Auntie Em Ch. 12


Summertime was over and I was in the middle of my first semester at Parkston Junior College. Carrying a full load didn’t give me much time to make the trip back and forth from Auntie Em’s so with Mom’s and my auntie’s financial assistance, I was able to rent a small studio apartment just a couple of blocks from the college. Made for some lonesome nights.

I made it through the first couple of months okay, I guess. But I was getting lonesome for some home cooking. Not to mention horny. I was grateful for the brief respite. Gave my body a chance to recuperate; get them sperm cells to multiplying again like they should.

Toward the end of that second month away from home, my horniness was getting the best of me, so after my last class that Friday afternoon, I packed a small bag, hopped in the Camry and hot footed it to Auntie Em’s house; unannounced.

I pulled into the driveway and parked beside that beat up old Rambler the Preacher and his wife drove. Why they didn’t buy a newer car was beyond me. With what the church paid him, I’m certain they could afford one. Then it dawned on me. They were putting out a lot of money to keep their daughter, Marie, in pre-med school.

I walked in the door, dropped my bag on the floor beside me and called out. “Mom. Auntie Em. Where is everybody?”

The preacher’s wife came out of the kitchen wearing one of Auntie Em’s aprons over a plain blue dress with a wooden spoon in one hand and the finger of her other hand pressed against her lips.

“Shhhhh,” she cautioned me. “They just got to sleep.”

“Is there anything wrong?” I queried.

“Your mother and your aunt are both down with the flu,” she informed me. “Got it bad, too.”

“Why didn’t someone call me?” I asked.

“Both of them came down with it early yesterday afternoon. Your aunt called me first thing this morning. They didn’t want to bother you and make your grades suffer from the distraction.” “When can I talk to them?” I asked.

“I’m making some soup as we speak. I’ll be feeding them as soon as it’s ready. Why don’t you come in the kitchen with me so I can talk and cook at the same time?”

I watched Mrs. Willis turn and walk towards the kitchen. Her thick thighs and heavy butt made my heart pound with excitement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Sister Willis was not fat by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, her stomach was as flat as a board. She was, let’s say, stout. Five foot five. Or six if she stretched it a bit. Hair color was nearly the same as Auntie Em’s, but much shorter.

Not an overly thick torso, but bigger than most. Her tits were of average size. They sure did look firm. Made me want to hold them and find out just how firm they really were.

She was a strong looking woman whose muscular body made her look overweight, but she wasn’t. I had heard Mom tell Dad some time ago that she’d seen Mrs. Willis weighing herself on the scales in the ladies bathroom at church several times and had never seen the scales go above a hundred and forty pounds.

The preacher’s wife was a different breed of fox. And, since Mom and Auntie Em were temporarily out of commission, I decided it was time to go fox hunting!

I followed Mrs. Willis into the kitchen. “Anything I can do to help, Sister Willis?” I asked.

She smiled. “Please. Call me Leanne. Sister Willis sounds so impersonal. You can sit down and keep me company if you’d like.”

I sat at the table, watching those tits of hers bounce around inside her blouse while she stirred the soup rather vigorously. When she bent over to get something out of the refrigerator or from one of the cabinets below the sink area, her dress would ride up her bare leg to about mid thigh.

Her hips would run out of room, causing her dress to cling tightly to her ass. This, in return, produced some very visible panty lines that ran along the bottoms of her hips. It was sexy. Real sexy.

For some unexplained reason, I wanted that woman. She wasn’t nearly as good looking as Linda, Mom or Auntie Em, but she wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Plain would probably be a better descriptive word. Hot also came to mind. As in hot as hell. I had to start somewhere if I was to achieve my goal.

I nervously cleared my throat. “Uh, uhm,” I began. Suddenly, my throat went dry. I couldn’t utter one single word.

Leanne turned around, looked at me and smiled. “Yes?” she said.

“Uhm……about the other day,” I began.

