B-Day Ch. 05


Opening the door to the shabby, cubbyhole-sized bathroom, Jessi quickly reached out to grab my hand. She was seated on the toilet with her legs parted. Her left hand dangled between her legs, ready to pull the nozzle from her anus. ??

“I-I’m…gonna poop, big sister,” she said, her eyes searching mine for some kind of approval.

?I did my best to meet her gaze as she pulled the tube out. It was hard, especially when the very graphic and loud, wet farts suddenly blasted my ears. I turned up my nose, wanting to be anywhere else. I saw her strain, causing more flatulence.

??She tried to smile weakly at me, but it just grossed me out. The room quickly filled up with a foul stench, but I continued to hold her clammy hand dutifully.

??”Ugh! Big sister, it’s so hard to go,” she said, her face scrunching up.

I just stood there in shock. What had this girl’s mother done to her? How long had this been going on? Maybe it hadn’t been long, but I was afraid to ask. All those photos on her living room wall seemed recent, as if she were born into the body she occupied right in front of me. For my own sake, I imagined that to be the truth as best as I could.

I heard very small, sludgy “plop”, then more groaning. She grabbed my hand so tightly my fingers started to darken. Her stomach tensed, and there was another very small plop. I shut my eyes tight and just tried to enter a happy place in my mind while she finished.

“Hey…big sis?” she squeaked again. I shuddered, then slowly lifted my right eyelid just enough to catch a fuzzy image of her pinched face.

“Yes, Jessi?”

“Can I see your butt stopper?”

“My what?”

“Y’ know, your butt stopper. To hold your poo in?”


“D-did I say something wrong?” she asked. I forced my eyes back open only to find a disturbingly genuine look of naiveté lingering on the girl’s face. My heart suddenly broke into a gallop.

“Uh, no…” I replied, blinking rapidly. “You didn’t…”

“Mom says she’ll buy me a nicer one if I behave. I saw a shiny one with a blue jewel on it. It looks so pretty! What’s yours look like? Is it—”

I didn’t want to know any more. “Are you done, Jessi?” I interrupted, hoping she wouldn’t push this bizarre line of conversation.

“Oh…I-I think that’s all that’s gonna come out right now. I’m sorry big, sis,” she said, flushing the toilet mercifully before I could catch sight of whatever she’d accomplished. Taking a wet nap from a dispenser over the tank lid, she wiped herself clean, tossing the rag into the trash, and then drew closer to me.

Her saccharine-sour breath reached my nostrils, blending in with the faint stink of her anal emissions. Not my most favorite combination, but the look in her eyes cancelled it out, captivating me. I felt something tingle inside of me.

“Thank you, big sister…” she said with a shy smile, leaning forward to kiss me. I thought to pull away, but she wrapped her long arms around me and pressed her pouty lips against mine before I could.

I impulsively kissed her back. My fuller, darker lips eclipsed her own. She melted, her naked body sinking deeply into mine, with only the thin fabric of my dress separating us. I wondered in that moment if she could feel my little “secret” poking up against her, but if she did, she didn’t let on.

Her kisses were awkward and needy, but tasted better than her breath predicted—either that, or I was getting accustomed to her. Either way, I was very aroused at that moment. Her sweet taste distracted me from foul odor around us, and if I didn’t think Evander were waiting outside, I might have taken her for myself right then and there.

?”We should go,” I reminded her. “Evander—I mean…your father is waiting.”

?She stole a few more sucks from my bottom lip, then nodded. “You’re right,” she said, taking me by the hand and leading me out of the heady bathroom.

We walked back into the room to find Evander completely naked, rock hard penis in both hands. I saw that handsome grin on his wide, thickly-cut lips and knew he was readier than ever.

“Alright, then. All set to face the bad guy, Jessi?” he said sportingly.

“I think so…” she said with a shy laugh. She squeezed my hand unconsciously.

“Then get that pretty young ass over here,” he said, patting his palm with his cock loudly.

Releasing my grip, she bounded to him enthusiastically. Her pale little bottom shook as she ran. I looked at it, wondering if it would ever be the same after tonight.

??Lifting her up in his powerful dark arms, he cradled her. Her milky legs dangled over the side. She laughed nervously and blew her blonde hair out of her face. “Dad, you’re so strong!” she said. He kissed her on the lips, and she writhed, hungrily pressing her face into his.

Carrying her into her bedroom, I heard him throw her down on her soft mattress. I followed behind, lube in hand, slipping off my sandals in the doorway.

