelings. She feels your fingers run through her smooth, silky hair. Pulling her hair to the side gives you a good view of her lips wrapped around the head of your stiff cock. She keeps only head of it in her mouth, applies great suction, and flicks her tongue on your frenulum. This move really drives you wild and you shift in your seat, trying not to cum yet.

Suddenly, she takes your big cock all the way down her hot throat. Wanting this sensation to last, you hold her head to your crotch; her nose touches to your groin. Warm pre-cum trickles out of your cock and into her throat. Fuck it feels good to have your cock in a nice tight throat! You finally let her head free, and she gets up and sits on your lap. You are a little surprised (and elated) to discover that she’s not wearing panties. Her wetness spreads itself all over your smooth genitals, as she starts wildly grinding her hungry pussy against your cock.

Even though she is grinding your prick rough, she does not let your cock penetrate her pussy. You can no longer stand this torturous teasing so you stand up, turn her around so she faces away from you & bend her over your desk. Maps, papers & pens are pushed off the desk and onto the floor by this lustful maneuver. Standing behind her now you look at her great ass. Reaching your hand around front, you rub her clit a bit- she wriggles around, but can’t move much because you have both of her wrists above her head pinned down by your left hand. Wanting to tease her as much as she teased you, the head of your cock slides across her pussy slit. Ensuring you don’t penetrate her yet, you make sure to bump the ridge of your cock head against her clit with every slide. Letting go of your grip around her wrists, you kneel down behind her and kiss her cunt. Your tongue plunges into her pussy, her ass is right there in your face and your nose rubs her perineum. The scent of her musk almost drives you over the edge. Your tongue reluctantly comes out of its hot, wet cave, and trails away from her twat. Gently gliding over her perineum, she gasps with anticipation. Briefly, your tongue feels the ridges of her tight star. The pressure of your lick tapers off as it exits her crack and moves up her back.

Now standing once again, you plunge into her cunt all in one swift thrust. Her surprised gasp turns into a moan of pleasure. Below you, bent over your office desk you see that her skirt is up around her waist- this sight makes your cock harden even more. She can feel the rough jeans against her pussy as you pound your dick deep inside.

You are ready for a change in the pace, so you pick her up and take her over to the wall. Her back is pressed against the wall she looks so fucking hot there- up and ready in your favorite position. Kissing her deeply, your fingers dip into her pussy. She is so wet and hot. Before continuing to pump into her once again with your cock, your fingers leave her pussy and move up to her lips. Pushing your wet fingers against her mouth, you make her taste herself.

Thrusting your pelvis forward plunges your cock into her cunt again. As you fuck her up against the wall, your hands wander under her shirt and fondle both her breasts. Her nipples are between your index finger & thumb, so you squeeze. Biting her bottom lip, she starts to moan. Still fucking her pussy, your hands rotate slowly- with her nipples still in their possession. Her pussy tenses up a bit with this sensation so you continue to twist her tits and start to pull. Slowly your fingers lose grip and slide off her nipples- they turn red and are very hard.

Your thrusting causes her head to rhythmically bang against the wall. The framed diplomas on the wall shake and rattle in beat with your thrusts. Thrust after thrust, her body shuffles farther up wall. Also with each pump into her, a moan escapes her lips- seemly forced out by your fucking action. You can feel her pussy oozing its excitement all over your cock, over your balls, and down onto your thighs.

Pinning her tiny wrists above her head against the wall, you pound into her pussy harder and harder with powerful upward thrusts. Feeling the hot cum creep up your cock makes you thrust into her as deep as you can and hold it there, only making slight movements to milk out your cum.

Once your orgasm has subsided, you let your dick slip out of her wet cunt. Squatting down in front of her, you can see your cum starting to drip out of her swollen, well-fucked pussy. You quickly bring your tongue to her cunt and lick all the way from her hole up to her swollen clit. She quivers when your tongue goes over her clit. Your rigid tongue is now teasing her nub. With each pass over her clit, her body shakes harder. Her thighs are now shaking un-controllably, almost spastically, as you suck her clit into your mouth while flicking it with your tongue. Suddenly, she thrusts her pussy into your face and she moans loudly as her body gives way to orgasm. Keeping your tongue on her clit all the way through her orgasm, you ensure that she comes as hard as she can.

As her waves of pleasure subside, she slides down the wall and is now sitting in front of you. Both of you are slightly out of breath, as you thank her for the wonderful evening. She smiles and says “Anytime. And thank you! You really know how to please a woman!”

Back at work the next day you are analyzing some data for another project, when an email arrives in your inbox. All it says is: “Are you staying late tonight?”

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