Long Time Coming

Solo Male

Chrissi worked the early shift. Since I’d been hired I’d been drawn to her, though she wasn’t a conventional beauty. She was roughly 5’7″ with straight, ruddy blonde hair which fell just beyond her slightly slouching shoulders. She always wore a long-sleeved shirt under her uniform polo; this pressed her large tits close to her frame and made them appear fuller. Her ass – always beneath tan corduroys – was tall and flat; somehow I couldn’t keep myself from watching it sway when she walked. Her lightly freckled face was round and rolled to a weak chin. Her sunny blue eyes and innocent smile were offset by the parted pout of her full mouth. There was something unusually provocative in the way she carried herself. Perhaps it was because Chrissi was a mother of one and staunchly conservative at her core that I so enjoyed envisioning her in wanton coitus. But it wasn’t that I wanted to defile her – I pondered this long and deeply for three and a half months. It wasn’t the thought of Chrissi’s humiliation or subjugation that aroused me, it was that of the nature which her Christian demeanor concealed being freed by my advances. I worked with many women, a good deal of them universally attractive and openly sexual; but it was childish, closed-up little Chrissi who moved me most. But I never moved upon her.

Before her I was a coward.

One afternoon in December, I was clocking out and overheard a conversation about two of my co-workers. The employees in question had been fired after having been discovered inside a shelter they’d built outside near the fenced-in retaining pond. The talk I heard was all negative, but I found those recently-terminated co-workers’ ingenuity fascinating. I resolved to find this shelter and have a look inside.

I lived in an apartment complex behind the store. As I left the parking lot that day on my way home, I saw, Karen, one of my team leaders standing on the other side of the fence which encircled the retaining pond. It was snowing lightly, and she was hugging herself for warmth. I guessed she was standing near the shelter and figured she had probably had the same inclination as I. I waved to Karen and approached the fence to find the gate open.

“Hi,” I said.

“Are you off?” Asked Karen.

“Yeah. I’m on my way home.”

Karen grinned. “Have you seen the shelter?”

“No,” I replied, “but I heard someone talking about it. I wanted to come out here and look at it.”

“I didn’t even know it was here. Chrissi and I just came out to find it.”

I looked Maltepe Escort at the shelter. It seemed little more than a leafy hump in the reeds. “I walk this way every day and I’ve never seen it,” I said, “It’s pretty smart, actually.” Karen only rolled her eyes in my direction and offered me a grimace that said she wasn’t so sure about that. “I’m gonna go inside,” I said. But now Karen was walking back across the parking lot toward the store. I shrugged, stuck my hands in my coat pockets, and crouched to fit through the low entrance of the makeshift shelter.

There, I found Chrissi. She was hunched with one hand on the bare earth before her. A flashlight had been pushed into the ground. It was on, and in its meager light our shadows were huge.

“Hey,” I said, a little surprised.

“Hey,” chimed Chrissi. She fixed me with a wet-eyed grin. Her face was rosey with the cold.

“I just heard someone talking about this. What do you think?”

“I don’t see how anybody found it, really,” said Chrissi. Her slight southern accent was regional. “I’d never known it was here.”

“Yeah. I was just telling Karen that.”

“It was the parking lot cameras.” This she said with a species of pride. “LP saw them and told Charlene.”

“Well, really, what do you expect when they’re not allowed to come inside?” I referred to the employees who’d been fired, utility workers who worked on the parking lot all day. “I’d be building a hut, too, in this cold.”

Chrissi nodded. She looked around the shelter. I was stymied for more to say. The silence was awkward for me, but I felt it mustn’t be worrying Chrissi in the least. She always seemed to regard me with such levity. It was galling – especially now.

Finally, Chrissi asked, “Did Karen go in?”

“Yeah,” I said. I dragged my lecher’s gaze over her mouth, her little nose, her bright eyes moving to meet mine. And then, to my wonder, she lowered one knee, leaning toward me, and her lips met mine as she sat down on the moist ground.

I wasted no time in responding, but I was utterly shocked. I moved to embrace her, opening my mouth to her slow-questing tongue. Her lips were wonderfully soft and her breath was cool. Chrissi put one hand on my shoulder as I sat down beside her. When we broke our kiss, she only looked at me. I said, “Uhm,” and then she was kissing me again.