Her room was surprisingly open—aside from a bookshelf exclusively lined with crystals, almanbahis candles, stones and seashells, the only other notable decor was the giant tie dye cloth hanging over her bed. I took a seat cross-legged on the floor.

“Abi. Give me the lube,” he said, extending his arm to me as he stood. I reached up, passing it to him.

He turned, allowing me to admire his sculpted legs and compact haunches as he walked over to Jessi. She was already soaking the bed with her own wetness, and at this point, I had to cup my own hand under my crotch to keep from staining her rug.

Slathering his tremendous dark penis in KY Jelly, a squishing sound filled the air as he worked it up and down his length. He then threw her the half-emptied bottle. “Get your ass ready,” he said.

“O-ok…dad,” she said, then slowly turned, getting on her hands and knees and emptying a dollop of the lubricant into her trembling hand. ??Reaching back, she slathered her butt crack, finding her asshole quickly and shoving three fingers in simultaneously with little effort.

??”Uhh, oh my God,” she blurted, adding a pinky finger with more relative ease, and noisily beginning to drive four fingers past her big rosy sphincter.

??The hand I slipped under my summer dress, still mindfully positioned at my crotch, began to fiddle with the head of my tiny girlcock, smearing my own nectar across it. My moans started to match her own in volume, and I heard Evander laugh to himself.

He swooped down on her, pushing her head into her pillow, and she removed her fingers, leaving behind a slippery, gaping porthole.

??”P-please do me up the tushy, dad,” she blurted, winking her anus open and closed rapidly as if to lure him. “F-fuck my poop hole!”

“Where did you learn to talk like that? Watch your language, young girl,” Evander replied quickly, grinning.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Shit, shit, shit!” Jessi yelled over and over brattishly. “See dad? I’m cursing! I’m being a bad girl!”

“And you’ll get what’s coming to you,” he said, smacking her small ass cheeks hard. “OW!” she bleated, her face suddenly contorting into a look of profound discomfort. “Dad, that hurt!”

With another back-handed smack, she screamed, tears forming in her eyes. “OW! Dad, wait, that’s too hard!”

“Is it? Then maybe you’ll learn to watch your language,” he said, raising his hand for a third strike.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she mumbled, before, turning her head and looking back at him with hungry eyes, a mischievous smirk lifting her rosy cheeks. “But, um. Fuck, shit, shitty fucking fuck! You’re a dirty shit-packer, dad! Bleh!”

??”What did I tell you?” he barked almost joyously, swiftly and squarely connecting his hand with her backside with measured force. She shrieked in pain, her butt flashing bright pink. “Thank you, dad! I’ll never curse again, I promise, I promise!”

“Put your head back down, Jessi,” he ordered. She did as told obediently. He reached under her, twisting her little nipples until her body started to curl and undulate. It was as if he were setting a spinning top in motion.

Her moaning became longer and deeper. Without further delay, he positioned the head of his penis between her reddened buttocks, and pushed.

She screamed in a way I’ve honestly never heard before. It was shrill, unfiltered, and drawn-out sounding supremely pained, but with a joyous quiver strained out at the very end. It sounded so monumentally…slutty. I had to cover my ears to make it bearable.

??I saw Evander cautiously pause, giving her enough time to adjust, and when her initial tantrum died down, he again pressed at the drum of her sphincter. There was an audible ‘pop’ as his head breached her ring. She let out another long, pitiful screech.

Clearly startled, she attempted to crawl out from under him, but he pinned her wrists to the bed with his full upper weight. He shoved deeper. I covered my ears again, her muffled howling becoming desperate-sounding.

“Dad! Oh god, my tushy hurts—” she yelled as he drove inch after inch forward, his extreme girth prying her anus beyond its natural capacity. Like a stake piercing virgin snow, his dark lumber splayed her ivory ass again and again, louder each time her entered her.

Tired of covering my ears, I resumed masturbating feverishly, coming close to climaxing. My little girlcock danced messily in my fingers.

His grand entrance now established, he began to sodomize her from a distance. He continued to poke a few inches back and forth, and then accelerated until a good portion of his penis began to disappear into her poor little backside.

Her screams peaked with every thrust as he masterfully ascended and plunged into her tortured teenage rectum. I envied her in that moment, even knowing I couldn’t realistically withstand her treatment.

It turns out neither could she, for very long. When Evander gripped her narrow thighs and rammed into her more forcefully, I saw his penis compress slightly. Throwing her head back, she bawled like a almanbahis yeni giriş ragged animal.