Leanne’s breasts shook wildly back and forth inside Ankara bayan escort her dress when she tossed her head back in an effort to try and move an errant strand of hair out of her face. If I wasn’t sure before, I was now. The preacher’s wife wasn’t wearing a bra.

“What about the other day?” she asked.

“You know,” I stammered. “In the car.”

She just stood there, looking at me without saying a word. Had an ornery looking smile on her face as she scratched her left boob. I didn’t think it was humanly possible for my cock to get any harder than it already was. It did, though.

I cleared my throat again. “I hope I didn’t offend you by what I did on the way home.”

“What was it you did?” she asked with a sinful little gleam in her eyes, as she tried to act like the innocent person I knew she wasn’t.

“You know…when I put my hand on your leg.”

Mrs. Willis took a deep breath, shoving those medium sized titties of hers against the front of her dress, her nipples making tiny little tents in the material.

“Well,” she said. “I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lord knows Lonnie hasn’t touched me in that way in quite some time. Hellfire, Aaron, he hasn’t touched me in any way in well over a year.”

“How come?” I asked. “If you were mine, I’d touch you all over. Any time I got the chance.”

Her voice got low and sexy. She came over, sat down in my lap and wiggled her chunky ass all over my cock. “You’ve got a chance now, if you want it.”

I wanted it alright. I put my arm around her shoulder and nuzzled her neck. My other hand went instinctively to her outer thigh. “Mmmm,” I moaned and then inhaled deeply. “You smell like lilacs.”

Leanne leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. At the insistence of her roaming tongue, my mouth opened and let it inside. I captured it between my lips and hung on for dear life. It always felt so sexy when I could suck on a woman’s tongue and this time was no exception.

I kept her tongue inside my mouth and breathed through my nose, finally releasing my grip and shoving my own tongue into her mouth.

Sister Willis broke contact and stood up. “Got to check on the soup,” she said. “Don’t want it to burn.”

I followed her to the stove, lifted her dress over her hips and went to my knees behind her. I pulled her plain white cotton panties plumb off her, put them to my face and licked the crotch. I tasted the leavings of a hot and horny pussy. Then I tossed them over my shoulder.

I buried my face in her ass as I reached around her to search for her clit. I found it with ease and began teasing it with my fingers. At the same time, I was licking her ass crack from bottom to top.

Leanne turned around and spread her legs wide. She had to have had the biggest bunch of pubic hair of anybody. Black as the inside of a cow’s ass, it hung down like a beard. I pushed the hair out of the way and began to lick her vulva like it was a popsicle.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer. “What am I going to do with you?”

I stood and held Leanne in my embrace. The bulge in my pants was rubbing against her hairy mound. “The real question,” I began, “is what am I going to do TO you?”

I nibbled on her ear a bit before she pushed me away. “Just about anything you want,” she giggled. “Just as soon as I finish this soup.”

I sat back down at the table. “Why?” I asked her.

“Why what?”

“The preacher. Why don’t he touch you anymore?”

Leanne got that far away look in her eyes. Stared straight through me, she did, without even seeing me. “It’s been a bit more than a year now; close to fifteen months, since I caught him at the church fucking the pianist.”

Usually it turns me on to hear a woman talk dirty, but somehow, Sister Willis didn’t seem to be talking dirty. It was more like she was stating an unchallengeable fact.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, right then,” she said. “I hurried home and cried like a baby. I mean, how could he betray me like that?” Leanne smoothed the front of her dress before she continued. “We had our daughter to think about. Getting Marie through school seemed more important at the time. So, I basically just let it pass.”

Leanne laughed lightly. “I still hold it over him. If I want something bad enough, I threaten to go to the deacons and tell them what he’s doing with that god damned piano playing tramp. Works every time.”

We talked for a few minutes longer before Sister Willis decided the soup was ready for human consumption. Escort bayan Ankara “Time to wake them up,” she declared. She ladled some soup into two medium sized bowls, crumbled up several crackers and dropped them into the soup. “Get me a couple of spoons out of the drawer,” she told me. “And then follow me.”

