back seat blowy


back seat blowyI had just broke up with my ex and met a girl in a town 30 mins away and my buddy was interested in her friend so it was good for both of us to drive there, we got there and the girls looked great and being kinda hick my buddy and i looks well hick, we went to a movie and then got a bit to eat (it was summer and nice out) we then desided that we could both push i luck if we go outta town were there was a park so we went halkalı escort there and me and the girl i hard my eye on went to the play ground and my buddy and his girl were walking around me and the girl started making out and bein inosent she was a little gun shy about doing anything in a park but she started to blow me and right befor i got off my buddy yells out for my JOSH JOSH! and i was like well fuck!so i hide my boner up istanbul escort in my wast and we went to the car, we had a bit of a drive back to town it was dark and my buddy wasnt looking at me at all so y hes driving she started to blow me and i was about there and my buddy looks back and asks me something and she hid my dick with her head lying on me and he turned back around and she started up again i finley blow it and it scared beylikdüzü escort her i guess (i didnt wanna let every one know im abouta blow my load) and she pulled up and i bust all over my buddys back seat (he just got a 98 mustang with custom cloth seats that say his name. i played like nothing had happend and cleaned it up the best i could in the dark trying to be lagit, a few weeks later my buddy saw a stain in his back seat and didnt think much off it, i told him it looks like glue to me, then 1 year went by and his car got wreck i then told him what the stain was he throw up after he remember he licked his finger rubbed it then licked his finger again lol

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