“D-dad, please! That’s too deep! I’m gonna—”

??Evander ignored her, cramming his outsize manhood as deep as it could fit, which was still barely halfway in. His large shadowy balls swung back and forth as he mercilessly pummeled her squirming teen ass.

??For a few more seconds he repeatedly ravaged her filth tunnel. Her whorish caterwauling was beginning to sound like nails on a chalkboard. He then paused. He breathed deeply. Her gaunt body still convulsed under him as he remained still.

“Hmm,” he said, his eyebrow raising.

??”What is it?” I asked, almost frustrated at the break in action, as I was so close to orgasm.

“She’s…dirty,” he said. “I can feel it. Packed pretty solid up here. I should put on a condom,” he said.

??I gasped, remembering how much she struggled to “go” when we were in the bathroom. This nasty little detail somehow struck me as my own fault, as nonsensical as that was. Almost on cue, she swung her head around, her face a portrait of anxiety.

“Dad! Wait! Y-you’re making me have to…”??

I’m making you have to what, Jessi?” He asked calmly, still planted firmly up her butt.

??”Y-you’re making me have to…go! N-number two…” she burbled, her voice hoarse and weak.

“What’s that, Jessi?” Evander replied, jabbing her with a sudden buck of his hips.

“Ow! Daddy, I…I said…you’re making me have to…poop…”

“Is that so?”

“Please, you’re too long! I need to stop, It’s an emergency!”

“Well she did say she was constipated, didn’t she? Maybe we’ve found a cure. Deep plumbing,” he said with another cruel stab into her ass. “Forget the condom, Abi. Just go get those weird underwear she puts on, and I mean right now.”

My sexual agitation had me totally vexed at this point. I got up and ran to the living room to get her discarded undies, then threw them at her. ??They bounced off her back and landed next to her on the bed.

“There you go, sis. Put your shit-shorts on, you creepy little anal whore,” I barked from some feral place in the back of my psyche.

Evander looked back at me grinningly. He loved it when I lashed out. Groaning in misery, she grabbed the disposables, and, with Evander still inside of her, slipped her feet through its leg holes. She then slide it up her legs to the beginning of her ass. Finally reaching his penis, she looked back at him and nodded.

“Dad…sister Abi…I’m…ready,” she said. He nodded back, then slowly withdrew himself, uncorking her sphincter. “Oh god, I can’t stop it..i-it’s all coming…it’s…” she said quiveringly as she struggled to stand up.

“It’s coming!”

The minute she stood up by her bedside, she began to shit herself profusely.

The noises I’d previewed earlier were nothing compared to the full-on sound of urgent and massive expulsion happening right in front of us. The deluge of hot waste quickly filled up her underwear, dripping down her legs and falling to her mattress in vile, runny glops. She hung her head in shame, her nipples standing on edge.

“I’m sorry, dad!” she said fretfully. “Oww, it hurts!”


Me and Evander stood there in awe, watching this girl’s underwear sag well past overflow. It must have been weeks of shit packed up her colon. Weeks of caked filth that, apparently, simply took a very long penis to stir free. Finally finished with her volcanic eruption, Jessi raised her head and looked at us, almost as if she were about to faint. She sounded drugged.

“Dad…sister…I…love you…”

Me and Evander looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. I backed away to the door, the stink filling her room now so extreme that I thought I might lose my lunch. I needed fresh air and a long shower, fast.

“Why don’t you go clean up now, Jessi,” Evander said, trying to change the subject. I could tell that he didn’t enjoy the sight or smell of this girl right now either. We’re both kinky, but not that kind of kinky.

“You don’t love me, dad?” she said, taking a step closer, the solid waste in her underwear sloshing around as she moved. She looked at him with tender, expectant eyes.

“I…” he started, then looked at me.

??”You don’t love me?” she repeated, sounding hurt. “Sister, do you love me?”

I was at a loss for words. We could play along, yes, but this girl didn’t seem like she was dialing her emotions in at all. One rule me and Evander agreed on before we got into this “cuckqueaning” play is that he’d never use loving words with other women.

It never crossed my mind that this rule would come back at me. It seemed so easy and even natural to say “yes” to her, but at the same time, it was crossing an uncomfortable boundary. Especially because it would be a lie.

“We…both like you very much, Jessi,” Evander said, valiantly enduring the odor while saving me some face. “We really do, Jessi. We liked playing with you. But It’s late now. You should go to almanbahis giriş bed.”