We entered Auntie Em’s room and walked across the floor to where she and Mom lay sleeping. Leanne put the bowls on the night stand, leaned over Mom and gently shook her shoulder. I did the same to Auntie Em.

“Aaron,” Auntie Em said in a flu weakened voice. “What are you doing here?”

“Getting ready to feed you some homemade soup,” I told her.

Leanne handed me a bowl and I gave her a spoon.

Auntie Em could hardly keep her eyes open. “You made it yourself?” she asked.

Man, she was really out of it. “Sister Willis did,” I said as I pulled her to a sitting position with her back against the headboard. “You know I can’t even boil water.”

Auntie Em was too weak to speak much at all. That one question she had asked me seemed to have drained what remaining strength she may have had right out of her.

Sister Willis and I spent the better part of an hour spoon feeding those two women. When we finished, we helped them slide back down in the bed. Both Auntie Em and Mom had already passed out before we could cover them up with the bedding.

Sister Willis followed me out the door, bowls in hand and closed it behind her. I immediately grabbed her arm and led her into the spare bedroom.

“Oh my!” Leanne exclaimed as she set the bowls on top of the chest of drawers on our way to the bed.

I took her in my arms and held her for a moment or two, then turned her around. I hurriedly undid the ties to Auntie Em’s apron and then unzipped the back of her dress. She shrugged her shoulders, allowing the apron to float to the floor. Her dress hung loosely at her waist.

I shoved it down Leanne’s hips and watched her dress as it fell to the floor next to the apron. She sat down on the bed while I took off her tennis shoes. I then began kissing and licking her feet.

As I took the big toe of her right foot into my mouth, a scent of her sweaty foot wafted up into my nose. Wasn’t real strong; just a hint of a scent. Certainly not enough to make me quit what I was doing.

I kissed my way up her leg and onto her belly where I reamed out her navel before traveling down her other leg. When I finished slobbering all over Leanne’s other foot I stood and took off my shirt and my t-shirt.

Leanne reached out and grabbed the waist band of my pants and jerked me closer. She clawed at button that held my pants together, grabbed the zipper tab and yanked downward. My pants fell quickly to the floor. A half second later and my boxers joined them.

I kicked the clothes out of the way and then kicked my loose fitting canvas shoes in the same direction as our other clothes.

Leanne was breathing rather heavily, as was I. I stepped between her legs and aimed my cock at her lips. “Suck it,” I told her. “Suck it like you mean it.”

Dear Sister Willis, bless her heart, seemed a bit intimidated by my sudden aggressiveness, but she did what she was told. She grabbed my chunk of hot iron and slid her lips over the head.

Her tongue got real active; slowly swirling around that red, mushroom-looking head at the same time she was slowly jacking me off.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it forward as I pushed my cock into her mouth. “Oomph!” she grunted as my helmeted soldier slid into her throat.

I held her head so she couldn’t move; kept my tube steak as far down her throat as I could get it. It stayed there until she had no choice but to gag and swallow. What little amount of air she was able to breathe in through her nose was clearly not enough.

Finally I pulled back and let her take a couple of deep breaths before I jammed it down her throat again. Almost immediately, I pulled back only to slam it halfway down to her stomach. Thus, began a session of skull fucking at its very best.

Leanne’s gag reflex was working overtime. The pressure of her throat muscles clamping down over the head of my dick was driving me nearly insane with lust. The more I slammed my cock into her throat, the more I wanted to continue doing it. But I wasn’t ready to cum yet.

I released my grip on Leanne’s head and pulled completely out of her mouth. “Damn!” she exclaimed when she was able to breathe a bit easier. “I thought you were going to suffocate Bayan escort Ankara me.”

I smiled rather cruelly. “You said I could do anything I wanted to you.”