Her pillowy mouth on me, her hand brushing my cheek; I couldn’t help but reach to cup one of her heavy breasts. She murmured into my mouth and, with Maltepe Escort Bayan little difficulty, reached behind her to unclasp her bra. I bent to kiss her pale throat and pushed her up her shirts. Her breasts were perfect. No marks at all from her pregnancy. Her big pink bra hung loose and I fairly tore it aside to get at the rotund flesh beneath. There were little freckles in the valley between Chrissi’s tits. I reveled in her sharp little breaths as I thumbed a nipple, bent to kiss the natural swell, pressed her tits together and sucked a worshipful trail across them. When Chrissi put her hand on my cock I jumped. I was so hard it hurt. At last – at long last – I twirled my tongue around Chrissi’s pert nipples, and she drew her nails up and down along my zipper. I pulled her against me, feeling her tits, her warm pulse, and kissed her again. Her hand pulling my belt was eager, real, thoughtless. She was lusty. I wondered, disbelieving. How long had this been between us? How had I failed to notice?

Now my jeans were unbuttoned. But I made myself resist. I didn’t want to waste any bit of Chrissi. I moved, crouching before her, and pushed her gently onto her back. She smiled with closed eyes and stroked my hands as I unbuttoned her cords and pulled them off. Beneath her plain cotton panties, Chrissi was modestly trimmed. I clamped my lips over her, taking no time to stroke her smooth, opaline thighs or to tongue the faint mole above her blooming vulva. She seemed to appreciate my zeal. I spread her lips with my hand and lapped between them, my tongue skating hungrily over her clit, and Chrissi sat up a bit to twist her fingers into my hair. As I played my tongue over her moistening pussy, she began to move with me and to suppress moans deep in her throat. I alternated, first slowly stroking her vulva, then licking from the base of her open pussy to the top, always working one finger diligently over her clit. To my surprise, she came quickly. Her legs tensed and she shook, unable to stop a loud groan of release escaping her lips, and then she sat up, her throat wet with sweat, and I rose to my knees.

Chrissi kissed the corner of my mouth, my throat, pushed my shirt up to run her hands across my chest, and then picked up where she had left off opening my fly. Her expression was one of intense focus as she pushed my pants down around my hips to finally get at my rock hard prick. I watched her intently, hands on her shoulders, as she leaned in, her bee-stung lips parting over my cock to Escort Maltepe close sumptuously well below the base of the head. She bobbed on my dick with delicious fervor. She placed both hands on my hips and tilted her head a bit to the left. I pushed her hair aside so I could watch my cock disappearing into that beautiful mouth. She worked me noisily, tongue whirling, lips dragging a red stain along the length of my glistening shaft, and I sighed as unbelievable pleasure thundered through me. Then Chrissi opened her mouth and my dick slid out with a little rope of saliva drooping between the head and her lower lip.

She was beautiful in the half-light. I raged inside; now I would fuck her.

She fell beneath me, legs splayed, brown round-toed shoes nearly touching the shelter ceiling, white socks pulled up to her ankles, and I closed my eyes as I pushed myself into her. That first entrance was sweet and electric. I wanted to live in it forever. I ran my dick inside Chrissi, looking into her face as she panted, my jeans still just below my ass. I fucked Chrissi on the bare ground, at one point sitting up and grabbing her hips in a panic to sink deeper. She was warm and pale and she fairly screamed beaneath me. After so long, after seeing her so often in my masturbatory fantasies, now I was pumping into her unbelievable pussy with her legs on my shoulders and her strawberry blonde hair pooled around her head, and watching her croon and bite her lips as another orgasm took her. It was paradise.

Chrissi was multi-orgasmic. Her pussy tightened around my dick and her body quivered beneath me as she rode wave after wave of climactic bliss. She was lucky, and I was lucky to be inside her. I rocked into her until I couldn’t stand to anymore. My balls were tightening unbearably. Unfortunately, I had no condom. By the time I was able to force myself to pull out of her warm, wet heaven, I was so pent up that my first shot of semen flew all the way up to hit Chrissi on the chin. Chrissi pulled herself up and opened her mouth as I gripped my dick and jerked my load onto her stomach, tits, and face. A bit of it landed dark on her uniform polo. The release was fantastic. I spasmed with its power. It was easily the best fuck of my life. And the sight of sweet, godly Chrissi, round facial features limned in the glow from the flashlight, lapping up my cum as her bare white tits swayed and she slowly fingered herself is one I will see while I jerk off until I am unable to jerk off anymore.

After that day, Chrissi and I met three times more for animalistic sex. Our affair was brief, as she left the company I worked for and we never spoke again. Now I am engaged to be married, and only secret I keep from my betrothed is that I still sometimes see Chrissi’s face as we make love – and I know I always will.

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