Jessi’s eyes, already bleary from the passions of the evening, once again washed over with tears. “You don’t love me?” she said almost forcefully. “You do love me, don’t you? I know you do. Fathers always love their daughters…and big sisters always love their little sisters, even when they fight…”

“Jessi, you’re 18 years old,” I reminded her in an attempt to break whatever fantasy there may have been. “You’re an adult. We’re virtually strangers. It’s not fair of you to demand emotions from us that we cannot have for you,” I finished, suddenly feeling guilty that I might have ruined some well-played act in Evander’s “show.”


?It turns out all I did was speak the truth. Jessi became very upset.

“But none of my daddies love me! Why don’t they love me? They all come to visit, and I get so excited to have them over…but they just use my butthole, and then they leave…all of them. Please dad, I know you love me deep down!”

“Whoa, girl. Calm down,” Evander started, holding his hand up.

Jessi’s voice just got louder.?? “Dad, you don’t understand! I want to come live with you, and big sister Abi…I don’t want to live with my stupid mother anymore! I hate it! I don’t need to go to 13th grade!”??

“13th grade?” I said, folding my arms incredulously.

??”Yeah…” she said, sniffling. “I’m going to be in 13th grade next year. But I don’t wanna be in school any more. I want to live with you and dad, forever and ever.”

“Honey, there’s no 13th grade,” I said, holding my breath as I walked up to touch her shoulder. I began to realize how damaged this girl’s psyche seemed to be. “What did your mother tell you?”

“Mom said there are 25 grades.”


“Your mother is lying to you, Jessi. What school do you go to?”

“Um…I’m home-schooled,” she said, wiping the tears from her ruddy face. “I’ve never been in a normal school. Mom won’t let me have friends or anything like that.”

“Your mother is a very sick woman,” I said plainly. “We can’t take you home with us, Jessi, but you’re old enough to make your own choices now. If you want to talk about—”

“I don’t wanna talk about anything!” she yelled, stomping her feet on the floor. “Dad loves me, you love me, and I know you do! You’re just afraid to say it because you think mom will be mad! Well I want to tell her the truth. I want her to know that I’m leaving with you, forever!”

“Um. Maybe we should go,” I whispered to Evander, slipping my sandals back on and grabbing my hat.

“That sounds like a good idea,” he replied, backing a few feet away from the filth-covered girl in front of us. Jessi looked at us, a nervous tick starting up on her face. God only knows what kinds of emotions were raging within her, but she looked almost hysterical. I swiftly went into the living room to gather our things.

Jessi followed me with heavy feet.

“Where are you going, big sister?”??”Jessi, we have to go now.”??”Why, Abi?”

“Because,” I said, looking back at Evander as I hastily tossed his pants over to him, “that’s the way it is.” I hoisted our suitcases, bringing them to the doorway.

“But, WHY?” she shouted with a hint of that shrill Nassau drawl appearing in her tone again. I suddenly remembered all the reasons why I originally didn’t like her. For one, she seemed more like her mother than maybe she even realized.

??I mentally prepared myself for the worst. She was waving her hands aggressively now, and seemed to be driven by some irrational compulsion. Where I come from, you don’t get up in someone’s face like that unless you’re ready to fight. At 5 feet tall, I may not look too tough, but there’s a lot most people don’t know about me…

As a warning, I give her another hard look. She paused, blinking quickly, but in her throes she didn’t seem to possess enough mental clarity to process it. She continued to hover over me, hyperventilating. Annoyed, I looked over at my lover.

“Evander, are you ready?” I asked. He was moving a little too slowly for my liking, though this wasn’t unusual. Mr. casual as always. He nodded as he slipped on his shirt and stepped into his sandals. With virtually no sign of strain, and even sporting his trademark grin, he patted Jessi on the shoulder and placed his cob hat on her head. “Here’s a memento for your trouble, babe.”

But…daddy…I love you…” she started, but he brushed by her, escaping her grasp.

“Haha. Sorry it didn’t work out, girl,” he said, checking his pants to make sure her filth hadn’t smudged him. “Tell your mother we said thanks. Look at it this way—at least you got the house to yourself for the rest of the weekend.”

?”NO!” She said, ambling towards us quickly. “Don’t leave me alone!”

“Alright, let’s split,” Evander he said to me, taking the suitcases out of my hand. I quickly swung the front door open. The night air greeted us, salty and fresh, a welcome respite from that unforgettable stench of feces building inside the house.

??We both made a beeline for the main road with a ravenous Jessi in hot pursuit. Though she came narrowly close to tackling me, the spiky cobblestones stabbed her bare feet, causing her to stumble and finally collapse behind us.

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