Awaiting It Now


Since I had finished college, I had cut down on my drinking- a lot. I was notorious for getting drunk, fooling around, and having no recollection of it. I rarely ever slept with people when drunk- but, i did everything else. I finally got a guilty conscience as well as the insight that the amount of alcohol I had consumed was enough for twenty more years of my life. I didn’t turn into some dull prude after college, I just took like with at least some seriousness. So when my boyfriend and I split a bottle of wine on our one month anniversary, I was all for it.

He walked in after work and gave me a great big hug. “Time to celebrate our anniversary” he said, presenting a bottle of wine. “eet is zee best vine in zee world I could afford my dear. eet is vintage from a French vinery, it has a silky apple aftertaste and is zee favorite of aristocrats everywhere” he said teasingly, to mock the wine tasters whom we both thought were full of it. I giggled and accepted a full glass of red bodied wine, gulping it down like water- as I had for many years. He lit candles and dimmed the lights as I giggled, picturing a trashy sappy romance novel in my mind. He lowered himself onto the bed and planted a romantic kiss on my neck. I looked into his eyes and they twinkled mysteriously. I could feel his hot breath tickle me as he nibbled my ear- a spot of pure arousal.

I moaned lightly and to my dismay he responded by leaving the room. He returned shortly and gently caressed my hands. I then felt a silken fabric glaze over my skin as he smirked mischievously. “I will make up for those college days you cant remember” he snickered, as he tied my hands to the bedpost. He returned Gaziantep Gecelik Escort to kissing my neck, and he whispered in my ear “I want you.” his voice and breath sent chills down my spine.

He climbed atop me and caressed my arms while staring intensely into my eyes. He began to dry hump me, passionately, and slowly. He glanced over to the night table and excused himself. “you’ve a few sips left my lady” he said, offering me my glass. I sipped and handed the glass back to him. He placed it on the night table and paused. He then faced me and slowly peeled his clothing off, performing a very sexual strip tease. I watched eagerly as his boxers slowly came off to reveal his boner, it was the hardest and biggest I had ever seen it! He then grabbed his dick and started whacking off, real fast. For some reason, I love seeing a man enjoying himself. He stopped midway and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving me in bra and underwear. He then gently kissed around the edge of my panties, and I could feel his hot breath yearning for my pussy. I’m sure he could smell my pheromones begging for him. He unclasped my bra and groped me, once, teasing me. He gave a sly smile and continued to whack off . He beat himself furiously and lowered himself to my face, letting my tongue just barely glaze his salty head. He beat himself even more furiously, until he began to moan. “Oh yes yes I’m gonna come” as he pulled his cock away from my hungry mouth and sprayed his load on my tits. I could smell his salty goo on my nipples, but had no way to taste it. “I don’t get to taste?” I whimpered. “No. I’m done” he said matter of factly while grabbing his clothing. My mouth dropped in horror. “but….I…..what about me. I…….” I stammered. He ignored me and walked out the door. I was too shocked to move.

What seemed like eternity passed, although it was probably only a few minutes, he returned, naked. I smiled. “ok bitch. lets fuck” he yelled. I usually don’t like talking dirty, but somehow I got turned on. “ I wanna stick my hard cock inside your tight wet pussy, bitch” he growled. I arched myself, trying to reach up and shove my tongue down his throat. “No. I’m in control. lay down” he demanded, shoving me onto the bed. He then kissed me, darting his tongue on my lips, my response was to dart my tongue back. He pulled away. He then ripped my wet panties off and proceeded to kiss my body- everywhere but my ass, pussy , and tits. I kept raising my pussy into the air, trying to give a clue- lets fuck! He then suckled my nipple, for maybe five seconds and he pulled away. “Fuck me! now!” i cried. “shhhh” he said , placing his finger on my lips to quiet me. He then placed his hard dick on my thigh, edging oh so close to my pussy. I could feel my clit swell in anticipation. “you want it bad, don’t you” he sneered, All i could do is whimper. He traced the line of my mouth with his fingers then placed them into my mouth. “suck it like its my hard cock” he hissed. I went all out, licking and sucking so hard. He pulled his fingers away and inserted them into my pussy. Barely., Just one inch. “no, put them all the way in! finger me” i pleaded. He pulled his fingers out and parted my pussy lips. He then flicked his tongue on my swelled hot clit. “oooh” i moaned. I was close to coming. “ohh more more ooohhhh” i moaned. He stopped. “no! get back!” i demanded. He grabbed my breasts and suckled them as he clawed my back. “I wanna stick it into you, let you feel how hard i am.” he whispered. He lowered himself so his dick touched my labia. I got wetter in response. He dipped his fingertip into my pussy. “yummmm” he said. Oh God I needed him! “Fuck me now dammit! I need it!” i begged. he slipped in in, just barery, as my body squirmed, trying hard to fuck him. HE held my gyrating pelvis down. “Fine I’ll give it you you. My fat hard 9 inch cock inside your tight pussy, bitch. Spread em, ,whore” he demanded, pulling my legs apart. “oh god yessss” i moaned. I could feel my pussy clench his rock hard cock. “I’m gonna fuck you hard, little whore. Enjoy it bitch” he cursed as he violently shoved it in me. It was so big, it hurt, and yet felt so good. I moaned in response. “yeah bitch oh god you’re so wet I want to fuck you so hard oh god yeah my little whore open up for the fuck of your lifetime. you bad little dirty cunt needs it” he yelled. “oh god yes” i moaned as my body began to feel a hot wave pulse through me. My legs clenched up as I came, hard and good. “oooh….I came….ohhh….thank you” i whispered as I began to pull away. I had come so hard I didnt know what to do. “No, bitch. I aint done” he rasped as he flipped me over and grabbed my ass hard. “ooh your ass is so hot, bitch. oooooh” he murmured as he began to rapidly fuck me, so hard he could barely breathe. “no…im done” I cried. “No. Not until I am” he said, slapping my ass. He grabbed my tits as he fucked me more. “I’m gonna stick it so hard bitch. I’m gonna blow my load oh god little whore take it all in bitch” he yelled as I could feel his dick pulse as he came. His hot semen filled my pussy and dripped out. He got up, blew out the candles, and went home.

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