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First Time Face FuckLet me take you back to 2007. I was new into town due to my job. I had only been there for about 6 months or so but was struggling to meet women. I had been hooking up with one on a regular basis but then she went back to college. Who knows, maybe I will share a previous time with that girl.So anyway, on a three day weekend, I received a message from someone on Myspace. Normally I didn’t respond to these message because they were usually fake profiles. I am not sure why but I decided to respond a day later. Turned out we worked for the same company (albeit in completely different areas) and she was “bored” of some of her friends. So I invited her over. Keep in mind, I was 22 and she was 25 at the time. She wasn’t much older, but I was definitely nervous. She arrived at my house and we made some small talk. We talked about music, work, and a few other random things. She then asked for something to drink. It just so happened that I had her favorite beer at the time. So as we sat on my couch having a few drinks, she got up to have a smoke on my back patio. Smoking normally turns me off but there was something about her that intrigued me so I was able to look passed it. I was in the kitchen when she came back inside where she grabbed me and türbanlı ardahan escort kissed me long and passionately. I got her against the wall and we kept making out. Something about pushing her against the wall got her turned on even more and she took my shirt off. We kept kissing and I finally got the nerve (as I said, I was extremely nervous) to grab her tits. After feeling her up through the shirt she pushed me away and said, “We have a problem. Your shirt is off and mine is still on.” I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. She was wearing a very sexy maroon colored bra. She also had tiger paws tattooed on her tits. I reached around and unhooked her bra. Even though I was nervous, I was able to unhook it one handed. She was relatively impressed with that. As her bra came off, her tits were revealed to me. She was a good, solid C cup with very light pink nipples. I started to suck on one and she let out a very soft moan. As I sucked on her tits, she reached down, undid my zipper and started stroking my throbbing cock. After a few minutes of this she recommended we go upstairs to the bedroom. We kept kissing and grabbing each other as we went up the stairs. By this time we had been messing türbanlı ardahan escort bayan around for about 15 minutes or so. Needless to say, my cock was as hard as steel. We got upstairs and she told me to lay down and take my pants off. She told me she was being “good” and wasn’t going to have sex with me that night. However, as my pants came off, she simply stated “you’re going to love this” and lowered her mouth onto my cock. She sucked me like I had never been sucked before. I still think about it to this day to tell you the truth. As she sucked my cock, I was rubbing her pussy under her pants but over her panties. As I said, she was being “good” that night. She suddenly took her mouth off of my cock and kissed me deeply. Most guys would be freaked out by this, but I wasn’t too concerned. After all, it was my cock in her mouth and not someone else’s. We kissed again for a couple minutes while she stroked my hard, throbbing cock. I had been teased, sucked, and stroked for so long by that point that my cock was swollen to a larger size than normal. She then laid down and propped her head up with a pillow. She told me to “put your dick in my mouth and fuck it.” I could do nothing but oblige her türbanlı escort ardahan request. As I fucked her mouth, I reached back and fingered her soaking wet pussy. She pushed me off for a second and told me to cum for her. Before I stuck my cock back into her mouth, I made her lick her juices off of my fingers. Once they were cleaned I proceeded to fuck that mouth of hers again. This time with her sucking harder than before, moaning as I fingered her pussy. Being a nice guy, I let her know that I was close to cumming and asked her where she wanted it. She told me “in my mouth” and I started fucking her face ever harder. Her soft moans did me in and I rammed my cock as far as it could go in her mouth. This was and still is the hardest I have ever came. As my cock shot it’s load into her hungry mouth, I could see her eyes go wide as if she was struggling to swallow it all down. Even as she struggled to swallow it, I could still hear her moaning as she sucked every last drop out of my cock. After I finished cumming and pulled my cock from her mouth (which she leapt at a few more times to get more cum out) she said “I stopped counting after I felt 10 shots in my mouth. I honestly thought I was drowning in your cum. That is easily the biggest load I have ever swallowed.”As I typed this, I got hard again just thinking about it.Afterwards, we grabbed a couple more beers, made out some more and went to bed. We woke up the next day, kissed a few times, and proceeded to spend the day together. We had some more fun that day….If you care to hear more about my times with this girl, comment or message me and I will post more.

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