Baby And The Stranger Chapter 2


I twiddled my nipples, the way some people do with their thumbs. They were erect, buzzing with the anticipation I felt in waiting here, fully nude for the date my master set up for me. He was a cuckold of a Dom and he loved watching me get railed before ravishing me himself.I didn’t know what he would look like. I didn’t care either. My breasts rose and fell with each excited breath I took. My blindfold was secure against my eyes, though the light from the lone candle on my bedside table flickered at the edges.I pinched both of my nips as hard as I could. The electric sensation jolted down my spine, right into my pussy. I moaned.”Oh, naughty, girl!” my master cooed, closing the bedroom door. I felt the gust brush my cheek. “You think you can touch those tits without us?” He grabbed my chin between his thumb and forefinger. Firm and demanding of attention.I melted into his touch. He slid his thumb into my mouth. I sucked it, obedient. He withdrew it after a moment. I tried to move Esenyurt escort bayan with him, to prolong his touch. He chuckled at me.There was a sound like he had pushed the other man towards me.“Go on then,” my master ordered, “Fuck my girl.”A different set of sturdy hands grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed. My legs dangled, helpless.I couldn’t help my manic grin. I loved feeling this helpless. I loved knowing my master was jerking off to seeing me like this. Even though I couldn’t see, I knew he was. I could hear the faint sound of his lubed cock sliding in his hands.A soft kiss was placed to my navel. Then to just below it. The kisses traveled down in a line to my pussy. I sighed as the gentle licks made it to the outside of my lips. Gentle fingers parted them. The stranger eating my pussy had a smooth tongue. He used long licks that drifted, hitting every bit of my folds.I moaned. My hands wound in my hair, Escort Etiler tugging enough to hurt in the good way.“Oh? Do you like that, baby?” a woman’s voice said from between my thighs.I gasped, surprised. My master had never brought a woman to me before.She licked me again. She started from my asshole, flickered her tongue in and out of my cunt, and ended at my clit. She swirled her tongue around and around the little bud.“Fuck,” I groaned, “Yes, yes, I love it.”She chuckled like a succubus sent from hell. Her hand slid up my belly to play with my boobs. She pinched, harder than I expected.I gasped again. My groan was embarrassingly desperate.“You were right about her,” the stranger said, “She’s just as much of a desperate whore as you said.”“I knew you would have fun playing with my slave,” he said. His hand sped up. The wet fapping sound was almost as loud as my panting.The woman stuck her fingers inside me. I gasped in surprise, then Eyüp escort immediately began to moan when she put her mouth back on my clit. She fingered me. Her thrusts were hard and fast. It was rough, rough enough to hurt. Yet, her tongue fluttered as delicate as a hummingbird’s wings. The pace of her licks matched how fast she finger fucked me.She scissored her fingers inside me while she sucked on my clit like it was a tit. She pushed on the inside of me, right against the g-spot.“Oh, holy fuck. Oh my god,” I sputtered out. “Oh, oh my god, I’m gonna cum.”She stopped licking me. With her still fingers inside me, she asked, “Do you deserve to cum?”I tried to think through my thick cloud of lust. “Do… do I?”There was a brief pause. Then both my master and the stranger chuckled.I frowned, hands reaching for my blindfold.“Bad girl,” the woman scolded. She playfully swatted my hands away. She climbed up, on top of me. Her hands held my wrists down.Her lips met mine. They were pillowy and coated in lipstick. I could taste it alongside my fluids. Her breasts rubbed against mine. It was electrifying, where her erect nipples brushed my chest. She ground them into me, smashing my tits with her own. Her tongue expertly probed my mouth. I could feel her strap-on against my leg.

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