“Yes, I did,” she conceded. “I’m just not used to such rough treatment. That’s all.”

“I usually don’t get that rough,” I told her. “It’s been some time since I could relieve myself properly. I guess I got a little carried away.”

Surprised the complete hell out of me when she said “That’s okay, Aaron. Sometimes I like it a bit rough.”

I sat on the bed beside her, put my hands on her shoulders and laid her down on her back. “I promise to be a bit more gentle on this go around,” I told her.

“Not on your life, mister,” she said as she spread her legs wide, revealing her bountiful bush. “I want you to fuck me hard and I want you to fuck me deep.”

I wasted little time with preliminaries. I went to my elbows between Leanne’s legs, pushed that overgrown patch of pubic hair out of the way and wrapped my lips around the biggest, longest clitoris I think I will ever see in my life. Damned thing sticking out of its hood must have been at least an inch long! And, oh, was it sensitive.

Clamped down on that monstrous thing with my lips and pulled on it, stretching it out and away from her body until my mouth was no longer touching her vulva.

I used my tongue on Leanne’s clit much like she used hers on my cock. I swirled it around and around that huge appendage of hers a whole lot of times before I diddled the end of it with the tip of my tongue. ‘Bout drove her wild, it did.

Then I began sliding my pursed lips up and down her clit. When I felt her shove her hairy mound into my face I covered my teeth with my lips and nibbled on it from one end to the other. Couldn’t get enough of that big ole thing.

Preacher’s wife screamed so loud that, had we been in a graveyard, the dead would have been calling the police complaining they couldn’t sleep. Her hips came up off the bed at lightning speed as she jammed her mound into my face. Thought sure my lips would be thoroughly and totally bruised come morning.

Leanne’s whole body jerked and twitched uncontrollably while I continued to torture her clit mercilessly. Then, suddenly, she stiffened and let out another animal like cry. Her body slumped back onto the bed and she lay still for the longest time; her tongue hanging loosely from the corner of her mouth.

I wasted no time in getting to my knees and aiming that red headed cunt pleaser right at her quivering hole. I quickly shoved it in to the very depths of Leanne’s soul and left it there, buried to the root, reveling in the deliciously sinful, mind-numbing emotions that sent an abundance of electrically charged lightning bolts throughout my body.

My cock pistoned in and out of her glory hole at break neck speed. Suddenly, Leanne was alive again; giving as good as she got. She met every thrust of my human spear with a thrust of her own. Seems as though we were both building up to one humongous orgasm. An orgasm of hurricane like proportions.

We were moving in a rhythm not our own; one that had been written on the stone tablets of our souls. Our grunts and groans were coming one after the other and they were getting exponentially louder with each stroke of my sex in and out of her dungeon of love.

We were loud and we were raucous. And I didn’t really give a damn who heard us. I guess that, deep inside, I was still fuming about being shut out of the bedroom that first night Mom was back from Texas. I know that Mom and Auntie Em and me had agreed to be faithful to each other, but right now, at this moment in time, that agreement didn’t mean diddly squat to me. I was coming dangerously close to busting a nut of epic proportions and I wasn’t about to be denied that pleasure.

One more thrust and it was over for the both of us. I grabbed Leanne’s legs and laid them on my shoulders. She screamed loudly, clamped her cunt muscles around my cock so hard that I was sure it was going to fall off. And then she was still; her rapid breaths being the only movement her body was making.

My cock began pumping her pussy full of my hot scalding man juices. I screamed right along with her, but my screams were muffled. I had a mouthful of her toes to partially block the sound.

Thinking I was finished squirting, I pulled out of her velvet-lined hole. Just as I did, my cock jerked one last time; sending a long stream of spunk deep into her beautiful black bush.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” Leanne whispered as we lay cuddled together in our post coital bliss. “I ain’t never had it so rough and so good at the same time in my entire life.”

My physical exertion had rendered me temporarily mute. I just nodded my head and hugged her closer.

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